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White Study Guide Index. Prepared under the auspices of the Ellen G. White Estate, Inc. In addition to the complete edition, there is now an abridged edition of Counsels on Stewardship in use in many areas of the world. Section and chapter titles are identical. Following each question is a page and paragraph reference for finding the answer in both editions, making it possible for this study guide to be used with either edition.

CS refers to Counsels on Stewardship , the complete edition, page 13, paragraph 4. CSA refers to Counsels on Stewardship , the abridged edition, page 11, paragraph 4. Any portion of a paragraph that begins a page is considered as the first paragraph on that page. Each lesson includes several chapters of the book. Read only one chapter at a time. Then answer the questions for that chapter. The reference following each question refers you to the page and paragraph where the answer will be found. Fill in the blanks, circle true or false, yes or no, or write your answer in the space between the questions.

Have each person read Counsels on Stewardship and answer the questions in the study guide at home, then bring the books to class. Review the lesson and check the answers for the lesson studied. Show the slide presentation. Available from the Department of Stewardship and Development. Assign the next lesson, then survey it to stimulate interest.

Individuals, families, church services, prayer meetings, and college and academy classes could profitably use the study guide. Adventist membership in is near 11 million. From about scattered believers to more than 20, local churches with more than 3 million Seventh-day Adventists around the world. How did it happen? What made it possible? From our first church school in Buck's Bridge, New York, to more than colleges, universities, and secondary schools, 3, elementary schools, and 20, teachers serving nearly half a million students.

What energized such growth? From our first Sabbath schools in Buck's Bridge and Rochester, New York, to more than 37, Sabbath schools with nearly 4 million Sabbath school members. What is responsible for such growth? What has been the secret of the Seventh-day Adventist movement? The presence and blessings of God? Courageous, ordinary, Holy Spirit-filled people, sharing the gospel with boldness, giving time, talents, money--even themselves--because they loved the Lord. As you study these lessons and read the experiences of the pioneers, try to recapture this spirit.

The spirit of the pioneers is not dead. It is alive and well. Perhaps you will rediscover it within yourself. Heaven's "law of benevolence" is the least understood and therefore the least observed law of God. It involves your receiving gifts of life from God and your sharing His gifts of life with Him and others. It involves every area of your life, every aspect of your character development.

This opening lesson should help you realize that stewardship involves your management and use of whatever "life" God shares with you each day. The information in Section I of Counsels on Stewardship has the potential to change your life and enrich your personal spiritual relationship with Jesus. The pioneers of all generations have profited from the principles revealed anew in this lesson. Why would the Creator of the universe invite you to be a co-worker co-worker with Him? Amazing principles of life are awaiting your discovery in this chapter.

Always read each chapter before answering the questions. In the plan of salvation, God illustrates a basic law of life. Who is blessed most, the giver or receiver? CS or CSA Circle True or False. CS , 3 or CSA , 3. The Father's gift of Christ demonstrates that nothing would be withheld if it were needed for our salvation. True False. The spirit of liberality is the spirit of heaven. Christ gave all He had, then gave Himself. What is the principle of worldlings? What is the principle of heaven? What "should not be a lamented fact"?

List two special dangers or snares to God's people. What is one of God's ways of exalting man? Why does God entrust us with means to finance His cause instead of raining silver from heaven? What are two significant descriptions of God? What will love do to "Christ's believing people"? God gives continually. What if He stopped giving? What if God gave you "life" on the same scale as you give to Him? God is a bountiful benefactor. How will we respond if we love Him?

When may we impatiently exclaim, "Is there no end of giving? In what way does God permit us to show our appreciation of His mercies? Why does God want you to become a giver? What happens within you if you don't? How is "the spirit of beneficence in the giver's heart" strengthened? With whom is our great conflict? God places us on trial in this world. Selfishness and character development are unrelated. The use of temporal possessions has nothing to do with eternal life or riches.

List six specific gifts from God, for the use of which we must render an account to Him. How can wealth become a golden bond of gratitude and affection between us and our fellow men and a strong tie to bind our affections to our Redeemer? Suffering and calamity can awaken within us which three attributes of God's character? The Conflicting Principles of Christ and Satan. Conflicting principles determined the divergent life styles of Christ and Satan. Which principles dominate your daily "use of life" and determine your lifestyle? Fill in the blanks. The strongest human impulse?

CS , 4 or CSA , 2. It is both wise and safe to give or withhold money or service based on our emotions, sympathies, and interests. Fixed principles should be the basis for self-denial and self-sacrifice. The keynote of Christ's teachings is self-sacrifice. Christ asks us "to give our lives as a sacrifice for others. Selfishness can be overcome only by manifesting love to God and to our fellow men. Compare the amount of giving in a life where Christ abides and in one where He doesn't.

Nothing saps spirituality from the soul more quickly than to enclose it in selfishness and self-caring. Will Christian principles always be made visible by the followers of Christ? Did you realize you are a preacher? What kind of sermons are you preaching? What can you learn about yourself from analyzing them? A living example of an unselfish character has but little power upon men. The most difficult sermon to preach and the hardest to practice is self-denial. The altar of self-sacrifice is the appointed place of meeting between God and the soul.

But if it dies, it produces many others and yields a rich harvest" John , The Amplified Bible. Consider the lifestyle of the earlier pioneers. Jesus came to this earth to accomplish the greatest work ever accomplished among men. What were the conditions chosen by the infinite Father for His son?

A secluded home in the Galilean hills; a household sustained by honest, self-respecting labor; a life of simplicity; daily conflict with difficulty and hardship; self-sacrifice, economy, and patient, gladsome service. Study the lives of men of later times who have most worthily filled positions of trust and responsibility, the men whose influence has been most effective for the world's uplifting.

