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Erwin Rommel, The “Desert Fox”

Johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel was born on Nov.

Serving his country would become the center of his life as he joined the local Infantry Regiment at By the time Hitler came into power, Rommel had already established himself as a formidable war hero. His accomplishments had been incredible. At one point with a squadron of just men and a little creative trickery, he successfully captured 9, Italian soldiers and 81 guns and lost only 6 men in the process.

Early life and career

Hitler was a fan. Before the war began, Hitler put Rommel in charge of training the Hitler Youth and when the invasion of Poland began, he trusted Rommel to guard his headquarters. Rommel helped form the plans to invade France and personally led an army that stampeded all the way to the French coast in just five days. North Africa. June 15, While fighting in North Africa, which is where Rommel spent most of the war, the British referred to him as a gentleman soldier. Wikimedia Commons Erwin Rommel stands beside Adolf Hitler, who waves at a procession of soldiers during a Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Goslar, Germany. There have been allegations that he did far worse. According to the historian Wolfgang Proske , Rommel forbid his men from buying anything from Jewish vendors. The British have been convinced by these stories as well. For what was likely the first time in his military career, Rommel refused. September, But Hitler turned him down. For the first months of planning, Hitler listened to his other generals who wanted to let the Allies land and then launch a counter-attack. The only hope for Germany now, he told Rommel, was to overthrow Hitler and make peace with the Allies.

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10 Facts about Erwin Rommel – The Desert Fox

There was no way the Nazi Party could win at this point. In February , Hitler called on the Desert Fox again. He would let Rommel lead the defense after all and put him in charge of creating the Atlantic Wall Rommel had proposed in the meeting.

By then, though, it was too late. The Allies landed on the beaches of Normandy and Rommel quickly saw that the end was near.

Erwin Rommel: Hitler's Favorite General Who Conspired Against Him

I feel it my duty as Commander in Chief of the Army Group to state this clearly. Rastenburg, East Prussia. His plan was thus to wait until the Allies had retaken France and then arrest Hitler and make peace with the attacking army. He was thrown clear through the windshield when the car crashed into a tree and was left with three fractures in his skull and glass shards in his face.

While Rommel was rushed to the hospital, his co-conspirators received word that the Gestapo — the official secret police of the Nazis — was onto them.

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In at the age of 18 Rommel made his first attempt to join the military. He had originally wanted to be an aeronautical engineer but his father steered him into the army. His early attempts to join the artillery and engineers were rejected before he was finally accepted into the infantry in Orderly, punctual, conscientious and comradely. Mentally well endowed, a strict sense of duty…a useful soldier. Rommel was commissioned in , just in time for the beginning of World War One.

He served with distinction across several theatres seeing action in Romania, Italy and on the Western Front. He was wounded three times — in the thigh, left arm and shoulder.

His Early Military Endeavors

Rommel proudly wore his Blue Max for the rest of his life and it can be seen around his neck with his Iron Cross. Finally in early Hitler promoted Rommel and gave him command of one of the new panzer divisions. At Arras the retreating Allies counterattacked catching the German Blitzkrieg by surprise, when British tanks attacked his position Rommel was in the thick of the action directing his divisions artillery onto the enemy tanks only halting them at close range.

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