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As many as six men were arrested for the crimes, but investigators never discovered the identity of the killer, or killers, despite having several suspects in custody. Since much of the South was still gripped by racism and segregation, the killings weren't given the attention they deserved until the Ripper had already amassed a large number of victims, and caused a city-wide panic that could no longer be ignored. The first victim to make the front page was actually the eighth victim slain, and each successive murder was known to be more brutal than the previous, such as going from throat slashing to skull obliteration using a railway coupling pin.

What is further notable is that the killer pinned notes to fireboxes across the city nearly two years after the murders occurred, promising to murder all black women found in the streets at night. As the name implies, the victims usually were attacked with an axe, which often belonged to the victims themselves. In most cases, a panel on a back door of a home was removed by a chisel, which were both left on the floor near the door, followed by an attack on one or more of the residents with either an axe or straight razor. The crimes were not motivated by robbery, and the perpetrator never removed items from his victims' homes.

Many believed the crimes were ethnically motivated, due to the majority of victims being Italians, and some others say that he was a sadist who only killed male victims when they obstructed his attempts to murder women. A letter purported to be from the Axeman said he would kill again at 15 minutes past midnight in March 19th, , but would spare the occupants where a jazz band was playing.

However, no further murders occurred. Six were injured during his various attacks as well. Three days later, two thighs were found in separate places along the road. It was only after a month that the victim was identified as Sanna Helena Garoes. Her head, feet, and the remainder of her legs were later discovered by farm workers. It was the latest in a series of killings attributed to the Butcher, who began his reign of terror in The first victim was Melanie Janse, whose mutilated body was found in August The next body, found in September, was year-old Juanita Mabula, who had been decapitated.

On December 28, , the youngest victim was found—year-old Viola Swartbooi. Her body was too badly decomposed to establish the cause of death. In October , the Namibian police teamed up with specialists from national intelligence and brought in serial killer experts from neighboring South Africa. Just a month later, a head and a set of forearms were found in a plastic bag near a hospital. While there may be other victims, none have been found, and the butcher himself remains at large. Beer Man got his nickname because some of his victims were found with empty beer cans next to them.

Some sources say all of the bodies were accompanied by a can, others say four, some suggest only two. Whatever the truth, the press latched onto the name. The victims were all men, beaten or stabbed to death, with many undressed below the waist. He was charged with two other Beer Man murders but cleared of any involvement, thus leaving the remaining six murders unsolved. In September the Bombay High Court acquitted Kantrole of any involvement in the murders due to lack of evidence.

All victims were women and discovered in garbage bags in a canal or a river that were not weighed down. The bags were always clearly visible. Investigators pointed out early on that the Butcher of Mons found something perversely funny about his activities. The police also theorized that the Butcher of Mons may have had some kind of medical training, for each victim had been dismembered and mutilated with precision.

The FBI, which was called in to consult on the case, deduced that the killer had a steady job based on the fact that all of his victims were murdered on weekends. During the investigation, several people were suspected of being involved in these murders, but no concrete evidence was found against them. All of the women were young brunettes and had all met heir murderer at the Barrowland Ballroom: a dance hall and music venue in the city. The three were raped, all were strangled with their stockings, all three were menstruating at the time and all had sanitary towels or tampons left on, or near, their bodies.

And all three women's handbags are missing, the contents discarded near them. This unidentified serial killer became known as "Bible John" due to his having repeatedly quoted from the Bible and to have condemned any form of adultery while in the company of his final victim. The murders committed by Bible John would prove to be the first time in Scotland in which the Crown Office authorized the publication of a composite drawing of an individual suspected of murder for public viewing.

The known movements and modus operandi of convicted serial killer and rapist Peter Tobin have led to suggestions he may have been responsible, but DNA tests were unable to connect him with the murders. The first person to disappear was year-old Colleen Walker, who was reported missing on September 13, ; her body has not been found. The second to disappear was Walker's cousin, Evelyn Greenup, on October 4, The third victim was year-old Clinton Speedy-Duroux on February 1, All three of the victims were aboriginal and the two bodies that were found both had severe trauma to the head.

Colleen Walker's body has not been found, although articles of her clothing were later found weighed down by rocks in the Nambucca River. The prime suspect, a local laborer, was charged and tried twice - in and - but was acquitted both times. On March 22, , the High Court of Australia confirmed this decision. The murders, and the fact that no one has been convicted of the crimes, is a source of pain and bitterness in the Aboriginal community in Bowraville.

The name is also given to the perpetrator of a similar series of murders in Bombay from to It has been speculated that these were the work of the same person, who could have been responsible for as many as 26 murders. The first hint of a serial-killer who was targeting homeless ragpickers and beggars in India came from Bombay. Starting in , and lasting well over two years, a series of twelve murders were committed.

The criminal's modus operandi was simple: first they would find an unsuspecting victim sleeping alone in a desolate area. The victim's head was crushed with a single stone weighing as much as 30 kg. In most cases, the victims' identities could not be ascertained since they slept alone and did not have relatives or associates who could identify them. Compounded to this was the fact that the victims were people of very simple means and the individual crimes were not high-profile.

Whether or not the Bombay killings were linked to the Calcutta "Stoneman" killings has never been confirmed. However, the uncanny similarity in the instrument, choice of victims, execution, and the time of the attacks suggests the assailant s was familiar with the Bombay episodes, if not the same killer himself. Another boy was assaulted and left for dead. The victims were stabbed or slashed, and their genitals were mutilated and, in most cases, removed entirely.

This assailant is also known to have attempted to murder one other child. In March of , eight-year-old Douglas Owens was found dead, stabbed 38 times. His penis had been cut, but not severed from his body. On April 20, another black youth was repeatedly stabbed; his genitals were severed from his body, although he survived his injuries.

On October 23, nine-year-old Wendell Hubbard was stabbed to death on the roof of an East Harlem tenement block. His penis had also been severed from his body. The following March 7, a nine-year-old Puerto Rican child named Luis Ortiz was stabbed 38 times and likewise mutilated. After the murder of Luis Ortiz, the local community was in an uproar. Public meetings were held, the sketch was distributed all over, and a local class even made a video warning other children to stay away from strangers. Schizophrenic Erno Soto confessed to killing another boy, originally suspected to be part of the murders, but could not be convicted for the other killings and thus the two are kept seperate.

