A Colt for the Kid (Black Horse Western)

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Be careful! Better to opt for a different horse. Tripp — Is this horse named for its mode of traveling or is this a family name? Spook — When I heard the name, I wondered.


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Then when my boyfriend touched him in the side, he spooked and ran right over the top of me. Go figure. Thanks to reader Terry Eastburn for sending that name in. I guess they must call the horse Lucky for short. Thanks to Kathryn for sharing that unfortunate name with us. Cactus, Diamondback or Tail Spin — hmmm, A horse with these names could be a sticky character Flash, Jet, Rocket, Greased Lightning — while not necessarily a bad horse, but this name makes me think this horse is fast so better hold on.

Lucifer, Damien, Devil, Demon, Diablo, Pandora — any horse named along these lines sounds like trouble. Proceed with caution. Jalapeno, Cayenne, Fuego, Hot Pepper, Tabasco — hopefully a horse with this name is not as hot as his name suggests. They may be fine but they likely have their own way of doing things. The gritty miniseries — which featured different-looking versions of Marvel Western characters and retconned that the naively clean-cut Marvel Western stories of years past were merely dime novel fictions of their actual lives — killed off Kid Colt in the series' conclusion 4, March The book, narrated by a self-proclaimed drifter named Everett Hawkmore who partners with the Kid, retells a somewhat modified origin story.

Kid Colt real name: Blaine Colt, but see below is an American Old West cowboy who was wrongly accused of murder he killed his father's murderer in a fair gun battle and became a fugitive from the law, along the way engaging in heroic good acts in an effort to restore his reputation. Kid Colt was later killed.

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Kid Colt was later reintroduced as a teenager whose real name was changed to Blaine Cole. A brother of Cole was missing after the raid that killed his parents and a search for a witness to the gunfight that had erroneously branded him an outlaw. An older version of Kid Colt later appears, having faked his death and subsequently time-traveling. During a period where time itself was becoming unraveled, Kid Colt teamed up with the Hulk, Rawhide Kid and Two-Gun Kid to stop a murderous sheriff with time-traveling powers. Kid Colt real name: Elric Freedom Whitemane is a contemporary superhero character in the Marvel Comics universe who has appeared as a member of the modern-day Young Allies.


Born to hippies, Elric was a normal child, until government agents paid his parents to let them give him special "tests" which were attempts to fuse his DNA with the DNA of the equine aliens known as the Kymellians. The tests were successful, and young Elric changed into a strange, bipedal horse-like creature. Hearing stories of the wild west, Elric assumed the identity of Kid Colt, and began to use his newfound powers to help those in need. He was eventually recruited by the Young Allies to help them free two alien beings. Elric decided to remain with the team.

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Elric is a hybrid of human and Kymellian. Due to his alien DNA , he can shapeshift into a humanoid horse, and teleport short distances. He can store items in sub-space "closets", pockets of extra-dimensional space which can hold items as large as a human being until Elric needs them.

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By creating multiple pockets which are linked together, Elric can run through them, and seem to rapidly blink in-and-out of existence. But when they meet a fellow Texan being troubled by a ruthless land-grabber, their thoughts of returning home are put aside.

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This direct sequel to The Lawmen sees Deputy United States Marshal Jesse Bronson sent north of the line into Canada, to assist with the capture of two highly dangerous American outlaws. Their joint aim is to lucratively target the Canadian Pacific …. Our Books.

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  4. A Colt for the Kid (Black Horse Western) A Colt for the Kid (Black Horse Western)
    A Colt for the Kid (Black Horse Western) A Colt for the Kid (Black Horse Western)
    A Colt for the Kid (Black Horse Western) A Colt for the Kid (Black Horse Western)
    A Colt for the Kid (Black Horse Western) A Colt for the Kid (Black Horse Western)
    A Colt for the Kid (Black Horse Western) A Colt for the Kid (Black Horse Western)

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