Memories of a Distant Star (Love Stories from Heaven and Hell)

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After all, the presence of the skulls proves that there were others here before the Doctor. Noting how slow the Veil is moving, the Doctor deduces he has an hour before it arrives, so he starts digging. Sometime later, the Doctor is still digging, having not found whatever is buried, when he notices flies buzzing near him. Running to the nearby monitor he sees that the Veil is strangely standing in one place, staring at a smooth surface. The Doctor opens the door to leave the garden, only to discover the Veil standing on the other side. The Veil quickly tries to enter the garden, but the Doctor manages the force the door shut, and props the spade against the door in a way to keep it shut.

The Veil continues to try to force the door open a few more times, before walking away. The Doctor looks at the monitor and notes that the Veil has walked into the room with the missing section of the floor. Wondering where it's going, the Doctor looks around. The door is the only way in or out of the garden. Hours later, when night has fallen, the Doctor stops digging and looks up at the stars.

He frowns in confusion, noting something wrong with them, before resuming his digging. His spade hits something. Digging with his hands, the Doctor uncovers the missing section of the floor from the other room. At that moment, the Veil emerges from the ground nearby, having dug its way from the room to the garden. He tells Clara to ask him a question and she writes something on the chalkboard: "Tell no lies. The Doctor did note that it was when he admitted to being scared to die, that the Veil stopped.

But, it's not just the truth that the Doctor's captors are trying to get out of him. They want his confessions, the secrets he never tells anyone. The problem is that there are truths the Doctor can never tell, not for anything. But now he is scared and alone. Back in the real world, the Doctor confesses that he didn't leave Gallifrey all those years ago because he was bored, but because he was scared.

The Veil backs off and the castle shifts again. The Doctor quickly climbs out of the hole and escapes from the garden. The Doctor then makes another discovery.

Full text of "Stories on Heaven and Hell by Real People"

The castle is standing in the sea, alone, with no other land anywhere nearby. As time goes on, the Doctor uses his hand to tap out the seconds it takes for the Veil to walk from one side of the castle to the other, where he is, in order to work out how much extra time he can get before the Veil shows up again. He can get 82 minutes to himself if he leaves the Veil in one extreme end of the castle when he runs to the other extreme. Having some soup at one point, the Doctor wonders if the teleportation sent him to Hell; he shrugs off the idea "That's okay.

Hell's just Heaven for bad people. He has also noticed that most rooms after he has left them for a while, reset to the condition they were in before the Doctor arrived. The Doctor returns to the teleporter room and looks at the nearby console. He then notices that two cords of the console are attached to a nearby skull. Detaching the skull, the Doctor notices that its owner had written one word in the sand before he died: 'BIRD'.

The Doctor wonders what it could mean even asking if there are birds here , as he watches the word disappear from the ground. A wall nearby slides open, leading to a staircase. The Doctor uses the staircase, emerging at the roof of the tower. Setting the skull on a ledge, the Doctor looks around, knowing he is missing something. Earlier, he had located Room 12, but found a wall behind the door, meaning he has to give another confession to access the room.

The Doctor knows that the room is a trap of some kind. This whole thing is someone's game that the Doctor can't stop playing, a game that everyone who came before him has lost. Looking up at the stars again, the Doctor asks what is wrong with them. They are all in the wrong place for this particular time zone.

If he didn't know better, he would say that he has somehow travelled 7, years into the future, but he knows for a fact that he hasn't time travelled. As he ponders this, the Veil arrives, but before it can grab the Doctor, he mentions the Hybrid. Turning to face the Veil, the Doctor talks about the Hybrid. There were many prophecies and stories concerning it. One of the prophecies mentioned a creature called the Hybrid, who was half Dalek and half Time Lord, the ultimate warrior.

The All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell (Full Narrative Version)

The Doctor confesses that he knows that the Hybrid is real, that he knows where it is, and what it is. He confesses that he is afraid of it. When it does so, the skull falls from the ledge and into the water, joining all the other skulls already on the bottom of the sea. The Doctor quickly runs back to Room 12, to find that the wall has slid away, revealing a long hallway.

