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The soft power of it is essential both for self-representation and influencing others. We aim to highlight cultural achievements where they exist, encourage creativity where it does not exist, and promote a more rounded perception of what it means to be a Muslim in the twenty-first century. Could you say more about bans or negative feedback; what issues have aroused most controversy among governments or individual readers?

Ziauddin Sardar: While the reaction to CM has generally been quite ecstatic, we do have our critics.

Pakistan Movement

It is not for those who see themselves as guardians of 'truth', in Muslim societies or the West, and we expect harsh reactions from these quarters. Not every Salafist or Wahhabis will approve its contents. Neither will the traditionalists be comfortable with what we have to say. So the second issue, The Idea of Islam , was banned in Malaysia because the religious authorities there disapproved of the content.

Our co-publisher, Oxford University Press OUP Pakistan, did not publish issue 3, Fear and Loathing , because they thought that an article on 'Islamic beards', and another one arguing that Muslims need to develop a language to deal with homosexuality, could produce repercussions from 'the Jihadis'. Frankly, we are not too bothered: we will say what needs to be said.

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Are there any "red lines" in terms of subjects, views or authors you would not want to touch or publish? Ziauddin Sardar: Yes, there are. We are not into abuse or denigration; and will not publish anything that is abusive of our tradition — despite the fact that we have a rather low opinion of it — or that maligns the beliefs of others.

For us, all questions are valid; but they have to be explored in terms of arguments and evidence. Do you have future books planned, to add to your already large bibliography? Ziauddin Sardar: I am a writer; so that's what I do! Currently, I am writing a history of Mecca for Bloomsbury. I have a few other books to write before I finally put my pen down and return to my Maker! Ziauddin Sardar was named by The Independent as one of Britain's top public intellectuals. The goal is to create and foster dialogue between the communities.

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By Jan Schmidt-Whitley. Skip to main content. Ziauddin Sardar is a leading British-Pakistani Muslim scholar and critic. In this interview with Susannah Tarbush, he talks about the magazine "Critical Muslim" he founded and which he sees as an "intellectual, cultural, philosophical and creative backup" for the revolutions of the Middle East.

Banned in Malaysia: 'The Idea of Islam'.

Interview with Indian novelist Arundhati Roy "India is much more dangerous than it was ten years ago" More and more Indian writers are picking up on the right-wing theme in response to the growing strength of India's Hindu nationalists. Among them, Bombay-based author Rahman Abbas In her debut novel "A Place for Us" about an Indian-American Muslim family, Fatima Farheen Mirza conveys a universal and unique story, revealing the generation gap between the In interview with Rachid Boutayeb, Stefan Weidner complains that even the most critical thinkers of Western tradition have practically never looked beyond their Western horizons.

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Eight hundred years ago, a keen epistemological querying of religious experience was already at work. Admittedly, the goal of this querying was not a secular demolition of God, but a purer experience of the divine; not the exposure of God as a psychological illusion, but a clearer demarcation between what we imagine God to be, and the thing that lies beyond it.

Some might call this a deferred critical thinking: critical thought put to the ultimate service of the uncritical. It's a fair charge - people are entitled to their opinion. But there must be something valuable in trying to remember that lines like these were being written in Damascus, and Cairo, and Cordoba, centuries before Gramsci, Marx and Descartes.

And certainly years before Youtube. The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera's editorial stance. Pick your team and answer as many correct questions in three minutes. Since March , Saudi Arabia and a coalition of Arab states have launched more than 19, air raids across Yemen.

Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan by Ziauddin Sardar

The fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion remains as politicised as ever, 28 years on. Toggle navigation. Is there room for critical thinking in Islam? Words which demonstrate if you'll forgive my anachronism a remarkable pre-psychological awareness of the extent to which we personally construct the God we worship: "… you will see no one who worships an unmade God, since man creates in himself that which he worships and judges.

Islam Religion. Have your say. Give us feedback. Sign up for our Newsletter. Trade war escalation averted as US-China agree to resume talks. Dutch queen derided over MBS meeting: 'Silence equals complicity'. G20 summit Trump: Won't be raising tariffs for time being.

Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan
Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan
Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan
Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan
Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan
Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan
Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan

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