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In the states you can get beer at a but you have to be something like Why's that guy talking so slow? Oh, he's from the states. It means the gubment. The world is gay Mostly older victorian house with several hoods strewn along the west. High concentration of African American and Latino. Where you was at?

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The States.. Fa sho.

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One of many Saturday Night Live copycat skit comedy shows that were popping up as frquently in the mid 90's as those terrible "reality" shows are today in The final seat will be battled over by the Coalition and a host of minor parties, of which the Hinch party will be the most prominent. Indeed, Derryn Hinch himself is up for re-election and this may well be reason enough for the Hinch Justice Party to prevail.

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Most political analysts argue that the forthcoming federal election will be won or lost in Queensland. While there may be more marginal seats in contention in that state, there are a number of ongoing issues which play out both nationally and in NSW which might influence the election result. The first is the tension between conservative and moderate Liberals. The contest also highlights election funding.

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  4. A second issue relates to the poor performance of the Nationals in the recent NSW elections, when many traditional National voters switched their votes to independents or to the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party. Independent Rob Oakeshott is trying for a second time to win, although he will need a swing of more than 4. There are few marginal seats in NSW that might be exposed by a swing away from the government, but in Gilmore, retiring Liberal Ann Sudmalis won in by just 1, votes. Queensland is a Liberal National stronghold. At the last federal election, the Coalition picked up 21 of 30 Queensland seats.

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    With Labor hanging onto Herbert by a mere 37 votes , the candidate with local interests will be key. While the two locals battle it out, the minor parties will be the ones to watch. This year the spoils will need to be split. National and local support from Stop Adani and GetUp!

    Over the past 18 years, the Coalition under Dutton has seen their majority dwindle with a margin of just 1.

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    With a 5. Whatever happens on polling day, Queenslanders will probably stay with form, and vote with the Coalition. Whether the Coalition will secure more than 21 seats will depend on its local focus on jobs, the environment and who can close the divide between the metropolitan south and the rest of Queensland.

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    West Australian folk are as sick of it as everyone else. The point about the ongoing resentment toward the GST split is that it was, and is, a manifestation of the perennial complaint of West Australians: that, apart from the income generated from resources, no one in Canberra cares about Western Australia. And Canberra has really cared lately. The States We Serve. About us Videos Contact us Job seekers. For Members For Providers. The States We Serve As one of the nation's leading health plans, Amerigroup serves millions of members in state-sponsored programs across the nation.

    The States The States
    The States The States
    The States The States
    The States The States
    The States The States
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