Walking down it, the Doctor finds a room, with a semi-transparent wall, with the word "Home" written on it. The Doctor realises that this is the final obstacle.

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Using the sonic sunglasses , the Doctor determines that the wall is made out of Azbantium , a mineral four hundred times tougher than diamond. He also determines the wall is twenty feet thick. He then thinks back to the word "BIRD", and that's when his memory snaps back into place. He tells Clara that he can't keep doing this.

Clara writes question three again. The Doctor asks if he can just lose. It would be easy. All he would have to do would be to confess the secret details of the Hybrid. Asking Clara again, why he can't lose, he sees that she has written something new: "No! The Doctor tells her that he remembers everything and that she doesn't understand. He can remember it all, every time, and she'll still be gone. The Doctor collapses onto a stair, finally letting out his grief over Clara's death. Suddenly, Clara is facing him and talking to him.

She tells him that he is not the only person who has ever lost someone. It's the story of everybody. She tells him to get over it, to beat it, to break free. She tells him it's time to move on. She tells him to get up and win. In the real world, the Doctor stands back up, seeing that the Veil has reached the hallway and is walking towards him. He apologises to it, saying he has no confessions left for it, but he will tell it the truth. Turning back to the Azbantium wall, the Doctor starts punching it, while revealing that the Hybrid is a very dangerous secret that needs to be kept.

So, instead of confessing the secret, he will instead get out of here and find the ones responsible for putting him in here. As he continues to punch the wall, he decides to tell the Veil a story from the Brothers Grimm. He continues to do so until the Veil finally reaches him and grabs him, severely burning him. As the Doctor collapses to the ground, the Veil steps back and vanishes. Inside the mental TARDIS, the Doctor says that Time Lords take forever to die, even when they are too injured to regenerate ; their bodies will try using all its regeneration energy to save them.

As he says that, in the real world, he starts moving again, crawling out of the room. As the Doctor makes his way back to the teleporter room, he reveals everything he remembered. The castle was created specifically for him. There were no prisoners before him. The stars weren't in the wrong places and the Doctor didn't time travel.

He's just been here a very, very long time. The Doctor reaches the teleporter room and stumbles over to the control panel. Since most of the rooms reset to their original condition, it's logical to assume that the teleporter room has also done so.

As such, inside the teleporter's hard drive is a copy of the Doctor, as he was when he originally arrived All he has to do is add energy to the teleporter to activate it, and the only energy source he has is himself. Hooking up the two cords to his head, the Doctor pulls the switch. Before he dies, he asks " How long can I keep doing this, Clara?

Burning the old me At that moment, the teleporter activates, materialising the new Doctor in the chamber, exactly as he was when he first arrived, including the state of his memories, continuing the cycle he has been in for the last 7, years, down to what he says in the same tone as he warns whoever brought him there that they will pay for Clara's death.

The Doctor continues to repeat everything over and over again, each time getting further into the Azbantium wall; he gets a bit more of his story out as the centuries pass. Each time, he is encouraged to continue trying to escape without revealing what he knew about the Hybrid; he continues to accept that he needs to keep fighting on to honour Clara's memory. Each time, he knows he has to keep fighting to find out who put him through this hell.

Over 4 billion years later, the Doctor is punching the Azbantium wall. Just as the Veil is about to touch him, the Doctor's last punch cracks the wall and reveals light. The last of the wall crumbles away, showing a white glow. Realizing the Veil hasn't killed him, the Doctor turns to see it fall apart, revealing it to be made of gears. Telling the mechanical creature his story is "a hell of a bird", the Doctor steps through the opening. Many a time she rued the … Mr. Bhagawan Krupa was the house next door.

