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Getting to know yourself

That which you call God today, you will understand fully when you know yourself on the deepest level. Do not disturb your practice of religion, but also learn to know yourself on all levels. Strive instead for one goal, and that is to understand your Self; know how to know the Self. If you do not know yourself and you are trying to know God, it is not possible to do so.

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You are fully equipped to know yourself; you have all the means and tools to do so. You are not searching for something outside yourself that is difficult to find. You are searching for someone who is already within you, so it is actually easy to find. The day that you see the Source face to face, you have accomplished your work as a human being—that is your human endeavor.

The external world is like a wheel. The spokes are like the various faculties of mind. Reality is your center hub, but to know that inner cause of all your movements, you first have to know the nature of these faculties of mind which make you move. There are three aspects of yourself to understand: that which moves, that through which it moves, and that which is the cause of movement. You have to clearly understand these three aspects to fully understand yourself.

The nature of the hub within cannot be imagined with the mind, because your mind is conditioned by time, space, and causation. Your human effort is to know your entire Self, all three aspects—the self that moves, the subtler self that motivates us to move, and the subtler Self that is the cause of movement. This is why you should distinguish between the mere self and the real Self. You have to know yourself by first understanding your internal states; you cannot know the center hub unless you know the wheel.

This wheel of the mind rotates because of its spokes, and these spokes rotate because of the hub. These spokes are the four functions of mind, and inside, at the deepest level, there is the hub. These functions operate and these spokes rotate because of the hub, the Center of Consciousness.

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All power comes from the Center. The world only inspires or motivates the mind. Everyone should learn to understand their own mind. Whenever you perform any action, ask your buddhi to tell you whether it is right or wrong. I know this will disappoint you, but it is the truth: no one outside you can give you salvation. You have to light your own lamp; nobody else will give you salvation. The simple method to enlightenment is to first know yourself. When you understand the functions of the mind, you can establish inner coordination.

But if you are not coordinated, you stumble, and inner stumbling creates a serious conflict for human beings. Inner conflict is the mother of all problems, because if there is conflict within, there will always be conflict without. How to be free from conflicts within and without is the only question in life. On the inner path, you will always get help from the center of truth, for the quest of truth is always helpful. We are all children of truth and immortality and eternity. But before you can understand and realize this, you must learn to analyze yourself.

How Do You Get To Know Yourself Fully? - Sadhguru answers at Entreprenuers Organization Meet

It is your mind and personality which prevent you from experiencing that finest level of yourself—the Center of Consciousness within. Slowly you should prepare yourself for the advanced level of teaching. Knowledge will come of itself, but all knowledge really comes from within.

It is already within you. The world outside only gives you facts to relate to that particular knowledge that is already within you. Never forget that the source of knowledge is within you.

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Learn to depend only on inner knowledge. This is a system of commitment, not commandment.

20 Questions to Know Yourself Better and Unlock the Immense Potential Within

You are committing to yourself, to your path, and to the goal that you will know yourself. But as you grow you will come to a point where you will want to know your deeper Self, and then you become committed to the idea that you will know yourself in this lifetime. You want to know yourself on all levels. Learn to know yourself; you have sufficient time to accomplish that. You may say you not attained anything.

Getting to Know Yourself, What You Like, and What You Want in Life

Are you sure that you have been doing meditation? Did you sit and sleep or dream or think? Maybe you have been thinking about many things in the name of meditation. Maybe you have sat for years in meditation but did not really meditate, and then have complained that nothing has happened to you. Do not give your mind space to wander when you meditate, but go step by step in the process. Examine yourself sincerely and ask yourself if you want to meditate, to explore, to know yourself, and to choose your habits. Presently you are a stranger to yourself. How can you live in the world and tolerate such agony?

To know yourself, there are only three schools or methods: prayer, meditation, and contemplation. In the process of meditation there is expansion in the waking state. You are facing yourself in that waking state, and your thought patterns are coming. You have stored them in the unconscious, and when you relax your conscious mind, the thoughts come forward. Learn to allow your thought patterns to let go, and then develop introspection. The waking state is actually only a small part of the mind. The waking state can be expanded. It can become a means for us. Any state of mind—waking, dreaming, or sleeping—can be used as a means to attain the goal.

The waking state can be expanded, but even if you do not want to expand it, then you should still learn how to make your mind one-pointed through meditation on a focal point. This requires only a small part of the totality of the mind to bring your waking state into balance. However, the yogis say to expand your consciousness during the waking state. When you expand yourself, what will happen? Through expansion of the waking state you can attain turiya, the fourth state, beyond waking, dreaming, and sleep. If anyone wants to be a student of the interior world, of the path of light, if he wants to do inner research, he will have to understand this point: one must have a purified, free, and one-pointed mind to know and examine the interior Self.

