30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2)

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Best-Ever Chocolate Quinoa Cake

This bad boy rocked the house! Yes, it was easy and it did not make a giant mess of the whole kitchen. Yes, it was moist. Mostly, it was the rich, powerful kind of chocolaty that will satisfy the true choc-o-junkie. I want to make this with oreo cookies crushed in the mix. Would I need to adjust the ratio of ingredients to compensate for the added dry ingredient? And I love the fork. Also, keep in mind that the batter is very thin and the oreos will likely all end up on the bottom of the cake. Thank you for such an amazing recipe. And the frosting too!! Hi Lindsay, I made this cake today, but mine turned out awful!

Thanks in advance???? What measurements did you need to convert? The main ones have grams and ml listed. Do you also weigh things shown in teaspoons? Thanks for this recipe Ms. Lindsay, everytime we bake a chocolate cake we use this recipe especially if we have an order with our customers. They gave us good feedback with our cakes and cupcakes. So thanks again.. Oh my goodness! Otherwise, I followed the recipe exactly — even used sprinkles on top! It is so good! Yes, I tend to add some shortening to frosting for consistency reasons , but in an any frosting on my site where you see shortening, it can be replaced with butter.

Just a preference. I followed the recipe exactly as you wrote it used grams measurement so I crossed my fingers. Absolutely awesome— I nibbled a piece that came out with my fork to test. I also just finished making the chocolate frosting and am floored at how good it is. I used all butter but have never thought to use a bit of water instead of milk. I did that this time around and it helped loosen it up a bit and the frosting whipped up better too.

I have made this twice now and both times the very middle is dry on top while the rest is very moist looking all around.

It taste delicious just this dry spot in the middle. Why do you think this happens? This has never happened with any other cake I have made. I made this today for my family and they all loved it My mom wants me to make it for her birthday next year. Thanks Hope! Everyone else loved it too!! I had used regular milk. I was wondering if Unsweetened Almond milk could work for the milk? I made one cake and had some leftover so made two small trays too. The cake was absolutely delicious and will definitely make it again.

I would like to make round cakes too, when you say cut in half do you mean halve ingredients? Just bake in two pans. Not entirely sure of the bake time, but probably around 30 minutes, give or take. It might be ok. From one Lindsay to another, thank you for easy to make recipies! Some cake and frosting recipes just get to complicated. These were very easy to follow and make. I have paired your moist vanilla cake recipe with the chocolate frosting from your moist chocolate cake recipe.

Make James Kent’s summer chicken and herb salad

The frosting is so good! Just waiting for the cake to bake. Thanks again! Probably minutes. You could also check these out. Very similar, but my personal favorite. That should be fine. Hi… Can I ask a question , What are the difference between chocolate moist cake and chocolate fudge Cake? Which chocolate fudge cake are you referring to? I added too much baking soda so I had to do triple the recipe. But my batter turned out to watery after adding the hot water???? Hi there I love this recipe! If I make this in a 9 inch round springform pan for how long would it bake and would it be the same temperature?

Would you be making just one cake layer? Hi Lindsay! Wow this recipe was deceptively easy, and i was also worried about how runny it was after mixing in water. I halved the recipe to try and it came out great! Glossy top, perfect crumb, moist, soft — everything you want in a chocolate cake. It tastes chocolatey too. My family loved it! I did use less sugar though, about 50g less when i halved the recipe, and used a mix of brown and white sugar.

Still good and not too sweet. Thanks for the great recipe, a go-to for sure! Can I use butter instead of vegetable oil in the cake?! What is the difference and which one is better?! Hi Lindsay, I love all your recipes. I tried the chocolate cake and people are raving how moist and good it was. I want to bake this for a girlfriends birthday and using a 11 in sheet cake pan. Should I double the recipe or just stick with your recipe?

Please help. Can you recommend a substitute? Do you think I can store the frosting in the fridge for a couple days to make with another batch of cupcakes? I am a diabetic and have been put on the keto diet where I have to eat fewer carbs, but still enjoy desserts. Instead of all-purpose flour, I used Spelt flour get at a natural foods store , 1 cup Truvia instead of sugar, olive oil instead of canola oil which is not good for us , and Almond Milk instead of regular or skim milk there are a lot of carbs in milk.

