{The Dark Angel Upon her} By Kittie Blessed (Dark Angel Upon her pt 1-7)

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Against Da Grain. BBC Sessions. Black On Both Sides. Total Abandon: Live in Australia. In a turn of events, Kitty informed Wolverine that she was scared until he arrived and when he apologized, she stated that she did not want an apology, but life. At that moment, Wolverine turned the battle and defeated Ogun and Kitty regained her innocence that Ogun had taken. After killing Ogun, although his spirit survived, Logan and Kitty became very close friends, with her as a near-foster daughter to him.

Later, Heather became the new leader of Alpha Flight under the codename Vindicator after the death of her husband and decided to go see Wolverine in order to ask him for some advices. As she was approaching the X-Mansion Magneto mistakenly attacked her which angered Logan. Once the misunderstanding was cleared, Logan decided to have a talk with Heather but their reunion was interrupted by Lady Deathstrike. She explained that she was tracking down Bullseye, who had his spine laced with adamantium by her father and who fleed without repayment.

But while she was tracking Bulleseye's Adamantium skeleton, she found Wolverine's adamantium signature instead. She explained that the process that laced Logan's skeleton with adamantium was stolen from her father years earlier and as a result she wanted him to return what he had stolen from her father. But after this defeat, Yuriko swore to defeat Wolverine and avenge her honor.

To that end she escaped custody and went to see Spiral , she was then changed into a cyborg with superhuman strength and Adamantium claws. Three former Hellfire Club soldiers that were severly injured by Wolverine when he saved the X-Men from the Hellfire Club, also swore revenge on Logan and as a result they were also changed into cyborgs and became the Reavers. Lady Deathstrike and her Reavers then attacked Wolverine and almost killed him.

Fortunately Logan was aided by Katie Power and with her help he was able to recover from his wounds and defeat the Reavers. Logan then confronted Lady Deathstrike and after a violent battle he defeated her and was horrified to discover what Yuriko did to herself in order have her revenge against him. Despite Yuriko begging Logan to kill her out of mercy, he refused and told her she had to earn it. Logan then thanked Katie for her help and and walked her away to reunite her with her family. Logan, will you. Unable to heal on his own after his encounter with Lady Deathstrike and her Reavers, Wolverine was taken by the X-Men to the Morlock Healer and his teammate Phoenix attempted to telekinetically heal him.

Rachel opened her mind to Wolverine's and, soon after, Rachel decided to kill Selene for her attack when she first arrived in the mainstream timeline. Wolverine, mentally sensing Rachel's intentions, stabbed Rachel in the chest to prevent her from vengefully murdering Selene. The X-Men attempted to rescue the Morlocks after the Marauders began to indiscriminately massacre them and, after the team was defeated, Wolverine was charged with staying behind and bringing one of the Marauder as a prisoner.

As a result Logan managed to trap Sabretooth under a pile of rubble and helped the Healer to get to safety. While in the tunnels, Logan also reconized Jean Grey's scent who was previously here with X-Factor, but at the time Logan and the X-Men still believed she was dead, as a result Logan thought he was losing his mind. Unfortunately for Wolverine, Sabretooth wasn't done with him. After the evacuation of all the surviving Morlocks from their tunnels, Sabretooth sneaked inside the X-Mansion, knocked down Rogue and tried to kill the X-Men newest recruit: Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock.

Betsy was able to handle her own for a while despite Sabretooth's ferocious attacks until the X-Men finally arrived at the mansion. Wolverine then decided to confront Sabretooth while Psylocke used this opportunity to probe Sabretooth's mind in order to learn who was the secret leader of the Marauders.

Despite Sabretooth's psy-shields, Betsy succeeded and after letting Logan and the X-Men know, the team decided to help Wolverine against his foe. Sabretooth knowing that he was going to lose against both Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men decided to dive into the lake near the Mansion, with Wolverine following after him. But in the end, Sabretooth managed to escape and not even Psylocke could detect him. Logan then assisted Captain America in defeating Overrider and his adamantium-coated robot TESS-1 , who were attempting to fire all of America's nuclear missiles and send them into the sea.

Due to Wolverine's disrespect and brash methods, Captain America stated that the X-Men better not ever get tired of him, because the Avengers would never have him. Later on, Wolverine and Storm investigated the recently bombed home of Sara Bailey and Logan sensed Scott Summers Cyclops and, the thought dead, Jean Grey Marvel Girl , which sent him into a berserker rage as he began to search for the woman he secretly loved.

On the anniversary of his wedding to Mariko, the team was abducted by Horde who wanted to use them as his lackeys in order to retrieve the Crystal of Ultimate Vision, of which he wore a shard on his forehead. As the X-Men progressed through it, the citadel created illusions of each of their most powerful desires. Only Wolverine, Storm, and Psylocke were able to resist. Wolverine reached the Crystal but Horde cut him down and killed him by removing his heart that he wanted to keep as a trophy. However, a lone drop of Logan's blood splattered on the Crystal, which gave out enough energy for Wolverine to be restored and reborn.

Empowered to godhood, Wolverine plucked the crystal shard from Horde's forehead and the tyrant quickly aged and crumbled to dust within seconds. Wolverine rejected the god-like power and returned the X-Men and their friends home, ensuring that the human race would be able to evolve to its full potential. The last time Logan had seen Charlie, she was working in West Berlin. It was a mission that Logan had protested, but Charlie insisted and her handler double-crossed her.

Charlie called for Logan's help and he understood that it was serious. After fifty Soviet operatives couldn't take them down, they sent in KGB agents that had been undercover for years and Wolverine's berserker rage finished them all. After the slaughter, all that was left was a little heart shaped pendant. Logan warned Spider-Man to stay away from Berlin and forget about Charlemagne, but when Spider-Man returned to his hotel, KGB agents killed Ned Leeds and were asking his involvement when Logan arrived and killed all of the agents and again warned Spider-Man to leave.