For conducting research within, one should be truthful, sincere, and free from prejudices.

Research should not be shaded by social and cultural norms or religious fanaticism. It requires a totally independent and unbiased mind. In doing research within, we have to completely forget our prejudices from the past, and we have to remain true to ourselves; otherwise our research will be incomplete. Also, we must start training the mind to be inward. We must train the mind to go inside to our personal world, so that we can understand those needs, motivations, desires, those strong powers within us that move us to do something in the external world. We want to know their nature.

You see, what happens is you decide that you no longer give a hoot about what others think about you. You just L-I-V-E. So they leave. And the ones who have a backbone and probably ALSO did the self-discovering journey themselves stay. But not all of it is so beautiful. That is rarely the case — although yes, be prepared for a little bit of that, depending on how shitty your social circle is see above!

Instead, what typically happens is you outgrow certain people when you outgrow certain habits. It feels very warm and fuzzy. Getting to know yourself involves getting to know your own unique thoughts exceptionally well. And, it also involves sharing them. You are in store for some prett-ay awkward interactions and even some toxic arguments. And guess what? Part of getting to know yourself thoroughly involves getting familiar with your values. What feels morally wrong to you? What do you look for in other people?

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What traits do you admire? Blush works with A LOT of clients on career. We do all things side hustle, raises, promotions, job search, starting over — you name it. And on a consistent basis, I see this interesting dichotomy between stability and creativity. Adversely, a lot of clients claim to value stability to the upmost amount. They want the steady career, relationship, paycheck, and lifestyle. Easy breezy. And then — BOOM! As you can see, things change fast whenever values are identified.

I found out I was introverted at the age of I panicked just a wee bit, because finally something became really clear. I was actually terrified to provide therapy to others.

Know thyself

I still love him! But I had just spent two years of my life studying this field along with thousands of dollars of loans out in my name. I was staying, dammit. But figuring out I was introverted changed the game for me. I could easily zone in on one person and draw examples from my own life and the lives of my close network in order to draw a bridge between us. I was really good at using examples from books I had read or popular movies so others could feel validated and at ease.

And, I discovered not too long after graduating, I really liked writing. My goals completely changed. As you can see, I am not the typical brick-and-mortar private practice counselor who works at a bustling agency by day and sees clients at night. I work from home and I never actually meet my clients in person because everything is done via technology.

I have managed to create the most introverted counseling type situation known to mankind. And of course, I write in order to promote it. So I cannot emphasize getting to know yourself enough. You are going to start to surprise yourself. When was the last time you helped someone carry groceries to their car or just smiled at a stranger who looked like he could use one?

What goes around does come around. What will come back to you? For some real stories of inspiring random acts of kindness, take a look at this. Now, multiply that number with 2. That is the number of years of your life you are wasting away, assuming you live to be 80 and discounting the first 20 years of your life. Agreed, we all need some time to unwind but, are you OK with the number you came up with or does it boggle your mind? On the flip side, those of you with kids, how many hours a day do you actually spend with your kids without distractions like TV, phone etc.?

Multiply that with 0. If your answer boggles you, come stop by afineparent. Will you be so distraught that you will want to end your life? Or will you be sad but eventually recover? No doubt, you will always need money. On that note, you are the master of your life as well. But a lot of us find it much easier to give up that power and make circumstances or the people around us the masters of our lives.

It does not matter what comes after the last word. Watch your thoughts, watch your words, and reclaim your power over your life. Why be scared of something that is guaranteed to happen and is very dignified if you just change your perspective? Are you worried about not having money or close family? Spend your time building up a bank balance and nurturing your relationships now. The same goes for being sick and frail. Stop being scared and live your life now in such a way that you can continue to celebrate your life right into a ripe old age.

Finally, what is your life all about? Are you just sleepwalking through life or are you marching forward with eyes wide open, filled with joy and vitality? And before we wind up, I want to ask you a bonus question. You read incredibly powerful articles here regularly, but what do you do after reading these articles? Do you just go on with your life treating it as a drudgery, whining and arguing your way around the people closest you?

Or do you live each day as if it were a treasure, enjoying the little moments with those dearest to you as opportunities to make lasting memories? Dumb Little Man. Share on Facebook. Written by Sumitha Bhandarkar, the creator of afineparent.

Know Yourself Know Yourself
Know Yourself Know Yourself
Know Yourself Know Yourself
Know Yourself Know Yourself
Know Yourself Know Yourself

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