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It features parents, able-bodied and disabled, who see potential where others see only dark despair.


Voices Unheard: Arizona’s Environmental History Project Has a New Website!

Their voices are valid in the debate about Robert Latimer and disability and must be heard. Ruth Enns understands the struggle for disability rights in Canada.

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She speaks from her own experiences with disability resulting from polio and glaucoma. Ruth has been a freelance writer for many years. She lives in rural Manitoba. The cover image was created by Alexandra Michaels. Limited in her motor functions, as a result of cerebral palsy, she creates unique designs on her electric typewriter, with its black and red, reel-to-reel ribbon, to convey an intimate expression of her personal experiences. Request Exam Copy.

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Voices unheard: barriers to expressing dissatisfaction to health plans.

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A Voice Unheard: Why It’s Important to Remember the Victims of True Crime Stories

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