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Cate Fante is strong and sexy and wears designer suits like overpriced armor. She's just become a judge but leads a dark double life that she hides from everyone. Her cover is blown when a high-profile case in her When prosecutor Vicki Allegretti arrives at a rowhouse to meet a confidential informant, she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time -- and is almost shot to death. She barely escapes with her life, but cannot save the two others gunned do Everybody around lawyer Mary DiNunzio has decided she isn't allowed to be a Young Widow anymore, even though she didn't know there was an official cutoff.

Philadelphia lawyer Bennie Rosato has her eye focused firmly on the bottom line, especially since she has three dedicated young associates and a very pregnant secretary on her payroll, and she takes a professional risk, charging into a class action l She leaves town for the Fourth of July weekend to prepare for a high-profile trial, but when she buys her morning newspaper, her own Lawyer Judy Carrier takes the case of her career to defend Anthony Lucia, fondly known as "Pigeon Tony," who is arrested for the murder of his lifelong enemy Angelo Coluzzi.

When her client freely admits he killed Coluzzi because of a vendetta, Judy' Moment of Truth is the story of a man who frames himself for murder. When attorney Jack Newin discovers his wife dead in their elegant home, he's convinced he knows who killed her - and is equally determined to hide the truth. He decides to take th Nothing can prepare criminal attorney Bennie Rosato for her new client, Alice Connolly, accused of murdering her lover, a highly decorated police detective. Connolly, who bears an uncanny physical resemblance to Bennie, tells the astonished lawyer, " Criminal lawyer Marta Richter is hours away from winning an acquittal for her client, millionaire businessman Elliot Steere, on trial for the murder of a homeless man who had tried to carjack him.

But as the jury begins deliberations, Marta discovers Then, without warning, a savage murder tears the firm apart. All evidenc Whether it's poker or trial law, wisecracking Rita Morrone plays to win, especially when she takes on the defense of the Honorable Fiske Hamilton, a prominent federal judge accused of sexual harassment. And it's no coincidence that the judge is her l To Philadelphia lawyer Grace Rossi, who's starting over after a divorce, a part-time job with a federal appeals court sounds perfect.

But Grace doesn't count on being assigned to an explosive death penalty appeal. Mary DiNunzio has been slaving away for the past eight years trying to make partner in her cutthroat Philadelphia law firm. She's too busy to worry about the crank phone calls that she's been g We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement.

Book List: 35 titles. Someone Knows. After Anna. One Perfect Lie. Most Wanted. Every Fifteen Minutes.

The Lisa See Primer

Keep Quiet. The Best American Mystery Stories Don't Go. Come Home. For the past fifteen years I had specialized in auto accident psychological trauma treatment and I decided a book on that topic was much needed. Lisa helped me develop a first-rate book proposal, and worked with me to develop my platform, which helped me attract a top NYC literary agent. Lisa helped me overcome self-doubt and many dark nights of the soul anxieties as I moved ahead through the uncharted territory of publishing.

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I now blog for Psychology Today, have given numerous talks at the Michigan Brain Injury Association and physical therapy recovery programs, and have been invited to keynote and speak at numerous conferences and courses. The big news, however, is that I received multiple offers from publishers, and signed a book deal with Rowman and Littlefield. Lisa Tener is a joy! I had written an entire rough draft, but was floundering with where to go with it, and what to do next. The process of writing a proposal is so different than writing my own material, I was lost and stymied.

She broke down each section in sequence, which stimulated my own research and refinement of the draft proposal. Having her go over the drafts of each section, I think, made it successful. She is consistently rated among the top instructors, and her excellent advice and spot on editing has helped many physicians publish important books. We highly recommend Lisa Tener as a teacher and workshop presenter. She has been presenting at our center for years and every evaluation is positive. I have been fortunate enough to participate in one of her programs and her information is clearly presented with great handouts.

She has great breadth and depth of knowledge and meets students where they are. A true find! Lisa Tener saved the day when one of our panelists on social media and publishing could not make the Ocean State Summer Writing Conference in Even before we had a topic, the committee asked her to come back as a featured speaker this year. Her wise and practical advice inspired attendees to break through their fears as they take the next steps towards entrepreneurship.

Tara C. Lisa Tener is an animated and informative speaker. She has been our keynote speaker twice and both meetings attracted record crowds. She drew people from the surrounding states. They knew, as I do, that a presentation with Lisa Tener would be educational and revealing and would provide a practical outline to successfully write your book. She easily cuts through the complexities of the publishing world. You could feel the excitement building in the room as attendees envisioned holding their published book in their hands.

She has the experience and talent that can make the difference between having a good submission packet and one that is professional and gets results. And I was absolutely right! Highly talented and intelligent, Lisa can juggle a variety of concepts, projects, and personalities while remaining warm, upbeat and on the ball. Lisa Tener is an ideal radio guest.

She hones her message for the particular audience and often gets call-in questions, which she fields with aplomb. Lisa gave us direction and found us the perfect writer. Kelly captured our voices and vision and ran with it—down to the finest detail. She conveyed how deeply we care about helping people put together retirement strategies that bring peace of mind. The book is exceptional and the relationship Kelly established leaves us wanting to write another book just so we can work together again! Lisa Tener is more than a book coach.