They knew little of luxury. They did not spend their youth in amusement. Many were forced to struggle with poverty and hardship. They early learned to work, and their active life in the open air gave vigor and elasticity to all their faculties. Forced to depend upon their own resources, they learned to combat difficulties and to surmount obstacles, and they gained courage and perseverance. They learned the lessons of self-reliance and self-control. Sheltered in a great degree from evil associations, they were satisfied with natural pleasures and wholesome companionships.

They were simple in their tastes and temperate in their habits. They were governed by principle, and they grew up pure and strong and true. When called to their lifework, they brought to it physical and mental power, buoyancy of spirit, ability to plan and execute, and steadfastness in resisting evil, that made them a positive power for good in the world. Copyright by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission. Lucifer is currently using materialism an inordinate love and grasping for "things" more cunningly, universally, and devastatingly to individual spirituality than in any other era.

His success is obvious in two predominant areas: individual selfishness and the absence of adequate gifts of time, abilities, and money even to begin to attain present potential for sharing the gospel. Section II of Counsels on Stewardship contains some very pointed statements that may "shake you up" and cause you to evaluate seriously the quality of your relationship with Christ. How strong is your attachment to His cause, which has brought to you the knowledge of His love as revealed by His gift of Himself?

Thoughtfully measure your love for God and His cause by evaluating your willingness to support it with your consecration, money, effort, sacrifice, et cetera; to do so with cheerfulness and joy; to consider it an "opportunity. Name the only two storehouses in the universe where we can place our treasures. God entrusts us with goods to be carefully traded upon. What is the"revenue" received? Wherever there is life in a church, there is increase and growth.

Giving has very little to do with our capacity to receive more from God. He who receives, but never gives, soon ceases to receive. It is not returning to the Lord His own that makes men poor. What neglected obligations, if met, would open the way for the world to hear the message? If we have the love of God in our hearts, and a spirit of self-sacrifice, what would be four results?

CS or CSA ; We cannot make God richer by our gifts, but what does His cause need? Some say, "God's work is not dependent on our gifts. Evaluate anew the wholeheartedness of your attachment to God and His church. Put in your own words the contrast between And those strongly attached to the world. CS , 3; or CSA , 3; Instead of waiting for more appeals, what question should we ask ourselves? List three specific purposes for which God has entrusted you with money.

Do you squarely and personally face obvious financial needs in God's cause and see them as part of His plan to share the gospel? God Himself originates the plans for advancement of His work. God Himself has provided His people with a surplus of means, so we may cheerfully respond to calls for help. If "His people" faithfully bring to His treasury the means lent them,. Many souls will be won to the truth. Christ's coming will be hastened. Consecration is like a voice speaking from the "heart.

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If only half our members return tithe and give offerings, what conditions will exist in our churches? What insults and brings reproach upon God? When we give, God promises to refill our hands. Name the two conditions we must fulfill. Only those who have a gigantic love for God could respond with the earnestness called for in this chapter.

CS or CSA should now be read. Why is there so much "dwarfed religion"? You are about to look upon your possessions from a new perspective. You received the gospel because of the gifts and sacrifice of others, but have no responsibility to make gifts and sacrifices so others may hear the gospel. We can safely wait until the beginning of the time of trouble. If we wait too long to inquire whether or not it is our duty to sell property, He will let us keep it. If we earnestly inquire of God, He will teach us when to sell and how much to sell. Born in and only 15 years of age when he left his home in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, Joseph Bates early displayed the spirit of a pioneer.

Twenty-one years he spent at sea; he experienced shipwreck, capture, forced service in the British Navy, and two and a half years as a prisoner of war. Because of the influence of his wife, Prudence, whom he married in , he dedicated his life to God while still at sea. She served faithfully with him for more than fifty years until her death in August of In , at the age of 36, he retired from the sea, having accumulated a modest fortune. For the next forty-four years he was a true pioneer on many fronts. He organized the Fairhaven Temperance Society, a local antislavery society, and was active in many causes relating to healthful living.

It was in that he accepted the Second Advent and began preaching. In he sold his home and most of his other real estate in order to finance himself in preaching. An incident on Kent Island, in the Maryland waters of the Chesapeake Bay, illustrates the spirit of this pioneer. Some who opposed his message threatened to ride the year-old Bates out of town on a rail.

He instantly replied, "If you will put a saddle on it, we would rather ride than walk. But if He has any more work for us to do, you can't touch us! Up until the final month of his eightieth and final year, he was traveling and teaching in the churches. Such was the spirit of Joseph Bates, one of the oldest and most active of the pioneers. When God created the world and all that was in it, He made provision to sustain liberally what He had brought forth. He provided an abundance to meet necessities, plus a little extra.

God organized the church to aid in the spiritual renewal of those seeking to develop His character and to share the gospel. He made provision to finance its activities amply. If His plan of finance were followed by those who accept His name and blessings, there would be an abundance of resources to finance His cause. Returning the tithe and giving offerings is still His basic plan of finance. This lesson could help you gain new spiritual insights not only of tithe and offerings but of God's continued liberality in spite of man's persistent self-indulgence. God provides "life" but "claims" a portion of it in order to test our love and loyalty.

God established the principle of His ownership of all:. What serves as a test of God's ownership of all we possess? Who devised the plan of systematic giving? Name two parts of man's life God has reserved for Himself. Tithing was practiced before the Jews were a nation. The nine-tenths is "worth more" to God's people than the ten-tenths. The tithing system is "doubly essential now" as under the Jewish economy. The tithing system is not new. We have merely rediscovered the plan God has used through the millenniums to test man's loyalty and finance His cause.