The trees, with wet leaves, stood in silence and anticipation. A futile attempt! It was misty, windy and cold out side. Twelve year old girl Suneeta was lying on the bed unable to bear the uneasiness due to high temperature. She always had that effect on me. Several ancient oak trees can be seen on each side of the road. John's Hospital pronounced the verdict. Ram was terminally ill with Esophageal cancer. Each child is a store house of ideas. They can make impossible happen.

A dismal morning lending a dark, somber hue to the surroundings! From then on it was a steady race downwards to self destruction. And indeed it was a lovely house. A dream house. Bhargavi got down at the station. The students patiently listened to the lecture on Shakspear's 'Macbeth'. Above that it was Monday morning the hardest one to get up and go for work. Catherine Wormwood visited their home to see Lucy. On the very day, Mr. For last two months he was after my hubby dearest to get him a new cycle. Our office location in this street is obscured to people.

Praveen was in a hurry. Ray enters. As regards him, he loved being with me, though I could never understand why. I saw it in his eyes … Long-Ago- contd. Sumi, as always, was waiting near the verandah of her house. She was walking left and right; and then sat for some time. Will I see her again? Would I be able to display my feelings towards her? Not yup. The day was approaching towards an end. The rosy color had filled the sky and the sunset had its own transitional beauty.

Undoubtedly, he was her child and she was married. My brother was attending school. Back to Page 1 of the story A memory from his early years in teaching floated up. He rushed and pulled her arm.

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She looked towards him wondering what … Silent Love - contd.. I was named Ramanuj, but grandma always called me Ramu. Arjun was packing up his stuffs getting ready to board his train from Bangalore to Chennai for his summer vacation. Gita also got up as the sun rays brightened up her room. Nobody to bother her or keep her under surveillance as they always did earlier.

It was unusually wintery for February. His enormous wealth, palatial house, luxurious car plus servants at his beck and call made him think so. Did even Samir feel the change in their life in the last few weeks.. A feeling … My girlfriend wants me to become a Star! On a rainy day I was sitting at office without having a frame of mind to work. It was one of the best Expresso I ever had. Jaykar was sitting in the balcony, reading the Sunday Times. A miserable figure he seemed,lonely and distant! Bunty could not refuse. Bunty had a lot of respect for Yogida. Go Back to Page 1 of the story After five years, she decided to come back to Bangalore, the place where she always wanted to be.

There was a … The Marriage Fiasco-contd It was a respite from the hot months of summer. A woman's life is tied tightly to a husband not just for this life but for 7 lives to come. Is it really … Ranga Mess - continued The house was filled with visitors- some came with genuine concerns, others to mark attendance. Thick, dark clouds hovering over his paddy farm gave him tremendous relief. As a farmer … Music Matters Back to page 1 of Short Story That day Janaki went about her daily chores, with a light heart. In fact the happiness clouded his vision, … Home Coming-continued I was reading the morning news paper which was very fresh.

He was everything she had been waiting for. He was not too tall, around her height. He was not too fair, he was dusky. Brothers and sisters dancing on the latest bollywood songs preparing for the sangeet. Dad was probably in the next room, searching for her, calling her pet-name, 'Pori'. Its water level receding day by day as the summer heat became harsh. In the nine years as teacher, she had never once been late. Continued from page We all have it in us, to take each day and relationship for granted, to be rest assured that tomorrow would be good.

The man had great charisma — very macho, and very prosperous! The streets are decorated, lit up for celebrations, zealous crowds on street, loud noises, bright colors of the market area. Over the last few months, an invisible barrier had insinuated itself between them. As usual he had forgotten about it. There had been a lot going on. Though the elections were three months away, the excitement and preparation … If…..

Green chandeliers decorated the ceiling. Prita had taken her to her soul. In return she had searched out … The End of My Dreams. The last patient for the evening had left, and my helper was preparing to lock up.

A holiday read - 12 Days of Stories, Day 2: A seasonal love story

The pack was getting nearer and nearer. I told myself it was none of my business her crying in there, … A stranger in my house I told you I ran away from my village. I got into a … Is this Marriage? Mornings would pass by with him making a cup of tea for himself; and in the afternoons, he invariably turned to watch the news. This would exterminate … I am also human! The eyes followed her wherever she went. It was scary. She came out to dry the clothes and she could feel the eyes. Dozens of them all watching… watching…..

