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This Week In History News, June 23 – 29


In that role, he was perfect, providing profound lessons that will last through many careers, and likely, many lifetimes. The fruits of genocide lie in glass cases in Western museums. Our institutions owe reparations for organized theft. An interview with Jonna Mendez.


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Any future US president would do well to heed the likes of Rachel Carson and her successors and invest in clean energy policies, protect the environment, and promote biodiversity. The conference brought together academic and independent historians and political scientists from universities all-round the US and England to discuss the history of ideology and US foreign policy from many different points of view. What was the global significane of the Civil War? A historian of nineteenth-century American culture, I study the significance ordinary women and men gave to furniture, art, and decoration.

Today would have been her 90th Birthday.

Over the past 40 years, the average cost of attending a four-year college increased by over percent for both public and private institutions. The film screening gave viewers a chance to ask questions and tell their stories.

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She had a goal when she first started out in history: to use teaching, scholarship, and research to help offset spurious ideas that foster cruelty to Middle Easterners in the United States and prolong destructive foreign policy abroad. News at Home. Roundup Top 10! Racism, Reparations, and the Growing Political Divide Steve Hochstadt The clean partisan split over whether to consider reparations to African Americans demonstrates how Republicans and Democrats are moving away from each other. The impact of the Transcontinental Railroad on Native Americans. The Transcontinental Railroad was celebrated by some as a symbol of modernity.

However, the railroad also threatened Native nations. Discover their stories. Reading the rainbow: The origins of the pride symbol.

The Hidden History of Humanity

Shop SmithsonianStore. Facility Rental. Support the Museum Your donation will make history. Strategic Plan. Learn more about the Museum's mission and priorities.

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Search Google Appliance Enter the terms you wish to search for. Smithsonian Website. March 5, Archived from the original on April 7, Retrieved March 11, Retrieved August 4, History News Network.

The History Channel has made a start in the right direction as it has totally disavowed the program and publicly promised it never will be shown again. DVD Talk. If you're trying to throw your kids a little education, but in a fast-paced and colorful presentation, these "Modern Marvels" series come pretty highly recommended. Then again, I'm a mids guy and I'm learning tons of new stuff from these programs.

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A brief history of Chuck Grassley's history with the History Channel. New York magazine. Retrieved April 2, Retrieved July 12, Retrieved March 21, Retrieved July 17, July 28, Retrieved September 22, December 11, Retrieved January 21, Huffington Post. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Comedy Central. Retrieved March 24, Retrieved March 13, Archived from the original on December 23, Retrieved August 14, Retrieved July 11, Archived from the original on December 9, Retrieved December 9, Retrieved January 12, Skeptical Inquirer.

Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Retrieved February 5, LIS News. I always wondered why the History Channel commercials said not available in Canada. Corus Entertainment. March 9, Retrieved March 9, Retrieved March 31, Broadband TV News. December 20,

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