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Too often we forget that there was an Eve.

Wendy, A God Girl

That there was an Esther. That there was a Ruth. That men of the Bible often found their way beside women or were guided by women. Girls are just as important as boys to God, and He gives ever one of us a purpose, no matter what our gender may be. The things we learn from reading our Bibles are pretty universal.

(ebook) Girl Talk With God

So know that God means for men and women both to learn from the lessons of the Bible. That way I can be like Moses when tells me to turn aside and see what He sees! Good Night! Meditating on todays lesson on Release last night! I was also studying Psalm 19 and in vs. Afternoon Delight! Lord help us to be "steady" in our Devotion " to you! Remember your comment on the devotion enters you in the June Devotional Drawing at the end of the month! MondayNightPrayer "Pay Attention" Do Not Be Moved! Hold on to your Hope in Jesus! Stay The Course! Happy Fathers Day God!!!! Bless them indeed Lord!

Secondly to be more purposeful in learning how to discern God's voice despite the noise. Let's pray,. Jesus, thank you that you are for us so who can be against us. Please help us to take time to listen to you, whatever that looks like each and every day. Thank you that you give us courage to do new things and in that we can be expectant to hear new things from you.

Thank you that you are transforming us, please help us to co-operate in that process. Thank you for your grace and patience as we learn more of your ways.

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Help us to be gracious and patient too with those around us. In your name we pray and live. The content of this book is the same as Victoria Grace - living with victory through childhood cancer; however the cover and title are different, so people searching for this specific resource can find it more easily. If you know anyone in this situation, please email them this link, thank you. If you have difficulty accessing these websites, please email me at wendy wendyrobinson. Friday, February 15, Stubborn or resolute?

In a recent conversation I was talking about a child being stubborn, and said laughingly, "Yes, that is something that runs in our family - stubbornness. Since that conversation I have thought a bit more about that word - stubborn - and even had a chat to God about it.

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What do we do with this stubbornness? And I felt him reply, "Not all stubbornness is bad. Indeed there are a few definitions of stubbornness. The Mirriam Webster dictionary gives these ones Justifiably unyielding. That is the one that I believe God was talking about. The stubbornness that means we Over the years I have done some tantrums reminding the enemy that he does not have the victory - only Jesus has the victory.

Creating clear boundaries and a compass for them to follow:

Stubbornly believing that God's promises are the only way forward. Not giving airplay to any other options. Stubbornness means that we will choose to believe that God loves us the same yesterday, today and tomorrow regardless of our thoughts, words and actions or inaction. Choosing to believe that despite what I have done or said, He is there, and He is listening, and He is willing to forgive me, and give me His new mercies day after day after day.

Stubbornness means that we will choose to believe that He will not leave us nor forsake us. Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Sometimes going into a challenging situation I visualise Jesus physically with me, fully expecting that I will sense His presence and that the Holy Spirit will give me the words to say.

We do not walk alone. Stubbornness, the resolute kind, is what we want. The resoluteness that Barnabas encouraged the believers in Antioch to have. Then when he arrived and witnessed the grace of God, he rejoiced and began to encourage them all with resolute heart to remain true to the Lord; Acts NASB. And so since that conversation and talking with God, my prayer has become, "God please take this stubbornness and use it for your good.

Let there be a passion for you that is unyielding and resolute. Or, in the words of Psalm Create for me a pure heart, O God!

The Problem:

Renew a resolute spirit within me! Psalm NET. Friday, February 1, How do I keep my heart open to God? And the man, wondering at her, remained silent so as to know whether the LORD has made his journey prosperous or not. Genesis NKJV. The key words for me were the ' remained silent so as to know whether the LORD ', ie for me to remain silent until God speaks. So for the first month of this year, once a week I have gone to a peaceful place and sat, remaining silent until God speaks. After only four weeks it has become one of my favourite times in my week. It is a weekly appointment that I certainly don't want to miss.

I still have my daily time with God early each morning, and conversations throughout the day, but they are more times of two way communication. Whereas this weekly appointment is time set aside to remain silent and wait until He speaks.

Panic! At The Disco: Build God, Then We'll Talk [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

I don't want to miss what he wants to say to me. Because it is always exactly what I need to hear, as Psalm 32 says,. Thursday, January 31, The canopy - God's protection for your heart. Earlier this week I was walking in our local park, making my way to the beautiful bush walk we are blessed to live near. As I walked from the open space with the heat of the summer sun beating down on my head, into the bush with the canopy providing shade and protection, I was struck by the sudden change of circumstances. With only one step I went from the open, unprotected area into the covered, protected place.

And wasn't I glad I'd taken that step! That sudden physical change in the atmosphere made me think about God's covering and protection, and how different life is when we choose to walk under it. But let them all be glad, those who turn aside to hide themselves in you. May they keep shouting for joy forever!

Girl Talk With God Girl Talk With God
Girl Talk With God Girl Talk With God
Girl Talk With God Girl Talk With God
Girl Talk With God Girl Talk With God
Girl Talk With God Girl Talk With God
Girl Talk With God Girl Talk With God

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