Logan tracked Charlie to a steel mill just outside of East Berlin and the two stay together for a while. When the couple went to dinner at The Ganymed on Friedrich Strasse, Spider-Man arrived to inform them that everyone in the restaurant was an agent wanting to kill Charlie, a fact that Charlemagne and Wolverine already knew, and a gunfight broke out. After losing Charlie in the fight, Wolverine and Spider-Man attempted to track her down, by getting to her marks before she did, but were always one step behind.

After the pair split, Charlemagne called Wolverine to a Soviet cemetery at Teptow and he understood that she wanted him to end her life, so that the Soviets wouldn't have the chance to torture her. After flinching, Wolverine pulled too much and Charlemagne was bleeding to death. At that time, Spider-Man arrived and attempted to stop Logan from killing her. A brutal fight broke out between the two. While on top of Spider-Man, Wolverine stated Spider-Man would have to use all of his strength to break Wolverine's neck, while he would just have to lash out his claws to kill Spider-Man.

At that time, a government chopper arrived and the two split. In the confusion, Charlemagne sneaked up on Spider-Man, aware that he was tense, and he gave a punch of super strength, killing her. Charlie died in Wolverine's arms and the agents left. After giving Spider-Man a fake passport, the pair returned home.

The X-Men then decided to track Storm, but on their way they were attacked by the Hulk, which prompted Wolverine to face his old foe. The fight between Wolverine and the Hulk ended on the stalemate and after the Hulk decided to leave, the team resumed their track and finally arrived at Forge 's Eagle Plaza , in Dallas , Texas , where they were attacked by the Freedom Force.

After the initial battle, a rift opened in the sky of Dallas and a chaos ensued of different weather patterns right next to each other and beings and creatures from the past appearing and attacking. The X-Men and Freedom Force formed a temporary alliance with each other to save the citizens of Dallas, until Colossus, recently recovered, decided to enter Eagle Plaza.

After gaining access into the Starlight Citadel , the X-Men battled the Adversary and, after Rogue absorbed his power and opened a portal to seal him in, gave their life to imprison the Adversary, with a spell used from Forge. However, the Omniversal Guardian, named Roma , restored the X-Men to life and freed the Adversary, under the notion that there could be no order without chaos. The events had been broadcast over a live television news feed and the world believed the heroes to be dead. After being resurrected, the X-Men decided to use the opportunity to go underground and keep their rebirth secret.

While the world believed the X-Men to be dead, O. Chase decided to drown his sorrow in a bar while remembering a time when he, Logan, Dazzler and Henry Gyrich stopped the drug dealing mutant, Vladimir Zaitsev. When a man in the bar disparaged the X-Men and Dazzler, Chase threatened him and made he and the rest of the bar's patrons toast Dazzler and the X-Men's memory.

Roma appeared and presented them with the Siege Perilous , a gem that created a portal which granted any person who walked through it judgment and a new chance at life, with a new career, home, and so forth, she also informed them that she had magically made them invisible to any sort of mechanical perception. After finding Dave Chapel in the desert tortured and dying from exposure, Wolverine returned to Madripoor, perhaps the first time since Seraph's death, to the Princess Bar , and saved O'Donnell from thugs of a crime boss, Roche , while searching for "the Tiger.

After stating that he did not like crime lords, he let Tyger Tiger choose her own path. Tyger responded that he had won her heart and the two kissed. While rescuing an agent of Mariko's, Kojima Noburo , Logan killed Banapur Khan and his pirates and found-out about the Cult of the Black Blade 's quest to steal the Muramasa Blade , a blade that all who wielded were possessed by its demonic essence, except for the one warrior destined to be its true master. Holding the sword, a voice came from within the Black Blade, telling Patch that he and the Blade were destined to be one.

Patch was tracked to the Cult's hide-out and Lindsay stopped him from killing Jessica, by snipping him in the head. After fighting the Silver Samurai, Patch fought the influence of the blade and gave the sword to the Silver Samurai. The X-Men were too conflicted with killing the human hosts and Wolverine was captured and implanted with an embryo again.

Once again, Logan's healing factor fought-off the transformation in time for him to kill Temptress , freeing Psylocke, and kill Harry, ending the Brood threat. After the initial battle, Longshot was lost and Wolverine followed him to another dimension. The Marauders fled and, as the X-Men gave chase, they found themselves also battling a demonic invasion of New York , slowly becoming demonic themselves.

The Goblin Queen locked herself, Nathan, and Jean inside a psionic barrier. Both the X-Men and X-Factor's combined efforts seemed to be futile in an effort to break through the telekinetic bubble. The invasion was thwarted after Madelyne committed suicide in combat with Jean, attempting to kill everyone in her power, but the X-Men and X-Factor protected each other while Jean protected Nathan Christopher. Sinister was attempting to erase all of Jean's memories, until Jean defeated him on the Astral Plane. Following Mr. Sinister destroyed the school. Shortly after, Logan left the X-Men with no explanation and returned to Madripoor.

After following the scents of suspects for a murder case, Patch ran into Karma , of the New Mutants , working for her uncle, who was attempting to overthrow Tyger Tiger, and made an uneasy ally with Police Chief Tai. After informing Tyger that he would not assassinate or kidnap for her, Patch and Tyger were beaten by Roughhouse and Bloodsport and rescued by Karma.

Patch had General Coy at his mercy, until Prince Baran intervened and, [] thanks to Lindsay, considered them all honored guests of his. The Prince offered that Tyger and General Coy worked together, to stop a power vacuum and warzone in Madripoor and Patch convinced Tyger to accept. Next, Patch began his quest to save Karma from her uncle's service, but was sidetracked when he learned that disrupting General Coy's drug activities planted a target on the General's head and Karma needed him to help her find her missing brother and sister.

Patch accompanied Xi'an Coy Manh to the airport to witness the arrival of Joe Fixit, who Patch smelled right away and recognized as the Hulk. Remembering his first "birthday gift" from Creed, Patch saved a couple from being mugged and was later targeted by the thugs. After escaping an attempted hit, Patch tracked them to the Princess Bar only to find them dead and a note from Creed reading "Nobody kills you but me - especially today.