The Torso Murderer always beheaded and often dismembered his victims, occasionally severing the victim's torso in half or severing their appendages. In most cases, the cause of death was decapitation or dismemberment itself. Some of the body parts were never located. Some investigators, including lead Cleveland detective Peter Merylo, believe that there may have been thirteen or more victims in the Cleveland, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh areas between the s and s.

Most of the male victims were castrated, and some victims showed evidence of chemical treatment being applied to their bodies. Many of the victims were found after a considerable period of time following their deaths; occasionally in excess of a year. Despite an investigation of the murders, which at one time was led by famed lawman and Cleveland's then-Public Safety Director Eliot Ness, the murderer was never apprehended.

When rangers arrive, they are confronted with the violent scene. The deaths of Cathleen Thomas and Rebecca Dowski. An autopsy found rope burns on their necks and wrists, signs of strangulation, their throats had been slashed, and diesel fuel was poured over the bodies and the car but apparently failed to ignite. Media didn't take notice until a second couple was murdered, David Knobling and Robin Edwards, who were both shot in the back of the head. A third couple, Cassandra Hailey and Richard Call, went missing with only an abandoned car found.

Bother are presumed dead. Hunters had come across a blanket in the woods and when they moved them they found two skeletons. At least one of the badly decomposed bodies appears to have suffered knife wounds, with definitive scoring on the bones of Annamaria. None of the victims had any evidence of sexual assault and all their vehicles were left on the side of the road. Investigator Steve Spingola suggested there were multiple killers, and a couple homicide in could be attributed to the killer s. Regardless, the killer was never found.

It is believed that he also attacked a pregnant woman named Jane Boroski, but she miraculously survived, despite being stabbed twenty-seven times. Criminal psychologist John Philpin attempted to develop a profile of the killer. He made several trips to the area where Bernice and Ellen's bodies were found, hoping to get a better understanding of the killer's mindset at the time of the murders. He believes that the killer pre-selects sites to take his victims to in order to frighten them before killing them. John also interviewed Jane and put her under hypnosis.

She described to him, in detail, the brutal attack. She remembered that the attacker seemed extremely calm and collected. She also recalled that when she stopped struggling with him, he seemed to lose interest and stop attacking her. Police have attempted to match multiple individuals to the killings, but so far nothing came from the leads. The closest, Gary Westover, died after a confession that he murdered one of the victims, so it's unknown if he was actually responsible.

At the crime scenes, the killer had a tendency to leave photos of pornographic characters on the walls. It seems like it is highly possible that he is involved with the murders from to due to the lack of evidence and witnesses he leaves behind in his later crimes. Also most of his crimes seem planned out apart from the victims who may be just victims of circumstance and opportunity.

One thing is for certain is that the Maniac seems to fall into the "organised" category of serial killers. Police were able to learn much about this serial killer from the evidence left behind at the crime scenes, but have yet to identify them. The killer has targeted women with drug problems and possible involvement in the sex trade.

It is known that the offender used the same handgun in the first three murders, furthermore police have his DNA on file. Law enforcement believe the women were all to varying degrees involved in prostitution. What doesn't seem to be a matter of debate however, is the fact that the victims have a drug dependence. The murdered women were known to frequent bars and establishments along Ridgewood Avenue in downtown Daytona Beach. Also, two of the women have links to a bar, called Willie's Place. Two others have known links to a nearby homeless centre. These locations are all within walking distance of each other.

We don't know if the women were shot whilst they were standing or if LE suspect the murderer had the victims kneel, like an execution style killing. Equally, we don't know the range from which the women were shot or if the bodies were posed after the murder. The Strangler is also supposedly responsible for the murder of clairvoyant Julia Voght and murder of Mabel Brown, but this remains only speculation. All victims were sex-workers, all leaving back doors unlocked, all working the same street within blocks of each other, but wildly differing in age and race. The Chief of police within a day of the third murder, put out to the press that he believed "such a criminal exists in this city as Jack the Ripper" as reported in the Trenton Times on November 14, In an era of policing long before the days of understanding serialized sexual murder, this is a very perplexing addition to the case that potentially saved it from completely fading into obscurity.

The list of suspects was massive, and many went to trial, but were acquitted. Suspects included individuals like Richard Demandy, a landlord and partner to one of the murder victims, and Alfonse LeMarie, a French sailor reported to have said the night of Contassoint's murder, "there is between 8, and 9, dollars in that house, I believe, and I will kill her to get that money".

Most victims were choked to death, hence the name. All of them were placed face down in a row, facing east, about sixty feet apart from each other. They were clothed except for having their shoes and socks removed. Though two of the bodies were weeks old and so badly decomposed a cause of death could not be determined, Roberts was found to be asphyxiated and Raffo was strangled with either a cord or a rope.

The others were believed to have been strangled to death as well. They were reportedly having a domestic dispute at the time. There have been no DNA matches to connect Oleson with the crimes and he was never named as a suspect. With decomposing bodies of Rocky Mount women being found naked and scattered in fields across three counties over seven years, these grisly crimes have shined a national spotlight on Rocky Mount.

One of the victims, Roberta Williams, could be traced back to , as it has been the last time Williams was seen alive. In January , more human remains were found by a hunter in Edgecombe County, whereby this victim could be number nine. The remains have been identified in January as year-old Yolanda Lancaster, who was listed as missing. The first victim found was Melody Wiggins, 29, back in In , Jackie Thorpe, 35, was found nude in a pile of trash.

In June , a farmer found the skeleton of Jarniece Latonya Hargrove, 31, also in a wooded spot. One of the women, a year-old named Barbara Stephens, was kidnapped from the mall and stabbed to death using this trick. The killer was also associated with the murder of two year-old schoolgirls. The police at the time reported similarities to murders elsewhere in the country and detectives in Florida, Utah, and California developed a theory that one man may have been responsible for 33 deaths throughout the US.

