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Author: Joseph Monniger. Margaret Kennedy lives on a dairy farm in rural Maine. Her husband, Thomas, was injured in a war overseas, and he will never again be the man he was. When the president signs a bill in support of wounded veterans, Margaret is invited to the nation's capital. Charlie King, a handsome Foreign Service officer, volunteers to escort her. This is a sweet, gentle old-fashioned story that I enjoyed as much for the plot as for the lack of 'soap opera' drama. If you are looking for a quiet story that will really hold your attention, don't miss this one.

In this novel, Baldacci has created a lone-wolf military man. John Puller is a combat veteran and the best military investigator in the U. His father was an Army fighting legend, and his brother is serving a life sentence for treason in a federal military prison. Puller has an indomitable spirit and an unstoppable drive to find the truth. Now, Puller is called out on a case in a remote, rural area in West Virginia coal country far from any military outpost. Someone has stumbled onto a brutal crime scene, a family slaughtered. The local homicide detective, a headstrong woman with personal demons of her own, joins forces with Puller in the investigation.

Facing a potential conspiracy that reaches far beyond the hills of West Virginia, he is one man on the hunt for justice against an overwhelming force. Puller seems like a machine which is part of his charm, but through out the novel he cracks a bit revealing his humanity. This fast-paced story kept me on my toes with many twists and turns.

The ending was very satisfying. This is the first in a series of books featuring Agent John Puller. I'd advise you to read them in order because each one builds on the one before. Orphaned while onboard ship from Ireland, seven-year-old Lavinia arrives on the steps of a tobacco plantation where she is to live and work with the slaves of the kitchen house as an indentured servant.

Under the care of Belle, the master's illegitimate daughter, Lavinia becomes deeply bonded to her adopted family, though she is set apart from them by her white skin. Eventually, Lavinia is accepted into the world of the big house, where the master is absent and the mistress battles opium addiction. Lavinia finds herself perilously straddling two very different worlds. When she is forced to make a choice, loyalties are brought into question, dangerous truths are laid bare, and lives are put at risk. Some have called it "Gone With The Wind" turned upside down. I call it a great read!

These memoirs are at times brutally honest, but at the same time uplifting and optimistic. These are the memoirs of Jennifer Worth who was a nurse and midwife in the 's in the harsh and unforgiving tenements of London's East End. This book reads like a novel. The author paints a fascinating picture of an important time in history. This book is a treasure. I opened it up and got instantly caught in all the different items that people leave in books. Left-behind letters were especially interesting to read as they made me wonder about the person who wrote them way back when and the recipient who used it as a book mark.

A wonderful book! In Stitches takes readers from his childhood through medical school and into his medical practice. Along with his book, he's gotten attention for making numerous appearances on national TV shows. A lot of people watch shows like Grey's Anatomy and House , and they think they have an idea of what it's like, but most of those are not written by doctors. They're written by writers and people who have not been through it. With the book In Stitches , I really wanted to expose the underbelly, the truth of what it's like to go through medical school and to transform, once again, from that college kid to a doctor, and my medical school is at Michigan State.

So, there's a lot of professors and people that students may actually recognize. I really enjoyed this book. I found this memoir by turns touching , hilarious and provocative. Don't miss this great little gem! I'd never read anything by Amy Bloom, but always meant to.

When a friend of mine recommended Away , I thought I'd give her a try. The timing was right because I'd just finished a book and had no promising prospects on the horizon. And I'm glad I did. What a literary ride! This novel is the stuff that book clubs dream of. When her family is destroyed in a Russian pogrom, Lillian comes to America alone, determined to make her way in a new land.

When word comes that her daughter, Sophie, might still be alive, Lillian embarks on an odyssey that takes her from the world of the Yiddish theater on New York's Lower East Side, to Seattle's Jazz District, and up to Alaska, along the fabled Telegraph Trail toward Siberia. By turns the story is comic and tragic. The author dazzles the reader with her brilliant use of language. My favorite technique that Bloom employs is the way she works the future of each character into the story as that person leaves the plot.

