A Journey Through 1 John - See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE-Live the LIFE!

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Rethinking Ascension Sunday

Even if my mouth was burning, I finished my plate because who was I to refuse the kindness that someone who opened up his home to us? I must have finished a pitcher of water but I was still grateful for the chance to get to know him and his family. Loving this article? Take a look at our top Adventure Quotes for more inspiration! The famous quote by J. R Tolkien is something I strongly resonate with.

In the last few years of our nomadic travel journey, so many people always assume that we are feeling lost because we choose to live our life with no permanent base. We leave a little slice of our hearts in every place we visit and make deeper connections with people we meet on the road that most people make in a lifetime. It just so happen that we choose to live life wandering as for us, it keeps us excited, keeps us grounded, and reminds us that compassion and kindness is not gone from this world.

I love the quote above by Cesare Pavese. Having been on the road for the last four years, he nailed it spot on. Nothing is certain. Nothing is set in stone. Friends come and go, transportation breaks down, technology fails us yet at the end of the day, no matter how shitty your day has been, learn how to appreciate the little things in life like sunsets, the sound of the ocean, or a gentle breeze reminding you that you are lucky to be alive.

The one by Lawrence Block, on the other hand, speaks about the spontaneity of travel and how we should be open to these things. My partner and I have completely different travel styles. As you can imagine, this drives me nuts at times as I like knowing whether or not I have a place to sleep tonight. Travel is about transformation and growth and the journey on how you get there is part of the entire experience. Interacting with locals, making new friends, or even getting lost. These are now things that I live for and love the most about traveling.

My point is, things will be things but experiences will last you a lifetime! Have you ever wanted to do something but keep putting it off until you find the perfect time? If you want it bad enough, there will always be a way to get it done. I love this quote by Jack Kerouac as it constantly reminds me that life is short and that we need to actively pursue the things that we want. Do things now. Climb that mountain.

Book that trip.

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Sometimes, we live life in fear and subconsciously settle. There is no such thing as dreaming too big. I learned this firsthand when I slowly started to courageously pursue what I really wanted out of life. For me, it was to be able to travel and work at the same time. Now, I can honestly say that I am living my dream life…but guess what? It took years of hard work, determination, and risks.

This quote by Mark Twain is one that has made such a huge impact in my life. With that in mind, I remind myself to try everything at least once, to do things that scare me and put me out of my comfort zone. Because in the end, I would rather look back at my life and realize that although I may have failed at a lot of things, at least I still tried and took a chance. Coming from the Philippines, traveling has made me realize that it is really people that make a country, not the other way around which is why I love the quote about Henry Rollins.

All over the world, meeting a fellow Filipino makes me smile as it reminds me that hospitality is a fantastic virtue and that kindness, no matter what social status you belong in is something that should always be extended. Traveling to other countries also gives me a deeper appreciation towards my home and everything that it can offer.

This particular quote strikes a cord with me as many people usually assume that traveling is only for the rich. These everyday situations keep us grounded and remind us that traveling is going beyond fancy resorts but is rather all about experiencing the local life and culture around you. Traveling well means learning from your surroundings, being kind to others, and more importantly, being open to every opportunity and experience.

Life and Character in God. Love's Ultimate Intentions. Man's Capability of Future Glory and Blessedness. Now Sons, Though Sufferers. Our Imperfect Knowledge of the Future. Our Knowledge of Heaven Small. Progress of Manhood. Sonship the Foreshadowing of Heaven. The Beatific Vision.

The Blessed Vision of Christ. Quoted by Dr. The Final Transguration. Hamilton, LL. The Glory of Divine Sonship. The Manifestations of Christ. The Possessions and Prospects of Believers. The Present and the Future of Christian Life. The Purifying Hope.

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The Spirituality of the Beatific Vision. The Transforming Power of the Revelation of God. The Two Transfigurations. The Unrevealed Future of the Sons of God. Transfiguration by Sight of Christ. What We Shall Be. The Present and the Future of the Good. A Purifying Hope. Christian Hope. Hope Making Pure.

