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Skein of Shadows

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    Aven Liberator. Aven Mimeomancer. Aven Mindcensor. Aven of Enduring Hope. Aven Redeemer. Aven Reedstalker. Aven Riftwatcher. Aven Sentry. Aven Shrine. Aven Skirmisher. Aven Smokeweaver. Aven Soulgazer. Aven Squire. Aven Sunstriker. Aven Surveyor. Aven Tactician. Aven Trailblazer. Aven Trooper. Aven Warcraft. Aven Warhawk. Aven Wind Guide. Aven Wind Guide Token. The only way we were able to advance this plot was to Intimidate her and threaten to eat her spirit friend, which bizarrely caused no evil alignment shift. Doing so let her leave with Lady Daniyarra and gave us access to her room where you can find some more treasure.

    On the very southern side of the city you can find another newly-opened home. Head inside and speak to the inhabitants after quicksaving. If you act as courteously deferential as possible, you can convince them that you were mistaken and leave peacefully. These spellcasters will drop some nice loot for you. If you do so, you can head to the red-robed merchant just inside the town gates, spend 10, gold for the cart, then walk outside and speak to the Shous again.

    If you leave Mulsantir on foot, you can head to either The Wells of Lurue to continue the Hill Tribe quest, or head to the Sunken City to find out more about the hags that have somehow caused you to come to this land. Obviously someone wanted to free it. These bears guard the Wells of Lurue. You'll be coming back later to drink deep of the water here. The spirits here are none too pleased with Okku, and demand to kill him. If you get the "That your idea of justice, not mine" choice, you can take it to earn some influence with Gann.

    Feel free to devour one of them if need be. Gann may need to be in your party to obtain this quest. It would appear that she really has gone crazy, and has created an image of Gann in her head, or otherwise some spirit is acting upon her. Alternately, you can try to intimidate her and make the dreamscape an even more unpleasant place to be. Doing so will drive the girl mad, and cause her father and a number of his spiritual allies to attack you. What happens now depends on whether or not you have Okku in your party. Wipe them out, then choose how you wish to deal with the younglings to end the quest.

    Zinoviy and his gang will set upon you if you happen to set upon them. Regardless, you need to take out the whole group. In order to head to Ashenwood, you need to speak to Vaszil, a boatman at the harbor. When you arrive in Ashenwood, help the two barbarians here to destroy the elementals that are attacking them, then speak to Nadaj.

    You have no choice but to head inside and speak to her, but Dalenka will rudely dismiss you. Speaking to Nadaj again will reveal a number of problems that you can help with. Lastly, a telthor sanctuary has been overrun by intruders. Head out into the woods and fight your way to the large tree in the middle of the forest. Apparently, the spirit of a druid once protected his dwelling place, but it was removed by your spirit-eating predecessor. You have some options when dealing with the frost giants. You can kill them, sure, but you can also challenge the jarl and attempt to take his crown. Striking at the giants as they grab the crown will let you repel their challenges until the real jarl comes.

    That will let you instantly kick all of the frost giants out of your own clan and thus clear the grove. With that done, examine the nearby Sacred Pool. Take it, then place a single volatile Spirit Essence into the pool. You can find the Ceremonies of the Hunt book on one of the men, which will describe a ritual that you can partake in to gain the favor of the forest. Your goal here is to find surviving members of the party, though. Click on him to advance the quest a bit. With that done, return to the corpses that you found earlier and tear off a piece of cloth from one of them, then return to the dog and show it to him.

    Okku will be able to question him and finish off the quest. Kill all of the treants here, then speak to Gnarlthorn. The Cinders are the other item that you need to invoke the gods in support of Gnarlthorn. There are plenty of enemies in the woods, so be mindful of their presence. If you have the Legendary Blood from the Predator Cave, nab that as well. Now, when you manage to make it to the Red Tree, you have two options: you can use the Bark Cinders and the Blighted Leaves on the Pure Sanctuary Water or on the Legendary Blood simply right-click on the former in your inventory and apply them to the latter.