It is very interesting and quite satisfying because as you read, you never need wonder what happened to someone after our heroine leaves them. I don't know if she uses this in all of her books, but it is interesting enough to make me pick up another title, just to find out. Oslo in November. The first snow of the season has fallen.

A boy named Jonas wakes in the night to find his mother gone. Out his window, in the cold moonlight, he sees the snowman that appeared in the yard earlier that day. Around its neck is his mother's pink scarf. So begins, The Snowman by Jo Nesbo. This is a suspenseful, dare I say, terrifying crime novel that has succeeded in making me suspicious of snowmen. It's a good thing that we didn't get much snow this season. I spent some time dancing around this novel. I was drawn to it because I know Patchett to be a magical writer.

But I was reluctant to read it because it would take me to the Amazon jungle and I don't like hot sweltering weather, big spiders or snakes. However, after several months of watching other people take the book home and bring it back without complaint, I gave in. And I'm so glad I did. Yes, it was hotter than last July and filled with giant hard shelled bugs, but it didn't matter.

I was hooked! A reviewer for NPR summed up the plot very nicely. Annick Swenson. Swenson has been in the wild 10 years, working to unlock the secret to the prolonged fertility of an isolated Amazonian tribe. The women of that tribe give birth well into their 70s, and if the fertility chemical found in a rare tree bark can be distilled and made available back in the States, it will be, as Marina's deceased co-worker once said, "menstruation everlasting With so little to lose, Marina sets off for the Amazon This wild, adventurous tale of friendship and responsibility was surprising and deeply satisfying.

Set in New York City in , Rules of Civility tells the story of a watershed year in the life of an uncompromising twenty-five-year- old named Katey Kontent. Armed with little more than a formidable intellect, a bracing wit, and her own brand of cool nerve, Katey embarks on a journey from a Wall Street secretarial pool through the upper echelons of New York society in search of a brighter future.

The story opens on New Year's Eve in a Greenwich Village jazz bar, where Katey and her boardinghouse roommate Eve happen to meet Tinker Grey, a handsome banker with royal blue eyes and a ready smile. This chance encounter and its startling consequences cast Katey off her current course, but end up providing her unexpected access to the rarified offices of Conde Nast and a glittering new social circle. Befriended in turn by a shy, principled multimillionaire, an Upper East Side ne'er-do-well, and a single-minded widow who is ahead of her times, Katey has the chance to experience first hand the poise secured by wealth and station, but also the aspirations, envy, disloyalty, and desires that reside just below the surface.

Even as she waits for circumstances to bring Tinker back into her orbit, she will learn how individual choices become the means by which life crystallizes loss. This enjoyable erudite debut novel has the feel of a Fitzgerald story. In fact, as I was reading it, I half expected him or Zelda to show up in the pages. When my husband and I traveled to Tennessee for vacation recently, we listened to Carol Burnett's memoir, This Time Together , and enjoyed it very much.

I grew up watching her variety show every Saturday night, and it was fascinating to hear how the show was created and her cast members were selected. She also tells stories about her childhood and upbringing as well as her rise in show business. She shares remembrances, both hilarious and heartbreaking, about Garry Moore, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, Jim Nabors, Jimmy Stewart, television executives, her infamous Tarzan yell, her washerwoman character who closed each show, and the death of her daughter.

The best thing about this Talking Book on five compact discs is that the listeners feel as if Carol is talking directly to them, friend to friend. His memoir covers his childhood and family life, and his careers as a radio announcer, a song-and-dance man, a Broadway star, a movie star, and a major star of his own television show during the early 's, as well as his performances later in life.