Purification by Hope. Purifying Hope. Purifying Power of Hope. The Christian's Hope. The Christian's Hope and its Fruits. The Christian's Hope and its Results. Buddicom, M. The Lost Purity Restored. The Pattern of Purity. The Practical Influence of the Believer's Hope. The Purifying Effect of Hope in Christ. Hastings, M. The Purifying Influence of Hope. The Purifying Power of Hope. The Self Purifying Hope. Nature of Sin. Sin and its Removal. Sin and Penalty. Sin the Transgression of the Law. Sin, the Transgression of the Law. Sins, Small and Great. The Evil of Sin. The Knowledge of Sin Necessary to Repentance.

The Law of God. The Lawless Nature of Sin. Sheldon,, D. The Nature of Sin. The Perpetual Obligation of the Moral Law. What Sin Is. Dissuasives from Sin. And for Sin Condemned Sin in the Flesh. The Personal History and Character of Christ. The Secret of Sinlessness. Abiding in Christ the Remedy Against Sin. Centrifugal and Centripetal Forces.

Daily Bible Devotions

Christian Purity. Counteracting Sin. The Inadmissibility of Sin. On Imitation of the Obedience of Christ. Practical Righteousness. Sin and its Destruction. The Importance of Works. Children of the Devil. Christ a Destroyer. Satan's Works Destroyed. The Design of Christ's Incarnation. The End of Christ's Coming. The Existence of the Devil and the Origin of Evil. The First Promise Accomplished.

The Purpose of the Incarnation. The Works of the Devil Destroyed. Sin Natural to the Regenerate Nature. Sins of the Regenerate. Sonship Exclusive of Sin. The Failings of Christians. The Sins of the Regenerate. The Usurper Deposed and the Conqueror Vanquished. Tillotson, D. The Manifestation of Character.

Two Classes of Men. The Growth and Power of Sin. The World's Hatred of the Godly. The World Hating the Church. The World's Hatred -- God's Love. The Sign of Brotherly Love. Brotherly Love Wanting. Christian Love. Christian Love an Evidence of Christian Life. Life Proved by Love. Love the Evidence of Life. Love to the Brethren a Ground of Assurance. Love to the Brethren a Test of Piety. Loving the Pictures of God. Passing from Death to Life by Love.

The Way of Life. The World Contrary to the Christian. Sin Measured by the Disposition, not by the Act. Who is a Murderer. The Death of Christ for His People. Lofty Ideals Perilous Unless Applied. The Exhibition and Obligation of True Love. The Sacrifice of Love. Charity in Deed Better than in Thought. Charity to the Poor. Deceptive Friendliness. Abercrombie, M. On Christian Beneficence.


Journey into Assurance: Ideas for the Easter season based on 1 John | Reformed Worship

Shutting Up Compassion. The Duty of Charitable Distribution. Waterland, D. All Things Known to God. An Account of the Nature and Measures of Conscience. An Approving Heart -- Confidence in Prayer. Conscience and God as Judges. Conscience Condemning or Acquitting. Hearts of Sinners Known to God. Reason the Judge of Religions Actions. Self-Acquittal, and the Confidence it Produces. The Judicial Function of Conscience. The Lower Courts. The Nature and Advantages of a Good Conscience.

What is the Verdict. Answers to Prayer. Faith a Work. God's One Commandment. The Conditions of Power in Prayer. The Warrant of Faith. Of the Manner and Importance of the Spirit's Indwelling. Our Abiding in God by Obedience. The Abiding Witness. The First Fruits of the Spirit. The Indwelling of God. A Caution Against Fanaticism. Christ Made a Phantom. Our Righteousness Exercised in Trying the Spirits.

Rules for Trial of the Spirits. Testing False Teachers. The Duty of Testing the Spirits. The Object of Faith. The Test of Truth -- Confessing Christ. The True and False Spirits. Try the Spirits. The Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error. Speech is a Child of Thought. The Advantages of Truth, in Opposition to Error. The Christian's Conquest Over Sin. The Secret of Overcoming Satan.