    Performing the former ritual will shift you towards Good, while performing the latter will shift you towards Evil. This guy was apparently rebuked by the Wood Man at some point in the past and has been cursed to remain in the grove here, but has since found the means to begin burning it down. Ah, fire. What can't it do? When you speak to the Shape, you have the choice of helping him burn down the grove, which will presumably draw out the Wood Man and force him to face you, or attempt to extinguish the fire.

    Doing so will net you the Jar of Condensed Orglash Essences, which can be applied to weapons in order to make anything they touch freeze. We personally chose to burn the grove down, which entailed casting fire spells on all of the tree roots nearby. Siding with Yurkov is a good action; allying yourself with Ferala is bad. If you do side with Yurkov, you may have a reward waiting for you back in camp, but siding with Ferala at first will allow you to kill both of these guys.

    Ferala will drop the Grasp of Earth heavy armor when killed. To the southwest, near the exit to the Burning Grove, you can find the entrance to the Predator Den. Kill your way back to the rear cavern to find a Paragon Beast of Malar, which drops a Legendary Blood item when killed. Head inside, being careful of traps, and fight off the Orglash that comes your way. We managed to finagle a Brilliant Spirit Essence by devouring its soul, so you may want to perform that action on it.

    There are a few other Orglashes in the cave, including some nonaggressive ones near the bheur; you can use your Provoke Spirits feat on them to make them hostile. This is a Chaotic action, however. You'll need to melt this ice to help out the hag. Head outside the cave and cast fire spells on the ice, or use a fire-imbued weapon. One way or another, this quest will end up with your obtaining the Jar of Condensed Orglash Essences, which is key to putting out the fire in the Burning Grove.

    Move near the Mosstone with Gann in your party and hit the R button to enter your dream. After a bit of bantering, the spirits will attack you. When the spirits are dead, accept the mask fragment from the woman who looks like Safiya. That will start the Fragments of a Mask quest, which will last for quite a while. Nadaj believes that Dalenka is a spy, and is somehow tied to the disappearance of the Wood Man and the deaths of the berserkers.

    She wants you to foment an insurrection by speaking to the five remaining berserkers at the post and turning them all against Dalenka. Volomer will only join if three of the other berserkers have already joined the rebellion. With a little talking to, he can likely be brought over to the side of the insurrection. No matter what you do here, you'll wind up having to take down all of the outpost's inhabitants. Soresko is much less credulous than Odesya, but can still be threatened or wooed to your side with a good conversation skill.

    Goryen will likewise require a high conversation skill to bring him over to your side. Dalenka can be quickly taken down if you focus on her, while Kozlov is a bit tougher. Unfortunately, after you eliminate Dalenka, Nadaj will return and set the remaining berserkers onto you. Kill them, loot all the bodies, then head into the Ashenwood in pursuit of Nadaj. Nadaj has…changed. Nadaj waits at the foot of the great ash tree.

    Tip: If you have Okku in your party but are interested in playing as an evil character, you may wish to part ways with him before talking to Nadaj. Nadaj will attack, and be quickly cut down by your party. Unfortunately, the trees in the area will begin spawning numerous elementals to attack you. Press Z to check out the Genius Loci at their bases; you need to attack each of these loci in order to prevent them from issuing elementals. Attack the four small loci and the big one on the ash tree itself. That will cause the Wood Man to appear.

    The conversation is pretty lengthy, but boils down to two choices: you can try to channel your own energy into the Wood Man to restore his health, or attempt to just eat the old bat. Doing the former is a Good action, and will net you the Bestow Life Force ability, which should make it a lot easier to reduce your Craving level in the future. Using that ability is also a Good action.

    Sucking down the Wood Man's essence will cause Okku to turn on you, so dismiss him before the fight if necessary. You'll also gain the Wood Man's essence, which says that it can be bound with another token of tainted nature to make a staff. We tried to enchant it with the Large Charred Branch that was found in the Burning Grove, but nothing happened.

    Return to Sheva Whitefeather with news of your victory. One way or another, this quest will end when you speak to her. Check the corpse and the beetle mound for items, then speak to Fentomy on the shore. If you do wait until dusk, a Shadowy Portal will appear. Head through it and explore a bit. Fentomy is here, as well, and offers you a deal. These guards are the least of your problems here.