She is a book coach for life. After encouraging me on my book concept, she found a fantastic editor, a marketing person who is an Amazon guru and a speaking engagement. And… she is still there — four years later — supporting, advising and helping me to sell my book, My Family Record Book.

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I thought I would need a ghostwriter. However, after finding Lisa Tener on Google, Lisa found me the perfect book coach and editor in Stuart, who also does ghostwriting. In my case, though, it turned out it was not a ghostwriter that I needed.

The Client List by Alice J. Woods

The words were in me. I needed someone to listen, coach and massage my words—and Stuart provided exactly that. My book went on sale in December and I sold 8, copies before Christmas! Thanks, Lisa for connecting me with Stuart and providing your ongoing support over the past year and a half. I knew I had a memoir in me but I did not know how to bring it to a place where I could share it. Lisa was kind, understanding, and encouraging—and her feedback and editing strengthened my memoir.

His straightforward yet humorous manner pushed me to publish A Stroke of Luck along with an award winning website. The book and website have led to dozens of high profile speaking engagements and other opportunities for me and for my daughters. I highly recommend Lisa Tener — a one stop shop of abundant ideas to get your message out to the right people. Two weeks later I signed a contract with For the Genius Press.

She is excellent and knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend her. Writing Workshop, University of Dayton. Two offers and a book deal with Prospect Park Books My book, a travel narrative about living in Vietnam among the poor, was hard to write. Quick, Responsive and a Delight to Work With! You need Lisa! Multiple Offers Scott Symington, Ph. She helped me make sense of the publishing world, build a platform that would get the attention of publishers, and develop an engaging book proposal that popped. I ended up getting multiple offers and was thrilled to sign a book contract with New Harbinger—the publisher I had always hoped for when I set out to write the book.

Featured in NYT, Today. I brought a copy of my book to the semi finals pitch and gave it to the judges — it seemed to enhance my credibility. And then we made it to the finals. First Draft in Just 7 Days! Now, Published. Stephanie O'Leary, Psy. Author of Parenting in the Real World. I walked away with a clear vision for Parenting in the Real World , tremendous inspiration and the confidence to follow my dream of becoming an author. She exceeded all of my expectations and her down to earth style helped me relax and trust in the process.

I felt supported, respected and knew that Lisa valued my work as much as I did. Published; Approached for a Second Book! Signed contract with Jessica Kingsley Publishers! Through one coaching call, she honed my book idea, gave me feedback on my title, and gave me the strategy for how to market my message.

I self-published within the year, and then it got picked up by a publisher! Patricia Hoy Author of Arts Awareness. Once I started working with Lisa, my efforts became more focused. Lisa helped me understand and refine my book proposal and I signed a contract with GIA Publications with the help of an excellent attorney Lisa recommended. In the final stages, while encouraging me to evoke my own voice, Lisa nurtured my confidence as she helped me shape, edit, and hone the manuscript. Her guidance is invaluable.

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I contacted Lisa Tener wondering whether I needed a ghostwriter or editor. She asked the right questions and was also a great teacher. I learned so much from her and became a better writer.

Lisa is definitely the go to person when it comes to drafting your first book. Lisa goes out of her way to over-deliver. Update: Stuck with Mr. Wrong won 4 book awards! An Energetic Shift—and Published! Jane Bernstein co-author Author of Saving Richard. Oceans of gratitude, Bridget. Multiple Offers from Publishers! James Zender, Ph. Author of Auto Accident Trauma. Landed Big 5 Publisher Dr. Book Sold at Auction to Workman Publishing!

Lisa helped me get clear on my bigger career goals and path, which opened up my thinking about the book I truly wanted to write. Lisa truly knows publishing, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to take the next step in their writing career. Lisa has a warm, engaging style and a wealth of knowledge around writing, publishing and platform building.

Lisa has continued to offer vital support around networking and platform-buiilding. I am launching series of experiential workshops, available nationwide, on Facing Death with Grace. The first in a series of blogs based on themes from my book was recently featured in The Huffington Post.

Lisa did a fantastic job—asking savvy questions, drawing in listeners and callers, and living up to the high standards I set for Reading with Robin. I needed to reboot my life and took a leave of absence. It was a humbling, scary, uncertain time requiring a huge leap of faith. Through rest, meditation, therapy, Brene Brown courses and Danielle LaPorte teachings I became clear that I was out of alignment with my core desired feelings.

I wasn't being honest with myself, for that matter. I had been eating my discomfort and plugging along. The inner work I did during the reboot has come to be known as Brave Wisdom in my circle. Committing myself to self-care and honesty about the negative feelings I didn't want to admit to has radically changed my life. My core desired feelings are now guideposts for living. I am 85 pounds lighter and more engaged at work and at home. My goal is to help you re-imagine your life and let go of thoughts and behaviors that undermine you, so that a renewed and fulfilled you can emerge.

With extensive experience as a coach and a vast history of client success, my individualized approach will help you attain your goals and live the life you desire! It is about listening to your hearts desires and being supported in your plan to reboot your life into what you want it to be. I have been there and back.

The Client List (Book One- Lisa) The Client List (Book One- Lisa)
The Client List (Book One- Lisa) The Client List (Book One- Lisa)
The Client List (Book One- Lisa) The Client List (Book One- Lisa)
The Client List (Book One- Lisa) The Client List (Book One- Lisa)
The Client List (Book One- Lisa) The Client List (Book One- Lisa)

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