The tithing system started with Abraham and Melchizedek. The tithing system reaches back to the days of Adam. The apostle Paul had little to say about tithe and offerings. Because of high taxes today, God requires less from us. God "demands" the tithe as a token of our loyalty to Him. Anywhere on earth, God's tithing system can be understood. It is fair to all. Its blessings are available to everyone. God has made a contract, a covenant, to bless us. What does He "require" of us in return?

As salvation through Christ alone is more fully brought to light, what will be more fully carried out and more extended? Honesty would make it possible for God's blessings to be more fully received. If God has blessed you with means, how are you to regard it? Instead of diverting tithe and offerings to pay personal expenses, what three steps should be taken? This brief but extremely significant chapter and question contains a secret for your happy financial partnership with God.

Number these statements with their correct priority. CS 80, 81 or CSA Malachi's message and Ellen White's comments may disturb you. State the consequences of withholding what God requests. Even though the Lord invites us to be partners in His work, what may we "choose" to do? Name the greatest crime of which man can be guilty. Many will not be blessed until what takes place? Describe how both rich and poor are responsible.

Do you feel God has not blessed you according to His ability? Could it be because you have not given according to your ability? CS or CSA 63, 64 offers factual answers. Why do some who claim to be Christians meet with loss instead of gain? Consider the relationship between requirements and promises. Have you ever "stolen" from God but still expected His continual blessings? Will some always be in debt? Have you ever stopped giving because you didn't like the way "things" were being done? CS ; or CSA A decided improvement in the quality of spirituality may strongly improve the finances of your family and church.

How does God look upon "back tithe"? Many members ask what they should do about withheld tithe. God is rather particular about how His tithe is used. CS or CSA gives pertinent information. A minister has no more authority than any other church member to retain or apply the tithe according to his own judgment. Since the church is God's house, tithe may be used to pay for church construction and expenses. The church school is where Bible is taught; therefore, a portion of the tithe may be used for church school building construction and expenses. Those who meddle with the tithe, diverting it from God's intended purpose, may lose eternal life.

This chapter contains some of the most forthright statements in the book. Contemplate the seriousness with which God views tithe and offerings. Who has responsibility for tithe-and-offering education in the churches? CS , 4; or CSA , 4; If pastors fail to set before the church the importance of returning God's tithe, they should be relieved of their responsibilities. Are the blessings of the rich within reach of the poor?

The motive with which we work, not the amount, determines the value of service or gifts. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver" 2 Cor. When should a child be taught to cultivate his God-given faculties? If children are not taught to be industrious, what will Satan make of their minds? At what age is a child to learn he is to share life's burdens? As we go about our work, what attitude will link us with angels?

What is one of the greatest sins parents commit against their children? What two things are not fruits of the Christian tree? What is a great curse to the human family? Persons who are slow may overcome what habits? What is the best discipline a child can have? What habits will prove an untold blessing in later life?

What constitutes the actual discipline of life?

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What are we to learn and teach to our children? What is an essential part of education? How many members of the family should practice self-denial? How early in life are children to be taught self-denial? How are children to be taught to react toward trials and disappointments? What three habits are better for both parents and children than a rich dowry? Who are to be taught to support God's work now? Complete: "Do not. What should never be thrown away? How are children to be taught the right use of money?

Why should children be taught to work at home early in life? Illustrate: Make your children a part of the family firm. How can work be made a pleasure to our children and to us? Discuss the "untold value in industry" in child training. Why is ignorance in knowing how to work not acceptable to God? How can we "barricade our children" with principle in work habits? What effect does work have on nerves, body organs, and muscles? How can we best organize a day's work program in the home? What is wrong with being slow, dilatory, or lackadaisical? Discuss work as a form of discipline.

What relationship? Why is there nobility in work? What has work to do with character building? Can we overwork children in the home? Can work discourage a child? Why should children be trained to work thoroughly and with dispatch? What is wrong with the statement "I don't want my child to have the hard life I have had--to work like I have had to work"? How can we train children that they are not the center of the home life? Discuss: Teaching children to be unselfish. Why should the child be taught to tithe and save for mission giving?

Is our indulgence of our children a sign of our love for them? How shall we teach our children to economize? By example? By stinginess? What about teaching children to keep personal accounting records? Why not blame children and scold them when in their work they break things or have accidents?

Should they pay for damage done? Do I give each child something to do each day? Have I sinned by giving my children nothing to do? Do I keep the fourth commandment, including the ninth verse? Do I waste things because I have money and can buy more? Do I and my children keep account of what we spend? Name one thing in this lesson that has helped me to be a better husband, wife, son, daughter.

From what type of excitement should children be free? Lest we encourage vanity, what should we not praise in children?

How do flattery and indulgence affect a child? What three things do children need? Name two things we should teach our children. What must not live in the heart or find room in the home? List six things we are to teach our children to be. In what are adults to set the example? Name three characteristics that are the curse of the age. What will the sober-minded Christian not be?

What is "the very beauty of holiness"? What kind of words are we to educate our children to speak? What should parents do all in their power to preserve in their children? Of what should parents be models? What may harsh discipline often make children fear to do? Why should we love and choose the right? How many of life's actions are to be stamped with honesty? What should our sympathy for children never foster in them?

What happens when parents attempt to shove their children into the limelight? What relationship has a child's dress to its character development? Discuss: "The Secret of True Charm. Discuss the difference between encouraging and praising a child. Where and how is the cornerstone of courtesy in a child laid? How shall we teach humility and modesty to our children?