It was delicious. I served it with homemade whipped cream made with a bit of Truvia od Stevia to taste. It is now our favorite cake. Two cakes made as my boys had started eating the first on.. Grated flake on top and melted dark chocolate and put some dairy milk powder into icing. Hi, I have been craving chocolate cake and am super excited to make this cake for a party this weekend. Any cook time adjustments I should make for glass over metal pan?? Thaks for sharing your amazing ideas, and recipe with us. Lindsay, I have made many of your recipes and love your blog! I made this chocolate cake today and absolutely love it!

Thanks Liset! And congratulations on your baby — such a fun time! I just quickly wanted to say thank you for another great recipe! I love everything on your website and in your book. I think this recipe is proof that it is probably just as easy, if not easier, to make a cake from scratch. Thanks Meghan!

I made the recipe exactly as directed and it came out perfectly. Barnone amazing. Thanks for the recipe. Would this recipe be good for cupcakes too? Looking for a chocolate version of your moist vanilla cupcakes! I would check these chocolate cupcakes out. I literally woke up to make this cake and the results are amazing feels so tender and moist, even the frosting is so light and fluffy!

LOVE this recipe! I made just the frosting from this cake to fill a Funfetti Cake and it was absolutely the best chocolate frosting EVER! Light and fluffy while still being decadent and chocolatey! Just the perfect balance! This is my first time ever trying to bake a cake from scratch. I followed the recipe amd baked at but when i checked the cake after 30 min. It was still runny inside.

Any thoughts? Im keeping it in longer and checking it often. Just not sure if I did something incorrectly? How did it turn out? Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, I never made a cake from scratch and I had a great result. I made this cake to pamper a friend after he came out from the hospital and it turned out very moist, rich on flavor and fluffy.

We loved it! Made this cake in beautiful 8 inch round, looked beautiful, moist and delicious. The icing is amazing, everyone loves this cake!!! Delicious and moist cake recipe. I used it to make a black forest poke cake and it is the best chocolate cake recipe I have used. It baked, but instead I baked it for 35 minutes. This cake was so good! It was perfectly moist and fluffy, and I paired it with some raspberry buttercream.

My whole family loved this! Wow it is so good and moist. At first as I was preparing it was watery I told my child now I am sure about this but let me try if it comes out as porridge we shall still consume it. But to our surprise we came out well. If you were in Uganda I would have given you a batch of banana and a cork as a sign of appreciation. Thanks a million times. And I like the scriptures never give up. Would the amount of ingredients be the same and baking time?

Yes, you can use two 8 inch cake pans for the same amount of ingredients. Hi, I just made the cake and it came out as liquid. I triple checked the ingredients and I measured it all out correctly. I have to say this is the best chocolate cake ever. We have it a couple of times a month. It is better than any other chocolate cake we have had ever. This recipe is great! Made this for my family last nite for V-day and it was a hit! I served it with fresh strawberries and raspberries! I made this and instead of one cup of hot water, I added one cup of hot coffee and boy was this wonderful.

It was so moist and had a deep dark chocolate flavor. This is a keeper!! I made this cake and instead of added the hot water, I added a cup of strong dark coffee and it was delish! So, it depends on what size pan the cake is baked in. I hope that helps clarify it for you! Only one thing: the g of sugar almost gave me an heart attack and diabetes. Hi Lindsay, I love your cake recipes!! I usually use 8 inch. HI Lindsay…got your contact from a friend and have now subscribed to your site….

I today baked your chocolate cake recipe. I baked it in two 6inch tins so obviously it baked a bit longer than the said time. What I would like to know is if I could use this recipe to do a 2tier confirmation cake without any problems.. I am not happy with the recipe I have been using so this is the first time baking your recipe and just hoping it is going to be a hit.

Please could you advise me as this cake is for the 24th April. Made this today with a white chocolate buttercream frosting. Used buttermilk no milk and used hot coffee instead hot water. Came out perfect! Everyone raved! Thank u! Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe. Never tried a chocolate cake before for the feat it might turn bitter. But this was a real hit.