    First you need to actually get inside the building: that will entail clearing out some of the other petitioners in the area. Count Crowroost: On the Shadow plane side of the beach here, a small imp stands guard over a coffin. Inside lies Count Crowroost, a vampire. Barring that, you can try to Intimidate him to leave. Telthor : If you have Okku in your party, he will want to drive these Telthor off from the area; they apparently have been corrupted by dwelling in the shadow plane.

    Uthraki : The Uthraki here are somewhat hostile to your presence, or at least they were to us, since we killed the Hill Tribe in the Wells of Lurue. There are three groups of petitioners inside the Coveya that you need to deal with if you want to reach the Coven. Gawatha : Gawatha is an orc shaman that has come to ask the Coven about a boy in his possession, named Kepob.

    You have some options here: you can simply attack Gawatha, if you wish, which will net you some experience, gold, and a peculiar piece of medium armor. In our case, we traded for Kepob, who was added as a temporary party member. If you want to keep him alive, simply park him a good deal to the rear of any fights that you get in, and order your other party members around manually. Uthraki : The Uthraki group in the next room refused to bargain with us, and in fact attacked us as soon as they saw us coming, so we were forced to take them down.

    These undead are not in the mood for chitchat. Undead : Ankhriva the lich and his minions are first in line. Luckily, you can prepare yourself for this fight and choose when to become hostile. Keep your ranged attackers back, summon a couple of creatures to help you out, and go to town. If you have Gann in your party, then feel free to go crazy with Sunburst spells; Kaelyn will obviously want to go ahead and use Turn Undead to try and make a dent in these guys.

    Mistress : When you defeat the undead, speak to the guard and head through to talk to the Mistress. Kepob will run away at this point. No matter what you say, the Mistress will teleport you to the Skein when your conversation is done. You find yourself in the Skein at this point; an underground dungeon filled with flooded passages and discarded hagspawn. Must people always be trying to kill you?

    Luckily for you, your map is marked with some notable areas. The Sleeper is a woman who appears to be lost in dreams, standing nearby. If you can return to the Sleeper at this point the path may be inaccessible if you killed the earth elemental , then you can talk to her to enter her dreams. Nab the Swift Golem Legs off of the golem on the ground here before examining the elemental itself.

    This elemental isn't too difficult to take down. Be sure to use Devour Spirit on it to gain a Pristine essence. The death of the elemental will cause the Skein to begin to collapse. In order to do so, head to the northwestern corner of the map and proceed through the door here.

    In order to power up the machine, grab the Imaskari Globe from it. Touch it to a corpse nearby it needs to be a "fresh corpse" , then find the air elemental in the area, kill it, and use the Globe to absorb the essence it leaves behind. With that done, return to the Imaskari device and pop the globe back in. These devices are scattered around the level. When they're all activated, they'll open up a load of loot for you. You need to find the lever for it before you can turn it on. Remove the lever from the device that controls the elemental, then return with it to the northwest and insert it into the device here.

    Using it will turn the machine on, net you some essences, and reduce the water levels throughout the area. There are two other Imaskari devices of the same nature in the area, with one of them already containing a lever in its control device. The gnoll has the last lever, and is using it as a club. Killing the elemental will unlock the door leading to her chamber; completing the water-draining quest will open a shortcut around the door. If you have Safiya in your party, try to have her cast Mind Blank on the party before heading inside. If you managed to cast Mind Blank, though, everyone should be able to safely ignore the aura and attack away.

    Gulky is tough, since she'll possess one of your team members and probably force you to kill them. Play along with the fiction here to earn some influence with Gann. No matter what you do, Magda, Jasper, and the audience will attack you. Kill them and speak to the actors again to open a portal moving onward. You can choose to visit the prisons of any of them. Freeing any single one of the prisoners will let you move on. Bard : Durler in here wishes to play a game called Hells with you.