It is always fun to hear the stories about how TV shows and movies are made and the backstage experiences. Dick Van Dyke's life has been filled with both joys and sorrows, just like everyone's. He considers himself a lucky man, having had a wonderful career doing what he loves as well as a beloved extended family. He continues his lifelong passion to entertain and still performs for delighted audiences. Nick has returned to his old home town of Boston to set up his own shop. There he's urgently summoned by an old family friend. Hedge fund titan Marshall Marcus desperately needs Nick's help.

His teenaged daughter, Alexandra, has just been kidnapped. Her abduction was clearly a sophisticated, professional job, done with extraordinary precision, leaving no trace evidence. Alexandra, whom Nick has known since she was an infant, is now buried alive, held prisoner in an underground crypt, a camera trained on her, her suffering streaming live over the internet for all to see.

What the kidnappers want, Marcus either can't or won't give them. So it is up to Nick to save her. This was a thrilling novel. So full of suspense and impossible twists that I could barely put it down. When I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it. I was consumed! The author's assignment for this book was to spend one week at Terminal 5 of London's Heathrow Airport and note down his observations and musings. For most people an airport is a necessary nuisance, a place one is forced to be while waiting for a flight.

But Alain de Botton looks much further than this. He takes the reader to places, where passengers normally cannot go, such as the factory where the food is manufactured. In the course of the book the author talks with baggage handlers and discovers the dreams of a cleaning lady in the first class lounge. Not only was this book highly entertaining and almost like a mini vacation, it also put a different spin on being at the airport.

I am pretty sure, that next time I am at the airport, I will look at people and things much differently after having read this delightful and thought-provoking book. Lady Serena, spirited and willful daughter of the Earl of Spenborough, is shocked beyond measure, when she finds out that upon his death - which occurred rather sudden in the form of a chill - her beloved father decreed in his will, that Sir Ivo, Marquis of Rotherham and scoundrel beyond measure, will henceforth be the trustee of Serena's fortune.

She can only gain control of her inheritance through marriage which has to be approved by the Marquis, the only problem with that being, that Serena and Ivo were once betrothed and Serena knows that Ivo will do his utmost to boycott every marriage proposal coming her way. Things come to a head when Sir Ivo, his patience sorely tried, decides to put in an appearance in Bath to straighten out the mess. This is one of my favorite books by Georgette Heyer. The plot is so funny and the characters so witty that one can't help but laugh out loud at times and feel truly sorry for poor Sir Ivo who seems to be the only level-headed person in all of Bath.

This is one of the best historical romances ever written. She was originally better known for her mystery novels for which her husband, a barrister, provided the plots. Even at the height of her fame, Ms. Heyer kept her life intensely private. She never gave any interviews and there only exist a few photographs of her. During her entire writing career she was her own harshest critic.

But the fact that she has been beloved and cherished by her readers for 90 years now shows, what a wonderful writer she was. I am truly thrilled and excited, that our library now owns this book. It was out of print for a long time and has only recently been republished. It is a must for every Heyer-Fan. To me her books are like a good movie, I have to reread them over and over again. This fascinating biography grants the reader a short glimpse into this cherished author's life, mostly through the memories of her son and of course through lots of references in her books.

The setting for this novel is a small isolated town, McAllaster, on the southern edge of Lake Superior. The town seems a lot like Grand Marais, where the author resides. Our heroine, Madeline Stone, comes to Michigan because she has nothing to lose. She's looking for a chance to start over, and get away from the mess her life has become. Abandoned by her blood relatives at age 2, she is raised by a kindly woman.

Shortly after her adoptive mother dies, Madeline receives a letter from her absent grandfather's girlfriend, Gladys, asking if she won't consider moving to McAllaster to help take care of her ailing sister. Life in the U. In doing so, she begins to meet some of the town's people. She watches and marvels at the tension between the new business owners and the locals. Despite the animosity, to her amazement, they all come together in times of tragedy. Madeline discovers her roots and the mysteries of her childhood, as Gladys and others begin to trust her with the secrets from their pasts.