I made it for my sons school party and all the kids and teachers enjoyed. Even at home I made a couple of times and it was a super duper hit. Thanks for sharing in. Going to try your banana cake recipe too. Hope so it turns out the same. All the best. I really hope you respond because Hazels comment has so far gone unanswered.

Like my prayers for the perfect chocolate cake. I tried the recipe and I had the exact same problem. Will watch the video too and see if I missed anything. Can I use organic cacao powder instead of unsweetened cocoa powder as I have only found out now that I have cacao powder instead of cocoa. It turned out very dense and not fluffy at all. I love the flavour and simplicity tho, but could you please tell me why could this happen? I am not sure what happened or why it would change consistency like that. Sometimes it is just a minor thing when baking. Thanks for following along with me!

I did not modify or change recipe and my husband and I were both shocked at the simplicity of prep, ingredients and taste. Your a genius! I tried it but replaced milk with yogurt, reduced half cup of sugar Asian usually eats less sweet. MY friends love it! Thank you for sharing the recipe! This is indeed a wonderful chocolate cake. I made it just now and had a slice. It is so good it will work without the ganache. Best of all the recipe was so easy that I could make it in the snap of a finger.

Thank you. You are welcome to try and use that pan. However, it may change the form and or the way it cooks. Hope you enjoy this cake! It is delicious and making me drool just thinking about it! Hi Karina, I am going to try out this recipe soon. Before that , I need your professional advice. Can I use caster sugar instead of granulated sugar?

Can I reduce the sugar to one cup only? Can I use olive oil? Some recipe use bikarbonate soda, but in yours. Any difference? You are welcome to make any of these adjustments that you are needing. Also, in the way it bakes and sets up. Hope it turns out just how you want and like!

30 Chocolate Cakes That Will Satisfy All Your Chocolate Cravings

Hi Karina, is it possible to make this cake in a 9-inch round pan instead of an 8-inch one? How long should I bake it for? Or would it be too thin? Yes, you are welcome to try it in the 9 inch round. It will be thinner but still tastes just as good. You will want to decrease the timing on how long you bake it for. Enjoy your cake! Thank you so much for this recipe! This one is so moist! I made one last weekend as a practice run for my grandsons birthday,without the ganache. I purposely with difficulty! I have substituted self raising flour for plain flour to make it a slightly lighter texture and it is still incredibly moist.

I see that another subscriber has used this recipe for cup cakes. That sounds great! I am so glad that you found this recipe and that it turned out just how you like it! Thanks so much for sharing with me and following along with me! Yes, of course! You are welcome to modify the recipe anyway you like to make it better for you! Thank you so much for following along with me! This recipe is amazing! I always use it for cupcakes and they come out great. Thanks for sharing. Hi, thanks for sharing this recipe with us. Yes, that is a great idea!

Either way is good but the day you are serving it may hold longer and better. Thanks so much for this recipe! Best chocolate cake ever! That is awesome to hear! I am so glad that it was a hit and you could reduce the sugar! Thanks so much for sharing! Dear Karina, Great to come across your website on this fudgy chocolate cake. Will like to seek some advise from you. Here are some of my doubts:- 1 Can I use cake flour instead of all-purpose or plain flour? If can replace with the dark chocolate please kindly advise how much should I use. I am so glad you did too!!

That is great to hear you are starting off with a popular recipe that you will love!! It will also have a more gooey and runny look. You will have to experiement with the dark chocoalte pieces. It sounds delicious and super rich! I am excited to hear all about it! I hope you love it and it turns out for you!

Healthy TRIPLE Chocolate Avocado Cake Recipe

This is THE best chocolate cake I have ever made! The family love is and have already put in an order for next week! To make into a double stack I doubled the mixture! That is perfect! I am so glad that it turned out so great for her birthday! Thanks for letting me know! I love it. Thank you very much. I will try it again soon. Hi Karina Please would you convert the recipe to metric measurements, as I only have scales not cups. Thanks so much. I always like to use an online conversion calculator you can find by googling or if you have a favorite one that is always a great go-to when baking.

