Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition)

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Noam Ed. Weinheim: Beltz Psychologie Verlags Union. The adolescent experience. Contemporary Psychology, 45, Unternehmer werden ist schon schwer — es zu sein ist es noch mehr Unternehmerischer Erfolg wie er im Buche steht. Book review]. Gibt es gravierende psychosoziale Probleme bei der Integration von jugendlichen Aussiedlern?

Pathways to successful entrepreneurship: Parenting, personality, competence, and interests. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 65, Wer wird Unternehmer? Personality, parenting, early interests and competencies as precursors for entrepreneurial activity in adulthood]. Wirtschaftspsychologie, II. Human capital. Greenhaus Ed. Thousand Oaks: Sage. Schmitt-Rodermund E.

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The long way to entrepreneurship. Lerner Eds. Hasselhorn Eds. Dicke Ed. Weimar: Weimarer Verlagsgesellschaft. Vocational plans of adolescents from East and West Germany]. Zinnecker Ed. Weinheim: Psychologie Verlags Union. Noch Kind oder schon Frau - was macht den Zeitpunkt aus? Antecedents of differences in pubertal timing in girls]. In Silbereisen, R. Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene und pp.

Akkulturation oder Entwicklung? Changes in autonomy expectations in native German adolescents and young immigrants to Germany]. Psychologie in Erziehung und Unterricht, 46, Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? A training program to foster entrepreneurial potentials]. The prediction of selfemployment over 40 years among the Terman women. Im Spannungsfeld zwischen deutsch und fremd: Aussiedlerjugendliche. Akkulturation und Jugendentwicklung in Aussiedlerfamilien.

Thomas Ed. Ich glaub' die habe ich so mit Roemhild Eds. Ansichten aus Deutschland pp. Frankfurt: Peter Lang. Can you? MAZBusiness Review, 3, Career maturity determinants: Individual development, historical time, and situational context. The Career Development Quarterly, 47, Schmitt-Rodermund Eds. Akkulturation von Persoenlichkeit und Verhalten pp. Differentielle Akkulturation von Entwicklungsorientierungen unter jugendlichen Aussiedlern.

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Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. Career choice intentions of adolescents with a family business background. Family Business Review, 24, Silbereisen, R. Akkulturation von Aussiedlern: Viel gelernt — noch mehr zu tun. Entwicklungsorientierungen jugendlicher Aussiedler. Unterschiede je nach Aufenthaltsdauer und Akkulturationserfahrungen. Zeitschrift fuer Sozialisationsforschung und Erziehungssoziologie, 13, Akkulturation von Entwicklungsorientierungen jugendlicher Aussiedler: Bedeutung von Familie und Peers.

Trommsdorff Ed. Weinheim: Juventa. German immigrants in Germany: Adaption of adolescents' timetables for autonomy. Hofer, P. Youniss Eds. Berlin: De Gruyter. And Inthera , a third life sciences start-up, has been able to attract investors and generate CHF 5 million. However, good ideas with potential not only come from the life sciences. Food start-up Yamo has also received support from investors, and its fresh baby porridge will be available in Coop stores and in the German dm-drogeriemarkt in the future.

Tickets are still available for the Ethereum Meetup on 7 July. Event date: Freitag, 6. Event date: Mittwoch, 4. Event date: Donnerstag, 5. For almost 20 years, the World Economic Forum has honoured early stage start-ups as Technology Pioneers. In the past, Swiss companies rarely made it on to this exclusive list, but that has changed this year. Another highlight of the week: Sophia Genetics is now focusing on external growth and has taken over a French company.

This has come after a financing round of CHF 30 million last year and the appointment of a new CFO — a development that is typical for start-up companies with stock market ambitions. In addition, the responsible government commission has approved an initiative by Ruedi Noser on the taxation of employee shares and options — which could make life easier for start-ups. More details in our article. With such successes, it is not surprising that Switzerland has climbed three places in the Digital Competitiveness Index and is now ranked fifth.