Patch then returned to San Francisco with Jessica, when Archie Corrigan asked for help with his mentally unbalanced brother, Burt Corrigan , who was in danger of losing his inheritance.

While the trio was waiting for Burt, he suddently burst through a window, dressed as Indiana Jones, screaming that he needed help against Ba'al. One of the pieces was detained by Burt hence why Ba'al army was trying to kill him. Patch, Archie, Burt and Jessica managed to fight back against Ba'al army and escaped [] but soon after they met Ba'al himself and Patch tried to take him down but failed and as a result Ba'al recovered the piece of the Gehenna Stone from Burt and decided to head to Madripoor in order to retrieve the last fragment.

Despite the fact that Archie wanted to let go of this madness, Patch decided to go after Ba'al and his army and stopped them once and for all. After finally landed in Madripoor, Patch learned that Lindsay, Jessica and O'Donnell always knew that he was Wolverine and that the streets of Madripoor were now full of vampires. They also learned that Tai and the Madripoor police confiscated another piece of the stone that O'Donnel used to possess and gave it to the Prince Baran.

It was also revealed that Ba'al survived the plane crash, struck an alliance with the Prince Baran and let his army of "half vampires" invaded the streets of Madripoor. In the end, Ba'al crossed the Prince and retrieved the last piece of the stone, now complete he could create "true" vampires but Wolverine finally managed to catch up and fought Ba'al one last time. Ba'al recognized Wolverine as the reincarnation of the warrior of the legend also known as the "Hand of God" that killed him eons ago and shattered his soul. An angry Ba'al tried to kill him but Wolverine managed to destroy the stone and killed Ba'al once and for all.

Back with the X-Men, Logan attempted to comfort Havok after the recent loss of both the women he loved, Wolverine suggested that the men of the X-Men go to a bar in Sydney , taking the idea from Dazzler who took all of the women out. While at the bar, the four X-Men stopped an alien invasion of the many aliens in the Conquest.

Neutron Meltdown , who wanted to use Havok as a means to absorb the entire energy of a breaking down atom reactor and transmute it into himself. The timely arrival of Wolverine prevented a full disaster and after Logan killed the scientist, Alex redirected the nuclear radiation into space. For Alex's sake, Logan kept Scarlett's betrayal secret, as he was still trying to get over the back-plotting of Madelyne.


the dark angel upon her by kittie blessed dark angel upon her pt 1 7 Manual

Back in Australia, a man would ask Wolverine to go to the Savage Land, where he encountered a tribe of humans. Arriving in a lightweight plane, the tribe believed him a god, with the exception of Gahck , the tribe's female chieftain. Gahck challenged Wolverine to combat, and once it was established that he wasn't a god, he offered to help their hunting parties. Logan subsequently started a relationship with Gahck. When members of the tribe were captured, Wolverine discovered that a robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex would attack the tribe and take their members to a secret base.

Wolverine discovered that experiments were performed on the tribe members by Apocalypse , and after freeing himself and the captured Gahck, he battled Apocalypse, though it turned out to be a robot. In the Apocalypse robot's lab, Logan learned that the real Apocalypse was the man who had told him to journey to the Savage Land. After defeating the robot, Wolverine left the Savage Land and returned to Australia, despite Gahck's feelings for him. Unknown to Logan, Gahck was pregnant and a few months later their son was born. Back in Australia again, Logan decided to return to town but while here he was severly beat down and captured by the Reavers and Donald Pierce who then decided to hang him on a cross and tortured him.

While on the cross, Logan had several fever dreams during which he saw several of his friends and foes but also a vision of what was happening to the X-Men thanks to Gateway. Logan learned that without him and after Longshot quit the team and the recent events, the X-Men were weakened and Pierce and the Reavers intended to kill them when they were at their lowest. Psylocke knew the X-Men had no chance against the imminent attack, so she telepathically convinced her teammates to enter the Siege Perilous in order to save them.

The X-Men gone, Pierce was left more furious than ever and decided to take his anger on Logan. After Gateway showed him what happened, Logan was then confronted again by Pierce who decided to crucify him on a X-shaped cross, shortly after a powerful storm started which forced the Reavers to leave Logan alone.

In the middle of the storm, a young runaway mutant named Jubilee who secretly followed the X-Men for a while after they saved her from the M-Squad , witnessed what was happening to Logan from afar and decided to help him despite the fear of being caught and killed by the Reavers. But as she was approaching, Logan has had enough of the torture and amidst the thunder he screamed and unleashed the berserker in his soul.

Despite the pain, Logan managed to free himself and fell to the ground. Jubilee both amazed and affraid by what she saw, helped him get back on his feet. Jubilee hid the wounded Logan who had trouble to heal and who started to have hallucinations of Carol Danvers and Nick Fury after what he suffered at the hands of the Reavers. Disoriented Logan attacked Jubilee but she managed to knock him back with her plasma blast and he regained his sanity. Pierce angry that Wolverine escaped sent his hounds in order to track him down but thanks to Gateway, both Logan and Jubilee managed to defeat the Reavers and escaped.

Despite being part of the Reavers, Lady Deathstrike respected Logan as a warrior, so she decided to protect the Yashida's honor sword that Logan kept in his room from the other Reavers and let him escape with Jubilee because there was no honor in killing him if he couldn't defend himself.

After this adventure, Jubilee would follow Logan on several adventures and would eventually became like a daughter to him, much like Kitty before. Victorious, Logan decided to fight Pyslocke again but this time in physical combat which resulted in Psylocke plunging her psychic knife inside his brain again.

But this time, the effect was different, Psylocke regained her memories and was free of the mindcontrol. Together both Wolverine and Psylocke defeated the Mandarin and freed Jubilee and Ruth but unfortunately Matsu'o was able to escape. While they were tracking Matsu'o, the trio helped the Black Widow in Madripoor against the Hand just like Logan did way back in , and decided to take down both Andrea and Andreas Von Struker a.