    With a lot of work, you can cash out Durler, but the difference between winning multiple rounds to cash him out and letting him win is a scant 2, XP. This makes a walkthrough relatively difficult to write, but luckily all you really need to do is just lose and watch Durler walk out of the tavern to move on. Mindflayer : The illithid here has been trapped in a mine prison, and needs to escape from the clutches of the githyanki that patrols. We managed to do this by simply heading directly to the west from the start, and then head directly to the north, but we may have just gotten lucky.

    Windelhelm: If you like listening to people talk, then you can step into the fray between Windelhelm and Enzibur in his dreamscape. Windelhelm made a deal with a devil to achieve greater power, but now wishes to reclaim his soul.

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    Unfortunately, Enzibur has him under contract. If you want to complete this encounter, read the contract carefully, ask Enzibur and Windelhelm all the questions that you can, then inquire with Windelhelm about the tasks that he was supposed to perform. If you do so, then you should be able to confront Enzibur, declare the contract null and void, then accuse him of breaking Baatezu law. Apparently Windy wished his master to disappear, but Enzibur instead killed him, thus causing one of the conditions to be met.

    One way or another, you're going to be fighting your way out of here. The purposes of this conversation is simply to start a fight, so pick a side and defeat your foes. Bishop will never dump a load of cargo again. Before you talk to any of them, though, you can enter the dreamscapes of the remaining thralls here and attempt to rescue them; that will eliminate them from the upcoming fight if indeed there is a fight. The conversation that ensues will be significantly lengthy; you can expect to spend a goodly amount of minutes in dialogue.

    If Gann is with you, you can get a big influence bonus by agreeing that his search for justice is necessary. The hags won't take kindly to your eating of their dream. After you get the information about Lienna and Nefris from the hags, you can inquire more about different subjects of import to you, such as what happened to your companions at the end of NWN2, the location of the Sword of Gith, and so on. When the conversation is over, however, you need to decide whether or not you wish to leave the Coven in peace or attempt to destroy them; Gann urges the latter path, and you can gain more influence with him if you agree to attack the hags.

    If you fought them, then all of the petitioners and guards will be hostile to you. Ask him to open the fourth gate so that you can reach the Thayvian Academy, then head through the portal to do so. Buff yourself thoroughly before proceeding up the mountain here. The archers here hit pretty hard, so try to take them down with spells and your own ranged attacks before moving too far down. The wyverns here will cast a debuff on you, but it will fade away after a turn or two, so no need to use Restoration on it.

    There are a couple of maverick fire elementals here that you can use Provoke Spirits on if you happen to need to eat some souls. Make your way to the front gates of the Academy, bashing the doors down if need be. There are a number of quests here on the first floor, so start getting them. Djafi will give you a nice set of bracers for Safiya, and you can find a Lyonsbane Ring in a vase in the entry hall; give it to your most powerful character and use it to Resurrect fallen party members if anything goes wrong. Nefris is dead, but her tower here in the school may hold some clues as to what she was up to.

    Head there and attempt to find out how she communed with Myrkul. If you come across enemies in closed classrooms, try to lure them out into the hallways to kill them one by one.

    Skein of Shadows: Fiend Fighter available on Mobipocket!

    If you enter the southeastern room and kill the three students there, you can loot a Mysterious Device from a table inside. You can also find a few shades in the closet off of this room, should you need to devour a spirit. Master Inarus, on the eastern side of the classroom floor, asks you to devour a soul or a spirit in front of his class. Devouring a soul is, obviously, an evil act, while devouring a spirit will negatively impact your influence on Okku.

    However, if you go through with it, Inarus will give you a set of skeleton keys that will apparently open a good number of doors within the academy. Which, of course, means that you should head downstairs and open it. If you head inside, Inarus will appear behind you, blocking your exit, and start to buff himself up. Kill him to end the quest. Remove the hammer from the table, first off, then place a golem head, arms, legs, and torso onto the table, along with a Volatile Spirit Essence. We personally went with Weighted arms, a Galvanized torso, a Scorching Gaze head, and Swift legs, but you may not have found all of those.