These days, she felt an unusual kind of loneliness; and understandably so. It was 6. Suddenly, there was an indication of heavy rain. Time has never passed so slowly. One minute seemed like a year. I was feeling uneasy and restless. K street seem to be in deep slumber, except for the occasional morning walkers who have begun to take strolls with a stick in … An evening that was.. Some moments are meant to be electric. Meant to be eternal. Meant to be subtle yet beautiful. It was one such evening. She would return early from office and they would sit chatting for hours.

Since then, I had been reflecting — approve or disapprove. When he got up in the morning, he just stared all the empty walls around him. Unlike any other day when the front yard is impeccably clean, today I could see dry leaves littered everywhere. Every shift into a new house would mean repainting the walls, … Status Regained - Contd They did me a world of good. My self-esteem as a husband zoomed. With the first shower of winter she looked forward to a new year, a fresh … How the hell! It was Saturday evening, probably the best evening for most of the people, because the next day is Sunday.

Back to page 1 of the story Deepa smiled. Vinod had always been a foodie with a great sweet tooth. It was only nine in the morning and he was behaving … Differently Abled - contd.. She was the loveliest girl in her class of thirty students. It must be something really important, for it woke him with a start. Rajaram had let out one portion of his house to one Mr. She too was thrilled. This was to be her elevation … An Animal Attraction-contd Return to Previous page An Animal Attraction Suddenly there was a roaring sound of a lion in the botanical park.

As I look into the mirror, my wrinkles are the only thing highlighted. Moni had attempted to commit suicide twice and no one knew why. The population of the village was about one thousand. The time was 9 a m. I was relaxing on my favorite chair and watching the cricket play of the children. He had heard it through a common friend. That day, I will consider my life fulfilled although I may not be there with you. May you grow strong … The End.. Noora stood there glued to the wall, her hair dangling and half of them clinging to the sweat-drenched face.

She was sobbing with fear. Everybody was waiting anxiously for the bride Irene. The sea was clean with its bluish-green waters, … That Girl It was a beautiful evening.

Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived

Mild and romantic wind blew all around. Atmosphere was set. What is love? I will never know the answer for that anymore. This is how you will … Divine Ant - Contd Back to Page 1 of the story The Angel was right. Midway through the walk Divine collapsed. He loved to live in the world of fantasy. He was five feet tall, with a lean build. That was the biggest toy in that Toy House. His heart wept like anything thinking of his helplessness to … Short Story "Hi!! Farhat put aside the novel she was reading and switched off the night lamp. They had waited for each other for eight long years.

Since the time this middle-aged lady shouted at him at the top of her voice, he has gone into hibernation. How could he have? How could he have believed that his father would support him no matter what? Most of the passengers were sleeping. Ganga was surprised to see Bhadra waiting outside the main door. The sight in front of her was no less chilling. Of course it is not true for all. I am in love! It was an ordinary Friday on campus. Two boys on the motorbike snatched a necklace and a brand new mobile simultaneously.

There was a lot of excitement and eagerness in my demeanour. The new girl was there sitting in her garden, playing with god knew who. She kept on staring at her. Breaking news!! Bandhabnagar is in headline… " "Give me one" "No, First me. Thank you very much. I still remember the date since she made do it. He gazed at it in wonder. The two neighboring countries started to exchange their war prisoners. The radio station for the people, by the people, to the people. We still have Mr. Azheb Sagar in the house. She was confused.

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

She was confused as she felt someone … Requiem or a Dream? Not rated yet Steven came to his room and threw away his bag pack in a dark corner of the room. He then crumbled into his bed and closed his eyes. He was the one she prayed for. Fatigue and jetlag seem to multiply as immigration formalities take up another 40 minutes. Mom is preparing my favourite dish for dinner. To her, she was only Amma. My work shift went overtime today. I needed the money. But now it was dark. The night was warm being mid-July. Wait for us! Jeff and Joe, the twin brothers were hurrying uphill.