Thanks so much for choosing this cake! You will love it! Fluffy and moist at the same time. Do you have to use coffee? Or if I put coffee in would I be able to taste it? In this cake the coffee is more to add flavor, darkness and richness. Hope that helps answer your questions! Hi, I followed your recipe. My cake was super yummy. Hello Karina, Can Almond Milk be used in this recipe? Eddy Mueller. You are always welcome to substitute any ingredient but it may alter the cake texture and taste. Can you please tell me what pan you used and size. I used an 8 inch round cake pan. I think the pictures make it looker higher or the frosting on top and on the sides.

It is totally worth making! You will not regret it;!! And man, this cake is amazing!!! Happy second birthday to your twins! What a great mum you are to make a delicious cake for them! Thanks for sharing! Just wondering how many days this cake can last before being eaten? Will it keep for that long if I refrigerate it? Keep it in the fridge or freezer and it should be great in 2 days. That would be the max though. Are you able to not eat it for 2 days;? That is the main question;!! Really yummy!! I made it tonight and it was so delicious and beautiful. Keep sharing such a nice recipe in future.

Can you please tell me if I can freeze this cake. I want to make it for a friend, but I am not in town the day she needs it. Thank you so much. Hi Raluca. I love this cake and make it all the time. Just wondered if it can be made in advance and frozen? I have party next weekend and a new born so want to crack on and get it made in advance during the week! This seems like such a lovely recipe.

Thank you for sharing it with us! Will give this a go this week for sure. I had two questions though: — could I use three six inch pans instead of one 8 inch pan for the exact same ingredient measurementsmentioned above? If yes, any idea of the baking time and temperature? Thanks so much! Hi Laila! Your choices sound delicious! This is good, too good! It is so yummy. I made it using gluten free flour so my daughter could eat it and I only had vanilla essence not extract. This cake is amazing. Also, thank you for writing about gluten free flour. A few readers ask me about this substitution, and now they can make it knowing it works!

Made this awesome cake and it was wonderful the most fudgy and moist cake ever…. As in, I could eat the whole thing when no one is looking haha. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback! This is the best cake in the world …. Thank you so much Karina. I was giving up on finding a good recipe for a chocolate cake until now…The cake was delicious ,everyone loved it including my three fussy children. Well done xxxz. I just LOVE this amazing looking cake!!!!! So happy I found this great recipe. Hi I am looking forward to trying this recipe. Like you I have searched for the perfect chocolate cake.

Are you able to give metric measurements for this recipe as I live in the UK. I have tried conversion sites on the internet but they varying wildly.

37 calorie brownies… and no, I’m not kidding.

Many thanks. Hi,this cake looks amazing,but i have problem with the measurements could you please give the recipe in grams? Loved this recipe. The ganache was a little soft after 2 hrs in fridge, but it still worked. Just made this cake today.. Everyone loved it.. Thanks for the recipe! My cake seemed to have shrinked! I used electric whisk throughout. Any idea why cake shrunk and mixture was leaking despute following the recope, albeit jn UK Measuremenrs. About to make the ganache. Please advise thank you as I would like to make this cake it sounds so delicious!!

Thank you..

Best-Ever Chocolate Quinoa Cake - Making Thyme for Health

Hello Karina! I really want to make this cake but I am using gr and ml measurements. How much is 1 cup when we convert to gram and mililiter? Can you help me? The first time I made this, I cooked it just a smidge too long. I used a bittersweet chocolate for the ganache. I love the detail you shared in this recipe. Your effects really helped to make the cake a success.

I really want to make this cake soon…. How are you measuring the flour, dip and sweep or fluff and spoon, or better yet how much by weight? Looks like a tremendous recipe. Hi Smita.

30 Healthy Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

I measure flour by scooping it out of the container or bag, and pouring it into my measuring cups, then levelling it off with the back of a knife. Hi Karina. What a fantastic Cake! Would like to know if this Recipe can be Doubled successfully please? They came out of the pan perfect and look beautiful with the ganache.

It depended on what she had on hand! She also used the buttermilk. I love this snd still have her recipes in an old old school notebook. I really want to try this!

30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2) 30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2)
30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2) 30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2)
30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2) 30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2)
30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2) 30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2)
30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2) 30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2)
30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2) 30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2)
30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2) 30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2)
30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2) 30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2)
30 Super Healthy Chocolate Cakes and Slices (Super Healthy Meals Book 2)

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