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He planned to propose to her at sunset atop a massive granite hill in Texas that he loved to hike as a boy. Margaux Mange and Moyer were both drivers in their military police unit in Iraq, operating Humvees on dangerous missions even though women were not supposed to serve in combat at the time.

They were both dating soldiers and would help each other sneak them into the barracks. Often they had to stay so quiet during these visits that speaking or moving was out of the question. Around the base, they exchanged love notes. The widow guided her electric-blue Jeep north past the Pentagon, the palm-tree trinket on her key ring swaying with every jolt and jostle. Heels sink in the cemetery grass. Robert J. First Lt. Daniel Weiss was one of the fastest and strongest soldiers in his infantry platoon, the best shot and arguably the funniest.

He was probably also the smartest, said his platoon leader Eric Nelson, a Yale graduate who began receiving book recommendations from Weiss when he was a private. Danny was everything.

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He was, in many ways, the model soldier, which is why so many are still stunned by how he died. On a Sunday evening in March , not long before his fourth combat deployment, he lay down alone on the floor of his apartment and fired a bullet through his head, catching the slug in a piece of body armor most likely placed under his pillow so no one else would be hurt.

Every year since , when Sgt. Jack Bryant Jr. The steadily growing, close-knit clan has driven the half-hour up I from Dumfries, Va.

She was forced to watch her own grave being dug... by the very people she trusted

As nieces and nephews — most of them named after him in some form or another, like Jayda, 12, and Jayla, 11 — have come into the world, they have joined the convoy to Arlington on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. When Sgt. Thalia Ramirez entered the cardio room at the fitness center in Fort Stewart, Ga. Petite, fit and focused, Ramirez exuded intensity, and Belbeck felt a gravitational pull.

But when she was done, she walked up to Belbeck, handed him a piece of paper, said something to him and left. Ramirez later told Belbeck she was terrified. According to family, friends and colleagues, Ramirez was normally fearless. In school, she commanded the stage as an actor. She once jumped off a foot cliff during a white-water rafting trip in Kenya. She deployed to Iraq in , the year the United States lost nearly troops there.

Later, she logged 1, hours of combat time as an OHD Kiowa helicopter pilot. But love? In , Mr. Antippas spent a year in jail after pleading guilty to stealing five rare maps from Yale University. Since then his pursuits have included the sale of Haitian and untrained or ''outsider'' artists -- including the work of serial killers. He acknowledged being ''guilty of being stupid'' for not having known the origin of two wire cemetery benches found in his home. Police were shocked to find a self-portrait by the executed serial killer John Wayne Gacy hanging there, too.

Antippas said. Last December, Mr. Patout, whose shop and home have been featured in House Beautiful and Vogue magazines, publicly proclaimed his innocence at the tomb of his ancestors at St. One of Mr. Patout's arrests came after the police got a call from a citizen who recognized Ms. Prima's angel as one he had bought at Mr.

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Patout's shop. Patout said recently, sitting in a mahogany lyre-backed chair.

Create a Custom Cemetery Marker - Templates for Pets, Veterans - Free Shipping

Thieving for profit is hardly unique to New Orleans. John W. Keefe, the decorative arts curator at the New Orleans Museum of Art, said, ''Cemeteries are a treasure-trove for those larcenous of mind. At the Forest Hills cemetery in Roxbury, Mass. Cummings and Eugene O'Neill are buried, the theft of a bronze bas-relief inspired cemeterians, as cemetery owners call themselves, to organize an art-theft committee for New England, a part of the country where owners have avoided reporting theft for fear of copycat crimes and the perception of negligence.

New Orleans has three cemetery preservation groups. In the rural South, a booming collectors' market for folk pottery has made remote African-American burial grounds particularly vulnerable. Decorative pottery, used as grave markers, now fetches thousands of dollars. John Burrison, a curator at the Atlanta History Center, said, ''I'm cautious about giving specific locations when I lecture on cemetery traditions, because I know a few people in the audience will capitalize on the information.

In New Orleans, the City Council recently set up a task force on cemetery theft. But that may not stop the national urge to transform one's backyard into Hadrian's Villa.

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  4. Fox, has seen cemetery art at the 26th Street Flea Market in Manhattan. Its presence in Los Angeles doesn't surprise him, either. But in New Orleans, the Gothic is real. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. Invalid email address. How my memorials were indexed in a cemetery location is beyond me. I am no longer uploading photos or creating memorials. When it was findagrave I felt useful.

    And I get to pay for my subscription to ancestry! Can you beat that? Before you know it I get a green leaf with my very own documented fact as a hint courtesy of ancestry. Do I get credit for it? There is a difference between plagiarism and sharing. I have the same experience with some of the tombstones I took pictures of. But ancestry does that on many levels. That is why I keep my trees private. The moment I share some information and it turns up on a public tree, someone comes along and turns my well researched data into junkology.

    'Vampire burial' reveals efforts to prevent child's return from grave

    Toni, you are so right, we do all the work for FAG and now Ancestry sells our photos and documentation to the junkologists. Just ask us to share. I guess our Check is in the mail. Yet they asked you not to post more than one. Also be aware that there is members that post obituaries within a day or two after the death which takes the right from you to go on and do your own memorial for your family member. You will need to go to that person that has made that memorial and ask for an edit to add your information or to have it transferred to you.

    I do quite a bit of research of the people buried in my local cemeteries. Information that decedents of the people in the cemeteries tell me was very useful to them. I saw my name credited with putting a memorial and a headstone on ancestry that I had nothing to do with! I had looked at that headstone and put it in my shoebox as it was the adoptive mother of my great grandmother and I want to research her more. First of all, my ancestry account settings are all set to private for a reason. I was in a hurry to get to an appointment when I saw it but I quickly looked for a place to contact in order to get them to take my name off.

    How do I get them to take my name off of it? Why did they publish it to look like I put it out when I have my account set to private in every way possible?

    By a New-Made Grave By a New-Made Grave
    By a New-Made Grave By a New-Made Grave
    By a New-Made Grave By a New-Made Grave
    By a New-Made Grave By a New-Made Grave
    By a New-Made Grave By a New-Made Grave
    By a New-Made Grave By a New-Made Grave
    By a New-Made Grave By a New-Made Grave

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