Afterwards, Wolverine, Jubilee and Psylocke decided to leave Madripoor and to start looking for the X-Men which led them to Genosha where they rescued Rictor. Both Wolverine and Psylocke decided to go undercover and infiltrate Hammer's bay but along the way they were captured by the Genoshan magistrates and put on trial. Shortly after, Logan was forced to fight against Archangel but before the two men could kill each other, Jean Grey interned and stopped the fight. While he was in Madripoor, Logan under the disguise of Patch decided to have some drinks with his friend Archie at the Princess Bar but shortly after they were attacked by a gang of Yakuza.

According to Dai-Kumo, this fluid could cure cancer but also make all them rich, to that end the Prince Baran already agreed to suspend any governmental restriction since the Spider-Monkey was a protective specie native of Madripoor. Dai-Kumo agreed which is why he sent several yakuza to take care of one of the most obstreperous resident of Madripoor: Patch.

Thinking he was dead, one of the zakuza tried to finish Patch with a sword, but after being stabbed Patch awakened, broke the sword and defeated the rest of the Yakuza.

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Back at the Prince Palace, Tyger Tiger warned Dai-Kumo that taking actions against Patch would be foolish as it would disturb the fragile balance of power in Madripoor. She then asked Dai-Kumo to reveal what he was hiding from her but the Prince told her that it was none of her concern. Outside of the Princess Bar, seeing that Patch was gaining the upper hand, Dragonhead and his minions Eleven and Seven revealed that the fluid extracted from the brains of the spider-monkeys was also used to create a powerful drug named Thunderbolt making them unstoppable and after ingesting the drug they decided to attack Patch.

After a long fight, Patch managed to defeat two of them before their leader Dragonhead threw himself and Patch in the waters nearby and blew himself up with two grenades, Patch survived but his healing factor was overloaded, Tyger Tiger decided to take him to one of her safe house in order for him to heal but unknown to them both Goro and his associate Reiko followed them.

In a state between life and death, Patch had a vision of Jean Grey, he was able to remove the sword from his heart and came back to life just as Tyger Tiger and Archie came back to the safe house, Tyger then told him that Dai-Kumo had a warehouse in Madripoor, which was Patch next destination. At the warehouse Dai-Kumo and Dr. Reiko and Goro arrived at the warehouse and showed to Dai-Kumo, the photo of the dead Patch, their mission accomplished all of them headed to Osaka.

Patch now back on his feet was driven to the warehouse by Tyger Tiger, once here he discovered with horror a mountain of dead monkeys and one of the tribesmen who was also shocked by this discovery. The tribesman then felt that Patch was different, he was also a forest creature, a wild thing and he told him that Dai-Kumo headed to Osaka. To make sure that Dai-Kumo still believed that Patch was dead, Tyger Tiger gave him a drug that induced a state of catatonia so death-like that even doctors could be fooled and then placed his body in a coffin and sent him to Osaka by plane.

As he was about to attack Reiko, he recognized the smell of her flowers, he spared her and asked her to show him the location of her boss. Patch defeated all of Dai-Kumo enforcers before being confronted by the drugged wolf who recognized Patch as one of his own and decided to not attack him. Patch then went after Dr. Malheur who tried to kill him by making him fall in a vat full of the concentrated Thunderbolt drug, but as he was falling Patch caught Malheur and both men fell in the vat, Patch emerged alive saying that kind of drug had no effect on him while Malheur died a painful death.

Afterwards Patch discovered that Reiko had killed Dai-Kumo while he was taking care of the others, he then joined Tyger Tiger and Archie to their plane in order to get back to Madripoor. Sensing that there was something on his mind, Tyger Tiger asked Patch is he was okay, he answered that he was thinking about being trapped in a bad situation without any way out. Tyger Tiger then told him that not everybody got stuck, sometimes somebody managed to get out and as their plane was leaving Osaka, Reiko watched them from afar, she was now free thanks to Patch.

Back at the mansion, Logan was still suffering from his recent injuries, although he still decided to spar in the danger room with Gambit while Jubilee was watching them. During the session, as Gambit's eye blinked, the danger room went haywire and as a result Logan was confronted by an hologram of Lady Deathstrike. Wolverine was able to defeat the Lady Deathstrike but was still shocked by the sudden appearance of this hologram which reminded him of how Yuriko sacrificied her humanity just to have her revenge on him.

Lost in his thoughts, Logan let his guard down, Gambit then decided to strike Logan from behind and pinned him down to the floor while mocking him and savoring his victory. Shortly after an attack of the Shadow King, Wolverine and the other X-Men were teleported to space by Lyla Cheney in order to save Charles Xavier, while there they were confronted by Deathbird and the Warkrulls. Unfortunately, once they arrived at Muir Island, the X-Men started to fall under the influence of the Shadow King including Wolverine but thanks to Forge Logan was able to regain his senses.

Along the way Wolverine was confronted again by Gambit who was under the influence of the Shadow King but this time Logan got the upper hand, he easily defeated Gambit and pinned him down to the floor. Logan then found Jubilee who was also under the Shadow King control, and despite her not wanting to fight him, he decided to knock her out to make sure she wouldn't hurt herself. The X-Men then managed to defeat the Shadow King once and for all, freeing all the people who were under his control.

Strangely enough, Logan's healing factor wasn't defective anymore and was now good as new. But the X-Men couldn't celebrate their victory for too long, after a danger room session they were contacted by Nick Fury and learned that Magneto returned to Earth and started to pull out the nuclear missiles from the submarine he sunk a long time ago. After learning the news, the Blue team decided to stop him, during the fight Magneto was severely injured by Wolverine and had to retreat. Afterwards the Acolytes decided to attack Genosha which prompted the X-Men to fight them and defeat them.

