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Maybe people who lose things at McDonald's just assume it is gone, with no hope of return, and don't file police reports. They'd be more outraged at the thought of a theft at a "nice" place and more likely to report it. I chip in as i have experimented a similar case with different variables which is what economists should dream of.

I lost my cell phone in a movie theater in Manila, Philippines yes, it was in my trousers pocket, silly It was found by the cleaning employee and brought back to the "security officer". Considering that it was a brand new Euros so low value compared to the ring cellphone, worth approximatively 2 months of salary of that person, I was quite surprised when told that they had found my phone.

I am french, and i am quite sure that i would not have found it again in the same conditions in France. Ugh, I am so surprised whenever I'm in a public bathroom and see people leave the stall without washing their hands. Part of me wants to yell out, but then I avoid such confrontations, because I would feel rude.

I should yell though -- because their germ-spreading is much more rude than me calling them on it. I doubt that there is a significant link between honesty and wealth. So given my assertion, I think there is an equal chance of a dishonest person discovering the ring at McDonalds or the expensive New York restaurant.

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Now what is the chance that the dishonest person will attempt to keep the ring? I think his decision will depend mainly on three factors: the value that the person places on the ring relative to his own overall wealth, the likelihood that he can successfully leave the restaurant with the ring, and the anticipated ease with which he can trade the ring for cash or obtain value in some other way.

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I think that the finder of a ring found in the expensive New York restaurant will be more likely to anticipate that it is highly valuable than if he finds the same ring in McDonalds. I also think that the finder at the expensive New York restaurant is more likely to believe that he is highly intelligent compared to the average dishonest finder at McDonalds and therefore is more likely to believe that he will be able to successfully take the ring and trade it for cash.

Also, this story sounds incredibly unlikely to me. Would anyone really take off an expensive ring in a restaurant washroom and leave it behind? I am one of those people who loses things constantly and I must say that I find that people are incredibly honest. I have left behind: my watch, diamond rings, purses, wallets, phones, jackets, etc. In each case I returned to the scene where I left the item movie theater, store, restaurant, cafe, bar, etc and found that some kind patron or employee had carefully tucked it away at the front counter, waiting for me to come and reclaim it.

Most of my life I have lived in the small-town midwest stereotypically kind , but I have noticed the pattern here in Hollywood as well. I admit my whole story is anecdotal, but maybe one of the factors is that my stuff definitely does not look like it belongs to a rich person. My story might be different if I were leaving behind designer items. I live in Brazil. Once I lost my wallet with reais more or less dolars in the bus here. The not-realy-wealthy lady who cleans the bus found it and gave me back - every cent.

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Does this information help? I just left it in my bag, hanging at my chair. I called them when I found I had lost it but it was nowhere to be seen.

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However it was found three hours later and returned to me. All intact. I don't know Tim Hortons being a cheap restaurant chain helped in the returning or that people are just very honest in Canada. Three weeks later I forgot another laptop in a first class train and that was also returned to me. In cases like this, I tend to wonder if the patron who left the ring maybe didn't accidentally lose it somewhere else and wanted a convenient excuse. An all-star team of behavioral scientists discovers that humans are stubborn and lazy, and sometimes dumber than dogs.

We also hear about binge drinking, Humans have been having kids forever, so why are modern parents so bewildered? The economist Emily Oster marshals the evidence on the most contentious Recorded live in San Francisco. Guests include the keeper of a 10,year clock, the co-founder of Lyft, a pioneer in male birth control, a specialist I would love to know if that is true.

There are a lot of variables to consider, among them: 1. The quantity and characteristics of the other patrons. The quantity and characteristics of the employees. The presence of surveillance cameras. What do you think would happen? She is a good scientist but she likes to be in the spotlight. She says she was at the movies during the robbery. Squeeze, Dr. Evil, Dr. Malcolm was hoping to impress his girlfriend Suzy Squeeze by making her a diamond ring. Unfortunately for Malcolm it was discovered missing by Randy before he could return it. In the process he spilled his drink and left his prints on the glass cabinet.

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Case of the missing jewels: Four famous gem heists

Email Presentation to Friend. By fidelia Follow User. Report This. The 10 Best Colleges for Engineering in America -To uncover the curtain and to spread the light regarding the top. Price Of Diamonds -There are many elements that all need to be considered when comparing the price of diamonds.

How to replace a missing diamond hack.

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Case of the Missing Diamond Case of the Missing Diamond
Case of the Missing Diamond Case of the Missing Diamond
Case of the Missing Diamond Case of the Missing Diamond
Case of the Missing Diamond Case of the Missing Diamond
Case of the Missing Diamond Case of the Missing Diamond
Case of the Missing Diamond Case of the Missing Diamond

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