However, in addition to its strengths, the study also found numerous Swiss weaknesses in terms of digitalisation. At the Digital Competitiveness Summit, held by IMD and digitalswitzerland this week, it was not only pleasure over the achievements that was on offer. Marc Walder, CEO of Ringier and founder of the digitalswitzerland location initiative, said that although Switzerland offers good conditions for digitalisation, other countries will probably transform faster.

This belief is widespread at least in the start-up scene, and the fact that it leads to a willingness to learn from the best gives cause for optimism. Learning events will then become increasingly important. Just this week, Innosuisse and the Israel Innovation Authority signed a declaration of cooperation.

Swiss start-up camps have been in San Francisco for quite a while now: our article describes the most important points to be gained from these camps. More information in our article German and French. In addition, we will be at the Female Innovation Forum next Thursday. The range was expanded with, for example, the production of cheaper dental implants. In addition to a willingness to take risks, the sector is also open to new trends. The Swiss Medtech Award was presented to the digital health start-up Ava at the event. Ava is already very successful on the international market and it is not alone.

Andrew Alliance sells its pipetting robots to 18 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, and this week the company closed a USD 14 million financing round. Insphero also raised funding: the company, which focuses on microorganisms for drug development, collected USD 10 million. ETH Zurich spin-off GreenTEG is already successful as a cleantech company; now it is using its technology to measure core body temperature. The company is also participating in an accelerator programme supported heavily by Samsung. In addition, this week young companies from another traditional Swiss sector — financial services — caused a stir.

Carbon Delta , a fintech start-up that calculates and analyses the risks that climate change poses for investment, closed a financing round of CHF 1. Riskifier is pushing into the B2C market with its platform riskprofiler. And our article on Investment Navigator describes how the Swiss start-up is tapping into the Asian market with the help of an accelerator programme.

We asked how the foreign companies are found. New start-up coaches can apply to Innosuisse until 20 June. And I would like to draw the attention of start-ups to the Dart17 programme , which brings designers, artists, researchers and techies together to create novel human-machine interfaces.



The awards ceremony for the venture competition will be held in Lausanne on 25 June. Event date: Dienstag, Zurich marketing agency Yourposition has also gone to a foreign company — the Dutch Dept Group. If the exit is the end of a long journey that begins with the creation of a business, then financing is the key milestone on this path.

Four rounds of financing were announced this week. The Yverdon start-up Peerspoint is also run by a woman. Read in our interview how Mairi Willis wants to build a global ecosystem for sports federations and clubs based on blockchain technology. According to the programme, 11 fast-growing Swiss start-ups will present their plans. Have a good weekend.

In most cases, our newsletter mentions the financing rounds that we reported on during the week. But this week there are just too many: no less than 10 Swiss start-ups were able to attract investors. The two largest rounds of financing were announced by digital health company Ava with about CHF 30 million and agritech start-up Ecorobotix with CHF 10 million. What is remarkable in addition to the number and amount of financing rounds is the fact that all 10 start-ups are from the digitalisation sector — and most are already successful in the market.

A good example is Viselio , which has digitalised the visa application process for different countries. Thanks to its success particularly in B2B and a financing round in the seven-digit range, Viselio is growing strongly and already employs more than 30 people. The tennis community platform GotCourts and the campervan sharing platform myCamper also recorded high growth rates. The financing rounds provide start-ups with an extra boost.

To ensure that the pipeline continues to be well supplied with such start-ups, the canton of Vaud this week launched its FIT Digital programme , which promotes precisely these start-ups from the digitalisation sector with grants and loans. But there was also good news this week when it came to support of deeptech business ideas: the University of Zurich is to expand its Fellowships for life sciences researchers working on business ideas with a grant of more than CHF 10 million. An impressive performance of deeptech innovations took place this week at the awards ceremony of the WA de Vigier Foundation.

Find out in our article how the award-winning projects can cut healthcare costs, restore independence for people with reduced mobility, and make cables more durable. Innosuisse launched two calls this week. First, the Swiss agency for innovation promotion is looking for coaches for its milestone-based coaching programme for start-ups.

