The Portals Light: Fire in the Light

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A Nether Portal is a player-created or auto-generated structure that allows a player to travel back and forth between the Overworld and The Nether. They were added to Minecraft as a part of the Halloween Update on October 31st, A nether portal consists of a rectangular frame 4X5 minimum, 23X23 maximum of Obsidian.

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The four corner blocks of the frame are not required to activate the portal, but portals created by the game will always include them. Adjacent nether portals can share obsidian blocks. Once the frame is constructed, a player can set the space inside the frame on fire , using flint and steel , or Lava and a flammable block. This fills the space within the frame with purple-colored portal blocks, which resembling a vortex and are accompanied by sound and particle effects.

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As of update 1. The purple portal blocks emit light of level 11, which is less powerful than a Torch but is more powerful than glowing Redstone Ore. Like Bedrock , portal blocks cannot be broken although they can disappear ; however, they can be placed via Mods. It only takes one portal block to teleport to The Nether.

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Through the use of an inventory mod, players can place these portal blocks anywhere, but when a non-portal, non-obsidian block is set down adjacent to it, it will remove itself. The ambient portal music can always be heard from these blocks, even without an obsidian frame. Interestingly, when mined, the portal blocks create a sound like Glowstone and Glass blocks. When a player stands inside an active Nether portal for 4 seconds while in the Overworld , they are teleported to The Nether , and vice versa. If desired, a player can step out of a portal before it completes its animation to abort the teleport.

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The first time a portal is used, a connecting portal will be created in the place where a player ends up in The Nether. This connecting portal can be used to return its associated portal in the Overworld. Building multiple portals in the Overworld within a certain proximity will all lead to the same portal in The Nether, and vice versa. All connected portals will remain active, but the Nether portal will lead only to the portal closest to it.

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Note that Mobs are capable of traveling through a Portal prohibiting a player from escaping pursuit. Be prepared for the possibility of hostile or peaceful mobs from the nether stepping through a portal, into the Overworld, or for Overworld mobs to end up in the nether. TNT , an exploding Bed , a Ghast's fireball explosion or an exploding Creeper can all disable a portal, but cannot destroy the surrounding Obsidian, because of its strength.

If this happens, the portal must be reactivated before using it again. Weathered for decades by the sun, wind, and rain, the wood is then hand shaped, sanded, burnt and finished into a vessel for holding led lighting and using quartz crystals as a natural light diffuser. Due to the organic nature of the materials used, each sculpture varies in character and definition.

Portal of Light over Skies of Jerusalem Eve Easter

Using led lighting technology, the lighting can be adjusted with a dimmer to achieve the desired brightness. The quartz crystals act as a natural diffuser to the light source and absorb the intensity of the led and deflect it as a warm glow. The light also serves as a focal point and conversation piece due to it's unique design and use of organic materials. A provisional patent was filed in July of , with an official product launch slated for They are not altered from their original state. The wood frame of the sculpture uses a reserve stock of aged and weathered Teak wood, circa s.

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  • A variety of wood finishing options are available from fire charred, natural, or bleach white. Small: mm dia. Of note: 1 Led Light source designed for 35, hours of use. It was a concept of marrying something old and rustic with something shiny and prismatic, while still appreciating that these two materials are born of the same Earth and origin. Thus, the beauty and perfect assembly of the Yin and the Yang.

    Portals of Light

    The next two years were spent working methodically on creating an art object that could be utilized in an interior setting and function as both art and lighting. The process led to using Teak wood as the main material, which is the sturdiest and longest lasting of tropical hardwoods. It was around this time too that bold advancements in woodworking methods were introduced, such as the shou sugi ban technique of using fire to blacken and preserve wood as well as using a chemical bleaching process using the sun to create a chalk white finish. Through these processes, the circular 'grain and fire portal light' was born and will launch in

    The Portals Light: Fire in the Light The Portals Light: Fire in the Light
    The Portals Light: Fire in the Light The Portals Light: Fire in the Light
    The Portals Light: Fire in the Light The Portals Light: Fire in the Light
    The Portals Light: Fire in the Light The Portals Light: Fire in the Light
    The Portals Light: Fire in the Light The Portals Light: Fire in the Light
    The Portals Light: Fire in the Light The Portals Light: Fire in the Light
    The Portals Light: Fire in the Light The Portals Light: Fire in the Light
    The Portals Light: Fire in the Light The Portals Light: Fire in the Light
    The Portals Light: Fire in the Light

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