Unfortunately for the X-Men, Magneto came back to Earth, helped his acolytes defeat the X-Men, took them as prisoners before kidnapping both Charles Xavier and Moira and bringing all of them to his Asteroid M. Back on Earth, the United Nations decided to activate the Magneto Protocols in order to destroy his Asteroid M with a plasma cannon, knowing that time was running out, Storm assembled her Gold Team and went to rescue the Blue team before it was too late.

Unfortunately, after the Gold Team infiltrated Asteroid M, Magneto used Moira to brainwash the Blue team in order to have the two teams fight against each other but the effects were only temporary and after a while the brainwashed X-Men remembered who they were. United again both the Gold and Blue team decided to face Magneto. As the two teams were ready to attack him, Magneto collapsed and learned the truth about Fabian Cortez and how he duped him. Cortez escaped from Asteroid M and told Magneto that his base was about to get destroyed by the plasma cannon and that his death would help him gather new followers all over the world.

Shortly after Asteroid M was blasted by the plasma cannon, despite the fact that he was dying from the wounds inflicted by Wolverine previously, Magneto used his powers to keep the integrity of his station intact until the X-Men could evacuate. Greatly troubled by his lost memories, Wolverine investigated the abandoned Weapon X Facility in Canada where he had been transformed years before. There, he started having flashbacks of his time with Team X and from when he was abducted by the Weapon X program.

After Logan learned that his memories were tampered, both Xavier and Jean tried to help him by removing some of his memory blocks but as a result Logan was overwhelmed and almost lost his mind. Professor Xavier told him that if he tried to remove Logan's memory blocks one more time it could be worse, Logan could lose his humanity. This revelation angered Logan and he tore off his brown costume and said he wasn't an animal but an X-Man. Logan then headed to Windsor, Ontario and infiltrated an old Weapon X warehouse where some of his fake memories were created, while here he inadvertently activated the artificial intelligence Shiva , which was designed to kill rogue Team X members and the top name on their list was Wolverine.

Logan managed to defeat the Shiva robot but another one took his place and Logan discovered that he couldn't defeat it the same way twice, but he still had the upper hand when suddenly the Shiva robot blasted him with a mind probe that made Logan relived every pain, injury and moment of agony of his past. Unknown to Logan, the fight between him and Shiva was watched by both Carol Hines and the Professor Thorton who appeared to still be alive but shortly after Silver Fox revealed herself to both Hines and Thorton and she killed Thorton with what appeared to be some claws.

Logan discovered that Thorton was dead and that Hines was still alive but also that before dying Thorton activated all the remaining Shiva robots and that their main target was none other than Sabretooth. While Logan didn't care about Sabretooth's fate the X-Men worried about the other targets on the Shiva's kill list.

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As a result of learning that many of his memories were implants, Wolverine became much darker which worried both Xavier and the X-Men. At the X-Mansion, Logan and the other X-Men were enjoying their afternoon by playing a game of basketball but shortly after several agents of the Hand and Omega Red attacked them, before falling unconscious Logan recognized his old nemesis and ushered his real name: Arkady. Cyclops and the other X-Men were alerted by Omega Red presence and decided to intervene, they managed to save all the captured X-Men except for Wolverine, only his mask and his costume were left behind by the Hand.

Once Omega Red condition stabilitzed, the goal was for the Fenris twins to use him in order to gain dominance in the upstarts and achieve immortality. Wolverine awakened from the drugs given to him by Cornelius but was still restrained with Omega Red taunting him, unknown to both men Maverick was also present and he switched off the lights, when the lights came back on, Wolverine broke free, took out the guards and was holding a strange canister.

To save Logan, Maverick decided to give him an injection of Neuro-Apinephrine which revived him and he started to remember that strange mission he did in Berlin alongside Sabretooth, Maverick and a double agent named Janice. Their mission was to put an end to the Soviet Super soldier program by recovering the C-Synthesizer, the only thing that could stabilize the powers of this new Soviet super soldier named Omega Red. As the team was pursued by Omega Red, Sabretooth killed Janice while the rest of team escaped. A operative. Maverick then remembered how their last mission in Berlin was considered a failure by the higher up because the team lost the C-Synthesizer after their escape, Logan also attacked Creed for killing Janice in cold blood and decided to quit the team afterwards.

In the present to keep his cover intact, Maverick just told Logan he was a representative of the German government, Logan knew that Maverick was hiding something but before they could do anything both men noticed a familiar face on one of Maverick surveillance computer: Sabretooth. Both Psylocke and Sabretooth found the location of Maverick and Wolverine and captured them.

She was just waiting to know the location of the C-Synthetizer. Fortunately, Maverick had the time to free Beast who managed to knock down Sabretooth and free the other X-Men who easily defeated Creed. After what happened the last time Professor Xavier tried to remove Wolverine's memory blocks, he decided to check Logan's mental state by putting him through several simulations in the Danger Room.

During the simulation Charles and the X-Men discovered that Logan was slowly letting his animal's side taking over to the point of howling. Once the simulation was over, Logan decided to head to the Cloud 9 Motel where he met Mystique. In the Morlocks tunnels, Albert managed to find and rebuilt Elsie Dee's body and their bomber, they were then joined by the Hunter in the Darkness. Back at the motel, Mystique asked for Logan's help against Spiral who lost her mind and begged Logan to not say her name out loud or she would appear.

Logan didn't believe Mystique and said Spiral name and as a result she suddenly appeared. Before Spiral could warn them of an imminent danger, they were attacked by Plasma Wraiths who they managed to defeat. Spiral then told them there was a problem with the space time and that everything was converging to the Crunch basically the end of time where the universe collapses into itself and ends. To fix this situation, Spiral created a vortex that transported her, Logan and Mystique to the future but also Logan's bike and Jubilee who was secretly following Logan.

Now at the Citadel at the End of Time, moments before the Crunch, Logan discovered that Mojo intended to exploit the Crunch for entertainment value. Jubilee who was also teleported to the Citadel faced against one of Mojo's slave: Abcissa wrap. In Canada, Elsie Dee and Albert discovered an ancient Native burial mound of bones but more surprisingly the remains of a Wolverine from another timeline. Back at the Citadel, Logan, Mystique and Spiral didn't have any other choice but to use a missile created by Albert in order to destroy Mojo while still letting the Crunch happened. Spiral and Mystique teleported to the present and in exchange for the missile, Elsie Dee, Albert and the Hunter in the Darkness were transported to the past in order to continue their investigation about the remains of this Wolverine from another timeline.