I stopped. This sadness or frustration … The Hour Had Changed.. Not rated yet The two days of the week that I eagerly started seeking for were Saturday and Sunday. Strolling around gives me great pleasure. This is a leisure time hobby for me. Part I Waiting for a bus can be the most frustrating experience. He had no doubt that gentleman was related to some Ashram in the capacity of Spiritual Preacher.

His happiness knew no bounds. He was promoted as the Executive Director for Indian Region. She felt them follow her long black curls, severing each damp strand. Oh no! It was a queer summer night, a moonless one. Most of the pots were broken. Meena felt a pang when she saw the lone cactus plant in a corner bravely holding up. The waves breaking into the sea shore were enormous. Sea with all its magnificence is so deceptive. The shops had opened, the tourists were enjoying their … Embryo of Faith - contd Not rated yet Back to page 1 of the short story Intervening into the altercation, Subramaniam tried to ease the mother-son duo.

She tossed and turned in bed. Not rated yet Back to Page 1 of the story They watched quietly for a few minutes, then another peahen flew into the lawn. Not rated yet She smacked me square on my back. I winced a little in pain and glared at her. Radha also accompanied her. Andrei has since been grappling with enigmas that that moment had given him.

Cushions with … The Petroleum Fire-contd Not rated yet Back to page 1 The children got terrible scolding and grandma blamed grandpa for prompting them. He enjoyed the scenic beauty — the sun rising above … The Strange case of dying Calves-contd. Not rated yet Back to page 1 of the story One evening, there was a fair in Roygada.

He sighted a boy in red sweater. Smooth and glossy, it shone as she walked into the place. Water was splashing continuously on the window pane making it difficult to see the outside environment. Shreya was waiting for someone. As she walked to work, Meera bit her lip to keep from crying.

Not rated yet I slept more than I could to let go off that vacuum that I felt since I was back to Atlanta after my recent visit to India. They loped, or rather, ran steadily , they were not in a tearing hurry… they knew …. I was quite puzzled by the question. Read More. Get a swimsuit on sale in the clearance section at Swimsuitsforall. Get yours today! This means that if you click through them and make a purchase, IWW will be paid a small fee for referring you.

Nandan was a Tamilian and Pavani …. Electricity was a treacherous friend in …. Just a Housewife..! After a few more monitoring and blood tests, she was …. It was the …. Vinuta was disappointed for the behaviour …. She thought …. I am standing right at the main …. She loved the game and it thrilled her every time …. One day, I saw a …. I was both excited and …. Just five …. The …. Her mother, Kanchan, was …. Something about the quiet detached look …. I trodded through the compartment until I reached …. He had also lost interest …. Oh, Really! The feeling the excitement, the euphoria that sets in that you will achieve what not so ….

His eyes were never leaving the girl,who was having …. Somewhere in future! The absence of your dear son and …. Suddenly, one young man holding the smartphone on …. The sun was at …. They were happy …. I was jogging within a greenish complexion and suddenly …. It is a relation that most of you would hardly …. Don't you …. The curls in her hair were flowing in the …. She had stayed …. The flight …. He sensed something wrong and gently nudged her ….

She had just bumped into sweet sixteen; she was so full of verve and vigor that anxiety …. The ground has six pitches, most of them occupied during summer evenings by local teams …. Luv zigzagged between …. She was one of the team that swept the roads and gutters, cleaned out …. The arrangements …. The sole reason being that …. Mrignaini was shocked to know that the elderly couple had expired ….

Many young people rushed to the canteen, the seniors usually had their tiffin packed from home, so gathered in the pantry …. Life had so …. He was happy …. She was …. Everything was …. That area has …. My favourite melodious ring tone grabbed my attention amidst my busy work …. Did the Goddess …. The final exams were on the way in less than a month and some students were really ….

