Famous Ghosts (True Encounters with the World Beyond)

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History through the lens of dramatic human experiences

Hans Holzer | Global | The Guardian

He produced more than books on the theme of ghosts and the afterlife including Murder in Amityville , which became the basis of the film Amityville II - The Possession. For a while he hosted his own show on US television, entitled Ghost Hunter, and was a consultant on the series In Search of Holzer was born in Vienna and studied at the university there before moving to New York, just before the Nazi annexation of Austria in For a time he worked in showbusiness writing comedy sketches and produced a musical, Hotel Excelsior, before resuming studies in comparative religion and parapsychology.

He became convinced of an afterlife, having visited mediums and spent time in allegedly haunted houses, and claimed to have coined the phrase "the other side". Holzer came to the conclusion that ghosts occur "wherever a great tragedy has left an unfortunate person hung up between the spirit worlds and this world, unable to proceed due to the inability to free themselves from emotional turmoil". Holzer always disliked the word "belief", which he regarded as the uncritical acceptance of something that cannot be proved, and the word "disbelief", which he felt was dismissive.

He viewed organised religions as corporations that took people's hard-earned money and attempted to frighten them. After proving, to his own satisfaction, that Jesus Christ was born in October in the year 7BC, he never celebrated Christmas or attended church again. Real Hauntings by Hans Holzer.

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Kobo ebook. Available for download Not available in stores. Hans Holzer's Real Hauntings continues his account of true, authenticated case histories of haunting throughout the United States. From the restless shade of a sea captain on Cape Cod, to the remorseful parishioner at St. Mark's in New York who is unable to….

Hamilton said to haunt old NYC neighborhood

Have you ever wished to lose weight, give up smoking, quit biting your nails, or stop dozens of other bad habits? Have you ever wanted to become a better lover? Hypnosis-the power to control the subconscious through posthypnotic suggestion-can make it happen. Ships within months Not available in stores. Professor Hans Holzer, the bestselling author of Ghosts , explores the myriad forms and factions of witchcraft, taking you inside the covens and cults where the ancient rituals are practiced. This compilation of Holzer's decades of first-hand research, which….

Step Inside a Real Haunted House

Paranormal Investigator or Ghost Hunter, Hans Holzer in the end, he has to be looked upon as perhaps the man most responsible for making this field of endeavor mainstream. Hans Holzer used television and mass media to promote the profession of the paranormal…. Out of stock online Not available in stores. From the renowned parapsychologist.

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Join paranormal expert and storyteller extraordinaire Hans Holzer as he investigates the most famous, and infamous, real-life haunted houses Perhaps no other paranormal situation captures our imagination more than a haunted house. The idea of sharing a home with…. In Search of Ghosts by Hans Holzer. Yet there is a dimension of existence….

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Find This Item in Store Not sold in stores. It also also been suggested that fungal hallucinations — caused by toxic mould — could stimulate haunting-related perceptions. Shane Rogers and his team from Clarkson University in the US observed similarities between paranormal experiences and the hallucinogenic effects of fungal spores. This may explain why ghost sightings often occur in older buildings with inadequate ventilation and poor air quality.

The notion is not new and experts have previously reported a similar effect associated with old books.

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They claim that mere exposure to toxic moulds can trigger significant mental or neurological symptoms, which create perceptions similar to those reported during haunting experiences. Low pay, earnings mobility and policy — Manchester, Lancashire.

A tunnel to the beginning of time: a lecture on particle physics and the large hadron collider — Egham, Surrey. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Paranormal or just plain ordinary? So with Halloween just round the corner, here are the top three scientific and psychological explanations for hauntings, spirits, spookiness and all things supernatural — although it should be noted that many important questions have yet to be resolved … 1.

Because I told you so Attempts to explain hauntings often draw upon psychological factors — such as suggestion — so being told a place is haunted is more likely to lead to ghostly goings-on. No spirits here… Shutterstock But research in real-world settings has produced inconsistent results.

Electromagnetic fields and spooky sounds Other explanations draw on environmental factors, such as electromagnetic fields and infrasound.

Famous Ghosts (True Encounters with the World Beyond) Famous Ghosts (True Encounters with the World Beyond)
Famous Ghosts (True Encounters with the World Beyond) Famous Ghosts (True Encounters with the World Beyond)
Famous Ghosts (True Encounters with the World Beyond) Famous Ghosts (True Encounters with the World Beyond)
Famous Ghosts (True Encounters with the World Beyond) Famous Ghosts (True Encounters with the World Beyond)
Famous Ghosts (True Encounters with the World Beyond) Famous Ghosts (True Encounters with the World Beyond)

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