Albert fired the missile through the vortex and the trio was then sent to the past. After seeing the missile passing through the vortex Logan hoped on it and redirected it towards Mojo, at the same time, Jubilee discovered that Abcissa wrap was none other than a future version of herself who accepted to become Mojo's slave but Jubilee refused to become Mojo's slave and as a result Abcissa vanished. Jubilee then drove Logan's bike and saved him before riding out of the Vortex while the missile hit Mojo, which allowed the Crunch to happen and preserved the universe.

At the same time the remains of the Wolverine from the other timeline vanished too. After landing in Japan, Wolverine and Gambit were attacked by the Hand that they managed to defeat but as a contingency plan the new leader of the Hand, Matsu'o Tsurayaba, bailed Jubilee out of jail and kidnapped her. Jubilee met the assassin Reiko who was blinded by the Hand and who was tasked to kill her, in exchange Reiko would get her sights back but after Jubilee mentioned that she knew Logan, Reiko let her go as she was indebted to Logan. Shortly after Jubilee was found by Yukio who took her to her place while Reiko was promised amnesty with the Hand by Silver Fox in exchange for her help.

After the fight at the police's station Logan and Gambit decided to head to the house of the Yashida's Family and discovered that the Clan Yashida was besieged by internal dispute. Along the way Mariko gave Logan his old brown costume and he fought against Cylla again, this time defeating her. Unfortunately, both Silver Fox and Matsu'o formed an alliance and used Reiko to trick Mariko into being poisoned, after Reiko learned who was Mariko and what she did to the woman Logan loved she killed herself. Faced with a slow and painful death, Mariko asked Wolverine to end her life quickly and mercifully.

A heartbroken Logan reluctantly complied. After the death of the woman he loved, Logan spent the next few days sitting at her grave, even under the rain and despite Gambit and Jubilee's protest Wolverine didn't want to leave. After experiencing this memory, Logan agreed to leave but on the way to the airport he caught Matsu'o's scent, he then quickly changed in his costume and faced him.

Wolverine then vowed to Matsu'o that he would slice off a part of his body on the anniversary of Mariko's death until there was nothing left of him. The death of Mariko changed Wolverine's character significantly, making him even more disciplined and emotionally distant.

Shortly after Mariko's death and having experienced yet another flashback Logan decided to investigate his past with Team X. He finally found his old teammate John Wraith who triggered several of Logan's memories thanks to a Shiva's head and revealed that he managed to capture Sabretooth. After being joined by Carol Hines in his quest, Logan discovered that Silver Fox was still alive [] and to his surprise, Silver Fox despised him for something she believed he had done.

Psi-Borg overwhelmed them with his illusions, resulting in Carol Hine's death from an heart attack and in Silver Fox's death at the hands of Sabretooth. Sabretooth and Ferro both escaped afterwards leaving Wolverine with more questions than answers. After his previous encounter with Omega Red and the recent revelations from Aldo Ferro, Logan began to question the memories he possessed, but his quest to find his true identity and memories proved fruitless.

Logan possessed memories of being a samurai in Japan, a mercenary operative for the CIA, a "wild man" in the Canadian wilderness and he also remembered romances with Mariko and Silver Fox. Because of the deaths of both Mariko and Silver Fox and Weapon X's mental tampering, Wolverine suffered a mental breakdown. Nick Fury decided to help Logan and revealed to him that his memory with Silver Fox was real as Logan was brought to their old Cabin in Canada, Logan then decided to bury her in this place next to the cabin where they used to live.

Professor Xavier also decided to help Logan by unlocking a memory about "Terry Adams," but the process proved to be too much and Logan started to lose grasp with the reality and thought he was back to the s during his team X days and that he had to finish his mission. At the same time the X-Men managed to find Maverick and learned that "Terry Adams" wasn't a person but the code name of a mission in Russia that took place in a former Soviet space center in Tyuratam.

Soon after arriving at the former Soviet space center, Logan was able to find the super soldier created during the Cold War and more precisely during the space race between the US and the USSR: Epsilon Red He revealed that Logan was sent to kill him at the time but Logan couldn't do it, despite Epsilon begging him to kill him because after the experimentations he suffered he couldn't feel anything anymore not even the touch of his wife but his wife on the other hand begged Logan to spare her husband's life.

Epsilon Red then used his powers to burn the memory implants from Logan's mind and unlock his memories but unfortunately the process was only half successful and some of Logan's memories blocks proved to be impossible to break. Logan then decided to help Epsilon Red to go "home" which means to the stars so he helped him him smuggle aboard a space shuttle so that he could live among the stars. It was later revealed that the daughter of Epsilon Red named Elena managed to recover some memories from Logan's mind thanks to her latent psi powers and explained that after Logan left during the original Team X mission, her father also begged Sabretooth to kill him but Creed refused and instead killed his pregnant wife in front of him just to make him suffer even more.

As a result Helena was born by cesarean and swore revenge on Sabretooth. Due to extensive memory implants given to Logan through the Weapon X Project, any or all of these memories were suspect. Wolverine's adamantium is removed by Magneto. Shortly after Magneto was revealed to be alive and ater he unleashed an electromagnetic pulse across the earth which killed thousands of innocent people, Xavier and the X-Men decided to infiltrate his space station and stopped him once and for all.

Unfortunately for the X-Men, the fight didn't go as planned and as Magneto was about to kill Quicksilver , Wolverine intervened, he slashed him with his claws and saved Pietro's life. Magneto fell to his knees but quickly retaliated and used his powers to tear the adamantium out of Wolverine's skeleton, causing extensive injuries which almost killed Wolverine. As a result of his injuries and the loss of his healing factor, Logan left the X-Men for a time.