Life …. He was …. The various figures of Gods and Goddesses, skilfully sculpted, painted in bright hues adorned …. His Dad never remarried, instead his life revolved around grooming Dipak …. Razavi, with a meaningful smile on her white …. Had it not been for the noise, the white something would …. Unable …. In our duty roaster every month, one of the staff nurse were …. He was the official …. Anu …. Everyone knows it …. The lady who was young, ….

Jobs have taken us to Bangalore, …. Manya woke up, stretched and let her body go loose burying …. A few years back, in the hostel …. When the Kanyakumari Express train arrived at the Bangalore Railway station, …. Rainy Days.. He fired off a few hot rounds Right into the sorry crowd No blood, no gore, no one hit the ground They all just fell in love With whoever they happened to be around.

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Another day another highway An endless ribbon of blue My life is a long road Winding slowly back to you. Home to Me Wind carries wildfire, wind carries the seeds Wind will carry my love home to me It drove him away on a southern breeze Wind will bring my love home to me. The sun brings the daylight, sun brings the heat Sun will bring my love home to me It drove him away with a million degrees Sun will bring my love home to me. The night wind weeps, a high barren sound My love sleeps beneath the bitter ground And on his breast his cold hands hold, In lonesome rest, his sweet rose.

Well, you make it shake it and I know you like it babe Well, you make it shake it and I know I like it babe Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake baby Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake baby. See the highway sign Where the sages grow The tumbleweeds they tumble And the dust clouds roll. I want to gather them all up Follow the threads of their soul To the end Where it all feels like home.

Gillon aka Tommy Scott, M. Well, the only thing that moves Is the laundry on the line And a dusty dog that bites Just to kill the time. I prefer hell to nowhere at all It stops and the whole thing falls Wake me now or make me stay Inside this empty weight This empty weight. Darkest Day L. They turn their backs And they put me out They build me up Just to bring me down Like pieces of pages and scattered shreds Tattered thoughts and worn-out threads Torn up words and loose change Burnt up bits of cellophane Everywhere, everywhere I go Everywhere, everywhere I go.

Oooh codeine arms, Wrap around me safe and warm Under the light of your sweet charms Save me, save me codeine arms. Oooh codeine arms, Wrap around me safe and warm Under the light of your sweet charms Save me, save me codeine arms Save me, save me codeine arms. A hollow log, a hollow log Sleeping in a hollow log A hollow log, a hollow log Sleeping in a hollow log. The echo of his footsteps in the street And the drip-drop of tears on my cheeks Were the only sounds on that sad dark night When my loving baby said goodbye.

Come on over and see me sometime The jukebox plays on and the losers are fine Oh how the whiskey flows and it works like a charm Here on Heartache Boulevard. How long, not long because the truth is marching on How long, not long because this hour will soon be gone Though our aching legs are weary the truth is marching on The truth is marching on, The truth is marching on and on and on and on How long How long. Somewhere out west a freighter rides by You used to watch them pass with their grit in your eye And the wild dogs under darkening sky Still listen for your lonesome lullaby.

The patch of ground where they found you that day Is godforsaken, a barren place Why did you have to go this way Why did you go this way.

Memories of a Distant Star (Love Stories from Heaven and Hell) Memories of a Distant Star (Love Stories from Heaven and Hell)
Memories of a Distant Star (Love Stories from Heaven and Hell) Memories of a Distant Star (Love Stories from Heaven and Hell)
Memories of a Distant Star (Love Stories from Heaven and Hell) Memories of a Distant Star (Love Stories from Heaven and Hell)
Memories of a Distant Star (Love Stories from Heaven and Hell) Memories of a Distant Star (Love Stories from Heaven and Hell)
Memories of a Distant Star (Love Stories from Heaven and Hell) Memories of a Distant Star (Love Stories from Heaven and Hell)
Memories of a Distant Star (Love Stories from Heaven and Hell) Memories of a Distant Star (Love Stories from Heaven and Hell)

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