This heartwarming, yet unsentimental debut novel was a lovely read. When I turned the last page, I was sorry to leave the characters and warmth of McAllaster. Cornelia Brown is managing a hip Philadelphia coffee shop, feeling that she isn't reaching her potential, when Martin Grace walks through the door. He's a dead ringer for Cary Grant. Yes, a love story ensues, but it isn't of the cookie cutter, formulaic ilk. Clare, Martin's year-old daughter, is living with her mother Vivianna, and her world is falling apart. Her mother isn't acting like herself, and Clare doesn't know what to do about it.

She must learn to fend for herself after her increasingly unstable mother has a breakdown and disappears. Martin left his family when Clare was 2. Happy to leave his daughter to be raised by her mother, he doesn't really know the child at all. When Cornelia and Claire meet, the stars align and they are instantly drawn to each other. Even though Cornelia knows that Martin is not the love of her life, she agrees to help with Clare until Vivianna is found, because though she hasn't fallen in love with Martin, she has fallen in love with the brave, smart, and unique Clare.

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At first this threw me a bit, but then I grew to really like it. This writing style makes both of the characters become real so that by the story's conclusion, they feel like people from the neighborhood. Another thing that I truly enjoyed about this novel is how skillfully the author weaves in a little about those wonderful old movies like the black and whites starring Katharine Hepburn.

I watched lots of those when I was a kid and still get pleasure from them. Also, the author talks of Philadelphia in such detail you can practically smell those genuine Philly cheese steaks wafting up from the pages.

A huge fan of spy novels, movies and TV shows, I was psyched for this book. However, I quickly learned the reality of being a spy is not as glamorous as the film makers would have you believe. They emotionally connect the dots of fast-moving and sometimes frightening intelligence operations. In between the tedium of surveillance, the reader learns how these two found each other. A fascinating look at a world that exists almost completely off the radar.

Title: Why? The Mickey Mouse Club television show is a vivid part of my childhood memories; my mom still has the 45 rpm record with the theme song on it at her home! So I took advantage of our fantastic interlibrary loan system and requested the newest history of the program through MelCat, the Michigan Electronic Library Catalog, via the library's web page. The show made such an impact on Baby Boomers that it hard to believe that the original show was on the air for only three years, from to The book discusses how the show was created and developed and revamped as the "Mice" grew from preteens into adolescents.

Did you know that Walt Disney pitched the show idea to ABC solely to raise money and awareness for his new theme park, Disneyland? Stories about Walt Disney, the various directors, crew members, on-set teacher, and parents are included, as well as lively descriptions of the on-air adult stars, Jimmy Dodd and Roy Williams.

There are "behind the scenes" descriptions of what it was really like to be a child star, unexplained firings, off-camera mischief, endless rehearsals and publicity appearances, personality conflicts and professional jealousy. The updates concerning the adult lives of the Mouseketeers are tinged with sadness as illnesses, divorces, professional career failures, and prison records are revealed. Even so, I did enjoy getting a backstage glance of one of my favorite childhood television shows.

Title: It is well with my soul: the extraordinary life of a year old woman. Call : Joh New Adult Nonfiction. Reviewer: Chuck Harpst. A s a lifelong fan of Broadway musicals, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this new history of musical theatre. The first part of the book sets the foundation as it covers the life and career of the first Oscar Hammerstein, a successful cigar merchant, an architect of a wide variety of theatre buildings which turned Times Square into the theatre capital of the world, and an opera lover.

Overflowing with the backstage politics of producing theatre and dealing with talented and not-so-talented stars, it also details the personal and professional foibles of Oscar I and his competitors. The book itself is beautifully presented, truly overflowing with family photos, publicity shots, illustrations, theatre blueprints, broadsides, programs, playbills, covers of sheet music and lyrics on almost every page.