    When everything is in the table, right-click on the hammer in your inventory and use it on the table to create your golem. The golem fights can be an entertaining and profitable diversion. Before starting the fights, be sure to try and talk to the golem. You can also cast buff spells on the golem, so be sure to load it up with Stoneskin, Barkskin, Spiderskin, and so on. You can repair your golem in between each round by speaking to it, but our souped-up model actually managed to win all five rounds without ever taking damage, so hopefully the model that you construct will be as hardy.

    Note that you can make side bets for the final round of the match. Or something. Just get to solving the damn puzzle, already. Anyway, the solution to the puzzle is pretty simple: attack all of the obelisks in both of the rooms to cause them to start arcing lightning out.

    When you do that, opening the door will cause lightning to kill a random mephit. Keep clicking on the door lever until all the mephits are dead, then pick up and drop the bodies so that all of the red mephits are in one room, and all the white mephits are in the other. The Soul Repository is at the center of this area. This will be important in some of the upcoming quests. The consequences of taking more than your alloted souls out of the repository can be…drastic. As a note, there are a ton of soul housings in the repository itself, but you can only check out one at a time.

    If you attempt to leave the room with more than one housing in your inventory, the defense system will activate which is worth checking out at least once and return you to the repository. Pretty handy. Unfortunately, if you attempt to come back to the upper level, you'll wind up getting warped into the defense mechanisms, so try not to do this unless you need to. Find these quests and complete them to find all four of the souls that you need, then come back and unlock the door.

    Both of these latter locations will give you quests. Poor Bebtu, he's gone and lost his soul. Ammon Jerro lies, soulless, in the corner of the same room as Bebtu. They have his soul, but require a decent amount of goods in exchange for it: 50, gold and three souls of the students of the academy.

    If you manage to succeed in an Appraise check, you can knock the price down to 20, gold and two souls. Gann can also make this deal if you fail the Appraise check and you have a high enough influence with him. You should be able to find two soul housings on this floor, each of which will contain the soul of a student.

    If you need a third soul, you may try to find one in the soul repository we think is a student soul , or you can build the ultimate golem and enter it in the tournament upstairs. Ammon's just as surly as ever, but he'll be handy to have around. Ammon Jerro, when revived, acts as an information source for the end of the NWN2 campaign. Pump him for info, then ask him to rejoin you. They have some pristine and brilliant essences for sale, so nab those if you like.

    They want a soul of a rich, poor, self-centered, and selfless individual. Head up to the Classrooms level and speak to Master Poruset, the golem-esque teacher who experiments with souls. He can take two souls and attempt to fuse them together, and will do so for you if you pressure him enough. With the note that he gives you, head to the Repository caretaker, then nab souls and 91 from the stacks and bring them back to Poruset.

    Only by refracting the light through Safiya will you be able to complete this puzzle. What you need to do is take the activation orb, place it on the hotbar of one of your characters, then place Safiya into the focusing site between the obelisk and the first mirror. Use the Hold command to ensure that Safiya stays put, then head through the level and ensure that the beams can reach their final destination by rotating the mirrors. Bring Safiya to the receptacle and have her speak to the image to receive the Incomplete Soul. You can speak to him for as long as you like to learn a bit more about your curse, and how it came about, but no matter what you do, Araman will leave, with seven instructors remaining behind to take you down.

    You can talk Djafi out of his role in the upcoming battle if you choose correctly in the options, however, which will leave you with six spellcasters. Casting Mordenkainen's Disjunction will let you drop most of the protections of these spellcasters. Djafi will probably be the first one to die, assuming you managed to convince him to join you; most of the enemies will attack him first, leaving you relatively unmolested as you cut a swath through the casters.

    If you can survive a rest and need to rebuff, you may want to do that now. Myrkul has seen better days. Killing them will yield the usual essences, while Sarduris will also drop the Deea pouch, which will hurt your Wisdom and Diplomacy scores and match them with equal contributions to your Strength and Intimidate scores. Slaying Myrkul will also net you the Ravenous Incarnation ability, which lets you turn yourself into a fearsome creature of the night.

