Die drei Musketiere: Roman (Fischer Klassik Plus 648) (German Edition)

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Ewa, Michalczyk. Ezard, John. Fackler, Herbert V. Fagan, Edward R. Fahmy, Khaled. Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing Ltd. Fanchette, Jean. Farcet, Gilles and Earl G. Fedden, Robin. Personal Landscape. Personal Landscape: An Anthology of Exile. London: Editions Poetry London, Feistel, Hartmut Ortwin.

An extensive bibliography of German materials on Durrell. Felber, Lynette. It does so by contrasting the activity of writing by hand with two key historical events. The first of these is the development, in the late nineteenth century, of the typewriter: a mechanism which produced apparently standardised, anonymous text via the brief touch upon its individual keys. The second event is the inauguration of fingerprint analysis as a method of identification. The identity in the fingerprint and typewritten text is therefore opaque — it is present and absent at the same time.

It is argued that these examples demonstrate the change in the hand in the intervening period: changes which can productively be read alongside modern theories of the impersonality of authorship in figures such as Friedrich Nietzsche, T. Eliot and Roland Barthes. Fermor, Patrick Leigh. Review of Spirit of Place. Fernandez, Victor H. Ferreyra, Jorge Monono. Fertile, Candace. Ann Arbor: UMI, Festa-McCormick, Diana. Fiedler, Leslie A. Durrell is mentioned in regard to Henry Miller, William S.

Field-Marshal the Lord Harding of Petherton. Discusses Bitter Lemons. Fielding, Daphne. The Nearest Way Home. Contains references to Durrell and his wife Claude. Fielding, Xan. Fietz, Lothar. Weltkrieg , Eds M.

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Portrait of Greece. Margot Granitsas and Mary Ann Weaver. Franklin, Steve. Fraser, G. Lawrence Durrell. Writers and Their Work , London : Longman, Lawrence Durrell: A Critical Study. Revised edition. Lawrence Durrell: A Study. The Modern Writer and His World. London: Derek Verschoyle, Durrell is discussed in more detail in the revised edition of London: Andre Deutsch Ltd. Significantly revised edition.

Alan Warren Friedman, Reprinted from: Lawrence Durrell: A Study. Fremantle, Anne. Fremont-Smith, Eliot. Friar, Kimon. Fricker, Robert. Horst Oppel, Berlin: Erich Schmidt Verlag, Friedman, Alan J. Einstein As Myth and Muse. Durrell is discussed on pp. Friedman, Alan Warren. Transcript from a discussion panel moderated by Friedman. Hillis Miller and John Unterecker. Boston: G. James Vinson, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Durrell is mentioned frequently throughout the first half of the text.

Reprinted from Modern Fiction Studies From the Editor. Shelly Ekhtiar, viii-x. Fruin, Jennifer Linton. Fure, Jessica. Furnas, J. Fussell, Paul. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Review of Sicilian Carousel. Gadant, Monique. Gage, Nicholas. Hellas: A Portrait of Greece. New York: Villard Books, Durrell figures epigramatically and as a topic in both works. Gagnon, Mary Alice. Gallup, Donald C. Gallup, New Haven: Yale University , Galone, David Stephen. Garces, Gonzalo. Garcia, Reyes.

S pirit of Place is mentioned on page 39 and footnote 9. Garrison, John. Gascoyne, David. Originally published as an obituary in The Independent 19 November A poem by Gascoyne about Durrell. Paris Journal: Gascoyne mentions Lawrence and Nancy Durrell a number of times and includes a letter to Durrell in the journal. Gaster, Beryl. Gawsworth, John. Georginis, E. Gerard, Albert. October : Gerber, Margaret McFadden. Pages deal with the Alexandria Quartet.

Gerhardt, Hans-Peter M. Ghaly, Salwa. Jorgen S. Nielsen and Sami A. Khasawnih, The University of Jordan. April Ghet, Monica. Nizet, Gibaldi, Ann. Gibert, Harriet. Gifford, James. These anarchists were destined to be overshadowed by the war, by hostile predecessors who wrote them out of history, and by progenitors who assumed the mantle of the Beats or Angry Young Men.

Yet they sustained their vision from the s to the 60s, and challenged the statist politics of the high modernists and Auden Generation. Anarchism was in tune with the literary interests of the s, though it proved difficult for potential allies to recognize a kindred spirit. Corinne Alexandre-Garner, Durrell and the City: Reconstructing the Urban Landscape Gille, Vincent. Gilliat, Penelope. Gindin, James. Berkeley: University of California Press, Giovannucci, Perri. Girodias, Maurice. Paris: Stock, Given, Michael. Glanville-Hicks, Peggy. Sappho: An Opera in Three Acts. Librettist Lawrence Durrell.