I found myself singing so many of the now classic songs just at the mention of their titles. This is a fascinating book for anyone interested in the history of musical theatre in America! Winter and Night by S. Reviewed by Gayle Hazelbaker. While all of the books are excellent, this one is a particular favorite of mine. When his nephew Gary is arrested in the city and then escapes, Bill Smith along with his partner, Lydia Chin, sets out to find him. They end up in a small New Jersey town full of dark secrets, some belonging to Bill.

This character driven mystery was very suspenseful. I highly recommend the entire series. He's an athlete, at the top of his game and in the best physical shape of his life. He's completed ironman competitions and ran the NYC Marathon with a respectable time which qualified his for the Boston Marathon. While out biking, he's hit by a 20 ton bus that almost ends his life. Miraculously, 40 operations and months later, Matt is able to begin his long journey to recovery.

He sets a goal of running the NYC marathon again. Will Matt achieve his goal? His devoted sister is afraid for his safety and rents a secluded house deep in the woods. To celebrate Joerg's return to freedom, she invites all his former friends to the house to spent the weekend. Among this illustrous crowd of people is the man who betrayed Joerg to the police and there is Marko, a young man who is intend on convincing Joerg to keep fighting for the cause.

This book reads like a movie script. Bernhard Schlink, author of "The Reader" is capturing the atmosphere in this house so perfectly and so vividly, that I was drawn into the story as if I was part of the group gathering at that house. This is a book you won't be able to put down.

Jack has never left the room. His mother was nineteen years old when she was kidnapped and forced to live in a garden shed type room. They are held captive and cannot leave the room. They have a television, bathtub, sink and stove and depend on "Old Nick" for their food, heat, clothes etc.

When he visits, Jack hides. Jack is five years old when his mother plans a daring attempt to escape. Will they succeed? Will Jack get to experience life in the real world? Will he get to meet his grandparents? Donoghue does an excellent job of capturing the voice of a five year old boy as he tells his story of survival. Enter hearthrob Bobby Cameron, 23 years old and skilled horse trainer from California to temporarily work on the farm.

Bobby immediately notices Milly's talent and invites her to California to train professionally at his ranch, Highwood. Although the pair are attraced to each other, Bobby keeps his distance because he thinks Milly is still a child. When Milly's father dies, the farm is sold to Milly's nemesis, Rachel. Milly vows to buy the ranch back and enters the world of horseracing as a jockey. Milly and Bobby have a falling out and part ways even though they still love each other. Will Milly get the ranch back?

Will she end up with Bobby? This novel explores the culture of horseracing and this reader was completely fascinated by the whole racing experience. Twenty-four hours later, Lauren awakes in the hospital to find that her husband has vanished without a trace. The only one who has any chance of finding him is his brother, Nick, a high-powered investigator with a private intelligence firm. Nick Heller is tough, stubborn and relentless.

He is up against some pretty bad guys to find his brother.

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Author: Justin Halpern. Call Hal. What started as a twitter feed by a comedy writer has become a sitcom on CBS starring William Shatner! This book is a compilation of quotes made by Halpern's father, Sam, regarding random subjects. Halpern started the twitter account on August 3, , soon after moving from Los Angeles back to his parents' house in San Diego. He intended it only as a storage site for his father's salty comments, but a friend posted a link to it.

As of 1 August , the feed is reported to have nearly 1,, followers. Reading this book I laughed out loud many times. I highly recommend it, but only for those readers not offended by salty language. Author: Elizabeth Strout. Title: Abide with me. His congregation seeks his guidance and listens attentively as he preaches. But after the devastating and untimely death of his wife, Reverend Caskey finds impossible it to return to life as it once was.


His sermons no longer come from the heart, and he cannot show compassion to those who are hurting. Anger, bitterness and gossip have started to swirl across West Annett. I found the plot to be melancholy and depressing. The characters shed a negative light on small-town living and Christianity. All the despair and negativity made me appreciative of the good things that are in my life.