How important is the home atmosphere in character building? Discuss: "Smile, parents; smile, teachers. How shall we teach children to develop the spirit of thankfulness? Why should children be taught "artless simplicity"? Contrast with "pretense. Explain how to teach children to shun lying, prevarication, deception. Is honesty the "best policy," or is it an ingrained principle of life?

Why do some children develop into adult weaklings, mentally and morally? Contrast sympathy and self-pity in child rearing. Discuss trust versus suspicion in relation to dealing with children. Do I smile in the home even though my heart is sad? Do my children have attentive ears and willing feet and hands? Do I consider it my duty to be cheerful? Am I training my children to be self-reliant?

Do I encourage my children to have a sense of honor? Name one courteous act I have done today for my family. What is the only treasure we can take from this world? Of what two things does strength of character consist? What other than sanctification "is the work of a lifetime"? What is the greatest evidence of Christianity the world can see?

What creates a habit and forms a character? What is our first duty to God and man? What will give strength and solidity of character? What is the noblest work in which we can engage? What is required to keep crooked traits from strengthening? Who are to help children form right characters? What will prove the ruin of our children? How much of the time are we dependent on the Holy Spirit in rightly rearing our children? How will God assist parents in child guidance? What are the elements of Christian character? What are parents planting for their own feet in wrong child training?

Of what two extremes in child rearing must we beware? How can mothers nip sin in the bud in child training? What negligence does God particularly condemn? When are parents the worst enemies of their children? When do parents imperil their souls and those of their children? How should evil youth be treated? What makes children grow up at cross-purposes with the world? After what model are innocent babes to be fashioned? What are we to build around our children?

When are children to be subdued? How can parents train their children for sound health in later years? Discuss: "True character, a quality of the soul. What do we mean by "strength of character"? Discuss perfection in development of character. What about "characters formed by circumstance"? Why is character study vital to this generation? Discuss how to make a transformation in our families. How can we correct wrong attitudes in our children? Describe the dispositions, morals, and character of children educated for God.

Am I training my child to have self-control? Does my child have a strong will power or won't power? Is my child wearing the "royal robe woven in heaven's loom"? Name one way I am stronger today than I was yesterday. What lessons in life do children seldom forget? In what years is discipline most vital to the child? What course of discipline produces the best results? In what do parents most generally fail? In addition to book knowledge, what are children to learn in their first fifteen years?

By what means can a mother point her child to his Creator? Though children may err, which ones will not go far astray? Complete: "It is. In what years is character generally formed? What draws deep lines upon the tender child mind? To perfect Christian graces, what kind of efforts are required?

How may parents and teachers help to establish wrong habits in children? What do cute little pranks become as children grow older? What power should be acquired while we are young? How should we regard the feelings of other members of the family? What must be cultivated and impressed on the mind of the child? What power with God's help lies within each child? How are we to fashion and mold the will of the child? What should we never do to children?

Children should be taught to move from what two sources? Into what should children not be forced? What great mistake may parents blindly make? What children are in an especially dangerous condition? How will children learn gentleness? What three things have a direct bearing on our children's future? Discuss character formation in life's first seven years. Why then must discipline be developed in the first three years? Discuss: Sow good seed before the devil sows tares. Discuss habit formation--time for, and means of. Why should parents educate their own discriminating powers in child training?

Discuss the human will--its development and control. Can we afford to have disciplinary crises in the home training? Why should parents try to stay young in mind and heart? Discuss the importance of self-control in both parent and child. Discuss the tone of the voice in creating home atmosphere. To what extent do formed habits carry over into the next life?

What shall it profit me if I gain a good position and neglect my child during his infancy? Should I sacrifice my child to gain an education for myself? Mary could have used more money to make Baby Jesus comfortable, but she gave Him her time and companionship. Am I stimulating the weak traits in my child and repressing the wrong to give my child a healthy mind? Name one desirable habit I have acquired since I became an adult.

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What is the object of true discipline? What is the threefold work of parents? In whose hands does the destiny of our children rest? What right have youth with a sense of honor? On what should children be thrown as soon as wisely possible? How shall we react to children governing themselves? At what moment is discipline of a child to begin? In what spirit are parents to bend the will of a child? Why do some parents reject the Bible plan of discipline?

Whom will God hold responsible for wayward children? Where should disobedience never be tolerated? How long shall children be subject to parents? How are children to be instructed? How shall we deal with neglectful children? When only should whipping be used? Why should we never shake a child? Before disciplining, what two things are parents to do? What may every fault and mistake become? What shall we teach a child about uncorrected faults? What children need the most consideration?

What is the twin sister of justice? By what combined influences are children to be ruled? What three things are essential to every family? Even before their own comfort, of what are parents to think? Before any action is taken I always study. How far shall we go in children's self-government? Commanding our children after us as did Abraham. How shall we learn the principles of family government? Discipline by whipping or shaking children. The place of prayer and reasoning in child discipline. What is one of the greatest curses in any household? Can men who neglect their children's training justify their call to the ministry or to teaching?

How shall we react to a boy wishing to run away? Why do I teach my child to obey--for my convenience or his good? What kind of family do I present to the world? If I find that one method of discipline is not working, do I continue using it, try another, or give up? When father and mother disagree over discipline, what happens to the child?

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Do I see that my commands are carried out? Name one method I have found to be beneficial in my home. What is the key to a child's heart? What will indulgence unsettle for time and eternity? For what must parents answer in the judgment? When children have not learned to obey, what will they develop? When do we become accessory to a child's sins? When indulging children, to whom do we give them? When will "fashionable piety" have little value? What are we to give our children courage to do? What attitude may a parent's arbitrary course of action stir up? What three things are parents not authorized to do?