AMC Library number: Q Glicksberg, Charles I. Literature and Religion. Dallas: Southern Methodist University Press, Literature and Religion: A Study in Conflict. See p. Glicksberg, Godshalk, William Leigh. Goldberg, Frederick. Goldberg, Fredrick. Goldberg, Gerald Jay. Goldfarb, Russell M. Goldman, Lyn. Goldman, Marilyn R. Goldschmidt, Berthold. Geseange Vom Mittelmeer.

Lothar Zagrosek. Goldsworthy, V. Gomme, A. Gordon, Ambrose Jr. William O. Sutherland, Manchester: Manchester University Press, Gossman, Ann. Gottesman, Ronald. Critical Essays on Henry Miller. Critical Essays on American Literature, Gen. New York: G. Durrell is mentioned repeatedly in a number of the essays and commentaries appearing in this volume. Gottwald, Johannes. Goulden, Alban. Goulianos, Joan. Goulianos, Joan Susan.

Gowers, Patrick. Jupiter and Turret at the Wigmore. London: Turret Books Publishers, Gray, Stephen. NS 4 : Green, Martin. Green, Peter. Green, Roger. Contains both an article-style commentary and an interview with Durrell. Grimes, Terrence L. Townscape in The Alexandria Quartet. Gui, Lihua. Guillemard, Colette. ISBN: Gunn, Thom. September : Gutwillig, Robert. Gwynne, Rosalind.

Haag, Michael. Haaland, Arild. A Study in the Alexandria Quartet. Haegert, John. Hagergard, Sture. Hagopian, John V. Hagopian and Martin Dolch, Frankfurt am Main: Hirschgraben-Verlag, Halio, Jay L. Hall, Ruth. Hall, Tessa F. DAI No. Hamard, Jean-Paul. Hamer, Mary. The sudden nationalisation of the canal in July by Gamal Abdul Nasser, and the obstruction of British military intercession by the United States, struck a blow to the prestige of the nation that resonated in the work of British novelists for decades to come. Hamouda, Sahar. Hanshell, H. Hardie, A.

Review of Cities, Plains and People. Harris, Wendell V.


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DAI Hawkins, Tiger Tim. Hawthorne, Mark D. A composite image of the country and its various linguistic groups emerges, as drawn by the scions of empire during their stay. A historicised colonial discursive model is proposed. Heje, Johan. Henig, Suzanne. Includes a photograph on page 3.

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Alexandria: Real and Imagined. Contains several references to Durrell in four chapters. Hitchins, Christopher. London: Verso, It states that Nancy did watercolors because they were more portable than oils. A poem that Nancy and Lawrence Durell had been reading reportedly inspired one of her oil paintings, a forest fire in reds and purples with abstract animals racing through the flames.

London: Pavilion Books Ltd. Holborow, Wendy. Hollahan, Eugene. Holmes, John. Holst-Warhaft, Gail. Honor, Mary. Hood, Richard. Hoops, Wiklef. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, Horst W. Drescher, Hope, Francis. Hordequin, Paul. Veyrier, Hough, Graham. Houston, John Porter. Howard, Ron. Howarth, Herbert. Howlett, Jacques. January-March : Hughes, Alice and Marthe Nochy.

Hughes, Sean. Hungerford, Edward A. Husband, Janet. There is no reference to the Avignon Quintet. Hussein, Ahmed Tawfiek. Hutchens, Eleanor N.

Ikonomou-Agorasou, IoannaIngalls, Jeremy. Ingersoll, Earl G. Lawrence Durrell: Conversations. Ionescu, Mihai Cornel. This negotiation will take him from the country of his birth — his motherland in colonial India — to the fatherland in England. The collision of his two identities occurs in his motherland and in his fatherland, thus the protagonist is unable to reconcile and reclaim the two homelands. Consequently he is stuck in a transnational in-between dealing with a ubiquitous conflict.

Isernhagen, Hartwig. Tubingen, Francke: Francke, Ishiguro, Kazuo and Oe Benzaburo. Jackson, Paul R. Jacobson, Jens Kristian Steen. Jacquin, Bernard. Jamuna, B. Jasanoff, Maya. Jean, Raymond. Jenkins, Alan. Jennings, Elizabeth. London: Vision Press, Jensen, Finn. Johnson, Ann Schwertfeger. Johnson, Buffie. Reprinted in Twentieth Century Literature : Johnson, Pamela Hansford. Johnston, Elizabeth Lee. Jones, Leslie W. Jong, Erica. The Devil at Large. Durrell is mentioned frequently in this book about Henry Miller. Juin, Hubert and Earl G.