Some of the murders were eventually confessed to by Ted Bundy, but the deaths in Florida remain unsolved. According to police, the killer is likely very intelligent, with an above average IQ, and above average strength and prowess.

The method of killing has been a combination of shooting, stabbing with an ice pick, and blunt-force trauma from hammer blows. Three of the four victims could not immediately be identified due to severe disfiguration. While at large, the Freeway Phantom brutally raped and murdered six girls, between the ages of , all of whom were African American. This boogeyman would become known as the D. Common practice at the time was that case files at MPDC Detective Divisions were retained in files maintained by the detectives assigned to the case.

As a result, the Freeway Phantom case files have been lost, along with the associated notes, and all investigators assigned as primary or task force have either long retired, or are deceased. With current evidence and any information of the case from when it happened, no leads produced sufficient evidence for prosecution. Right around the time of the murders, the police also had other things on their minds. During the span of the killings, the Watergate scandal and subsequent action and investigations were in full swing. As Watergate created national outcry and media attention, the Freeway Phantom murders were forced into the background, attracting little interest from the public outside of the areas the girls had lived.

A millimeter-wide trace of drying on the neck of the deceased indicated that she had been strangled with a string. That same month, the body of an unclothed man aged between 65 and 70 was found by scrap collectors. Forensic scientists suspected that the time of death was between January 23 and In that February, in the elevator shaft of a bombed-out house of a former mattress factory on Billstrasse, near Billekanal, the strangled body of a 6-year-old naked girl was found.

That same month, the final victim's body was located; a woman, about 30 to 35 years old, naked and also strangled. The identities of the victims were never discovered. The Hamburg Police warned the population to be wary of strangers approaching them in homeless shelters and waiting rooms, and that driving with a personal driver was dangerous. In the statistics from to , out of a total murder cases were investigated by the Hamburg Police, but the case of Rubble Murderer was not among them. The investigation files are still available in the Hamburg State Archives.

The sex-worker slaying was dubbed the Hammersmith Nude Murders because each victim was found naked except for stockings and dumped in areas around London or in the River Thames. The imaginative nickname given to the unknown serial killer was Jack the Stripper. It stumped police officers investigating the case, led by Chief Superintendent John Du Rose, who interviewed almost 7, suspects in a desperate bid to catch the culprit. The finger of suspicion for the murders was pointed firmly at security guard Mungo Ireland, who worked on the Heron Trading Estate, in Ealing, where final victim Bridget O'Hara was found in Former British boxing heavyweight champion Freddie Mills has also been named as a potential suspect for the horrific crimes but no-one was ever charged with the offences.

Ireland committed suicide in March under the pressure of suspicion while Mills was shot in the head in his car in July and the death of both suspects led police to close the book on the case. Despite "intense media interest and one of the biggest manhunts in Scotland Yard's history" the case is unsolved. All forensic evidence gathered at the time is believed to have been destroyed or lost. So many women and girls have vanished or turned up dead along one stretch of the road that residents call it the Highway of Tears.

Explanations for this include systemic racism, poverty, drugs, violence, disconnection with traditional culture and disruption of the family unit through the foster care system and residential schools. Poverty in particular leads to low rates of car ownership and mobility, thus hitchhiking is often the only way for many to travel vast distances to see family or go to work, school, or seek medical treatment.

Another factor leading to abductions and murders is that the area is largely isolated and remote, with soft soil in many areas and carnivorous scavengers to carry away human remains; these factors precipitate violent attacks as perpetrators feel a sense of impunity, privacy and the ability to easily carry out their crimes and hide evidence. Accounts vary as to the exact number of victims. Aboriginal organizations estimate that the number of missing and murdered women ranges above Very few suspects have been named, and investigators have no new leads to work with.

The killer's profile was stated to be that of an opportunist who attacked women who were vulnerable, such as at bus stops, and not one who stalks his victims. He likely lives or works in the area of the attacks, being Waipahu or Sand Island. The first victim was Vicki Gail Purdy who was found with her hands bound behind her back, had been raped, and died from being strangled. All other women were found and killed in the same way.

Following the discovery of the last victim's body, police arrested the informant on May 9 as the primary suspect. The suspect's ex-wife and girlfriend described him as a smooth talker. They also provided a potentially incriminating fetish clue, as both recalled engaging in bondage activity, allowing him to tie them up and have sex with their hands bound behind their back. The suspect was interrogated and despite failing a polygraph test was eventually released. The case is infamous within Korea for being the first truly identifiable string of murders with a modus operandi.

Police officers involved spent two million man-days on the case. The total number of suspects also grew to enormous numbers, eventually ending with a total count of 21, individuals. Victims of the serial murders were all strangled to death with their own clothes, such as pantyhose or socks. There was also evidence of forced sexual abuse, which sent shockwaves though the public.

The evidence compiled led to a description of a man in his twenties weighing between and pounds and having the blood type B based on forensic testimony. In Korea, the statute of limitations for murder is fifteen years; and it ran out on the case on April 2, However, the police records are still kept because of the significance of the case.

In , a female college student was murdered sparking new interest in the Hwaseong serial murders, though the case also remains unsolved. Beginning in April , the highway has lent its name to a serial killer known as the "Interstate 70 Killer," who has committed a string of murders within a few miles of it in several Midwestern states. His victims were usually young, petite, brunette women. One of the victims was a man, but it is believed that he was mistaken for a woman by the killer as he often wore a ponytail.

All of the stores attacked were specialty stores and were usually only robbed of a few hundred dollars. He is also suspected of shooting three more store clerks in Texas during and , one of whom survived. The murders were conclusively linked after a St. Charles detective suspected a connection. All of the murders were committed with a. Aside from the Wichita murders, all the victims were alone while murdered and shot in the back of the head. None of the scenes had any signs of sexual assault and while all stores were robbed, robbery appeared to be a secondary motive as all the stores were small specialty stores, which would not have had as much money as some of the larger stores.