    Using it raises your craving, but allows you to attack with a pair of claws that have a chance to steal spirit energy from spirits and creatures with souls. The dank hallways are barren, except for the presence of the Myrkulites; worshipers of Myrkul that are looking for the same person you are. To the west is a teleporter; step on it to fight some elementals, if you happen to need more spirit energy. The teleporter here will lead to a room with Spiritwalkers in it, and an awesome shield for clerics in a chest, but the teleporter that leads onward is to the south of the obvious one.

    Araman, along with his Mykrulite cronies, are waiting for you before the door that leads to the Founder. Araman and his cronies are tough, so be sure to call in some backup before approaching. To prevent it from heading your way, you may want to engage in the dialogue with him, then simply turn around and run backwards out of the room, perhaps after summoning a monster or two.

    When the situation stabilizes a bit, head back into the room and get to work. Araman is just another spellcaster, so any sufficiently powerful melee character will be able to take him on. Kill him and his men, then loot the bodies. Head through the door here to speak with the Founder. Safiya and she will converse first, and Safiya confirms something you probably long suspected.

    This is another ultra-lengthy conversation, so take the time to soak up all the information that the Founder provides you. Killing Safiya will reduce your influence with Safiya by something like points, enough to turn her completely against you, even if she still remains in your party. Even though we were evil, keeping Safiya on our good side was well worth the thought of having the Founder running around in a tomb.

    A thousand years of living has taken its toll on the Founder. Either way you go, the Founder will give you the true Silver Sword of Gith, which will be a pretty powerful weapon to put in the hands of anyone who can use it. You can also find the secret room behind the exit portal here to find the Mourningring and the Thayan Knight Halfplate, both very good magical items.

    After heading through to the Veil, feel free to return to Shadow Mulsantir, or, if you need spirits or to resolve any unfinished quests or stock up on new items, return to Mulsantir itself and continue on from there. You should have obtained two Mask Fragments in the game thus far: once from encountering Bishop in the Wall of the Faithless, and once from sleeping by the rock in the Immil Vale. Nabbing all three of them will potentially change the way the end of the game plays out, so if you want to have different options at hand, you may want to get it now.

    To do so, head to the northeastern corner of the Wells and drink from the pools there after buffing yourself and Gann. This last dreamscape will hold the key to saving Akachi permanently. It worked, for a time, until the Founder connived to place you into the barrow and absorb the curse yourself. When you defeat the creatures here, speak to the boy to learn that he is Araman as a young man. Do not click on them here, though. If you do, and loot the urn, a spirit will appear. The first room you enter here has locked doors to the west and south and an unlocked door to the north. This should be the first one you head through.

    Kaji can pretty easily pick the locks leading on through here, but be careful. Damn vampire monks! They always show up when you least expect them to. Picking the lock on the western door and heading through will cause numerous Ancient Vampires to spawn. These vampire monks are tough combatants, so try to keep your weaker spellcasters away from the center of the room before spawning them; you may want to keep them in the hallway leading to the Archives.

    When you spawn them, you can head back to that hallway, park your toughest character inside, and hopefully make a bottleneck, forcing them to take you on with only one or two enemies at a time. Splitting the crowd up will make it easier to take down all of the enemies. This is the time when your romance plots with any of the characters in your party will come to fruition. If your Influence with your teammates is high enough, you may be able to declare your love for one another and gain a special Romance feat.

    You arrive just outside the City of Judgment, where Zoab, a fallen angel, stands in waiting. You'll probably see some fireworks before you even get inside the city. Move forward toward the gates and attempt a parlay. You have multiple options here, including attempting to Intimidate or otherwise speechcraft the defenders and convince them to run off without a fight.

    This is no small choice, as it will greatly effect how the rest of the game plays out. If you side with the defenders, Araman will join you as a fifth party member, fully controllable and outfittable. If dropping a dragon without any problems doesn't convince you that you're powerful, we're not sure what will. The Tome of the Dolorous Sage is located in the northwestern vault.

    You have the option of destroying it or retrieving it. You'll be able to see a lot of the groups of enemies before they see you here, so take advantage of it. Rammaq also promises to send a useful ally to you when you locate your soul. Presumably finding one tome but not the other has a somewhat intermediate reward.