The Worldly Speak of the World. The Time Spirit and the Holy Spirit. A Triune Philosophy. God's Existence and Love. Knowing God by Love. Love and Knowledge. Love and Religion. Love is of God. Love is of God -- God is Love. Love of Relations and Friends. Love the Organ of the Highest Knowledge. Only Love Can Know Love. The Lessons of Love. Affections Essential to the Moral Perfection of the Deity. God and Love.

Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Lyrics)

God's Love Changeless. God's Love Unfathomable. Originating Love. The Love of God: the God of Love. The Love of the Eternal. Christ the Manifestation of Divine Love. Divine Love in its Highest Manifestation. God's Love Manifested in Christians. God's Love Manifested in Redemption.

God's Love Proved. Rainsford, M. The Love of God Manifested in the Son. The Manifestation of Divine Love in the Gospel. The Supreme Manifestation of God's Love. Stackhouse, M. The Supreme Manifestation of Love. Christ the Great Propitiation. Christ's Mission the Revelation of God's Love. God Seeks Our Love. Herein is Love. Love Descends. The Atonement for Sin, by the Death of Christ. The Great Benefit Received by the Incarnation. The Perfect Love.

The Propitiation. God's Love the Pattern for Our Love. Reflected Love. The Divine Example of Love. The Divine Prototype of Love. The Doctrine Love a Pattern for the Human. The Love of the Father. The Nearness of God. God's Life in Man. The Evidences of True Religion in Man. The Work of the Holy Spirit. Christ the Saviour of the World. Christianity a Fact and a Power. The Great Mission of Christ.

The Saviour of the World. The Saviour's Mission and its Blessed Consequence. Confessing Jesus as the Son of God. A Psalm of Remembrance. At Home in God's Love. Divine Beneficence Defended. Dwelling in Love. Fellowship with God Begets Love. General and Particular Manifestation of the Love of God. God in Us and We in Him. God is Love. Living in Love. Love of God and Man. The Heart of God. The Revealed Deity. Hamilton, D. The Soul Dwelling in God.

The Torment of Fear. Boldness in the Day of Judgment. The Perfection of Love. The Servant as His Lord. The Triumph of Christ-Like Love. The Victory of Love Over Fear. Fear and Love. Fear has Many Eyes. Fear Hath Punishment. Love and Fear. Perfect Love. The Place of Fear in the Gospel. The Spirit of Fear. Action and Reaction Between God and Man. Steenstra, D. Creed and Life. Doctrine and Morals. God's Love and Ours. God's Love the Cause of Ours. Illingworth, M. God's Love to Man. God's Love to Us, and Ours to Him. Gratitude not a Sordid Affection.

Love for Love. Love God and Humanity. Love More Attractive than Light. Love's Birth and Parentage. Love's Logic. On Love to God. Our Love the Reflex of God's. Paganism and Christianity. Richard Baxter's Prayer. The Christian's Love. Pentecost, D. The Genesis of Love. The Love of God Reciprocated. The Priority of God. The Ray and the Reflection. The Reciprocal Action of Love. Why We Love Him. He's My Brother. Love to God Produces Love to Man. Macdonald, LL. Love to God Promotive of Love to Man. The Great Commandment.

Belief in Jesus as the Christ. Faith and Regeneration. Love to Man Inspired by New Life.

A Journey Through Darkness

The Theory of Brotherly Love. The Reason, and the Evidence of Brotherly Love. Faith and the Divine Testimony. Loving God Through Human Love. De Forest, D. The Love of God and Universal Obedience. Christ's Commandments not Grievous. God's Commandments not Grievous. Love and Law. The Commandments of Christ not Grievous. The Perfection of the Law of God. The Practicableness of Our Christian Duty.

The Service of Love. Conquering Faith. Faith Conquering the World. Faith Conquering Worldliness. Faith Overcoming the World. Faith the Secret of World-Victory. Faith's Conquest of the World. Faith's Victory. Faith's Victory Over the World. Overcoming the World. Soldiers of the Overcomer. The Ability of Faith to Overcome the World. The Christian's Victory. The Conflicts and Conquest of the Born of God.

Braithwaite, M. The Faith that Over Cometh. Courtenay, M. The Faith Which Overcomes the World. The Glory of a Truly Good Man. The Greatest Character and the Greatest Conquest. The Nobility of Faith a Defence. The True Confession of Faith. The True Hero. The Victory of Faith. Thompson, D. The Victory Over the World. The World Overcome. The World Overcome by Faith. Victorious Faith. Victorious in the World by Faith.