What excites impatience in children? How often is a child to gain disciplinary advantage over its mother? Name two things that cause great harm. What kind of parents wreck the happiness of their children? What parental attitude may destroy a child's confidence? What will parental severity stir up in children? In what manner are we never to speak to our children?

How often should grandparents or other relatives interfere in family discipline? How many times may impertinence be tolerated in a child? How far apart is it well for related families to live? Why is distance between related families best? What will weld the hearts of parents and children together? Just why is it a sin to indulge children? Taking the word of a child versus the word of an adult Christian.

Discuss the heavy burden of the spoiled child as he matures. What are the effects of lax discipline on a child's religious experience? What about relaxing discipline as a child reaches the teens? What about bringing questionable amusements into the home? Discuss the effects of faultfinding by parents on children. What are the natural reactions to harsh discipline? Discuss: Asking requesting or ordering children to do things. What about unnecessary restrictions and denial of reasonable privileges? Discuss: Grandparents and discipline of children.

How does the ratio of distance and near relatives relate to home happiness? Do I love my child, or am I indifferent to his need of discipline? Do I encourage disobedience in my child by being indecisive? Am I causing my children to despise religion by my harshness? Do I refuse my child simple pleasures for fear he will do wrong? Do relatives interfere with my discipline? Name one way I have inspired my child today. What two parts of a child does true education develop? What is the first great lesson in education? In educating youth, what should be combined?

What spirit should true education awaken? What science will the highest education teach? What spirit are our children not to imbibe? When is true education completed? Where should the first eight to ten years of life be spent? In the first six or seven years, what training should be emphasized? What are the first habits to be taught a child? When children attend school, what kind of instruction are they to receive? On what foundation should all education be based? In what way does secular education confuse our children?

Why should parents sacrifice to create church schools? What shall be the character of the work done in our schools? What is the relation of the church to its children? How is the expense of our schools to be borne? What is the church to do for children who cannot pay tuition? What is the relationship of our mission giving to our investing in the education of our children? To parents who think of sending their children to public schools, what question is asked?

What united objectives are parents and teachers to have? What may make the work of a Christian teacher fruitless? Why should parents and teachers counsel together? What kind of parents will not criticize the teachers? What are our schools to become more and more like? How many of our youth are to have the benefits of Christian education? Why should children not attend school the year round? To whose authority are parents to pledge support? Discuss the meaning of true education and its goal.

Why shall our schools not foster rivalry? How are practical and literary training to be combined? Why will true education extend into eternity? Discuss: "Infancy extends to the age of six or seven years. When should a child first attend school? How does secular education neutralize Bible truth? Why is the church school vital to the education of our children? Discuss the financial responsibility of the church for the school.

Compare "teamwork" by parents and also by parents and teachers. Discuss: The teacher is a supplement to the home. Discuss the effect of parental criticism of a child's teachers. Why should our schools become more and more like the schools of the prophets? In what respects? Discuss paragraphs 2 and 3 on page Never-ending education! Will a Christian education help my child to do more work or less? Will the school my child is attending now prepare him for the school above? Should my child run the streets for the first eight to ten years of his life?

If there is no school in the church I attend, should I move, or encourage the church to open one? Do I keep my child in school the year round? Name one way I have helped to make my school more like the school of the prophets. Name three things that will add to health, vitality, and development of mind and body. To what body system does power of the will give energy? What will increase strength the most in the young? Name the greatest curse to children in this age.

Who are happiest and healthiest? What will the discipline of systematic, well-regulated labor do to the character? What will refresh the student's mind? What did employment bring to our first parents? What are youth to be taught concerning life's meaning? What habits should manual training develop? Name the dangers in neglecting to teach our children to work. How many children should share in home duties? For what are boys and girls equally accountable? Complete: "Muscles need exercise.

How can parents draw their children closer to Christ? What will a clear conscience do to the intellect? With what should young men grow up? In what should fathers and sons work together? What is one most valuable area of manual training? With what special value in foods need we become acquainted? If you must have a one-sided education, which shall it be? Where is the source of all our acts?

What is the relationship of body organs to the mind? What subjects should be the basis of all educational effort? What is next in importance to correct posture? How to build muscle tone; healthful action of body organs. The place of the willpower in maintaining good health. How can children develop mental and physical faculties? The relationship of the conscience to mental and physical health. The discipline of systematic, well-regulated labor.

Should girls be taught the mechanics of the family car? Is there any real need to teach agriculture today in our schools? As examples, see the questions and answers in the first lesson numbered 1, 2, 4, 9, 11, 13, and Give a physical description of Lucifer. In what ways did Lucifer misrepresent God to the angels?

How did sin affect the following? Satan was put out of heaven 1 before, 2 after, man was created. How did mountains at Creation differ from mountains today? In what ways did God create variety? List three pleasant activities of Adam and Eve in Eden. What was the effect of sin on the disposition of fallen angels? What caused Satan's grief after his fall? When Satan became convinced that he could not get back into heaven, where did he go and what did he do? What two deceptions did Satan use to get his angels to cooperate for man's fall?

Satan discarded two methods of temptation and used a third. What cautions did the angels give to Adam and Eve? Is there a lesson to be gained from Lucifer's deception of himself? Lucifer and his sympathizers are said to have "learned the lesson of genuine rebellion against the unchangeable law of God, and this is incurable. Why is there such a strong appeal to the idea of following our own will rather than God's law? What does God's creation of variety tell us about Him?