After he quit the X-Men, Wolverine travelled all around the world for a while, coming to terms with the loss of his adamantium and healing factor [] and faced some of his greatest foes along the way such as Lady Deathstrike [] and Bloodscream [89]. Logan then decided to go to Muir Island at the request of Kitty Pryde, in here he met Zoe Culloden and was attacked by Cyber who broke his claws. While on the run from Cyber, Zoe Culloden decided to give a portable television to Logan and showed him a video of Dr.

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Munoz discovered that Logan's mutation changed the properties of the adamantium and transformed it into what he called "the adamantium beta. It could be a major breakthrough in osteopedics but he needed more information and experimentation and implored whoever volunteered to the Weapon X program and to whom the sample labelled "Logan X 23" belonged to, to come out and lend his aid not only for science but also because he discovered a defect in this DNA that could caused Logan troubles in the near future.

Wolverine couldn't contact Dr. Munoz as his condition worsened, sensing he was dying, Logan decided to put his affairs in order, he went to Japan and saved Amiko from her foster family and gave her to Yukio saying one last good-bye to both of them. His affairs in order, Wolverine returned to Muir Island after receiving a telepathic call from Professor Xavier asking him to rescue the captured X-Men during the Phalanx invasion. Along the way he met again with Cyclops and Jean Grey, returning from their honeymoon and secretly the future and with Cable who also received a telepathic distress call from Professor Xavier.

All of them teamed up and went to Tibet where they managed to free their teammates. Shortly after Logan went to Madripoor with Gambit where they tracked Maverick, who revealed he was dying from the Legacy Virus and wanted Logan to kill him. Logan refused and told him it was the coward way out and that he should not accept defeat.

Maverick agreed but also pointed that Logan should listened to his own advice and not let his own illness made him forget his responsibilities. Gambit agreed with Maverick and told Logan that he should come back to the X-Men. As a favor to his friend James Hudson, Logan then went back to California to check on Garrison Kane and his girlfriend Copycat but along the way Logan encountered the mercenary known as Deadpool and was almost killed during their fight.

But fortunately after his healing factor finally returned stronger than ever and saved him. Logan then went after Deadpool but he managed to run away and after checking on Vanessa and Kane, Logan left them and returned to the X-Mansion. Before he could arrive at the X-Mansion Logan was confronted by the Ghost Rider who asked for his help against Ogun, Wolverine agreed and after defeating his old master he hit the road.

After a severe beatdown and hearing Sabretooth threatening to kill Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde and Jubilee, Logan snapped and thrust one of his claws into Sabretooth's brain almost killing him. Wolverine's victory against Sabretooth came at price as Logan could feel his feral nature slowly taking over and as a result he decided to live in the woods for a while. It also turned out that the presence of the adamantium inside his body slowed his mutation process down, his healing factor treated it like a foreign substance and tried constantly to expel it.

While wandering in the woods, Logan found the unconscious body of Maverick who was attacked by an organization which managed to capture Deadpool in order to experiment on him. Maverick asked for Logan's help and warned him that he might be the next on the list, Logan agreed to help him and together they saved Deadpool and defeated Slayback. As a payback for saving him, Deadpool sent some samples of his cells to Beast in order to cure Maverick's condition but Beast told him there was nothing to do.

While he was hunting a deer, Logan was surprised by Sam Guthrie and after doing a race with him they decided to go for a drink at the Auger Inn , but while here they met the Juggernaut who was still suffering from deliriums after his fight with Onslaught. Soon after Sabretooth who finally healed from his previous battle with Wolverine escaped from his cell and almost killed Psylocke. After this event, Wolverine finally decided to leave the woods for a while and went to Manhattan but to make sure nothing bad happened Guardian and Vindicator followed him.

During his travel, Logan met Dirtnap , a mutant with the ability to absorb living beings and take on their forms. Dirtnap killed a young boy and tried to absorb Wolverine, but Logan's healing factor saved him, Dirtnap was forced to absorb a rat and he managed to run away. Soon after Logan decided to go camping with the X-Men but despite being with his friends Logan could feel how his perceptions of people were starting to change, how he was now viewing them in a different light and more especially as prey.

At the same time Cyber was brought to Akaba where he was subdued by Tyler Dayspring and eaten alive by his death-watch beetles who ate his flesh and left only his adamantium behind. Having learned of Cyber's escape, Wolverine decided to investigate and along the way he met the inter-dimensional pirate Chimera. After escaping from his cell thanks to Tyger Tiger's help and killing the murderers of his friends, Baran was killed by Coy and Coy was killed by Tyger Tiger. After meeting Dirtnap again along the way, Logan went back to the ruins of the Landau Luckman and Lake office and went through a dimension portal towards Akaba where he met Zoe Culloden again.

All alone Logan met Jamil who led him to Genesis's citadel. Inside Logan smelled Dirtnap and attacked him but it was a trap and Genesis shot Logan and put him in a water tank in order to bond Cyber's adamantium to his skeleton and made him his new horseman. Sam was defeated and was about to be killed but to save his friend Logan decided to reject the adamantium and lost his humanity regressing to a feral like state.

Logan killed all the Dark Riders and then brutally beat down Genesis and killed him too, knowing that he lost his mind Logan told Sam to tell Cable he was sorry for killing his son, he then disappeared. Elsewhere Stick sensed that Logan lost his way and tasked Elektra Natchios to find him and helped him regained his sanity. The X-Men also learned what happened to Logan and quickly tried to find him and help him especially Professor Xavier who already lost Sabretooth recently and didn't want to lose Logan too.

Once the fight was over the X-Men took Logan back to the X-Mansion to help him while Elektra, who was hiding in the shadows, followed them. But the feral Wolverine couldn't stay at the institute and quickly escaped, wandering on his own [] until he was found by Elektra who quickly started to train him in order to get Logan back on his warrior path.

