Thirty-One Years (My Life With Rock and Roll Music

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Share Tweet. Cheryl Bianchi February 8, at pm. Lisa Sez February 12, at am.

Memory Motel: A Rock And Roll Fantasy, Part Four Section Twenty-One: A Week At The Memory Motel

Agreed and ditto on all counts Cheryl… Lovely.. Andy February 5, at pm. When is Al going to get what he truly deserves. Tim February 5, at pm. Howard Groopman February 7, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Rex Did. You may like. Don't Miss. It is important to examine the life style of the composers, authors and singers of rock music.

How do they handle their life on the stage and off the stage? They are pouring their life into their music. Any musician will tell you that you have to put part of yourself into the music. Here is a challenging question: If a writer of music with lyrics attached to it is not a born-again believer, what does he have to offer a serious-minded, born-again believer, whose goal In life Is to be more like Christ? One who has raked in millions of dollars from our teenagers admits to being bisexual.

Another confesses to too much drinking. A disc jockey who traveled with a rock group said they were high on dope every time he entered their room. What do these people have to offer a born-again Christian? They are of their father, the devil. We Christians are of our Father, God. They are going to hell. We are going to heaven.

Music Books: Best of All-Time | Billboard

They mind things of this earth. We mind things of heaven. How can they offer us anything? Even groups that do not seem so evil, no matter how appealing their music may be — if they do not know Jesus, is their music worthy of my money or of my giving my mind to it? Singers know of its appeal to the sexual drive of the body. Yet, Christians are often ignorant of this. Pulsation and syncopation are the two basic rock rhythms. A slow song can be made rock by slowed pulsation or by excessive use of triplets. Even though the tempo may be slow, the pianos, organs, guitars and drums provide the steady beat which characterizes rock music.

In syncopation, the accent is on the second and fourth beats in four-four time, compared to marches and classical music in which the accent is placed on the first and third beats.

This pulsation — this steady beat — and this syncopation relate to the great rhythms of the human body. They make you want to get up and dance. Time Magazine, December, , reports that in a school for unwed mothers in Florida, girls out of one thousand admitted that they committed their acts of fornication while listening to rock music. He ministered an emotional stability test to high schoolers while they listened to rock music.

The results suggested all were sick, he said. He also gave a driving stimulation test to youngsters while they listened to the top Thirty-one percent did worse on the same test than they had done earlier. The rock band rated loudest measured decibels. An interesting comparison is that the Concord plane, whose landing at JFK Airport was objected to because of noise — only gets to about decibels.

Bill Haley Firsts

The average rock festival fluctuates between to decibels, and doctors warn people after they are hearing more than The two will never be combined. It cannot be done! Even men of the world — evil men — know what the beat is designed to do. Yet, there are Christians who try to gather in this whole realm and make money off it. I do not believe anyone will ever use Jesus Christ and rock music together and help people that will change their lives forever. It is true that Jesus rock is quite popular in the world and worldlings are listening to it. But that is a basic reason why you can never mix the two.

The world loves it because the world loves its own. They love their music even if the name of Jesus is added. That is the music I have to watch out for. If there are lyrics, can I hear them? Are they clearly discernible? Do they bring me closer to God, to listen to them? So much of Jesus rock has no substance. The words are often little phrases that are accepted as far as Christians go — but they mean nothing.

Next, what about the life style of the author? That rock-star thing, that was not the purpose of making this latest record. It sounds as if you should renegotiate your contract with Columbia Records. Are you content, overall, with this situation? It was more fun when there were a lot less dollars involved and a lot less greed.

And there was a lot less pressure to make megabucks. And I had fewer responsibilities to people. What was the first record that really turned your head around, influenced you? To me, Phil Spector was like composer Richard Wagner. The closest I can get to sounding black might be something near Stevie Winwood.

It was wild! God, that made me truly happy. And I helped make it happen! We wore matching jackets with velvet collars. I became the keyboard player for this band called the Hassles. It was real psych-e-whatever.

John Lee Hooker: Best Of Friends

This was about the time Hendrix was out. His music really got to me, and the Hassles drummer and I decided we were gonna do a power duo. It was the loudest thing you ever heard. We made one album for Epic, called Attila. It had this weird cover. The art director had us in a meat locker, with carcasses hanging around us, and we were dressed up as Huns.

I got talked into it. I started writing songs on my own, taking odd jobs in New York in the meantime. That was a weird deal. This was right before Piano Man. I went to the West Coast. I just disappeared. So I used the name Bill Martin, and I got a gig working in a piano bar for about six months. It was all right. I took on this whole alter identity, totally make-believe; I was like Buddy Greco, collar turned up and shirt unbuttoned halfway down. It was I was about twenty-three. I still had no idea what a mess this whole business is. I get a dollar from each album I sell. I deserve that money a lot more than Ripp does, but I signed the papers, so what can I do?

And he seems willing to continue to take the money. Do you own your publishing? People send me tapes through Columbia all the time, and I do not and will not listen to them. Lawyers [ whistles whimsically ]…… It was a settlement. The guy is wrong. I never heard his song. I want to kill him.

Maybe he did have a melody that was copyrighted. When they question my intentions, that bugs me. Enough about that. I should clear up the Dakota thing. You know it? During the Madison Square Garden gig [in July], it came out in the New York Post and the New York Times that I had applied for an apartment in the Dakota [an exclusive Manhattan apartment building] and had been turned down because I admitted to being a drug user and because I had groupies!

Number one: I did not want an apartment at the Dakota; my wife did. Elizabeth no longer manages me. She is involved with me: fundraising, movie production, film editing. There was a rumor that all these things put a strain on your personal relationship. Give me a break. Now tell me more about the Dakota incident. A wife is considered chattel to the husband. They were worried about me. I showed up in my suit, I went to the interview, I did the Dakota.

The man, the heavy guy who was the deciding guy, had the nerve to have me sign albums for his daughter. There had been an interview in Us magazine right before we went to this Dakota interview. I got a mother. I got a sister. I got a father. And the press is calling me a known drug user because I happened to say that once I went onstage stoned. People think I have much more money than I have. I pay high salaries.

Thirty-One Years (My Life With Rock and Roll Music Thirty-One Years (My Life With Rock and Roll Music
Thirty-One Years (My Life With Rock and Roll Music Thirty-One Years (My Life With Rock and Roll Music
Thirty-One Years (My Life With Rock and Roll Music Thirty-One Years (My Life With Rock and Roll Music
Thirty-One Years (My Life With Rock and Roll Music Thirty-One Years (My Life With Rock and Roll Music
Thirty-One Years (My Life With Rock and Roll Music Thirty-One Years (My Life With Rock and Roll Music
Thirty-One Years (My Life With Rock and Roll Music Thirty-One Years (My Life With Rock and Roll Music
Thirty-One Years (My Life With Rock and Roll Music Thirty-One Years (My Life With Rock and Roll Music

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