Reflection Behind the Rain

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What is Rain of Reflections?

Primary and Secondary Rainbows

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Writing on the glass, as these comments flew out at me, I marvelled at this display of knowledge and skill. Of scientific concepts, practical knowledge and wild flights of fantasy. But these children have shown exactly what they know, why they know it, and feel confident to share in this exchange of learning. This is the value of learning within a group, in having a connection with others we are able to co-construct knowledge, build on our theories of the universe — and perhaps most importantly be challenged, and learn how to respond to challenges.

When we record the voice of the child, we are acknowledging their individual knowledge and perspectives at this point in time. When children see, and hear us giving their words importance and meaning, they are empowered to share their thinking and knowledge with even greater freedom.

The rain slowed, and stopped. The children left, and I took photos of the writing on the windows. Too much going on, too many ideas and theories and, not all of it is relevant, useful or insightful. Adults spend time talking, joking, laughing and making up stories when we are in the presence of familiar and trusted people. Sure, sometimes we spend time connecting meaningfully with others, or sharing moments of understanding and clarity — but how often?

Natalya's Reflection

As educators, we have a unique responsibility to engage with what a child is thinking and learning. We have the power to impact thoughts and learning with our presence and our words. When we stop, and actually listen to children and give their words power and meaning we empower children to be voices of change.

Early childhood educator, Samantha Sam Newbury works for a centre in South Melbourne, with a strong focus on encouraging educators to engage in in-depth critical reflection on practice and personal pedagogy.

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Only to the untrained eye do the artefacts children create in a play-based learning activity look simple and straightforward: perhaps like play itself. In it, he reminds the reader that systems, structure and defined ways of working can limit children, an anchor of conformity and regiment which weighs them down.

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The Big Storm: a reflection on children’s voices in educator documentation

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Rainy Day Street Photography (Behind the Scenes)

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Reflection Behind the Rain Reflection Behind the Rain
Reflection Behind the Rain Reflection Behind the Rain
Reflection Behind the Rain Reflection Behind the Rain
Reflection Behind the Rain Reflection Behind the Rain
Reflection Behind the Rain Reflection Behind the Rain
Reflection Behind the Rain Reflection Behind the Rain
Reflection Behind the Rain Reflection Behind the Rain

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