And, second, it is calling on those start-ups that have been included in CTI coaching since to take part in a survey with a focus on the benefits and economic impact of start-up funding. Looking ahead, from today you can register for Startup DAYs Event date: 7. Peter, St. Peterstrasse 19, Zurich. Event date: Donnerstag, 7. Event date: Montag, 4.

Event date: Dienstag, 5. Event date: Mittwoch, 6. We receive daily news from start-ups about new partnerships, but it is not always clear which goals they want to achieve. As a news portal focused on communicating tangible results, we report only on those collaborations that really help start-ups.

The shopping list app Bring! That partnerships are becoming more effective is no accident. Start-ups have learned how to keep such partnerships on track, so that tangible progress is the end result. There are also an increasing number of events and initiatives that aim to initiate such partnerships. This week, for example, registration opened for an event in Technopark Aargau designed to target and bring together start-ups and SMEs. And Technopark Winterthur wants to network better with the local economy. In the following week, the 10th Startfeld Investors Forum takes place in St.

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Learn more about five of the participating start-ups in our article. Event date: 1. Event date: Freitag, 1. Stock Sitzungszimmer, Untere Grabenstrasse Dear reader The technical functioning of the Swiss financial centre is guaranteed largely by the stock exchange operator SIX. The security of SIX applications is literally business-critical for Switzerland as a business location.

In search of a new, and at the same time simple and highly secure, user two-factor authentication, SIX has now found it right on its doorstep: at ETH spin-off Futurae. Six is not the only company that relies on the expertise of start-ups. Digital Switzerland, the initiative of large companies, also collaborates with start-ups. The application deadline for the Swisscom Startup Challenge expires at the beginning of next week. Incidentally, the latter competitions not only have their deadline in common, the organisers also expressly invited foreign start-ups to submit their dossiers.

Have a happy Pentecost. Event date: Thursday, Dear reader Hack the City was advertised as a normal hackathon and more than developers got down to work. In the end, three teams stood on the podium in Lugano and all are working with Artificial Intelligence AI. This example shows that neural networks and machine learning have left the protected environment of higher education institutions and arrived in the economy.

In addition, some news from the last week. Baloise insurance company has chosen an AI marketing solution from Zug start-up Veezoo. Of the 10 companies that venture leaders is taking to China , two deal with AI-based data analysis. Two Glarus hydropower plants are equipping their facilities with an Industrie 4. Incidentally, this was the second major financing of last week: on Wednesday, biotech company Memo Therapeutics announced that it had raised CHF 5 million in a Series A2 financing round.

The concept of Artificial Intelligence has been discussed since the s. Although blockchain technology is much younger, it also electrifies start-ups and investors alike. BVV has not yet made any investments, in contrast to Swisscom Ventures, which recently participated in blockchain start-up Metaco.

Gallen, Dufourstrasse 50, St. These and other figures from the Swiss Biotech Report , published yesterday, show that the biotech industry has developed into one of the most important growth drivers in the Swiss economy. The start-ups in this area also constantly make positive headlines at startupticker. And a second leading global life sciences group has made a find in Switzerland: Agilent has taken over Lausanne-based Genohm , which has developed a software suite for the management of life sciences laboratories.

Digitalisation has arrived in the biotech industry as the example of Genohm shows — and the industry association the Swiss Biotech Association has also acknowledged this, as yesterday members unanimously elected Sophia Genetics founder and CEO Jurgi Camblong to the board of the association. Two interviews look at the background of support services this week. We talk to Marco Vencato about the new First Ventures programme , which provides money and coaching for students and graduates who want to start a spin-off, and Christoph Birkholz gives an insight into the current edition of Kickstart Accelerator.

And politics is also becoming more aware of start-ups. The canton of Ticino has passed a tax reform that relieves the burden on business angels and start-ups. Furthermore, many activities are taking place on the corporate side. We asked the start-ups housed there what benefits the proximity to insurance brings them.