Make a study of the tree of life. White Comments, on Revelation , volume 7, p. Compare Satan's reflections on his sinful condition with those of the wicked at Christ's second coming. Why does man have a chance to be saved and not Satan? It is said about Adam and Eve that "if separated from each other they would be in greater danger than if both were together.

How does our worship of God in song affect Satan? See Testimonies for the Church , volume 1, page Is there anything else we might do that would affect him in any way? List the steps that Eve took leading to sin. What has been Satan's "special work" since his fall? What claims did Satan make in deceiving Eve? How did Eve first feel after her disobedience? What false reasoning did Adam follow as he considered eating of the forbidden fruit?

How might Eve have been delivered from the temptation? What were Adam's feelings immediately following his sin? List the chain of reactions that quickly followed sin for both Adam and Eve. In what ways did man's fall affect heaven? Explain the meaning of the phrase "eat of it. How did "conscious guilt" affect the lives of Adam and Eve? Describe Satan as a fallen angel. Which facial expression of Satan's made Ellen White tremble? What information did angels give Adam and Eve as they left Eden?

Was Eve depending upon faith or feeling as she was led into sin? Can Satan read our thoughts? Is this of any value to us? What error was there in the serpent's claim that mankind would be "as gods, knowing good and evil"? Satan's effort to lead us to pry into what God has not revealed is related to his own fall. It is said of Adam that "in utter discouragement he resolved to share her [Eve's] fate. What reasons did Adam and Eve have for believing the serpent?

For believing God? It is said of Adam and Eve after their sin "they then for the first time turned their attention to the external. Do we observe a ceremony today that acknowledges our guilt? Which one? Put yourself in Adam's place as he made the offering for sin in that first "painful ceremony" and as he raised his hand to kill the innocent lamb, watching "the bleeding victim, writhing in the agonies of death. Cain's offering and attitude were wrong. What were they? Abel's offering and attitude were right. In what way was the ground cursed because of Cain's sin?

List some things that made Adam's life a miserable one. How was Enoch affected by his communion with God? For what three reasons did God love Enoch? How were Adam, Seth, and especially Enoch used by God to "clear away the darkness and gloom" that settled on the race? What two purposes did God have for the ark other than saving Noah's family? According to this story, what is necessary in addition to our best effort? What special sign of God's divine power was given just before probation closed for the antediluvian world?

How had the earth been watered before the Flood? To what extreme had sacrifices gone before the Flood? Where was Satan during the Flood, and what were his thoughts? There appear to be at least two classes of wicked outside the ark. What was the reaction of each group to the Flood? What effect does the righteous living of one person have on one who is unrighteous? Does this give one reason for persecution? It is said that Adam "mourned more deeply" over the falling leaf and the drooping flowers than "men now mourn over their dead.

How will the Garden of Eden be different in the new earth? Compare the heredity of Seth with that of Adam. See Genesis and Genesis What other Bible persons were affected by communion with God in addition to Enoch? Could it happen in our day? Is it possible to live a godly life today and not be considered a fanatic as Noah was in his day?

Why was the ark built so that Noah could not shut the door? Note that a large number of people accepted Noah's message at first and then they were "placed upon probation--to be proved and tried. Will God's remnant people be similarly tested? Two classes of wicked appear to have cooperated in building the tower of Babel. What were their separate reasons for building it? Compare with page What three things did God accomplish by confusing the tongues of the tower builders? In what words are Abraham's personality and character described? What two alternate plans for an heir did Abraham consider that were not approved by God?

How do we know from this Bible story that God does not approve of polygamy? With what words did God probe deeply into Abraham's heart as He requested him to sacrifice Isaac? What was the "certain evidence" that Eliezer prayed for as he looked for a prospective wife for Isaac? Which members of Rebekah's family were consulted regarding her proposed marriage with Isaac? What were two major home problems of Jacob? Compare Jacob's plan to get the birthright with his mother's plan. Did prosperity automatically come with receiving the birthright? Could one who had not received the birthright be blessed more than one who did receive it?

What price did Rebekah pay for her deception in getting the birthright for Jacob? Why did Jacob stay so long with Laban after Laban was proved dishonest? Why didn't God want the builders of Babel to live together in a large community? Are there problems peculiar to close living? The tower builders wanted to "be as gods. Search for evidence of Abraham's affection for Sarah, Isaac, and Ishmael. Is Hagar ever loved as a wife? If Abraham had patiently waited for the promise of a son to be fulfilled in Sarah, he "would not have been subjected to the closest test that was ever required of man.

What is the long-range significance of Abraham's words to Isaac: "God will provide Himself a lamb"? It is said that Abraham "was anxious to have a wife selected for him [Isaac] who would not lead him from God. Isaac was pleased with Esau's "bold, courageous spirit manifested in hunting wild beasts. Study pages 82, 84, and Genesis for Isaac's personality. For an unusual contrast of Jacob and Esau see Patriarchs and Prophets , pages Look for words describing each character and the attitudes that made one worthy of the birthright and the other not. Can you find two evidences from Genesis that Laban, like his forebears, had strayed from the worship of the true God?

See p. Jacob pleaded three reasons for receiving a blessing from the angel he wrestled with. Why was Jacob's name changed to Israel at this time? State several ways Jacob represents the righteous just before the coming of the Lord. What will be the effect of unconfessed sin when probation closes? What reasons are suggested as to why Christians are not receiving the blessings they should? List some factors that led Joseph's brothers to hate him. What pretext was used for putting Israel into slavery? In what several ways was Moses prepared for leadership? What purposes did the plagues serve?