Author: Tony Dungy with Nathan Whitaker. Tony Dungy's memoir describes his life, including personal triumphs and tragedies, football highlights, and faith. He continuously emphasizes throughout his biography that while he enjoys football that it is ultimately just a game, which is over at the end of 60 minutes. His passion as youth was playing football and basketball with friends in the Ann Arbor , Jackson and Lansing , Michigan areas.

His parents, Wilbur and CleoMae Dungy, were both educators. During his college years, he played football at the University of Minnesota. He has five children and encourages his players and coaches to spend time with their families. During the season, his son, Jamie, committed suicide. Dungy's decision to continue coaching football following his devastating loss was arrived through prayer.

From a historical perspective, I discovered what life was like for African Americans in Jackson during the s; more importantly, Wilbur Dungy, who was an instructor at Jackson Community College , was one of the first African-American college professors in the United States. Some of his football memories were priceless gems in the history of football, especially his remembrances about the Detroit Lions pulverizing the Buccaneers in the s.

Dungy also provides excellent examples of leadership, character, wisdom, and overall outlook on life. I would recommend Quiet Strength to football fans as well as anyone interested in an outstanding book about inner peace and personal strength. Airways Flight All of sudden, the plane runs into a flock of birds, the engines fails, and an emergency landing in the Hudson River becomes inevitable. Miraculously, all passengers and crew members survived. There were only a handful of injuries. The amazing story of January 15, , grips the nation, and Captain Sullenberger becomes an American hero.

Overall, I enjoyed learning about the extraordinary life of Captain Sullenberger, but the book is very detailed and slow moving. I even discovered that he likes onions on his enchiladas. I would have liked the book to focus more on the events of Flight and his life after the heroic landing. If you have a passion for the military or commercial aviation, you would be captivated by the life of Captain Sullenberger.

Tecumseh District Library N. I like stories about books and bookstores and the people who work there, and this novel delivered all three. Thanks to the generosity of a family friend, she is given a plane ticket to NYC and the opportunity to start a new life there. By chance Rosemary wanders into a huge, messy used bookstore and knows this is where she belongs. The novel contains plenty of eccentric characters, a book-related mystery and enough book history to make it fascinating.

The writing itself was full of rich and descriptive vocabulary — quite beautiful. It takes 8 year-old Oriana, an old book, a librarian who won't give up and a quirky cast of characters to show Amanda and Harry, that with a little help from a whole lot of friends and trees there is life and love after loss. And if Oriana will succeed in lining up all stars just right, they might indeed This book is a gift and a treasure. I was taken away by the author's ability of writing a modern fairy tale with so much depth and credibility. His characters are so believable and the story is so magical.

This book is a must for all the dreamers among us who still believe in fairy tales. But Helena is harboring a secret she thinks she can keep locked away deep down within herself. Everything is starting to unravel when a kidnapper and murderer escapes from prison and Helena has to make a heart-rending decision. Because who will be better suited to find the Marsh King in the depth of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, then the person who knows him best, the Marsh King's Daughter!

This book left me breathless, it was so fast paced. As I read it, I could see it as a movie in my head. The author did a fabulous job describing the gorgeous, yet at times inhospitable scenery of the U. Dionne delivered a nail biter and a great suspense novel. At a dinner party, Logan and Maddie witness an attempt on the First Lady. Suddenly, Maddie is living like a hermit in remote Alaska. Maddie becomes an outdoorswoman and acquires survival skills. Maddie is dumbfounded when she sees Logan after six years.

She is upset that Logan never returned her letters and keeps him at a distance. After Logan is kidnapped, Maddie is the only person who can rescue Logan due to unforeseen circumstances. During the rescue attempt, Maddie and Logan grow closer. Maddie is a strong leading character that readers will respect. Each chapter begins with a brief letter from Maddie to Logan describing her time in Alaska.

