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We have decided to share information and he is going to give me a reccomended parts list. A couple of interesting points he made was that he strongly reccomends that I don't use an intercooler as he has done many installations and the intercooler decreased performance on lower boost applications. We also discussed turbo selection and he thinks I would be better off going with strong mid range rather than the largest possible peak HP dyno number inorder to have a car that is the most enjoyable to drive daily.

Ed feels that since I won't exceed the boost level that the 55K produces this may work. The 55K ECU tuning can deal with boost in the lb range. I will probably mount the turbo behind the rear end at the begining of the the muffler area and then use a couple of long resonated tip instead of a muffler. I am really excited to see the progress on this Good luck with everything. What are you thinking about doing for tuning? Great work Lantana, why dont you talk to Eurocharged and maybe get them to do the same thing as they did on the SRT drop it in where the manifolds are?

How do you think your internals will hold up with all the extra power? Send a private message to kolevski. Find all posts by kolevski. Look under the left side of your car in front of the rear wheel I also have an exra tilton scavnege pump sitting here since you will need one. Send a private message to Infinite. Visit Infinite's homepage! Find all posts by Infinite. Infinite, Thanks for the good information. I may take you up on that pump.

Kolevski, Putting the turbo in the valley of my engine is not anything I am considering, I am also not concerned with the internals as adding forced induction to these V8's has been done many times with kits from HPS, Kleeman and other DIY turbos. I ran into a fellow gear head yesterday that twin turbo'd his E I would much rather have these internals than what most people are adding turbo's to. Theres a guy you migt want to talk to that has successfully installed an aem fic-8 on a clk turbo he built. I've been meaning to contact him because im curious as to the following.

Originally Posted by Infinite. AND sorry i'd be curious to see if you can get a higher stall torque converter. Go for it Lantana, you are an achiever! Infinite, are you after a rear mounted turbo on a stock m or are you planning on moving on with a v8 m or something else. Send a private message to DeepSurge.

Find all posts by DeepSurge. Still, gotta keep yourself occupied somehow, right? Send a private message to sonoronos. Find all posts by sonoronos. He can probably direct you as to where he got it and how much it will run you, either of you. Send a private message to rcompart. Find all posts by rcompart. Originally Posted by rcompart. The FIC modifies the cam and crank signals and that is how it changes timing. Unlike the injectors where you intercept each one, the ignition wires are left untouched.

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Send a private message to M3SRT. Find all posts by M3SRT. Still, the more time that passes, the more money there is for 8. The coefficient of thermal expansion differs way too much.

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Turbos Diary Turbos Diary
Turbos Diary Turbos Diary
Turbos Diary Turbos Diary
Turbos Diary Turbos Diary
Turbos Diary Turbos Diary
Turbos Diary Turbos Diary
Turbos Diary Turbos Diary
Turbos Diary Turbos Diary
Turbos Diary

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