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Gunboat Diplomacy: The Watch on the Gulf

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Gunboat Number 14 By Jens Kuhn. Paperback, Pages. This item has not been rated yet. The war is not going well.

Gunboat 68 - CONDOR

On land, the Swedish army is retreating continuously and all that stands between the Russians and the Swedish mainland are the gunboats of the inshore fleet. The sea war amongst the islands of the Finnish and Swedish archipelagos is a special kind of war, fought in open boats by badly equipped men without proper training. Fighting the weather as much as the Russians, Lieutenant Johan Kuhlin commands a small squadron of three gunboats on special duty.

Add to Cart. Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review. Please log in. There are no reviews for the current version of this product Refreshing There are no reviews for previous versions of this product. First Name. Denmark would have been hard pressed to equip these ships with standard Danish naval cannon, which were in extremely short supply. The briefest of the entries regarding individual warships in the following list pertain to ships lost due to non-combat causes, as being wrecked through grounding — except in the case of the British battleships ST.

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Danish gunboats threatened British merchantmen more than British warships The list of English warship losses provided here is not long, reflecting the fact that the focus of Danish naval operations was in attacking English commerce with the Baltic states, rather than in seeking to contest English naval power, and that Danish gunboats were probably more inclined to attack merchantmen than warships. Critical wartime shortage in Danish cannon supply As the following list indicates, of the British warships captured by the Danes during the gunboat war, 9 were naval brigs and 1 was a naval cutter — these were all taken into the Danish navy under their original British names.

Nature of the Entries Regarding Individual British Warships The briefest of the entries regarding individual warships in the following list pertain to ships lost due to non-combat causes, as being wrecked through grounding — except in the case of the British battleships ST.

Taken into Danish naval service under the same name. Sold out of service, TICKLER, though new when captured, was a relatively light and ineffectually armed warship intended primarily for escort work. The ARCHER class comprised relatively inexpensive ships mass produced to meet expanded wartime demands — much as the Danes mass-produced gunboats for the same reason.

Taken into the Danish navy under the same name. Sold out of service in Notes: Captured, after a short action in which she lost eight men, by a force of 16 Danish gunboats near Agerso in the Great Belt, and carried as prize into the Danish port of Nakskov. She is likely to have carried her original Danish armament when lost. Probably a mercantile vessel which found wartime employment on an unofficial, ad hoc basis on the local Baltic station. Carried as prize to Aalborg, she was taken into the Danish navy under the same name. Though a relatively new ship, having been built in , MINX was sold out of service in , before the end of the war.

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Her official armament in Danish service, in her designed role as a royal yacht, was pdr. The foils need to be kept very clean to work efficiently, they'd need to be cleaned almost daily and would need to be handled with kid gloves. Foiling is only really comfortably possible on a couple of points of sail in good conditions. The vast majority of cruising yachts spend most of their time under power or power assisted, where foils offer no real benefit. Foiling cruisers are probably in the same camp as canting keel cruisers—prospective owners decide that the additional cost of foiling capability is simply not worth it, they'd rather put it toward creature comforts or just not spend it.

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Now as a racing vessel, that's a whole different story…. OzFred , Nov 23, Doug Lord , Nov 23, As a loss leader then I can see the place for the G4 in the Gunboat lineup but from any other perspective it seems way too much of a niche product to pay for its own tooling and complex build process. What takes away from the loss leader concept in this case is production quantities of Gunboats are so low it's hard to see where they will build in enough margin to make up for the loss.

Which may go a long way to explaining the Chapter Corley , Nov 24, Perhaps not so much a loss leader as a hero marque to provide a halo effect to the genuine cruiser range. Probably a good certainly brave idea, just not implemented well and ultimately didn't deliver the sales they were hoping for. That's not to criticise the quality of the boat at all, just how Gunboat went about using it to promote the brand.

OzFred , Nov 25, G4 Saying the G4 isn't implemented well is just not factual!

Gunboat Number 14

The design, engineering and construction of the boat are state of the art and second to none. And the boat is being built by and sold by Holland Composites in the Netherlands. You have no idea how many of the G4's have been sold by Gunboat or Holland.

Gunboat G4 with UptiP Foils

The second boat with many improvements as described earlier in this thread should be done early in It represents a major achievement in foiler design by including amenities most people some still do thought would be impossible for a foiler. It is a direction in foiler design we will see a lot more of particularly in smaller boats with easy to sail foil and comfort being major design criteria on some new boats. Doug Lord , Nov 25, While I love the G4, and really appreciate the work that went into it I doubt it's commercial value.

I think a full foiling cruising boat is a bit of a stretch, but I think as a proof of concept it is brilliant. In the near term I can see how a constant camber C foil would be a substantial addition to a performance cruiser though. Stumble , Nov 25, I don't buy the foiling cruiser thing, what about weight?

Gunboat Number 14 Gunboat Number 14
Gunboat Number 14 Gunboat Number 14
Gunboat Number 14 Gunboat Number 14
Gunboat Number 14 Gunboat Number 14
Gunboat Number 14 Gunboat Number 14

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