The fact that Maddie is trying to save Logan from an abductor is actually believable because of her independence, vast knowledge of the Alaskan terrain and survival skills. The action is nonstop and readers will root for this pair to romantically connect and survive their tormentors. This collection of sixteen short stories by young adult authors tackles love triangles in traditional and untraditional settings while romance is always lingering at the forefront.

Well-developed characters make decisions about love that will greatly impact their futures. Many of the stories involve situations where characters make unconventional choices demonstrating that a different path can lead to happiness. Louisa must decide if she will follow her hired protector from the zombie undead; Mavis decides to either miss an important running event or follow the bad boy leaving town; Eva must make a selection who to repopulate the planet with; Maya will dance with a stranger, but will it lead to something more; and Ruby must decide who she really wants to teach kissing lessons to.

Each story represents strong and likable characters even if you don't agree with their decisions. Some stories are open ended leaving the reader either frustrated or wondering which decision the character would ultimately make. Each story is so uniquely different and covers a variety of different genres that it will have widespread appeal.

With stories involving zombies, spaceships, and the historical south, readers will have no trouble finding their favorite story. Violet is attending Comic Con with her two best friends and younger brother. They are going to meet the lead actor in their favorite book and movie, The Gallows Dance. The Gallows Dance is about two classes of citizens, the Imps and the Gems. The Gems are the super elite humans who rule over the lesser Imps. During their time in the story, Violet falls in love and even manages to alter the ending of the story.

This novel provides the reader with a great storyline which includes action, adventure, and romance. Violet is admirable in her efforts to aid the Imps in their rebellion while trying to protect her brother and her friends. An act of betrayal during the story changes everything that will leave readers shocked. The continual shift keeps the readers interest while guessing the outcome. Readers become invested in the cause and the ending is both shocking and revealing. City of Bastards is the second novel in the Royal Bastards series and it begins where the first novel ended.

Tilla has fled from her home and treasonous father Lord Kent who is planning war on the kingdom Lightspire. She arrives there with her boyfriend Zell and best friend Princess Lyrianna. When a secret plot comes to light, Tilla must act quickly to ensure the safety of the King and Lightspire. Readers new to the series will be confused at the very beginning and the backstory of Royal Bastards is slowly revealed throughout this novel. Despite the initial confusion, readers quickly become immersed in the rapidly developing storyline which has elements of magic, danger and conspiracy theories.

The storyline is fluid and the reader never knows which direction it will turn. Readers joining late to the series will find themselves reading the first novel as they desperately await the third. According to the author Andrew Lloyd Webber finally succumbed to pressure and finished Volume 1 of his life story. This is a book of almost pages and it ends with the curtain rising on "The Phantom of the Opera". I was a bit apprehensive at first starting such an - obviously - very detailled autobiography, but I am very glad, I did. It is written with the typical British wit, tongue in cheek, and the author never takes himself or his extraordinary life too seriously throughout the book.

It evoked more than one chuckle from me and at times downright laughter. In addition to imcomparable articulateness this book is filled with lovely tidbits about all his famous shows. A pleasure to read and I must say, I am greatly looking forward to Volume 2. Being recently widowed, Arthur's one and only pastime is to visit his wife's grave and wait to join her, hopefully soon.

When he meets Maddy, pregnant, friendless, lost and with nowhere to go, he shares a smile and a kind word with her. His little act of kindess triggers a series of events which will soon show him, that hopes and dreams sometimes do come true, even it if is very, very late in life. I loved this quiet little story about kindness, love and family. It is so nicely written and just spread hope.

This book contains just the right amount of humor and food for thought. Arthur, Maddy and Lucille will find their way into every reader's heart. He writes in minute detail about his daily life and work in the challenging environment of the space station and the effects it has on his body and mind. I found this book simply fascinating and could not stop listening.