Fintech start-ups also made headlines this week: Monito has been awarded the Prix Strategis, and CashSentinel is expanding its focus on the payment of boat purchases with the help of a French partner.

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Hurry if you want to apply for venture leaders Fintech : the deadline is 6 May. The registration deadline for the BaseLaunch programme is still running — until 14 May. So far 55 patients suffering from the illness in Switzerland, Greece and the UK have been treated in clinical trials. The start-up is getting closer to obtaining the CE mark. Playtrip, a startup from Ticino is developing a mobile app to engage travelers and strorytellers to create digital stories.

Applications for Swiss companies are now open. Well known for its technology to improve dementia care, the start-up extends today its support to independent doctors. The first feedbacks are positive. ProsusAI wird derzeit bei ersten Kunden implementiert. This day of action is intended to make digitalisation tangible for the Swiss population. A wide range of activities will take place in 12 cities.

In addition, startups have the opportunity to pitch and present products. The startup developed specific kits to simplify, improve and accelerate the detection of Legionella in less than two hours. Eurostars covers half of the costs. The newly Zug based company developed a peer-to-peer equity and debt marketplace. Zudem gewann das Team namhafte Beschaffer und Lieferanten als Evaluationspartner.

The Ticino based Arca24 has launched its interview bot, CB In addition startups can apply for the Ludicious business accelerator. The team behind the project has attained seed funds to facilitate the next steps of development. Nun will man weiter wachsen. Seif Pitching Event Event date: Four selected startups will pitch before impact investors. You will find out about the research and application areas of our research groups, while networking during coffee and lunch breaks against the background of demonstrations and a poster session.

All presentations will be held in English. Registration is free but mandatory. Registration will open soon. Micro le Big Data sous la loupe Event date: ClimateLaunchpad National Final Event date: Creating space for Innovation Event date: Tuesday, 4. Startup Stammtisch with Google Event date: Business Creation Engineering Event date: Office Hours Event date: Businessplan Basic Event date: Founding a company in Switzerland Event date: Dear reader Fintech start-up Yova offers clients individual stock portfolios that match their values exactly.

Stefan Kyora Editor in Chief, Startupticker. Start-ups can apply for the pitch competition, which is endowed with CHF ,, until the end of August. Other highlights include keynotes and panels — for example, with Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann — nine workshops and 1, meetings. Nun sind mehrere Tests mit Grossunternehmen im In- und Ausland angelaufen. The Rising Food Stars will benefit from access to the partners, the expert network, programmes, technological infrastructure and business creation support as well as potential customers and distribution channels, which will significantly accelerate their international growth.

HAYA Therapeutics develops a new pharmaceutical solution to treat heart failure. Volumina Medical works on innovative biomaterials for plastic and reconstructive surgery. Among the selected companies are three from Switzerland. Das Festival findet vom For the first time Swiss start-ups have the opportunity to present their new products at a Swiss Pavilion next January. Deadline for applications for the start-up package with a particularly attractive price is 31 August. The next step for the company is to establish an industrial presence in the US. Kopter develops, produces and supports a new generation of helicopter.

All gave a successful pitch to the jury panel at the Swisscom Braingym in Bern. The module has already proven its worth during the recent earthquaked in Inodnesia. The partnership will enable the startup to grow and expand its client base. Startup registration is now open until 7th September. The three-sensor wearable device, which gives skiers advanced telemetry and ski analytics is now on the market. During the next 5 month, the startup will attend workshops and receive personalised support from experts.

The system was developed by the Bern medtech company, CAScination. They will travel to Brazil to acquire skills and knowledge to facilitate the transformation of their research projects into business. The startup has won Merck as one of its first customers. Damit will indagia kleinen und mittleren Revisionsgesellschaften zu mehr Effizienz und besseren Chancen gegen grosse Mitbewerber verhelfen.