Unfortunately soon after Professor Xavier fell under the influence of Onslaught and attacked the X-Men [] and Wolverine decided to look for answers about the origins of Onslaught. Thanks to the help of Elektra and Gateway, Logan went to the astral plane and relieved the painful moment when Magneto removed his adamantium. He also discovered that after Magneto removed his adamantium, Xavier wiped his mind as a revenge for what he did to Logan. But during their fight some essence of evil within Magneto reached out and infected Xavier with a darkness that began to grow and which turned him into Onslaught after a while.

Logan blamed himself for what happened and seeing his older self made him missed being a man, but Elektra told him that wasn't true Logan was still a man. After dealing with the aftermath of this battle and making peace with Cable, Logan decided to finish his training with Elektra, first they headed to Alberta where Logan buried Silver Fox to pay his respects and then to Elektra's home in Greece. In here Logan met Stavros who told him about his revenge quest against the murderers of Elektra's father and how only one of them was still alive, a man named Sawyer.

But Elektra told him that revenge only brought misery and sometimes it was better to forget and forgive. Stravos also told Logan a story about a Corporal he respected during WWII, he didn't know his name, only his nickname: "Canada" and that he looked similar to Logan.

During the night, Stravos revealed that he already found Sawyer but after what Elektra said he decided to let him go but before Sawyer could leave, Logan caught him and warned him to never come back and to not go to the police or he would kill him. Unknown to Logan, the corporal Stravos was talking about was him all along, but because of Logan's feral appearance he didn't recognize him.

His training finally complete, Logan left Greece and went to Japan. In Japan, Logan decided to pay his respect to Mariko and then went to see both Amiko and Yukio, but to make sure he wouldn't scare Amiko he used an image inducer to hide his appearance. Logan saved her and fortunately Akatora's brainwashing disappeared after a while. Shortly after Amiko decided to run away from the temporary foster family Yukio turned her over to when she was on mission, but after Yukio learned the news she quickly contacted Logan and both of them tried to find her.

Logan managed to find her and learned that Amiko went on a quest towards the Golden temple where her mother brought her as a kid before she died. Logan decided to disguise himself as a thief and helped her on her journey towards this temple. After reaching their destination and discovering that the temple was only a ruin nowadays, Logan revealed his true identity to Amiko and told her that life is full of change and sometimes they are not for the best but not matter what she must always remembered her mother and kept her memory alive.

Amiko having finally learned her lesson decided to go back home with Logan. Shortly after Logan helped Shaman against a demonic bear and thanks to the lessons of Elektra, Stick and the Professor Xavier, he was able to defeat his foe not with his claws but with his hands. At the mansion Logan found a strange wooden box with a device which showcased an hologram of Zoe Culloden who asked him to look after it and warned him that something dark was coming, and that the timelines were converging around him so he needed to be ready.

Shortly after as as a final test an evil spirit appeared in the Danger Room and taunted Wolverine that he could resurrect Mariko in exchange of his soul but Logan refused and stabbed him. Stick then appeared and said that Logan made the right choice and that he was on the right path.

More determined than ever Logan took the mysterious wooden box, left the Mansion and headed to the East Village in Manhattan, in order to prove he could still live as a man. But before leaving he promised to the X-Men he would come back to the Mansion once he was ready. Now in town with his wooden box, Logan was adjusting to this new life and helped Clive Gooch and Elen Bach against some street muggers.

Logan decided to rent a room from Kristin and to find some work at the building construction site where Helen worked. Unfortunately a strange mime started to follow him around and tried to kill him, at the same time both Jean and Storm followed Logan and helped him against this mime. The trio discovered that the mime was possessed by an evil spirit and Jean managed to exorcise him but the spirit flew away and took possession of Helen. In Helen's body, the evil spirit revealed himself to be the same spirit Wolverine encountered in the Danger Room previously.

Logan decided to pursue the evil spirit while Jean and Storm protected the mysterious box, during his search Logan came across Daimon Hellstorm who warned him to protect the box at all cost and vanished. Soon after Logan was attacked by Lady Deathstrike who also wanted the box because it held a great significance to her and her family. During their fight, Logan discovered that Yuriko now possessed a cybernetic healing factor but after telling her that the box was given to him by Zoe Culloden, Yuriko decided to stop the fight as she wished to learn more about Zoe and the box.

Back at Logan's apartment Jean and Storm discovered that a strange light was coming out the box but before they could disovered what it was, they were attacked by the possessed Elen. Logan and Yuriko managed to lend a hand to Jean and Storm and Jean was able to free Elen, unfortunately the evil spirit took possession of Lady Deathstrike and used her new cybernetic healing factor to reshape her face into a devil mask before running away.

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{The Dark Angel Upon her} By Kittie Blessed (Dark Angel Upon her pt 1-7) {The Dark Angel Upon her} By Kittie Blessed (Dark Angel Upon her pt 1-7)
{The Dark Angel Upon her} By Kittie Blessed (Dark Angel Upon her pt 1-7) {The Dark Angel Upon her} By Kittie Blessed (Dark Angel Upon her pt 1-7)
{The Dark Angel Upon her} By Kittie Blessed (Dark Angel Upon her pt 1-7) {The Dark Angel Upon her} By Kittie Blessed (Dark Angel Upon her pt 1-7)
{The Dark Angel Upon her} By Kittie Blessed (Dark Angel Upon her pt 1-7) {The Dark Angel Upon her} By Kittie Blessed (Dark Angel Upon her pt 1-7)
{The Dark Angel Upon her} By Kittie Blessed (Dark Angel Upon her pt 1-7) {The Dark Angel Upon her} By Kittie Blessed (Dark Angel Upon her pt 1-7)
{The Dark Angel Upon her} By Kittie Blessed (Dark Angel Upon her pt 1-7) {The Dark Angel Upon her} By Kittie Blessed (Dark Angel Upon her pt 1-7)
{The Dark Angel Upon her} By Kittie Blessed (Dark Angel Upon her pt 1-7) {The Dark Angel Upon her} By Kittie Blessed (Dark Angel Upon her pt 1-7)

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