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The General Conditions of Sale state that the ticket is valid exclusively for the floor, date and time indicated. I think it took me each about years to change each personality. Now, I just look back and think "Wow was that really me when I was little? I'm seem so different". Btw I am 14 now and never went through therapy. Did your change your personality or move on from shit experience at a early age.

I was so happy to read your initial comment Bigdog. I have noticed a significant change in my personality style.

I am far more grounded. Less reactive and in tune with my emotions. I am also now pleased with my personal identity. My catalyst for change was an awful first relationship I had after a dysfunctional 21 yr marriage. That last relationship failure caused me great pain. I fell in love. At 47 years of age and now only 1 year into working on the 'self' I can confidently say that Im changing my personality for the better.

The comments I have received from friends and family has been very encouraging. Although its been confronting and difficult at times I know the investment into my personal growth and in changing my 'personality' has been worth it. I can only encourage all readers to do the same and thanks again PT for your interesting articles. You have been part of my growth especially in the early days of my catastrophic relationship. You will be surprised just how much you do do to help people of many backgrounds. Well done. I was born in Muslim.

This book is really good breaking up the personality change. The main reason for personality change is to have a goal. My goals were to be a better person, to be kind to myself inside and to be able to have a long term intimate relationship. I knew what I wanted and could not find it so I looked inside and watched and observed and realized few things. I was not nice to people I had bad negative thoughts and though meeting many good men wasnot connecting.

Hi Bigdog. I'll be sure to invest in this book. I have heard of it somewhere in my travels. For me, this is an important question: I am in the process of automating the creation and expression of personality. I'm doing this by solving the "inverse problem" for psychometrics. The forward problem of psychometric is that of producing a model from the answers given on a preference test; the inverse problem is to create a personality from the model itself; which, if it were to be subject to the preference test would express preferences that yield the original model.

To this end, I am taking the results of the 16 PF. I'm sitting on an anonymized database of about test results from my time working with a company that does testing for public safety officials.

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And yes, the company had a name consisting of a 3-letter acronym starting in O, had connections to Detroit, and they actually were involved with testing and recruiting a world-famous hero named officer Murphy. But that's another story for another time :. As I see it: a personality is a matrix of preferences that determine whether one should decide to do A or B, in a given situation, where rational thought alone cannot provide an answer B problem arises to those in a preference matrix. Without this extra infrastructure, a machine intelligence cannot move forward on its own, without being told what to do.

It will just sit there. A similar disorder actually exists in a few people whose logical and emotional centers have become disconnected: they have unusually difficulty making even the most simple day-to-day decisions. This, of course, raises some questions. A fixed personality type is -- in my mind -- much too unresponsive to external events. A way is needed to adapt to push one out of ruts where their ways of approaching situations consistently leads them into cul de sacs. But if there is too much adaptibility, then all cohesion is lost, and the personality may completely drift over into an entirely different area of "personality space".

So, I have yet to find a suitable framework for adaptation other than that a there should be a way for transient changes to occur for short-term adaptations b a way for slow gradual drift that moves toward a better end as one learns more and "becomes wiser" and c a way for a systematical internal evaluation and adjustment to occur in crisis situations, but yet which does not completely push the personality over to the opposite pole.

I read your comment twice and not sure if you are talking about yourself or in general theory of change of personality. You mentioned either being fixed vs spaced. This could be the spectrum of any personality; however, anyone who is on either end, will not be even reading this topic cause they will be either too fixed and set their ways or too spaced out and flaky and in a serious tone both ends will have serious conditions requiring others to take care of them.

They will not be in a place to be independent. So now that we take the extremes out of the way, in order to change personality takes time. The fastest way is finding the right therapy and be receptive to change in a fundamental way. The scary part of changing personality is you may lose some people in your life who may not be able to connect or agree with your new peace of mind and change or maybe they were instrumental to stopping you Now another way of changing personality is to do self therapy if you are in a safe space in your life and have the means to do for example you can afford time alone to reflect and you can afford again to lose some people who may be resist to your well being.

This can take life time. What you are missing and does not seem to grasp is: you must have a need to change personality. For example, all you are strained from all your kids. You are divorced three times and not sure why but you are common to three failed relationships , you lose jobs, you feel unhappy about something in your life. There has to be a place or an idea or something to propel you.

How To: Change Yourself in Positive Ways

Let us say for example, you are strained from all your children. A common complaint was you are selfish or you do not listen or you were negligent when growing up or you were abusive or something. The first thing is do you believe any of those are true? So by asking the painful question, you may realize wow! Am I blind to my own problem? I do say ugly things or did ugly things. I do not want to do that anymore In therapy it is faster cause the therapist may bring it up to you to dissect, rather than risking of self preservation and falling into the denial trap.

All you can take from my comment is you do not need much of science to change your life, personality. When you make a change one area, other areas follow. I think I made clear that my question pertains to no human being or biological organism at all, but that I am seeking a way to apply the science of personality toward the end of automating the creation and expression of personality -- Personality Synthesis.

If I have not made this clear -- I am creating a fully functional Artificial Intelligence that will be endowed with a personality, like that of any human or other animal species. The important question in this endeavor is whether and how much this personality should be given the capacity to drift or evolve. Change and personality often must be considered with motivation.

I think we can alter our basic default social interaction style in order to alter something else in life that depends on certain behaviors.

We also need to include our genetic makeup in this discussion because it is part of the recipe of who we are. No matter what kind of a treatment plan is available for someone to make changes, it will always come down to motivation and the choice to change. It is not a simple process and I believe individuals will naturally seek out ways to change if they are able to reflect and have the ability to see change as advantageous. This then becomes a question of value. What is the value of change for an individual? I don't think personality in isolation can hold very many answers for us on behalf of understanding mental health unless we have an appreciation for the key period of development of this orientation.

We also need to consider a change in relation to degrees of change rather than absolutes. I believe it is more likely that we can change behaviors rather than change the actual personality. Many public speakers who are also introverts can attest to this. I expect there are few if any introverts who say they are now extroverts.

New research explores why many people seek out scary experiences. New research looks at the role of creativity in sustaining romantic passion.

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Why does sibling bullying occur and what can parents do about it? Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. The New Science of Sleep Experts suggest ways to correct the habits that keep us from resting well. Subscribe Issue Archive.

Can we change sexual orientation?

Back Today. Creativity in Bipolar Disorder: Fabulous or Fatal? Romeo Vitelli Ph. Follow me on Twitter. Can You Change Your Personality? Research suggests that personality may not be as fixed as you think.

How to Make Happiness Last

Scott Fitzgerald. One that was great learning for me were the following lines from some books I read: The body scores pain - the body remembers so that is why my thoughts were operating from my childhood memories. Hi bigdog, I would like to discuss your comment in further detail if this is okay by you..

Anyhow, if you have time and you would like to connect, email me at dqurux yahoo.

Can we change our personality?

Long paragraph Submitted by Anonymous on November 23, - pm. Nonsense Submitted by Bryce on September 26, - pm. The anonymous person who posted "Long Paragraph" Submitted by Anonymous on November 23, - pm. Sorry, in the first sentence I put the wrong person it's supposed to be bigdog. Thank you Bigdog Submitted by Rob on December 16, - am.

Thank you Psychology Today and also Bigdog for your comments. A book that helped Submitted by bigdog on December 16, - am. I read this book recently but it confirmed almost everything I did without even knowing. The road less traveled by Scott Peck. Bigdog Submitted by Robert on January 9, - pm.

I like your goals and I can relate to your comments. All the best for the new year. Thanks again!



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