The ongoing case—which has spawned an industry of books, films, TV series and historical tours—has met with a number of hindrances, including lack of evidence, a gamut of misinformation and false testimony, and tight regulations by the Scotland Yard. The name "Jack the Ripper" originated in a letter written by someone claiming to be the murderer that was disseminated in the media. The letter is widely believed to have been a hoax and may have been written by journalists in an attempt to heighten interest in the story and increase their newspapers' circulation.

Most of the bodies were found in such a state of decomposition as to make the actual cause of death difficult to determine. Most of the victims knew each other well. Some were related by blood or lived together. The victims also shared in common traits such as poverty, mental illness, and histories of drug abuse and prostitution. The women all also served as informants for the police about the local drug trade and often provided police with information about other Jeff Davis 8 victims before their own deaths.

Task force investigative reports reveal a series of witness interviews in which local law enforcement were implicated in the murders.

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Statements from two female inmates portrayed suspects working with the sheriff's office to dispose of evidence. However, the sergeant who took the statements was forced out of his job, and the allegations were ignored by law enforcement. Sheriff's office chief criminal investigator, Warren Gary, was also accused of purchasing a truck suspected of being used to transport a body for the purpose of discarding evidence.

While the police arrested or issued warrants for the arrest of four people, none were convicted. The first victim, of alias "Tina" ,22, was found strangled and disemboweled and with mutilated genitals. The second victim Maria Fernanda, again strangled and disemboweled. Now that the claims that Dahmer and Bundy had normal childhoods have been refuted, I'll take it upon myself to refute the claim about Rader. In "Bind, Torture, Kill" they did their darnedest, as the genre is wont to do, to sell Dennis Rader as being "born to kill", and yet it still slipped in that Rader's dad had been a "strict disciplinarian", which is code for "he beat his kids".

This may have been normative at one time, but it was never a good idea if the point was to not create murderers. My main man Ted Bundy's early childhood, by the way, was so not normal that he developed a form of Dissociative Identity Disorder, what they used to call multiple personality. The author needs to go watch Sybil, then delete that shameful paragraph if she finds Sybil's childhood lacking. Has anyone studied parasite links to psychopathic behavior and personality changes? Has anyone noticed alot of serial killers have one droopy eye and the other is bigger or one eye looks vacant and the other vibrant?

Not everyone that was abused becomes the abuser. I've often wondered about those that were born this way as I grew up with one. Stories of neglect or abuse and the guy targeted women he thought had a good life but if the woman revealed how bad her childhood was, he left her alone. So yes, psychopaths make snap judgements and can be wrong. Usually this type of mom will play favorites among children and give roles.

The one who is assigned the role of the unselfish "tend to me" and don't have feelings will also be told how to treat women but the boy will take it another way as he's already been trained to not get attached to anyone but his mother. This can trigger a mama's boy that overly loves his mother and his mother gets jealous of anyone he chooses if she can't relate to her. It can also trigger a mama's boy who feels rage at his mother so he will take it out on other women since he was brainwashed to view his mom as a saint who could never do wrong.

The aggressive hostile violent father who beats the mother and other aggressive acts in front of the child's face. The child usually a boy sees his father as his role model to mimick. In other cases, the boy will view his father as someone to not be and won't grow up to abuse women.

It's based on perception so not all who had to go through that are going to be that type of person. The ones who rise above it usually have alot of care, empathy and spirit. No matter how much abuse they've received they stay strong and know what was going on isn't worth emulating. The problem with psychiatry is that there is no encouragment to do anything about it. When they are adults and have been missed as children, they are set in their ways and will not change.

Their routine is rigid and locked. There are warning signs early on. Why aren't psychopathic children treated in the same regard as autistics with early intervention? That is usually an indicator that whomever came up with the analogy that it's a lost cause secretly sympathises and relates to the psychopath. The truth is, it can be helped early on but because people are stuck on this idea that children cannot think like that or act in that manner or be manipulative, nobody wants to go outside of their own rigid upbringing of these flawed philosophies. Yes, these type of children manipulate, lie, steal, kill.

Are some born this way? Are the majority born this way? Not sure but there are potential other factors involved rather than just upbringing that could be helped. Then the ones who have turned this way over emotional neglect, abuse, constant rejection could use a psychologist that won't fall for manipulation.

The ones who were groomed into empty shells had a bad upbringing. Some of them decided to disassociate and pretend everything was great growing up. When you look at their family dynamics, everything on the outside looks perfect. Perfect family, perfect teeth, nice house, cars etc That's people judging on the outside again. Meanwhile behind the fancy curtain, these "perfect" people place value on "things" "stuff" "cars" "toys" "materials" "money" and people are just accessories. One child may resent it and declare it's wrong while another child views of it as right and gets a warped sense of what is going on and decided people are objects.

Usually in that scenario. That child is not usually the golden boy or girl they are isolated, alone, feelings of being inadequate. Their siblings treated better and included. The isolated child shows the true inner nature of the materialistic parents afterall and those parents want to pretend they are perfect to their friends, co-workers and anyone who steps into their "perfect" theater aka their home. The child that is adapting to this environment is lonely and nothing that child does is good enough. This can breed a psychopath or if the child is able to control the sadness and feelings of rejection plus have a positive outlet can create an interesting artist.

This child doesn't get much attention and often is treated as though he or she is a burden on the family. After being treated like that most people would actually have normal reactions such as depression, anxiety, no self esteem. Those are completely valid reactions. Some however have given up on themselves and life not caring if they live or die. As everything spins out of control for them, there is no turning back.

We as a society are putting lives at risk and failing a child that could do something better with their brains. This is by no means sympathy for those who turn into killers. A human brain is meant for working, i do not believe that na person is born with abnormality or being mentally abnormal. Yes, and it's true we become the outgrowths of the thoughts and actions we habituate to.

I took not using my brain, laziness, to an art form in the Bad Old Days, and lived what I called "a profoundly boring life at 33 R. I have, myself, recently been wondering onto the whole truth of killing as an intermediate meeting of natural selection. My psychologist and psychiatrist have became all to engrossed in the cannibalistic and corpse wonderment that has been flooding my mind since me pre-teen years. I was classified as having a "schizophrenic illness" at the age of 18 and been an agoraphobic since Beyond this and the weekly sessions with afore said practitioners we have relished, well I have, in the fantasised enjoyment of the lack of emotional states I have to the macabre.