    Yep, another big fight. He should go down quickly against your epic might. Accept Araman as a helper, then speak to him and accept his quests. A number of waves of Hezrou will appear here, insistent on entering the city. With the numerous helpers you have here Ammon Jerro will probably cast Epic Gate if you rescued him earlier , they should be easy to defeat.

    Hit these enemies with as much firepower as you can at the same time. Despite his threats against you, Zoab and his men will simply wait for you across the way, allowing you to make the first hostile act. Buff yourselves, then move up fairly close to them and cast a few Hellballs their way. Araman can cast it, and either Gann or Safiya may have learned it as well, depending on your level-up actions; if not, cast something like Meteor Storm on them. Last up is Rammaq. Start moving from vault to vault here, killing his minions. As you might expect from a demilich, he wields some pretty impressive spells, including Hellball, but after his guards are down this should devolve into a spanking.

    The Scrivener is inside. You can find the Wall on the southern side of the map when you enter the map screen. Kelemvor himself will appear before you here. He appears not unsympathetic to your cause, and though he disagrees with your methods, will allow you to approach the wall. Kelemvor is unable to intervene in your quest. Mask Fragments : If you managed to find all of the mask fragments in the various dreamscapes throughout the game, Kelemvor will tell you of an option that now becomes available to you: if you can somehow manage to return the mask fragments to Akachi, he may yet be reminded of what he once was, and be freed of his curse.

    If you sided with Rammaq before and gave over the two Tomes to him, his minion, Blademistress Sorona, will be waiting for you here. Stand next to her while you buff; you can cast Stoneskin on her, if you like. The wall will counterattack with golems and laser beams, of all things. Uh, not so fast! It would appear that freeing your soul has simply allowed the beast that Akachi has become to devour your soul from within. Quickly make your way through the Manifestations here. Your goal here is pretty simple - find and kill all of the Manifestations of Hunger before they manage to kill all the fragments of your soul that are wandering around, in the personifications of the followers that you had back to NWN2.

    This can be easy or difficult, depending on your class; fighter characters will find it pretty easy to kill a Manifestation with just a round or so of wailing on them, while casters may find it more difficult to take them down quickly. Summon helper creatures if you can to help in the battle. When all of the Manifestations have been defeated, head up the hill to face the Faceless Man. Kill him and move on. Take advantage of this and pelt him from a distance with a powerful spell before engaging him.

    West Harbor has been the scene of battles before, but nothing quite like this. When you defeat the Faceless Man a second time, the Founder will appear to you, and lay down the law on how things are going to go after your final encounter with the Faceless Dude. If you happened to reunite the Mask of the Betrayer, then you may attempt to remind Akachi of what he once was, reform his essence, and restore him to life. Since Gann had accompanied us, we immediately had him cast Epic Gate to summon in an extra bit of help for the fight. Ah, the loving embrace of a demon's wings.

    This guy will be a big help against Akachi if you can cast Epic Gate. Akachi is a tough enemy indeed, and even incredibly well-geared characters may have a tough time with him. He deals negative energy damage, so if you have any equipment or spells that protect you from it, you may want to use them now.

    Something like the Bracers of the Inner Planes or the Deathless Diadem, if you happened to kill Rammaq, might be useful. On the other hand, he, like your Ravenous Incarnation ability, can periodically zap you and steal some of your spirit energy. You can use it as often as you like here, with no cooldown, but using it will prevent you from doing anything else for a turn, including attacking, but you will wind up doing a good deal of damage with each blast. As the fight progresses, Akachi will shed parts of himself and create minions of himself.

    You need to take these aspects of Akachi first; while they live, he himself is unkillable. Kill them while whatever summoned creature you have keeps Akachi busy, then return to attacking him. Repeat the process until Hunger is dead, then focus all your fire on Akachi to finish him off. With Akachi lying at your feet, all that remains to be determined is what action you take. If you choose the evil choice, be sure to bind the feat that you earn onto your action bar and use it in the next fight. If you happen to have a weapon master, feel free to place it in your inventory and export your character to another module.

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