The Legend of Gunners Cove

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He packed in his war kitbag a flag he had used in to commemorate the centenary of European settlement in Victoria. It nearly cost him his life. The Anzac pre-Christmas evacuation, was one of the most remarkable episodes in the Gallipoli campaign when troops were successfully evacuated under the nose of the enemy without any loss of life.

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The General was visiting Brisbane and was so impressed with the flag and its story that he signed his name on its top right corner. His words and illustrations guide us expertly around the Cathedral. They speak of the devotion to duty, selfless service and often selfless sacrifice that each one represents, without ever glorifying war itself.

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Legend: Cagey Sea Bear. Legend: Ghostly Lights. Legend: Charybdis. Legend: Scylla and Charybdis. Legend: Merrow. Legend: Black Beard. Legend: Mystery Island I.


Legend: Mystery Island II. Legend: Unicorn-Serpent. Legend: Kenaru. Legend: Davy Jones Locker.

Crew: Old Rick. Crew: Merry Jack. Crew: Petros faithful friends. Crew: Gerard faithful friends. Crew: Ludvic faithful friends. Crew: heartbroken traveller. Crew: Richie the former farmer. Crew: Faber.

Getting to L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site

Crew: an unnamed gunner. Crew: Damian.

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  • Crew: Richard message in a bottle. Crew: Blade fugitive. Crew: Mute Prince. Crew: Adderley brothers ghostly captives. Crew: Princess Rong a. Jade Princess. Most legends quests are, at least to start them, tied to a specific map. You'll need to be there for the quest to start. Besides that the quests can start pretty randomly after certain criteria are met - suddenly you'll just receive a message while you wouldn't expect anything Calm Waters - is the central part, where you started the game Eastern Waters - if the word "East" doesn't tell you anything - that's on the right side Ghostly Seas - is the area to the north up , the main area of interest of the Seeker faction, and a lot of area with Returners - the hostile-to-everyone ships of the undead.

    Starting: complete the quest Faithful Friends to find your old crewmembers in Calm Waters , finding the last one - Ludwic, starts the legend quest The quest starts with looking for info in various ports, after a message that nobody knows anything you'l need to do some random fights - my quest in particular continued after destroying a fort for a pirate quest - a message popped up that I've found plate within the loot some more port visits will finally bring you to Silver Island, after which you'll have to "speak with seekers using cannons" - according to the devs you need to win 4 fights with them.

    If that doesn't progress try restarting the game app You'' know it's the last tough ut might be the 5th fight when there appears a different set of ships than the previous ones. After that you'll need to win one more fight within the green circle that appears in the north and finally the tentacle icon will appear on the map.

    And there your main dish - a kraken. Kill it to finish this part of the legend.

    Three-Barrel Cove (Heroic)

    Starting: a tentacle icon will appear close to where you enter Eastern Waters after completing Kraken Stew I first obviously , kill the kraken there to start this part of the legend then visit some marked towns wait some time, maybe exit Eastern Waters then come back and search the green circle near the compass drawn on the map help fight the kraken at the marked spot visit the marked towns go to drunken cat island kill the kraken at the marked spot south of drunken cat island kill another kraken at the marked spot at the drawn compass kill the third kraken at another marked spot win a quest fight with black flame ships at the circle around drunken cat island find he marked spot in the green circle south of druken cat island and beat the ships there, then sail over to the glowing blue spot by a gate - the gate will open, revealin another kraken kill the kraken - that ends this part.

    Starting: after finishing Kraken Stew II visit the merchant town on exodus isle in the Ghostly Seas next to where you enter the map visit the other marked towns wait a few ingame days revisit both marked towns go to the marked spot north of lest island and kill the kraken queen go to the marked spot on the northern edge of midland island wait a few ingame days go back to the marked spot visit three brothers island buy kraken ink from left island go back to marked spot wait a few days nearby go back to marked spot get 5 nazlezmian stones can be bought from some of the returners towns go back to marked spot wait about 6 ingame days go back to marked spot sink 5 returners ships just go into random "invasion" fight or other fights with returners back to the marked spot wait..

    Go back to Calm Waters and visit Mothers Island south village the merchant village south of Mothers Island in Calm Water first visit some marked towns when it says to prepare for the return of the kraken - just spend some time out of Calm Waters return to Calm Waters, visit some marked towns visit the village on the left side of Bay of Silence find the ship icon in the green circle between black skull and jeanette islands beat the brig at the ship icon go to the marked spot in the top-left corner of Calm Waters visit some ports around foggy harbor go to black skull and pay piastres visit the village on the left side of Bay of Silence again find the brig north of black skull again..