I do not see anything as being wrong when illuminated within the correct light. There is a reason for all death, all killing. The elk meets the wolf between life and death as does the victim meet the predator. We are but animals, we were designed to kill and envelop. To do so is in our very nature and some of us were born to be artists, some to be athletic. Then there are others that were bor to kill. If this was years ago we would be knighted as saviours, as leaders and victors to a cause. To eat ones young is but a genetic stability owned by all mammalian species yet frowned upon by man.

The discourse becomes to ask Should we follow a base instinct or demean what we truly are and make ourselves into slavery top follow the 'civilized' path? We are, and should be free to follow our path and there are more than I that desire the inner hunger that needs, requires a venomous rebirth. A force to show with unending vehemence and bold severity in extreme meat decimation to show modern forensics and the little puppets, encased within their blue straight-jackets with the little tin badges, work that any predator with an IQ higher than can and will always elude capture and can denote each kill to a separate and unrelated case.

It is nothing hard to counjer up and the true artist of the black shroud can live a long and free life practising and perfecting his art. We are the new breed and the first born. Come the blighted age and time of reckoning there will only be the free, the strong and of those willing to do what the 'normal' man would find abhorrent. Thank you for giving a comprehensive example of schizophrenic thought patterns. Your post is somewhat "word-salad"-like in some places, and in other places indicates some paranoid ideation with quite a bit of narcissistic grandiosity thrown in for good measure. Its very educational to read how the disordered brain processes information and interprets reality, right from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

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Here's sincerely hoping that you are under supervised care and getting the best of treatment. Though you sound like you might be a murderer on the next page. Please write to tell me how it turns out; I'll brace for the worst from an earthbound human perspective, and just hope that you're still one of us. You know, IQs don't actually have that great a track record for racking up the kills. I believe childhood trauma plays a role in some serial killer's lives, but not all. There have been studies that show a difference in brain growth for serial killers.

Is it really their fault if they were born with an abnormal brain? No, the government should treat this abnormality as a mental illness and get them help. Always being given what you want, never getting any negative repercussions, parents not being parents Parents not being parents create brats, not monsters. Children are born with inherent probably genetically determined temperament traits; our temperament nature plus our experiences growing up nurture in combination forms each individual's personality.

These temperament traits, most of which can be observed at widely varying degrees even in babies, are: 1. There have been studies that show that when there is a good "fit" between the primary caregiver's personality this is usually the baby's biological mother and the baby's temperament, that there is more likelihood that a healthy bond or attachment will form between parent and child, and that's predictive of a good outcome for the child RE relatively mentally healthy, positive emotional development stages of growth.

I've heard it described like a balancing scale or a teeter-totter. Such children have a higher risk of emotional development issues. There is a fascinating article about temperament and how both highly-demanding infants the "orchids" and the more easy-going infants the "dandelions" are and have been necessary for the success of the human species, but that the "orchid" children require more sensitive handling, more enlightened and educated parenting in order to turn out well: with good parenting the "orchid" child has the potential to become a great leader or thinker or innovator, but with bad parenting an "orchid" child can become our worst nightmare: a psychopath.

Many psychologists argue there are feelings that can only be experienced as a group, called inter- and intra-group feelings. They are most notable when in contradiction to personal feelings. For example, many people feel shame for what their country has done or sympathy for what's been done to some segment even though they aren't a member of that group Mackie, Devos, Smith, Adults with more experience and knowledge will ordinarily have a more "structured" worldview than children; this disparity typically produces chronic misunderstandings where children are then seen as "difficult" and adults are seen as "out of touch.

The resulting relational and not individual Borderline pathology worsened from Entity Theory conflicts and a need to blame is often marked by paranoia, impulsivity, rejection sensitivity, as well as a sense of invincibility in all family members that become the primary hindrance to any individual growth. It's not a matter of whether this incompatibility exists such as any family's greatest incompatibility from sibling rivalry , it's how the family resolves it. Alas, I would argue the seemingly complete lack of research into family therapy models is due to there simply being no market where a parent would have to admit to needing change who naturally prefer the idea there's a chemical problem and fix for it.

This is naturally a key issue at any home or school where no teacher or counselor is properly trained for the same reason that NO teacher or therapist would ever agree to doing something wrong. Even so, simply seeing problems merely as the result of unmet or disrupted developmental needs using mirroring and idealizing can very effectively provide an empathetic unifying framework as a basis for healing and creating performance strategies.

While there is no therapy that can "cure" an individual's Borderline pathology, these efforts can in fact literally cure an organizational pathology. True communal wellness is possible while individual health is not. Perception discrepancies are the key hurdle that unique group qualities can overcome. The problem is we insist on only addressing problems individually which are mostly unaddressable.

We need to stop looking at what's wrong with people psychopaths and pay more attention to what's wrong with our family and group development. Other group pathologies or incompatibilities include St John's Syndrome, when parents only go through the routine motions and children merely see other family members as a means to an end; Koinonitis, when interpersonal relationships are so deep and absorbing that the family largely ignores the world around them and activities tend to be centripetal rather than centrifugal; Schizophrenic best met with better time management and working on a mission definition or common paranoia when external intervention efforts will likely have antagonistic responses ; and, Narcissistic, Megalomaniacal, and Theomanic see The Paranoid Corporation by Cohen and Choen, The Organizational Effectiveness Continuum is a rubric from Ineffective to Effective rating family performance as either Reactive challenges are met with efforts that are always struggling to keep up , Responsive a more stable environment, but not a dynamic one , Proactive with an analytical process that is good at anticipating changing needs and good at adapting , Interactive more visionary where the family works as a whole, are healthy, and work on connectedness , or Inspired with great creativity, habitually exceed all environmental and genetic constraints or conditioning.