The three methods used by the Pharaoh to subvert Israel's worship of God were: p. Pharaoh relented in three stages. How was the pillar of cloud specially used at the Red Sea? Why do you think the angel regarded Jacob's prayer with seeming indifference? How did Jacob's strength at the last compare with the first as he wrestled with the angel?

Will it be the same as we go through the time of Jacob's trouble? It is said that "the assault upon Joseph's morals" "came from one of influence, the most likely to lead astray. Compare Satan's efforts to kill boy babies in the time of Moses with those of Christ's time. Note the progressive evidence during the plagues of the superiority of the true God over Egypt's gods.

Note that "while under grievous affliction he [Pharaoh] would yield a little; but when the affliction was removed, he would take back all he had granted. What happens when we get what we ask for? God led Israel around Philistia to avoid conflict because Israel was unprepared. Have you had any detours? For the same reason? How is our murmuring sometimes worse than that of Israel? What is the meaning of "angels' food"? What three weekly miracles accompanied the giving of manna? Why did God honor Moses before Israel at this time? God's original plan for driving out Canaan's inhabitants was not used.

What was it? Why was it to be gradual? Why was a sacrifice system begun when man sinned? The heathen offer sacrifices. On what principle? To what extravagance does it lead them? In what two ways are laws enacted by ungodly nations likely to be inconsistent and unfair? What two things were required of Israel before they could be granted the privilege of preparing a place of worship for God?

List guidelines suggested for preparing a building for God. Why did the priest direct his prayer toward the mercy seat? How was Israel's campsite selected every evening as they traveled? Israel endured a great deal in the service of the Egyptians, but "could not endure suffering in the service of God. The second paragraph on page is a challenge to self-control and self-denial in appetite.

Compare with CD Note that only bread and water are promised in the time of trouble. Manna was "daily bread," and yet many in Israel tried to store it up. What application can be made to prayer and Bible study? It is said that when Israel let go their hold on God's strength and trusted in their own power "they would be even weaker than their enemies" who did not know God. Why was cleanliness so important as Israel prepared to receive the law at Sinai? Is there any application today? How is Sabbathkeeping a guard against theories of evolution?

It is said that "the Sabbath, especially, was given for the benefit of man and for the honor of God. Why are both positive and negative characteristics of Israel recorded in the Bible story? See Numbers What reports were brought by the spies sent to Canaan? In what way did Israel go further in rebellion at this time than they had ever gone before? Explain the statement: "'Their defence is departed from them. What stopped Israel from stoning Caleb and Joshua? How did God take Israel at their word after the spy report? Why did the miraculous stream of water cease just as Israel was about to enter Canaan?

For what reasons was it wrong for Moses to strike the rock? What impression did God forever remove from the minds of Israel by forbidding Moses to enter Canaan? What remarkable transformation of character took place in Moses' life? Why was the law repeated by Moses as well as all of the wilderness experiences just before Israel entered Canaan? List items that Moses had written in a book. What would have been Moses' privilege if he had not struck the rock?

How did the false spies contradict themselves in an attempt to discredit Caleb and Joshua? What does the term "murmur" mean? God pardons but does not excuse sin. Study Numbers for an understanding of God's mercy not clearing guilt. What are the "ten times" Israel tempted God? Why are the sins of good men especially offensive to God? As Moses developed in character, what happened to his weak traits?

In noting the contention over Moses' body, what lesson can be gained as to the importance of one sin? Why are God's messages often misunderstood? List three reasons why God allowed Israel to pass over Jordan miraculously. What double test was required of the priests who carried the ark into Jordan? Give the order of march around Jericho. What variety of reactions were evident inside Jericho as the army of Israel marched around the walls? In what way did Joshua demonstrate the quality of a true leader as he asked Israel to choose their object of worship?

How did God show His approval or disapproval through the Urim and Thummim stones? In what two ways might God "speak" on the Day of Atonement? What three wrongs were Eli's sons guilty of committing? Why was Eli's sin made public to all Israel? Though Israel considered their strength to be in the ark, what was their real source of strength? What test did the Philistines put to the ark to determine if it was protected by God? Why did the Philistine lords accompany the ark to Israel? What did the Israelites of Beth-shemesh dare to do that the Philistines had not done?

What prompted Uzzah to touch the ark? Where is the ark today, and how did it get there?


Compare Joshua's call with that of Moses. See Exodus and Joshua With no burning bushes, how can we know that God calls us to responsibility today? Compare the classes of wicked in Jericho with those at the Flood and the tower of Babel. Why were the sins of Eli's sons so effective in leading Israel into apostasy? How far can God go in forgiving willful transgression? What similarities exist between the public exposure of Eli's sins and the sin of Moses?

When the ark was taken from Abinadab's house, what was done that was wrong? See PP and Numbers Read and study Solomon's prayer at the Temple dedication recorded in 1 Kings 8. How is the life of John the Baptist described? What explanation of Matthew is given? Did Satan really carry Jesus to the pinnacle of the Temple? Yes No Circle one p. What example is Christ for us in meeting temptation? After direct temptation failed, what tactic did Satan use against Christ? Give some illustrations of the statement: "Never man spake like this man.

The two classes of righteous represented by Moses and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration are: p. Mary's unselfish act brought out the worst in Judas. In what words is his selfish character described? What two alternatives faced the Jewish leaders as they plotted Christ's death? How did Peter try to prove that he was not one of Christ's disciples?

In what way did Satan attack Jesus indirectly at His trial? What saved Peter after he denied Christ at the trial? Why were heavenly angels restrained from protecting Jesus from the violence of wicked men at His trial? What past experience encouraged the disciples at this time?

