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His Perfect Mate Siren Publishing Classic Manlove Jarrett Aj

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Uitgever: Siren Publishing. His contract holder has been murdered and hes accused of the crime. Now, the real killer is after him, intent on killing Nari. The only place he can think of hiding is on Katzmann. Semyon Barak is concerned when Doctor Saris tells him someone stowed away on his ship until he realizes that the gorgeous green-eyed man is his mate—his very pregnant mate. Now he has to figure out how to keep the frightened man safe while keeping the hardest truth from him…the fact that they are mates. Taking Nari into the desert might not be the best choice possible, but its the only one Semyon has because the man after Nari is closing in on them and he has the power of the Elquone thrown behind him.

Semyon will have to use every bit of training hes ever had to keep his mate and their child alive, because if the dangers of the desert dont kill them, the bands of roaming bandits just might. Toon meer Toon minder. Reviews Schrijf een review. Drew kicked and punched, trying to rid himself of this guy. He needed to catch a breath before his next marathon. Abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous.

Were his eyes really silver? Shit, they were. His eyes demanded attention. He even rocked the military cut. It was the color of dishwater blond. His T-shirt stretched across a chiseled chest and abs. What did a guy who looked like a runway model want with him? To talk? About what? He asked just that.

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Getting help. Leaving that poison alone. He needed to get home. His heart was beginning to race at the thought of getting high. He needed to get out of here. Drew rubbed his hands up and down his arms. It was starting to hurt again. He just shrugged and continued to follow Drew.

The apartment building came into view. He had to ditch this guy. Drew broke camp, running through the parking lot and around the side of the building, jumping a fence and heading to the back door. He made it in, the security door locking behind him. Tossing his coat on the couch, he crossed to his bedroom, grabbing the black box. What did that guy want? He had to be some pervert out to snatch young guys. Thank god he got away. Drew grabbed a lighter from his dresser before heading back into the kitchen. The box fell from his hand as he stood there in shock.

The guy was standing in his kitchen.

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Remi knew what his mate was about to do, and there was no way it was going to happen. The warrior closed his eyes, not wanting to see what he suspected. Track marks littered his arm like spiderwebs. Remi wished he could heal them, but they were too old to do anything about. It would be a constant reminder to his mate of what his life had been about. His mate yanked his arm away, shame showing in his eyes.

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Remi snatched it from him and opened the lid. Drug paraphernalia. A growl ripped from his chest as he pulled the items out, breaking and bending everything, shredding the plastic band into tiny pieces like a crazed man. What are you doing? Give it here! Remi destroyed it all. He had watched the transaction, watched as he shoved a small yellow packet into his coat pocket. That packet needed to be destroyed.

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Oh, his mate was really asking to get his ass kicked. His brows furrowed in anger as he kicked the door open, and he saw his mate stuffing something in his closet. Remi grabbed his arm, pulling it back to find a little yellow packet smashed in his palm. He wrestled it out of his grasp and found the bathroom, flushing it.

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What have you done? Fight it. Remi had never been more scared in his two hundred and twenty-eight years. He laid over him for hours. The kid occasionally renewed his efforts, but Remi held on until he settled again.

Remi slid to his side, pulling his mate into his arms, caressing his hair and back. The guy jackknifed then leaned over the side of the bed and vomited. Remi petted his hair, rubbed his back. His mate began to shake as he wrapped his arms around his stomach. He knew nothing would work right now, but he had to try. He grabbed his cell phone from his pocket and called the warrior Storm.

The ride seemed to take triple the amount of time it normally should have to get from the city to their small town. They pulled into the gravel drive, Storm stopping directly in front of the door. Remi crawled out as Storm opened the back door for him then helped him through the front door of the house. All noise ceased in the den. All eyes on him. Remi had lived in his truck, waiting to spot his mate that Hawk had described to him. Finally, today, he found him. Hawk also told Remi that Drew had asked for money for his helpful information. He suspected drug use, which set Remi on his hunt to find his mate as quickly as possible.

Drew whimpered as Remi took him upstairs, shifting in the blanket. Almost there. He shoved through and laid Drew on his bed. What was he supposed to do? He called Storm again as he watched his mate scream in pain. The warriors Storm, Tank, and Commander Hawk came through the door. Tank took the basin he brought and went into the bathroom as Hawk instructed Remi to strip his mate down to his underwear.

Tank emerged with the basin filled with water. He handed a washcloth to Remi and dipped another himself. They began to wipe him down, washing away the sweat and dried vomit. Tank took the basin to the bathroom and emptied it as Hawk grabbed a sweat-free cover out of the closet. They all sat with him as Drew vomited a few more times, cried that he hurt, and begged anyone to give him one more fix. Remi was exhausted by the time Drew fell asleep.

Hang in there. No one should have to go through what Drew was fighting right now. Drew woke in a world of pain. He pressed the heel of his hand against his forehead, nausea threatening to empty his stomach. His whole body ached, and his mouth felt as though he had been sucking cotton balls all night.

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Before Drew could even try to care, he vomited. Hands rolled him over to his side as he threw up absolutely nothing. His stomach was empty, and trying to hurl your stomach lining hurt like a bitch.

Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)
Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)
Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)
Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)
Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)
Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)
Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)
Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) Mating Michael (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)

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