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Soon her body would touch the earth forever. When the cancer was satiated, she would pass into the soil from which the greenery would grow. I just want to feel what it is to be a flower. Beman searched the sky, then dropped his eyes to Millie. She sat perfectly straight, her hands neatly folded in her lap, eyes focused on a cone of purple foxglove hanging like tolling bells.


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He held out his hand. He held onto her, a safety rope on a mountainside, until she rested on the ground. She spread her arms and fell backward, her eyes closed with deliberation. The flowers seemed to catch and ease her down. The plants were warm, as if blood flowed through them.

The earth, cool and moist: a wet towel on a fevered head. Millie lay still. A breeze rippled over her as it fell from the trees—a cold front. She pulled one of the long foxglove stems down to her face and drank the verdant smell of a living death. The wind thundered. Often I will leave the document file open on the screen and duck in and out of my office as I get ideas for the next paragraph or block of dialogue.

Sometimes I do try to be more productive, setting daily word counts and deadlines. Sometimes cheese or chocolate. What are you working on right now? As always, I have several projects underway. Talibut Vish is a junior fiction story about a kid who appoints a parent tamer because his mum and dad are out of control. Rose from Toes to Nose explores what happens when a boy finds a strange object and starts changing colour. What are your favourite books or authors to read? I read an eclectic mix of fiction and non-fiction.

It depends on the mood of the moment. When I find an author whose books I enjoy, I read every book by at author. Apart from writing, what else is of interest to you? One of my greatest pleasures is losing myself in a story. At the moment I seem to be on a suspense binge. I also enjoy taking our Labrador Chloe for walks along the beach path. My main subject is flowers.

About Sonia. Sonia Bellhouse lives in Australia after spending her formative years in England. Published in multiple magazines both in Australia and the UK, Sonia has won two major awards in short fiction contests.

Her journey to publication is included in the anthology Writing the Dream published by Serenity Press. Sonia answered the following questions for us. Describe yourself in a 5-word sentence. Friendly, optimistic, creative, a storyteller. It feels like I have always written.

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In my teens I wrote and illustrated a satirical take on school and teachers. The pagenum element is not a required element. Electronic documents are often produced without page numbers. Such documents, electronic or print, should be produced without page numbers, exactly as they have been published.

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Using only the color black, experiment with a combination of different types and sizes of brushes to find the style that will describe each object best. Use light, thin brushstrokes to express any delicate qualities of the objects, and bolder lines where the objects appear heavier. Save and print for critique. Marker, 24" x 18" 61 x The brushstroke is the single most important part of their craft.

The Japanese often employ line in the interest of another of their passions, satire. Ink on paper, detail c. Tintoretto was concerned with turbulent and swirling light and action in religious scenes. Veronese emphasized the material beauty of marble, gold, textiles and other materials of superb quality and great expense. Like other Mannerist painters, he was adept at using perspective to create startling effects--such as looking straight up at figures on a ceiling or looking upward or downward diagonally.

He was so skilled at foreshortening that he had no trouble portraying figures in any conceivable location and position. Although the event happened in Egypt over three thousand years earlier, Veronese placed the scene in northern Italy--the Alps and a Tyrolian town are in the background--and peopled it with a sixteenth-century princess and her court. The basis for the painting is the hiding of Moses by his mother when all first-born sons of Israel were to be put to death by the Egyptian Pharaoh.

The princess, out on her daily walk, finds Moses in a basket in the reeds by the river bank. The flowing colors and spiraling, twisting figures are designed to lead the viewer's eyes to the face of the princess, even though the baby Moses is the reason for the painting. While Veronese leads the viewer's eyes along many paths, they always return to the face of the princess. Her light complexion is set off by the dark foliage behind her.

The arbitrary use of light, placed just where the artist wants it, is contradictory to the use of natural light so admired by Renaissance artists. The figures, which are full of action and motion, are placed in a Classical architectural setting. Christ is seated in the center and surrounded by men of high station and their servants. Rather than make changes in his painting, Veronese simply changed the title to one with less religious significance.

Academy, Venice. The basis for the painting is the hiding of Moses by his mother when all first- born sons of Israel were to be put to death by the Egyptian Pharaoh. Traits of species may change and may help the species survive. Some of these changes happen because offspring are not exactly like their parents.

The genes determine almost everything about how the organism grows. Since every animal inherits a new mix of genes from its parents, every animal is different. This kind of small change from parents to offspring usually is neither helpful nor harmful to the ecosystem. Some offspring may be taller than their parents. Some may have different-colored eyes. However, most things will be the same.

The dog shown on this page has the same organ systems as its parents. It has the same number of legs and placement of eyes. The dog's body has thick fur like its parents, though the color may be different. Some may have different- colored eyes. In what way do you think creating still shots from a video might increase an artist's creative choices? Large color photographs, nylon thread, video, and mixed media, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.

Binary refers to two numbers: 1 and 0. Think of a bit as an electrical switch: 1 is on, 0 is off. Of course, dots can be extended into lines, and lines can form images. Employing the power of the computer, he creates tantalizingly complex colorful abstractions. How do computer abstractions like this one differ from the abstract paintings in other media that you've seen in this book? Digital ink jet on paper, variable dimensions.

To contrast with Example 1, the pronounce attribute is set in this example. It works hand in hand with unity to create a pleasing composition. In an artwork with many repeated elements, an artist can introduce variety to add emphasis and meaning.

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Magritte created it soon after finishing art school, when he worked as a designer for a wallpaper factory. While the designs he would have created for wallpaper would focus on repetition to achieve unity, this composition introduces variety, yet remains unified. For example, notice how each human figure is different from the others in both color and shape.

On the other hand, the houses in the background have a similar color and shape. Where else can you detect the principle of variety in this artwork?

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Untitled The Horsewoman , Private collection. To classify organisms, the skills of observation and comparison are used.

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The team described hundreds of animals and plants. They also collected many samples of plants and animals. Later, biologists used the samples and descriptions to classify the organisms. First, they observed each organism carefully. Then they compared and contrasted their observations with known plants and animals.

They tried to place similar organisms in one group.

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A plant or animal that was very different from others would be put in a new group. Without a classification system, scientists might call one organism by different names. Or they might use one name for more than one organism. That could be confusing! By just knowing what category an organism is in, much can be known about it. For example, an organism classified as a plant most likely needs light to live. Draw a picture of two of them and label ways they are different and ways they are the same.

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Some are designed with whole-step or pentatonic scales, while others have complete diatonic or even chromatic scales. Marimbas can have a range of up to five octaves and can be almost nine feet long!

Pushing Down Daisies Poems and Illustration Pushing Down Daisies Poems and Illustration
Pushing Down Daisies Poems and Illustration Pushing Down Daisies Poems and Illustration
Pushing Down Daisies Poems and Illustration Pushing Down Daisies Poems and Illustration
Pushing Down Daisies Poems and Illustration Pushing Down Daisies Poems and Illustration
Pushing Down Daisies Poems and Illustration Pushing Down Daisies Poems and Illustration

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