    Starting: in the Calm Waters, probably after unlocking a certain ammount of crewmembers After some mysterious messages you'll need to visit silver island with piastres, then search some ports to "buy" a quest item, costing another after that visit a spot on the map.. Starting - enter Eastern Waters after finishing It's All About The Ropes I - a message will appear about a missing fork the next message appeared to me after a longer time sailing around and doing other quests and legends - in Calm Waters another message appeared after some time in Ghostly Seas now go back to Eastern Waters, visit merchant towns, then go to last island on the right end of map and spend piastres on the quest "item" go to marked spot go to another marked spot and defeat the ships there go to 3rd marked spot and defeat another ship go back to the first spot go to another spot and this time BOARD the battleship go back to the first spot again you'll need to wait a longer while before this part really ends - be careful where you click and leave some cargo space, because the message will just appear at a random moment and give you 10 silverware and 1 ironwood rosin - NOW this part is finished, but there's one more :.

    You'll get a message about a crying mermaid leaving a tricorn hat on your desk - that's the end of this legend. Starting: you need to have Kraken Stew III at least started possibly some other legends too, like black beard?

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    Starting - Eastern Waters, after finishing Ghostly Lights i got the message starting this legend right after entering the zone sail around until you encounter the flying dutchman II , again you dont need to win against it - just start the fight and escape visit some marked towns go to the smaller town on the right side of drifting island go to the marked spot at black lagoon go to the marked spot north of the map entrance collect 7 returners marks..

    Go back to Calm Waters and visit Mothers Island south village the merchant village south of Mothers Island in Calm Water visit some towns search green circle north of quiet harbor find nothing visit more towns go out of Calm Waters and wait some time go back to Calm Waters and visit more towns check three marked locations wait until the? Just sail around and a message will pop up after some sailing around there will be another message wait a little more - there will be a third message about returners ships go to Calm Waters and win some "ghostly lights" fights against returners ships About 3 should do before you get another messag wait for another message you might have to get back to Eastern Waters for it about 2 days later you should get a message about ships again fight returners in Calm Waters 2 wins this time wait..

    Starting - some random time after finishing Scylla, in Eastern Waters go to marked spot in the middle of the map go to atlantus isle and spend piastres on the quest "item" wait a while go to marked spot and defeat the ship there go back to first spot more waiting - your log is right, it' not the end go to the green circle in the middle of Eastern Waters sail in front of the temple entrance - this ends this part of the legend, more in Scylla and Charybdis. Starting - some random time after finishing Charybdis, in Eastern Waters be careful how you click, the legend begins with a few messages at random times, after the 4th message it will point you to the marked spot at the temple you ended Charybdis at go to the marked spot sail around and wait for the next message..

    Starting - after completing Mermaids and Kraken Stew I - just sail around Eastern Waters, preferably close to Black Lagoon The first thing to do will be entering the port at black lagoon, then sailing away from it Now be careful with your clicks so you dont dismiss a message.. Enter and exit such an encounter to start the quest - you don't have to fight the ship, fleeing is ok too. NOTE: this is a very long, annoying quest and the kill count tends to get stuck. Many times it will seem like it's stuck. If you're not sure - exit and restart the game app, it often helps. After that you need to board the ships.

    I'm not sure how many - I've boarded 8, the counter got stuck I restarted the game app and got a message after the next fight with 2 ships boarded now visit some ports - nothing to bug here..

    Peter Lewis – Peter Lewis Gallery

    Starting: Ghostly Seas, after finishing Kraken Stew III and probably Davy Jones Locker as well the wait for this quest can be long - for me, between months passed since I finished KS3 and DJL until i got the message about Mystery Island once you get it, wait about a week then visit the new vilage that appears on the map - for me it appeared a little below the tip of cappelones cliff, but it will probably pop up in random places nearby to where you get the last message sail and wait for a while visit the mystery island again - this time it's in another place!

    Starting: in Ghostly Seas, after finishing Mystery Island I About ingame months after sail around untl you find where the island is now and visit its port fight the quest fights with returners and win about 4 or 5 gather 10 ghostly essence go to the marked spot in the lower-left corner of the map gather 30 ghostly essence or rather - win 3 encounters with returners by boarding at least one of their ships in each one wait about 2 ingame days go back to the mystery island fgo through all 4 or 5 marked spots and beat the returners ships at each one once you arrive about halfway between Three Brothers and Frozen isles the island will reach it's destination - and the legend ends here the island town now should be parked permanently at the spot, and a giant turtle wil be visible beneath it.

    Starting: Ghostly Seas, must have Kraken Stew II at least started just sail around the Ghostly seas until a message pops up about the serpent then go visit the dominion town on the left edge of the map search the green circle nearby - find nothing wait over a week ingame time search the green circle again - find nothing again wait another week search circle visit nearby town wait nother week search circle wait? Davy will have a reward for you in the next legend.. Just do other things and eventually a message will appear starting the quest then wait again..

    You'll need to sail to the edge of the map and then sail further manually. Prepare well - if you get far enough off the map a leviathan will try to jump at and eat your ship!

    The Legend of Gunners Cove The Legend of Gunners Cove
    The Legend of Gunners Cove The Legend of Gunners Cove
    The Legend of Gunners Cove The Legend of Gunners Cove
    The Legend of Gunners Cove The Legend of Gunners Cove
    The Legend of Gunners Cove The Legend of Gunners Cove
    The Legend of Gunners Cove The Legend of Gunners Cove

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