Any family or any group not able to perceive its own pathology will naturally destroy itself by refusing to notice feelings of inadequacy and projecting blame instrumentally everywhere as health starts with consciousness or Dr. Serge's "presence". It is vital to determine if any current solutions have been coerced as attempts to just cover up problems and work to untwist thinking as per Dr. Burns' 50 ways to untwisting thinking. Fishbowl Exercises use three chairs or groups of chairs for Parent s , Child ren , and Friends or therapist. Each person or group will explain their position.

Then everyone switches chairs and positions twice. You don't focus on the past or present, work on any "issues," suggest changing other's personalities, or try to heal anyone's anxiety or dysfunction. Instead, focus on the future by clarifying core values, setting personally meaningful goals, and encouraging efforts aka tools and structures for family members to accomplish more tasks on their own.

So, who told you life was fair. That is one of the greatest lies ever told as in what goes around comes around.

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Did you know that to be a successful athlete you MUST be born in the "correct" month - for example, pro hockey players are born in January five times more often than November and December? The real science of success shows it is most typically the result of dumb luck and arbitrary advantages. Anything else is hawking the fable that life is fair and any small child knows better than that. Well, that's only because of people like you who favor nature.

Barnsley found the best hockey players are five times more likely born in January than November, baseball players are almost twice as likely born in August than July, and soccer players are most likely born in September now January , due to the arbitrary age cut offs done in the respective kid's leagues. Why is this? Young children born just after the cut off age are quite logically larger than those born just before and so perform better. Kids bigger from being older are called "naturally gifted" and receive the most encouragement and training, what is in reality key for any success.

As for your article - here's a later and more widely believed by professionals quote: "the Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance makes a rather startling assertion: the trait we commonly call talent is highly overrated. Or, put another way, expert performers 'whether in memory or surgery, ballet or computer programming' are nearly always made, not born. Despite all the evidence suggesting the quality and fit of our environments trumps any genetics Dr.

Phelps, , Americans like yourself refuse to consider anything but a fate from birth. Moreover, we reject any possibility that this might be true as doing so would open the door for facing the reality we must likewise take responsibility for creating "stories of failure" as well. And so, we all tell the lie that not everyone can be a champion, that only a few have the chance or, that people learn in different ways. I would like to build a school where every child even those with IQs of 75 labeled by academic experts as "learning disabled" is able to skip grades in their first year and where every child learns at the same rate with the same instruction no "special ed" classes.

How realistic do you think my dream is? I'm sure your kind of brainwashing would say it's impossible. Well, this school was built in the 70's in South Chicago where most live below the poverty line and live daily with some of the greatest violence in American. There were another dozen retarded kids in her class who performed at the same lever as all of their classmates. In , Dr. Powers and Dr. Witmer formed a study based on the belief that most all troubled kids could be helped.

Starting with delinquent boys why no girls? After 5 years, the therapists reported most of the boys had "benefited substantially. Illich argued in kids are today "schooled" to accept effort in place of value agreed stating therapy gave them insights and the YMCA kept them out of trouble. Everyone involved was "happy. Well, no. We never hear of long term follow ups but a study found these "helped" boys committed twice the felonies and were doubly affected by alcoholism, depression, mental illness, and lower job satisfaction than those left alone.

When Powers and Witner were shown the results of the study, they insisted the "helped" boys were better off in some way even if it wasn't measurable as it turned out facing facts was just too uncomfortable. Alas, most people are uncomfortable with facing facts. A couple of my favorite inconvenient truths is how 1 common sense only produces bad decisions and often the very worst possible check out Chap 9 of Psychology in Everyday Life and What Works On Wall Street and 2 no one is ticklish this is why no one can tickle themselves or any animal as it is just our parents brainwashing us to be submissive as a way to make friends.

Yes, the physical reality of being ticklish is all in a person's mind caused only by external forces. One of the biggest of all lies was likely first told to us by our mommies about how special we are. In psychology, lying to ourselves is referenced by the self confirmation bias. This is what makes the self-help industry so worthless. Researchers explained the many ways this affects the thinking of all people to groups of test subjects. Google "Bias Blind Spot. My favorite personal example of this is how when I ask people what they learned from whatever Bible reading they've done and most people start their reply with, "Like I've always said Yes, many helicopter and snow plough parents create brats or very anxiety-ridden kids, but not serial killers.

The easiest way to confirm what he is saying is to talk to his siblings. So you imply my daughter's bipolar disorder would be somehow my fault because I "coddled" her? Absolutely false on so many levels. First of all, I never did any such thing, nor did I move in the opposite direction. I was and am a typical "middle ground mother" who raised her with both love and discipline.

She is, at age twenty-seven, struggling mightily with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. My mother was bipolar, her father is bipolar. This is not rocket science, the conclusion is obvious. Sidenote: two sisters are neither bipolar nor borderline, but certainly have their own issues Once again Are the advantages to being an anti-social as suggested by Wondering? After all, psychopaths tend to be fearless, confident, charming, focused, and excel at reading emotions. Such qualities are tailor-made for success in the 21st century. Nothing juvenile or poorly functioning about it.

The human interactions that most haunt me with what I should have said or done always include either a small or large panic attack. Consequently, I can understand the advantage of not panicking. I'm sure you can, too. In a modern world without cobras and lions, our natural fear system is often just too sensitive. When operating individually, emotions are often a hindrance being more important to generating a group effort. Psychopaths are perfect armies of one. Ghaemi asserts in his latest book, A First-Rate Madness , that mental illness and a self-destructive manic daring makes people more attractive to us as leaders.

Hare has written, "our society is moving in the direction of permitting, reinforcing, and valuing the traits listed in the Psychopathy Checklist such as impulsivity, irresponsibility, lack of remorse. Stout also thinks American values and beliefs are the perfect breeding ground for psychopaths, which are far rarer in Asia. The Epidemiologic Catchment Area study, sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health, reported that in the fifteen years preceding the study, the prevalence of antisocial personality disorder had nearly doubled among the young in America and many experts believe childhood psychopathy is continuing to increase Dr.