Seif Impact Academy Kickoff event Event date: Finance your startup with a loan guarantee from Technology Fund Event date: OpenLivingLab Days Event date: F10 Demo Day Event date: Mit den Jurystimmen und dem Publikumsvoting wird die Siegerin oder der Sieger erkoren. Masterclass: Cofunding and fundraising fundamentals Event date: Business Creation Biotech Event date: Startup Academy Workshop Event date: Dear reader The failure taboo in Switzerland is one of the few factors that hampers the development of a dynamic start-up scene in this country.

They competed against 25 young companies from Switzerland and Germany. The startup has developed a private and permissioned blockchain infrastructure for regulated and security reliant ecosystems, which helps multinationals manage their liquidity across various entities. Tags: Fintech, Swiss start-up environment, Interview, Blockchain. Nun hat das Unternehmen einen Marktforschungsbereich gestartet. Gemeinsam mit einem deutschen Partner bietet man Befragungen und Analysen an.

In this interview, Marc Schreiber, Marketing Director, talks about the latest developments and evolution of the Vaud scale-up which is set on growth. Die Zahlen zeigen: mit Erfolg. End of August the Indie Arena Booth will invade gamescom on more than 1. The line-up has now been published.

Gesundheitsapps boomen. Both organisations support a growing network of entrepreneurs and change-makers in the field of cleantech and climate innovation.

Vom Betrugsfall betroffen sind, neben Advanon, 78 Anleger. Novac-Solutions gleist im Auftrag von Immobilienbesitzern kreative Zwischennutzungsprojekte auf. The organisers are now are looking for new Swiss healthcare and cleantech candidates. Business Angels Switzerland will join the cohort to explore Indian economy and build bridges to foster collaboration.

Registration is open for women who wish to apply for the two new seats. Registration for startups is open. Creative Business Cup 2nd call for applications Event date: Es vernetzt alle involvierten Stufen vom Patienten bis zum Hersteller. Matthias Michel verliehen. Business Creation Medtech Event date: Markenkurs Event date: Deshalb wandern viele Transaktionen nach Liechtenstein ab. Nun deutet sich ein Umdenken an. Neuester Standort ist Winterthur.

Two other Swiss startups, ChemAlive and Biowatch, also made the list comprising international companies. Tags: Global recognition, Swiss start-up environment. The startup completed its first financing round, raising significant seed funds to accelerate and progress clinical and commercial development of its pipeline of products.

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The solution allows for more efficient, qualitative and sustainable healthcare. Five startups make up the first cohort that will benefit from the program. The funds will enable the company to proceed with the development of their platform. The program organisers invite startups to apply to solve two specific challenges.

The collected data helps opticians to offer personalised solutions. The startup has raised funds to finalise their clinical studies. Dear reader Despite the hot summer holidays, start-ups have been able to bring investors to the table to conclude funding deals. September eingereicht werden. Lendity paves the way to the first collaboration. Application deadline is July 30th. Dadurch kann das Medien-Startup wachsen und in neue Projekte investieren. The Application phase is open until 31 August.

The startup was honored for its exceptional performance in their pilot project with the tech giant, Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE. Damit ist es eines der vier erfolgreichsten Schweizer Kickstarterprojekte. Die Kampagne geht am Juli zu Ende. Diesen Herbst werden bis zu zwei Millionen Franken vergeben.

More than The partnership allows Sonect to build on Loomis existing customer base and know how in cash management.

Komfortzone Zukunft oder Wider die Gewöhnung: Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck at TEDxRheinMain

The Idiap spinoff developed a web application to make audio recordings searchable and accessible. Click here. Don't have access? View purchasing options. Find in this title Show Hide Page Numbers. On This Page. Copy to Clipboard. Eva Schmitt-Rodermund. Looks like you do not have access to this content. Click here for free trial login. Not Here! Not Now!

Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition) Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition)
Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition) Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition)
Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition) Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition)
Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition) Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition)
Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition) Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition)
Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition) Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition)
Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition) Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition)
Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition) Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition)
Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition) Wer hat das Zeug zum Unternehmer? Training zur Föderung unternehmerischer Potenziale (German Edition)

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