Describe the feelings and thoughts of Judas at Christ's trial. In what words is Jesus' physical appearance at His trial described? How were each of Satan's approaches a "temptation" to Christ? Was not Christ's whole mission to break Satan's power over suffering, spiritually and physically? Starting with chapter 27 and continuing through chapter 31, note the working of good and evil angels while Christ's death is plotted and carried out. It is said that the Jewish leaders "must lose their position or put Jesus to death.

During the crisis in Gethsemane, what was each person in the drama doing--Jesus, the eleven disciples, Judas, angels, Christ's enemies? Compare the Judas at the banquet with the Judas we see at Christ's trial. Make a study of Judas' personal set of comparative values.

What is the far-reaching application of Christ's prayer on the cross for His enemies? When Christ died, what happened in-- pp. What righteous dead were resurrected when Christ was raised from the grave? When Christ finally ascended to heaven, whom did He take with Him? What special plans did Satan make with his angels after Christ's return to heaven? Who gathered in the upper room to pray for the Holy Spirit? In what way were Jesus' brothers won to faith in Him? How is the gift of tongues defined? Why didn't Peter use the teachings of Jesus in his sermon at Pentecost?

What are the lessons for us today in Pentecost? Make a study of the various people who were in the crowd at the crucifixion of Christ. Contrast the two thieves who died with Christ. Were there others in the crowd who accepted Christ in addition to one thief? The seal placed on the tomb more fully established the truth of the resurrection. What is the usual result when men try to suppress truth?

your eternal reward Manual

Compare the power of one loyal angel to the crowd of evil angels around Christ's tomb. Does this offer encouragement? How did the resurrection affect the Roman guard, the angels in heaven, Satan and his angels, the priests and elders, many of the righteous dead, the holy women, Thomas, Pilate, the other disciples?

How did the righteous resurrected differ in size? Pilate "refused to be comforted and died a most miserable death. The disciples and the mother of Jesus spent the night following the resurrection "talking over His wonderful acts and the strange and glorious events which had taken place. Could you? Begin a list of ways people were won to Christ. Continue through chapter What connection is there between this and the refining and transforming influence of conversion in a life?

Cite some examples. What saved Peter and John from severe punishment and possible death after the healing of the cripple? Why did the religious sects especially oppose the apostles? What three charges did the religious rulers plan to press at the disciples' trial? How were the religious rulers talking differently from when they spoke at Christ's trial? What unusual turn did the apostles' trial take?

How did this affect the religious rulers? In what way did Gamaliel show he was truly a wise man? What two methods of labor did the apostles use? What were some reasons for this? What effect did inward convictions have on Saul's actions? Why should leaders in the cause of God be "relieved, as far as possible, from cares and perplexities of a temporal nature"?

What reward did Saul receive for his part in Stephen's death? How was Peter's attitude at his trial different from what it was on a previous occasion at the same place? It is stated that "none dared join them [the church of the apostles] who were not united heart and mind with the believers in Christ. How would the choosing of deacons compare with the choosing of elders by Moses in the Old Testament?

It is said that "the occasion, the time and place, should be borne in mind" to make the address of Stephen fully appreciated. Study Acts, chapter 7, with this in mind. Contrast Stephen's attitude with that of the religious rulers. Compare Stephen's forgiveness with Christ's on the cross. Does inward conviction still affect men today as it did Saul?

What effect did his labor for others have on Paul's own faith? What group of people did Paul have a special burden for in Jerusalem? What success did he have with them? How did the apostles react to Paul's efforts to join them? Who came to his defense? For what two reasons was Paul reluctant to leave Jerusalem? Under what circumstances did Paul finally leave Jerusalem? Why did Peter take several Jewish brethren with him to the home of Cornelius?

List evidences in this story which prove that Peter is not to be considered the first pope. Why was Peter able to sleep on the night before he was to be executed? The same crowd that listened to Herod and responded to his speech had been together earlier. Contrast the two experiences. The same angel visited Peter and Herod. How were the visits different? Church authority and confidence in organization were strong in the apostolic church. Beginning with chapter 37 and continuing through chapter 42, look for evidences of this fact.

Moses and Paul had similar preparation experiences. Why did these two men especially need such training? Paul "was ever to carry about with him in the body the marks of Christ's glory, in his eyes, which had been blinded by the heavenly light. See also Galatians How would Jerusalem look different to Paul upon his return?

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For example: the Temple, his friends, his mission, et cetera. Imagine the first meeting of Paul and Peter and what they talked about. Why do you think Paul was especially drawn to Peter? Prove that Peter's vision recorded in Acts 10 does not give permission for eating unclean foods. What does the exactness of directives in Peter's vision tell us about God?

A Study Guide: 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse (Eternal Curse Companion Guides Book 1) A Study Guide: 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse (Eternal Curse Companion Guides Book 1)
A Study Guide: 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse (Eternal Curse Companion Guides Book 1) A Study Guide: 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse (Eternal Curse Companion Guides Book 1)
A Study Guide: 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse (Eternal Curse Companion Guides Book 1) A Study Guide: 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse (Eternal Curse Companion Guides Book 1)
A Study Guide: 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse (Eternal Curse Companion Guides Book 1) A Study Guide: 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse (Eternal Curse Companion Guides Book 1)
A Study Guide: 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse (Eternal Curse Companion Guides Book 1) A Study Guide: 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse (Eternal Curse Companion Guides Book 1)
A Study Guide: 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse (Eternal Curse Companion Guides Book 1) A Study Guide: 40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse (Eternal Curse Companion Guides Book 1)

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