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Again, this is super simple, but practicing letters, sight words, and phonics patterns is even more meaningful when our students do it in the context of a real text.

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Specify a print feature that students should look for, and use some detective props to make the activity super engaging. Illustrate a poem or text without words. This is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate comprehension of the text! Students can illustrate poems or even nonfiction articles. Students can then practice and perform their scripts! Sequence pictures to show what happened in the text. Use clipart or photos to have students sequence events in the text. Or have students create their own pictures and then have a friend sequence them!

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Complete a cloze reading passage activity based on the text. A cloze reading passage is one that has words missing from it. Students have to fill in missing words from a word bank. You might use the same facts or even parts of the actual text for the cloze reading activity. At night, they hunt or find food. Bats eat many different things.

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Other bats eat insects. Draw thought or speech bubbles for the characters at various points in the text. This activity is tons of fun AND allows kids to demonstrate their comprehension. Or, photocopy specific images from the text always follow Fair Use guidelines and have students add thought or speech bubbles. Match dialogue to characters. Kids are just as competent at reading them as adults, perhaps even more so! Show pre-readers how to recognize a particular letter or simple word like and. Then have them find the word in magazines or newspapers.

My friend was given The Wall Street Journal! Give them stickers to mark each find. Start a tradition of reading the Sunday comics together. An author friend cherishes the memory of poring over the comics with her dad, who died when she was just six years old. Make treats mentioned in books. Sorry, no recipe. Read aloud books with words you find difficult to pronounce.

With older kids, try a book club. Plan field trips as extensions of your shared readings. Visit construction sites, museums, festivals, music events, or perhaps something somber and soulful. Kids love to voice opinions. After a book, do a simple thumbs-up, down, or in between. Or be more elaborate with a book review notebook and star stickers. What should happen next? Expand the list of adults who regularly read with your kids.

This exposes them to a wide variety of reading interests, quirks, and styles. One child morphed from a reluctant reader into a voracious reader thanks to Popular Mechanics. Reading software provides one-on-one lessons to support individual reading levels and progress. For example, Reading Eggs is geared for kids ages 3 to 13 and may be especially beneficial for struggling or reluctant readers.

Accelerated Reader enables students to choose their own books with guidance from a teacher or a librarian and then take a computerized quiz after completion. The quizzes help teachers guide kids toward appropriate reading levels.

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In celebration of the beloved Dr. Seuss-theme costumes, photo booths, bulletin boards, writing prompts, and snacks. Read Across America is a reading awareness and motivation program created by the National Education Association to celebrate reading. The goals are to encourage reading and to provide interesting reading material to students. Expect that students will forget to return books or donate a book for others to enjoy.

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Reading Ideas Reading Ideas
Reading Ideas Reading Ideas
Reading Ideas Reading Ideas
Reading Ideas Reading Ideas
Reading Ideas Reading Ideas
Reading Ideas Reading Ideas
Reading Ideas Reading Ideas
Reading Ideas Reading Ideas

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