Junker, Howard. Review of Tunc. Kaczvinsky, Donald P. A Chronology for The Alexandria Quartet. Durrell and the City: Collected Essays on Place. Kahane, Jack. Memoirs of a Bootlegger. London : Michael Joseph Ltd. Durrell, along with Miller, is mentioned on three occasions. Kakigahara, Mie. Kameyama, Masako. Kaplan-Maxfield, Thomas.

Kaplan, Robert D. Teach Me to Dance! Kaplan, New York: St. Durrell is discussed mostly at the beginning of the chapter, and his home in Rhodes is also mentioned very briefly in the following chapter. Karagiorgos, Panos. Corfu, Greece: Ionian University, Kararah, Azza. Karl, Frederick R. Karl, The edition adds a description of Tunc and Nunquam in the Postscript. Katope, Christopher G. Kaufman, Barbara. Kawano, Yoshihide. Kay, Helen Mary. In his works, Durrell shows how representations of cultural difference are inextricably linked to representations of sexual difference.

The images of the European White man and non- are dependent on the negative image of Turks, the other. In exactly the same way, Istanbul is presented as a city of decadence and decay, a place where decent human values broken down and where individuals survive by their wits ability to dodge or swindle. Kazin, Alfred. Keeley, Edmund. Durrell and Miller are both discussed on pp. Inventing Paradise: The Greek Journey, Keen, Kelly.

Keery, James. Keller, Isabelle [Keller-Privat]. Vivies, Lawrence Durrell at the Crossroads of Arts and Sciences Harmat , Toulouse: Presses Universitaires du Mirail, Christine Reynier and Jean-Michel Ganteau, An Introduction to Poetry in English. Keller, Jane. Keller, Jane Eblen. The Deviance of the Day. Kelley, Margot. Julie Brown, New York: Garland, Cornelia Nixon described Lawrence Durrell in interview as an influence on her form. Kellman, Steven G. Kellman, Kelly, John C. Kemp, Peter. Kenedy, R. Kennedy, J. Kermode, Frank.

London: Kegan and Paul, Reprint from Puzzles and Epiphanies. Kersnowski, Frank. Special : n. Madison, WI: Atwood Publishing, Spring : Challenging the Literary Canon. Kersnowski, Frank L. Betsy Nichols, Frank L. Kersnowski, and James R. Nichols, Khattab, Abdul Qader Abdullah. Kihlman, Christer. Killoh Ellen Peck. King, James Roy. Kinser, William. Kinzer, Stephen. Kirby Smith Carruthers, Virginia. Klironomos, Martha. Knerr, Anthony. Knight, W. Koger, Grove.

Review of Naxos audio books of the four volumes of The Alexandria Quartet. Koger, Grove and Susan S. Kopper Jr. Korg, Jacob. Kostelanetz, Richard. New York: Books for Libraries Press, Originally published by Avon Books in New York, Kostkowska, Justyna. Kothandaraman, Bala. Using the first two novels, Justine and Balthazar, this article will briefly explore the palimpsestic surface traces of Alexandria and surrounding landscape as they are recalled through the memories of the character-narrator Darley.

The inscription of these memories will be seen as many-coloured, prismatic, intangible and unstable, creating a city and landscape that are neither real nor unreal, but heterotopic. The article will examine how recall of the past visually and textually maps the city and its landscape through the stylistic use of metaphoric and painterly imagery within the palimpsest of memory.

Krikos-Davis, Katerina. Kruppa, Joseph E.

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Die drei Musketiere: Roman (Fischer Klassik Plus 648) (German Edition) Die drei Musketiere: Roman (Fischer Klassik Plus 648) (German Edition)
Die drei Musketiere: Roman (Fischer Klassik Plus 648) (German Edition) Die drei Musketiere: Roman (Fischer Klassik Plus 648) (German Edition)
Die drei Musketiere: Roman (Fischer Klassik Plus 648) (German Edition) Die drei Musketiere: Roman (Fischer Klassik Plus 648) (German Edition)
Die drei Musketiere: Roman (Fischer Klassik Plus 648) (German Edition) Die drei Musketiere: Roman (Fischer Klassik Plus 648) (German Edition)
Die drei Musketiere: Roman (Fischer Klassik Plus 648) (German Edition) Die drei Musketiere: Roman (Fischer Klassik Plus 648) (German Edition)
Die drei Musketiere: Roman (Fischer Klassik Plus 648) (German Edition) Die drei Musketiere: Roman (Fischer Klassik Plus 648) (German Edition)

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