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Short and Sweet

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Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Article first published January , updated June What can we learn from this? Here are a couple of tips for getting the important bits of your email read: Keep it short — Interest in the content of an email diminishes as the email extends below the fold as backed up by this study , so cut the copy and keep the most important points of the message near the top. Optimize your headlines — As the first two words of a headline are the most important, keep them informational.

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If an introduction is necessary, avoid adding any important information to this section. Focus the message — Where possible, avoid covering too many topics and keep the message simple. Make it scan-friendly — Limit body copy to easily-readable paragraphs, preferably under 60 characters in width. Selectively use images to reinforce your message, as images often take less time to understand than words.

Align to the left — Notice how little attention the right-hand column of the email above is getting? Keep this in mind when designing two- or more column layouts. On On is a Swiss running shoe company that sells gravity-defying gear.

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Source: Campaign Monitor If less is more, On packed a whole lot in this email with the way everything is kept to a bare minimum. Here are a few lessons you can take away from this epic email: Keep your copy short and focused. While the copy in the email is less than 20 words, it says a lot. Use visual cues. Notice how the main shoe is pointing to the headline and call to action. This eliminates the need for more copy to draw the reader toward the main parts of the email.

Honorable Mention — The Real Santa. Best Documentary — Lost in Carranza. Outstanding Documentary — Below Average Brain. Honorable Mention — My Paintbrush Bites.

What’s your favorite trick for keeping your emails short and sweet?

Best Animation — Iskabittle. Outstanding Animation — Icons. Honorable Mention — That Snat!

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  4. Outstanding Local Film — Down Again. Best Student Film — Anything and Everything. Honorable Mention — Party of Two. Honorable Mention — Eternity. Best International Film — Hands Free. Outstanding International Film — Coward.

    Outstanding Horror Film — Dirt. Honorable Mention — Unexpected Company.

    See a Problem?

    Honorable Mention — Feelings for Her. They also take custom orders for special events, such as wedding or graduation cakes.

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    3. Short And Sweet, Yateley!
    4. We make cakes as extra as a Kardashian. The Birthday Experience available for pre-order or pickup eatassembly. Not only are their baked goods some of the tastiest in Toronto, but they look pretty darn good on camera. We hope everyone has an amazing long weekend!

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      In all seriousness, if you have a sweet tooth, I can pretty much guarantee that their baked goods will become your new obsession. DINE Magazine. Argentine Beef: Pride of the Asado. Food Not to Skip This Year.

      Short and Sweet Short and Sweet
      Short and Sweet Short and Sweet
      Short and Sweet Short and Sweet
      Short and Sweet Short and Sweet
      Short and Sweet Short and Sweet
      Short and Sweet Short and Sweet
      Short and Sweet Short and Sweet

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