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I took my year-old nephew to the Challenge Cup Final, teaching him the rules on the journey and he thoroughly enjoyed the whole occasion. However, without my involvement he would not have known that this event, or maybe even the sport even existed. The road ahead is challenging but I think that rugby league is on the cusp of grabbing more attention from media and commercial partners. This will be rewarding to see for the players and fans of this entertaining and inclusive sport and I am excited to join the RFL on this journey.

To get involved in the action, you can download the Our League app now:. The Rugby Football League RFL approached InCrowd to realise their ambitions to build a world leading membership platform for spectators, viewers and participants of rugby league. Plans for a membership website and mobile apps included exclusive content, member benefits, participation features, a ticketing integration, gamification and polls to help drive fan experience and return on investment for the RFL. InCrowd provided the necessary resource and expertise to ensure the deadline was met, resulting in the on time launch of the official Our League app and website.

One lucky member, Neil Cunliffe, and is wife were flown to watch England in the final in Australia as a result of finishing top of the membership leaderboard after the Quarter Finals. Since launch, over 12k Our League members have voted for their Man of the Match. These plans include a wider ranging comparisons within the player dashboard, a Betfred Super League to community leagues match centre, private predictor leagues, head-to-heads, coaching content and personalised membership experiences. The teams As Riccarton Knights prepare to mark their Club Day with a Massetti Cup showdown with three-time defending premiers Linwood Keas, Flashback Friday recalls the record-shattering grand final showdown between the clubs.

Canterbury Rugby League are pleased to announce the following players have been selected in the Canterbury 17s Training Squad. Players would also need to be available on Friday 12th July to travel.

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Canterbury Rugby League are pleased to announce the following players have been selected in the Canterbury 15s Training Squad. I've started the Rugby Portal. Please join in a unified effort to create the best sport section in wikipedia! There seems to be a clampdown on Wikipedia:Fair use which is causing much discussion at Wikipedia talk:Fair use. For example, the image I used to illustrate the Steele Retchless article is supposed to be replaced with a free image. Not sure that is actually possible so am disputing the situation in the image discussion page Image talk:Steele Retchless.

Anyone else facing similar issues with replaceable fair use tagging and what action have they taken?

Jbuzza , 12 November UTC. We have 2 articles on the same thing, and there's a lot of conflicting information. Could someone who knows the background behind the medal check both articles at Dally M. Medal and Dally M Medal and work out which version is correct? Perhaps the articles be merged into one as well.

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St George Illawarra Dragons do not have a hyphen - in their name. After some tedious work, St George Illawarra's page has been moved to reflect this, and all links corrected to this new address. Someone may consider fixing it. Seriously, from the NRL page, we've previously linked simply enough to pages detailing the pre history of the NRL, with the NRL's own history covered in its page, and appropriate historical references already being made.

What do you think? I seriously think the recent changes to the NRL page can go jump. Gonzerelli , 24 March UTC. What's peoples feelings about using info boxes in the players articles? I think there are advantages, such as providing a quick reference. I use info boxes a lot when looking at countries or cities, towns etc.

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Its possible people will want to visit a players page and quickly be able to tell how many games they've played, tries score etc. The task ahead of our selves looks like this. If this is worth while, I'll make the changes neccessary to get the show on the road. I've changed some things though, including the wording of the footer and changed "goals" to "points". It looks good too, but I feel a little bad because of how closely based it is on the football box.

This page summarises records created by this Organisation

Do you think that the Football Wikiproject will mind at all? Thoughts so far? A few things need to be addressed too:. Ok, I'm finally interested in making an effort in organising this project. I've made recent sweeping changes that I hope will help us to better be able to formulate and organise our ideas and better still, get people behind them. Also, I'd like some input into what I've changed and more importantly our Goals.

I've put a list of goals already up there. We don't wont airy fairy goals I'm looking for goals that are measurable. Something that's when done, we can cross it off. Any Suggestions of goals shall be voted on. I'll set this up with the votes section. We don't want airy fairy goals Something that's, when done, we can cross it off. I'll set this up with the votes section once some goals have been collected from you. Suggest some now.

Scrum, Ruck and Tackle: Rugby Football League Archive

I've noticed that a lot of people are updating pages with very recent NRL scores and other facts and figures. I'm not sure if this applies, but for those who have created the pages or are frequently updating them, perhaps you should read this page. These recommendations may need to be followed for this particular pages. User:Bradley has added too much information to the article in an "unwikipedia" style. There are a lot of suspicious images and the page is kilobytes long!

Most of the information may be even be copyright infringement. Something needs to be done. I have found reports on:. I urge everyone, to get on to this archive and search. Most of all, search for what you want. There are many thousands of reports on results.

Warning: The search only searches the articles via title and citations, not the contents of the article. User:Bradley has been creating problems with this article. The article is too large, and mainly paraphrases information at too much length from the Cowboys website. The problem is that any attempt to fix the problem, or leave a tag to fix the problem, are immediately undone. Furthermore, this user has vandalised the discussion page for the article by removing any comments that are negative towards it and other pages such as the Broncos one, where he removed a large section of text for no reason.

Do anybody have an idea for a course of action? It appears that some people in the Wiki Project group are stuck on setting out ways of interfering with other peoples articles. The idea of being a wiki project helper is to expand on rugby league articles not have them deleted or removed. Why is it such a crime to expand club pages to be informative? The Cowboys article for instance has history that expands over 12 years. Why is it such a criminal act to express that and show it?. I have even received congrats for my extensive work on this site and support from other wiki members that more people like myself should be involved in the helping of expanding other club pages.

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If people would leave the Cowboys article page alone then I would have enough time on my plate to address other wiki project issues. I would hate to see anyone else be targeted like I have been. You spend time and effort working night and day to expand and inform then have some wally want it removed or tampered with. If we dont record history then who will?.

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Long live rugby league. Long live the memory of what happened in the past so that other people can look back on what was history and understand what rugby league was like in the past. Especially the younger generation coming through who did not witness Seuper League or werent around in the "Simply the Best" era.

I think we should try and make an effort to have some consistency in rugby league articles in general from now on as well. Any thoughts?

From the archives: Lions v Blues

I've added a green scheme for one of the tables on National Rugby League. Should we convert all things on the project from blue to green or just stick with blue as it is?

Rugby League Archives Rugby League Archives
Rugby League Archives Rugby League Archives
Rugby League Archives Rugby League Archives
Rugby League Archives Rugby League Archives
Rugby League Archives Rugby League Archives
Rugby League Archives Rugby League Archives
Rugby League Archives Rugby League Archives

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