Ramsland, Such increases point to nurturing origins of phsychopathy. Then again, any genetic component also hints at evolutionary advantages. And, the popularity of callous Alphas exists in nature. For example, Stanford Neurobiologist Dr. Sapolsky found tit-for-tat bullying in a large group of thriving baboons his spent significant time following. His baboons, though, changed in just a single day from a violent "American" might-is-right culture to one far more peaceful.

Why A Retired NYPD Detective Says He Believes A Group Of Serial Killers Is Targeting College-Aged…

What happened? The troop happened across some tainted meat in a garbage dump and since the Alphas got to eat the most, only they died. Without "leaders," the meek inherited control. Reicher believes identifying with any leader or cause is the surest way to lose one's mind. Brodsky in and Dr. Leymann in independently showed most all stress is the consequence of "mobbings" that overwhelms victims into helpless, defenseless positions that usually persist continuously over a prolonged period of time.

Bullying is but the "hard sale" for a win-lose conclusion based on a position of power a net zero sum called politics every parent has done with the words, "Because I said so. Nicola Bunting also calls people whose personalities are so impoverished and immature they only mouth the thoughts of others as Zombies now, here is the truly underdeveloped personality. She states the popularity of manipulating others is a totally postmodern situation. While anti-mobbing laws spread across Europe in the 's and in Canada in , there are no such laws being considered in the U.

Our country's childish thinking seems just too manipulated by the iron grip of violent psychopathic baboons. While it may be natural and self-confirming to call "them" sick and childish and "us" healthy and adult, it's likely not accurate and only part of the problem. Paul Ekman basis for TV show Lie to Me showed we all lie about three times every ten minutes and constantly work very hard to miss lies. Mental health is often seen like physical health to be the absence of disease, but it is really more about coming to terms with things the way they are and not an either-or condition.

One of the best observations concerning people is a quote by Dr. Albert Ellis the most frequently cited author of psychotherapy works in the last 50 years, ranked the most influential therapist by clinical psychologists, and who brags in "REBT: it works for me" how his ABC program affirmed his life-long habit of sneaking up to women to press his genitals against them as well as his belief that no woman can be tolerated without continual affairs, although his first wife wasn't too happy about it from a New York Times article, "All humans are out of their minds.

They're not only disturbed. They get disturbed about their disturbances. Trolling for sport: troll posts are so easy to spot and ignore. Responding to troll posts just feeds their ego, so learning to ignore trolls here is a good exercise and practice for ignoring them in RL. Ego problems are very common in American. Well, except for our psychopaths. For example, psychopaths can easily make themselves small in order that others might underestimate them.

Kevin Dutton, Studies of academic proficiency show in fact a strong correlation between high self-esteem and low test scores. A study in showed Americans exhibit the very highest self-esteem in the world makes you proud doesn't Two studies in additionally showed a high correlation between self-esteem and criminal behavior and we have one quarter of the world's incarcerated individuals.

One of those studies n also found self-esteem positively linked with drunk driving and racist attitudes - that's not you, is it? Roy Baumeister and Martin Seligman say high self-worth is often a marker for negative behavior as commonly found in sociopaths and drug kingpins. Yet, teachers and parents commonly say a child should never be told when they are wrong or how to behave, which only further promotes psychopathic traits.

Doing so has even become synonymous with child abuse custody courts frequently regard being the homework parent in such a light. Moreover, self-esteem only increases the negative effects of mortality fears. Not only are people with high self-esteem more likely to start smoking after hearing such habits could kill them, those already smoking with high self esteem actually feel better about smoking when the mortality connection is made salient. Like Jessop et al.

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With death in America being mostly caused by self-destructive behaviors, we really should try to be more comfortable with the discomfort of things not making sense not overcome problems, but leverage them instead of only finding empty happiness by ignoring long-term consequences. So, how would you rate your own self-esteem? Would you say you have high self-esteem like most hypocritical and criminal psychopathic Americans commonly suffering from what Maslow called a Mediocrity Personality Disorder or might you think you have poor and broken self-esteem of which you say trolling is a marker?

Finally, based on your obviously great empathy for others, how do you typically help those you've found to be broken? Oh yea duh, you have no empathy for others Perhaps, you should consider a career in counseling, Dr. Golomb wrote in Trapped in the Mirror that she found counseling the 1 preferred job today for American narcissists which is step one in becoming a psychopath.

In case your interested, 2 is K teaching "People still believe in the tradition of dedicated, self-sacrificing school teachers. They don't know how the profession has changed. What was once the poor man's burden has become everyone's. I understand high school bullies most often end up in these four professions specifically in order to have the greatest opportunities for manipulating others. Fortunately there is a happy medium of "healthy self-esteem" between the two extreme and dysfunctional polar opposites: zero self esteem self-hating losers at one end and grandiose self-worshipping narcissists and psychopaths at the other.

You never provide an academic argument such as quoting sources or in any way indicating the "due diligence" for scholarly opinions since a "grandiose self-worshipping narcissist" never needs others to support their statements. You are your own highest authority; you complete you. As the perfect Army of One, however, you are poison to any actual growth or social development.

This diagnosis is verifiable. Robert Hare's 20 question survey is the standard worldwide rubric for psychopathy as he is seen as the top expert. He wrote a paper showing when people were given random series of letters and asked if they spelled a word that normal people find emotional words like cancer or rape faster than neutral words like tree or plate; but not psychopaths so, that's one test you could do.

Astonishingly, his paper was rejected. Hare had measured EEG brain patterns of the subjects and the journal simply didn't believe the ones for the psychopaths could have been accurate as they showed them in a constant state of lethargic emotional sleep a definitive rubric. To suggest monsters who can only fake concern are real doesn't seem "adult. Satir a major contributor to modern psychology only identified "False Levelers" as the hardest to spot and with which to deal without any further investigation or details. Livingston leading workplace psychologist wrote in , expressing great surprise over, how he never studied "Negative Pygmalions" in his career despite knowing full well they were more prevalent and effective than caring individuals.