Elton John: 'They wanted to tone down the sex and drugs. But I haven’t led a PG-13 life'

Victory Over the World. The Victorious Life. Christ Coming by Water and Blood. Grounds of Faith in the Resurrection. Redemption by Blood. The Spirit's Witness to Christ. Patterson, D. The Water and the Blood. The Water and the Blood; or Complete Purification. Of the Unity of the Godhead and the Trinity of Persons. The following months felt like the aftermath of a catastrophe.

But it was the beginning of my "recovery" from sin. Looking back now, what I learned to do during that time, with the help of the Minneapolis group and people at the conferences I attended, was to constantly re-affirm the truth that my life was not "just Gail" but the will and power of Jesus Christ Himself living each moment expressed in Gail form. Most of the time, that truth stood in direct opposition to my feelings. Most days I felt abandoned, unworthy, insecure and depressed. For a time my life looked and felt bleak: I was living alone-totally alone for the first time in my life.

Although I had confessed my sins to my former church, ex-husband, and children, I did not know what part I was to have in their lives. I still had a job and a vehicle, but little else of material value and was barely making ends meet. However, I clung to the truth that I was not, nor ever had been an incomplete or fatally flawed person. With the help of many who had walked the same path, I learned how to live one day at a time in a totally new light.

I had just begun to face the giants in my promised land, however. People noticed that every time I spoke in the group, I went on and on about my own experiences, shifting the focus to myself, impervious to others and the issue at hand. They also noticed that even with my own daughter in attendance at our fellowship meetings, I was emotionally out-of-touch with how my actions had affected her.

Although I had repented of my past sins, I totally lacked the emotional sense of genuine remorse for how my actions had affected others, particularly my daughter. Meanwhile, Vikki had confided in Scott her disgust with my self-preoccupation and insensitivity and was struggling with her own resentments against me which had built up over the years. She was also dealing with her own sin issues and needed encouragement and clarity from people she could trust. Realizing that I was still in denial about the consequences of my years of Satan misuse, Scott and Vikki confronted me with her recollection of some of the things I had done and said to her while I was living in sin.

I was totally shocked and humiliated by what I heard. I sat in numbed silence. I must have done those things; the details were too concrete. Not only had I neglected Vikki and her brother-never even wondering what their days and nights without a mother were like-I had verbally and emotionally attacked and abused them over a period of years! How could I have done those things to my own children? I was frightened by the enormity of my participation in those acts.

I thought I was a loving mother, underneath all the sin and deception. Now I could not believe in my own fundamental goodness. I was not a good person; a good person could not have done that to her children. For the first time I began to see the implications of the phrase "no independent self. Scott suggested that I write down all the details of the incidents Vikki revealed and try to recall all the memories I had repressed. He said that would bring me to Step 1, recognizing my powerlessness over my self-absorption.

For a period of three weeks, however, I took a "softer, easier way" offered to me. Instead of taking ownership for the acts Vikki had revealed, I began doubting Scott and spreading my doubts about our fellowship-the very people who had helped me walk in truth. Finally, unable to bear the tension of not knowing what to believe, I returned by faith alone to the truth that if I was Christ in Gail form, the others were Christ coming to me.

All they had asked me to do was face into the truth-do the hard thing and look at the facts of those years of misuse. That was all I was being asked by them-therefore by God-to do. Admitting I was off-base, I stepped again into light. But she came through that temptation, too. After that, I began owning my part in the Satan misuse of my past. Every day I re-read what I had written the day before and wrote for a half-hour.

At first I just felt numb as I wrote the details, but after a while I began to be aware of other physical and emotional stirrings that I had no name for. One day I realized what "shame" felt like and what a constant companion it had been. Then grief. Meanwhile, my memory began to return. Vikki told me about more painful incidents, not wanting to hurt me but unable to hold the memories inside.