And so, we never actually build the isolation between people pretending to care and their targeted victims. Thus, a trail of destroyed lives is the most obvious metric. Being tickled may seem physically real for some, but no one can tickle themselves or any animal as it just a trained lie about the social need for submissiveness. I bet you're not ticklish, are you? There are no "bad" or "good" personalities as in the Black and White world in which the psychopath lives. In sales, there is a concept known as "Making the Skeletons Dance. Agree with anyone providing what you know to be your or your product's greatest flaws, even brag about them: "Absolutely!

Yes, we are known for being more expensive and less reliable! Why is that? Because, our product can do the work of three of our competitors and can be repaired with no down time. Barry Maher says in Filling the Glass: The Skeptic's Guide to Positive Thinking in Business "If you can brag about a negative, you've made peace with it; having a skeleton in the closet is a lot more fun when you can make it dance. For example, stiff people who are afraid of their own emotions tend to be very conscientious and excellent teachers; clingy people who are most afraid that people might become angry and never come back are the most steady and great technicians; angry people who fear there is no love for them are good persuaders you seem angry, are you often successful at persuading others?

For this last personality, consider Paul Revere who was too stupid to remember "one if by sea" and too cowardly not to tell everything to the British when picked up later that night. But, the American Revolution couldn't have existed without him as he was also the biggest gossip so critically needed to get the word out. Churchill made frequent references to his manic depression he called it his "black dog" that were sometimes connected with traumatic external events such as his dismissal from the Admiralty, but often not no healthy, moderate medium for him. Bi-polar Churchill saved the world by recognizing and being willing to confront Hitler's monstrosity.

Anthony Storr wrote, "A leader of sober judgment might well have concluded that we were finished. One of Hare's key markers is that of sexual predator. Let me describe four married men to you. The first admitted to Dr. Frank Farley past president of the American Psychological Association to having hundreds of affairs before 40 and then joked how he had tried to cut down.

The second only had affairs with powerful women sharing with his brother , emotionally breaking them to the point one committed suicide. The third guy liked to sleep with weak, poor women and was so flattering he managed to seduce 5 or 6 women into his bed every night Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall is quoted to having personally reviewed the extensive documentation in both the Williams and Abernathy autobiographies.

The final man beat his wife and children and after turning 30 only slept with teenage girls. He doggedly lied about such crude behavior despite confirmation from photos and his closest aid.

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All of these men are widely loved and respected and their wives stayed married to them. So, they are not the problem - we are, as is the basis and process we use to develop our opinions. While being a sexual predator is a characteristic of the sociopathic lack of empathy, we routinely excuse such men and similar "spider" women for their indiscretions and low morals. So, which of the fore-mentioned sexaholics do you think would make the best role model for your children? No "self-hating losers" here. Might you mean that term to apply to people like Van Gogh since he sold only a single painting in his entire life, his most famous Starry Night depicts the view outside of his sanatorium where he lived for a year, and he died from self-inflicted wounds?

People who use terms like "self-hating losers" are in fact wholly unable to face how they see themselves in just such words psychopaths, just like their overly emotional targets of abuse, typically feel they're just not good enough. One just can't actually have any human empathy and use such words. You may know a renewed love of life has something to do with escaping such thoughts, but you likely just can't seem to do so.

Such people tend to die, trapped in some country song, doing but the best they can but never doing well enough to suit anybody, particularly themselves, acting like a human being but not reacting like one with haunting un-suppressible memories and emotional numbing. In this way, bullies will normally rationalize their abuse is needed and an important contribution to society. Troll: "One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument. We are all afraid of truth. You're the one promoting antisocial behaviors as some kind of "advantage", not me.

Read your own screed for enlightenment; I think your life-philosophy vs mine is pretty clear. Yes, our two life-philosophies are VERY different. Mine is based on quite a few scientific sources One, therefore, seems rational, and the other seems And, it is the lack of any real accountability permitting the raising of just crazy like yours to an acceptable life-philosophy that allows psychopaths and budding "grandiose self-worshipping narcissists" to reproduce themselves.

An additional trait Dr. Hare recently identified and added to his well-used survey is the active acquisition of sociological conditioning to be able to develop similar pathologies in others.


Such an effort, however, requires approval at least silence from others. It may be cracks in this master plan caused by some internal guilt that causes the 1 in 30, sociopaths to then become criminal killers. Just as the most effective way to increase people's desire to smoke is to remind them it will kill them, many criminologists say people commit crimes often only out of a perverted need to take great risks. And, with mass killings as potential suicides by law enforcement occurring in America once every two weeks, it is long past time for people to stand and no longer allow life-philosophies such as yours, with your hateful terminology and Black and While worldview.

I believe all that is required of any moral society or individual is to stand up and list what is sick and perverted about people like you. And, I have done this. You claim to do the same but you've done nothing but belittling name calling. Seeing your failure is society's potential for real growth and change. So please, post again. Every time you make it absolutely clear you are wholly incapable of supporting critical thinking - by only continuing to "complete yourself" without any real facts, there's another chance for people to finally get past your kind.

You have no desire to make friends as that would require empathy and guilt and feeling bad when caught acting poorly. And, those are just signs of weakness you would never tolerate. But, it would help for you to say more, as the more you say, the less you say. Finally, it was not ME that suggested advantages to anti-social behaviors. In the same way, it's not me that says the moon is not made of Blue Cheese. Sadly, I expect you can't tell the difference. It may also be my opinion. But, it was in fact numerous peer-reviewed researchers who have repeatedly commented on these realities. Your insistence that when reality and you disagree that it's reality which you associate with me that has it wrong is just another symptom of your twisting thinking.

Psychopaths are perfect armies of one And on top of everything else, the psychopaths believe that having no empathy and no conscience makes them superior. Psychopaths consider having empathy and a conscience a defect and a hindrance. Anonymous, I hear you think you are superior to psychopaths say like President Kennedy, Gandhi, etc. Plus, what you hate most about them is their belief that they are superior.

10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer 10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer
10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer 10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer
10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer 10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer
10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer 10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer
10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer 10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer
10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer 10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer
10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer 10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer
10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer 10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer
10 TIPS for Eluding the Smiley Face Serial Killer

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