With his guidance, I finally fully realized that I could not control my own seeing-could not use my own perceptions to know the truth. I did not have the capacity to recognize or live a good life. But I did have the human capacity to do two things: recognize by faith alone that the Righteous One, Jesus Christ, is living His self-for-others life out as Gail, and live one day at a time by the truth He reveals to me by whatever means He chooses , admitting and confessing whatever Satan lies I find still operating in my life. At first I felt totally off-balance by the truth of what it was to be a vessel and not a self-sufficient "god.

No longer trying to justify my existence with lies or good deeds, all everyday living required was for me to stay alert to the opportunities of the moment and know that as I respond, it is Christ-as-Gail living. I continued to work Steps on my behavioral addiction-self-absorption. At first I had to rely solely on the honest reactions of others to my behaviors to identify self-absorbed behaviors. Often it was some feeling of inadequacy, self-doubt, or opportunity to look "good" that would serve as the temptation to see myself as "just-Gail" and thus allow Satan to act out.

That, of course, meant I simply needed to replace the lie with the truth of Who really lives my life and move on. Little by little the self-focused talk dropped off. I became more in touch with my thoughts and feelings so that I could recognize temptation to unbelief and "bottom line" it before I believed into it. Patterns of unbelief from early childhood were revealed as I continued to walk and talk in all the truth I received. Slowly fellowship was restored between my daughter as promised in 1 John I was seeing and admitting the cruel acts Satan performed through me.

Vikki was pressed from within and encouraged by others to be completely honest about her feelings towards me. She began working the steps on her own life and dealing with her resentments. We both learned how to talk about whatever feelings and thoughts we are having, and those talks have lead to surprising and wonderful light. Some days we laugh in relief about the clear solutions we find to problems between us because we talked about uncomfortable feelings. After so many years of hurt and mistrust, we have founded our relationship on the understanding that we are each expressions of Jesus Christ, Who is Truth and self-for-others love.

As I attended conferences, I began to realize that if Jesus Christ was living my life, His life in human form would naturally be visibly attractive. I found myself resistant to the idea of changing the way I viewed myself. I had a dozen excuses for why I looked the way I did. I confessed this to friends and took their advice on caring for my complexion and buying more stylish clothes. I found this very uncomfortable at first.

Satan had hidden behind excuses about not wanting to conform to others and not needing to "waste time" on my appearance. It seemed like work, at first, to start from scratch learning about makeup, color, appropriate clothing, and improving personal cleanliness. One day as Vikki was sharing her faith stand to improve her eating habits and lose some excess weight, I was asked about my weight problem.

At first I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenge ahead: I remembered all my past failures to control my eating and knew I could no longer excuse myself from facing the truth. I recognized my complete powerlessness over compulsive eating. No longer able to ignore the issue, my only way out was to begin to affirm that I could live without eating compulsively because Another was living His perfect life as me.

I had to learn step-by-step to live His healthy non-compulsive life. As enormous as the task first seemed, it was surprisingly easy to do. I felt almost thankful to be dealing with a tangible addiction with visible effects after dealing with the more elusive aspects of self-absorption. By working the twelve steps on compulsive eating, I discovered the specific behaviors that had dominated my eating and turned them over to God, taking a strong stand not to make excuses, but to call sin by its name. Friends recommended an eating program that taught me to be responsible for what and how I ate and to totally change my thinking about nutrition and self-care.

A Journey Through 1 John - See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE-Live the LIFE! A Journey Through 1 John - See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE-Live the LIFE!
A Journey Through 1 John - See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE-Live the LIFE! A Journey Through 1 John - See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE-Live the LIFE!
A Journey Through 1 John - See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE-Live the LIFE! A Journey Through 1 John - See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE-Live the LIFE!
A Journey Through 1 John - See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE-Live the LIFE! A Journey Through 1 John - See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE-Live the LIFE!
A Journey Through 1 John - See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE-Live the LIFE! A Journey Through 1 John - See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE-Live the LIFE!
A Journey Through 1 John - See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE-Live the LIFE! A Journey Through 1 John - See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE-Live the LIFE!
A Journey Through 1 John - See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE-Live the LIFE! A Journey Through 1 John - See the LIGHT-Feel the LOVE-Live the LIFE!

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