The author is very candid about the not so glamorous aspects of living in space and thus answers a lot of questions one might have about life in space. This book is read by the author and I can highly recommend it to anybody who loves adventure, science, humor and strength. This book is about the making of the movie "Gone With The Wind". The author keeps very close to the actual facts and only introduces a few characters for the sake of her story. Clark Gable, Carole Lombard and Vivian Leigh are prominently featured and the book is so entertaining and so full of interesting stories and tit bits about "Gone With The Wind" and mostly the that it is very hard to put down.

I could not put this book down. Most of all I enjoyed hours and hours of watching those glorious classic movies. Once you have read the book you will never watch "Gone With The Wind" with the same eyes again. But when Georgie blurts out something she shouldn't, her older sister Agatha flees, running off with a pack of "pigeoners" trailing the passenger pigeon migration.

And when the sheriff returns to town with an unidentifiable body--wearing Agatha's blue-green ball gown--everyone assumes the worst; except Georgie. Refusing to believe the facts that are laid down before her, Georgie sets out on a journey to find her sister. She will track every last clue and shred of evidence to bring Agatha home. Yet even with resolute determination and her trusty Springfield single-shot, Georgie is not prepared for what she faces on the western frontier.

It has a little bit of everything in it: drama, family conflict, sorrow, young and old romance, regret, mystery, action, and suspense. It's one of those novels that you just can't put down! The well-written narrative just pulls you right into the story! Hadley McCauley is the sole survivor of a small private plane crash. After immediately being rushed to the hospital, she tries to end her life. Her mother was killed and readers wonder if her father or younger sister Lila survived.

Hadley lives a privileged life but does she? Hadley begins dating Charlie and her life takes a dramatic turn as she falls in love. Chapters in this debut novel alternate between before and after the plane crash. In each timeframe, readers gather insight into the level of abuse as well as the tragedy aftermath. While the novel is extremely tragic, it offers hope and recovery. After reading, this reader felt like sending Giles a thank-you card for providing such an unforgettable reading experience. Natasha was dead for 13 minutes as she lay in the freezing water until a bystander saved her. Tasha has no memory of how she ended up there and her two best friends, Hayley and Jenny aka the Barbies , are acting guilty and strange around her.

Tasha enlists her once best friend Becca to help her uncover the truth. Tasha is portrayed as the victim, but evidence may suggest otherwise. Once the truth becomes clear, a sudden and unexpected death half way thru shifts the momentum of the novel. The shocking conclusion will leave readers stunned. Netflix has picked up the movie rights. Title: The Reader on the 6. Guylain Vignolles works in a book pulping factory. Because he hates destroying books so much, he tries to save as many pages from the pulping machine as he can.

He then reads these snippets of literature aloud on the train every morning much to the delight of the other commuters. When he finds a flash drive with the manuscript to a diary on it, his life - until then lived at the edge of existence - takes a dramatic turn I loved this short little book. It is funny, warm-hearted and very touching. The characters in it are quirky, larger than life and every one is just so very lovable and relatable.

This book is about the power of books and how they can change lives forever. Pied de Port across the Pyranees to Santiago de Compostela. Patrick readily agreed to push his friend, Justin, in a wheelchair over the mile trek on the Camino de Santiago. This book is very uplifting. It is at the same time a travelogue and a testimony to friendship as the authors allow us a glimpse into their physical as well as spiritual journey. Teva, sixteen, has a genetic abnormality which causes her to unwillingly clone herself each year when a new replica violently emerges from her body.

The new Teva takes over the life of the previous version until the process repeats itself in one year. The younger sister versions, named by their age, live confined to their house where they never grow older. Her best friend, Mandy, does not know she has been friends with a different version of Teva every year since childhood. Teva struggles to keep her home life a secret while feeling guilty as she lies to everyone. When the newest clone shows signs of breaking free, Teva decides to finally seek help for her condition, even if it means exposing the truth. Recommended for readers looking for something out of the ordinary.

People are created in laboratories and everyone works at Lakeview for the greater good of the city. Dahlia is an exceptionally skilled hydroponic gardener. On her way to the Management Bureau, an elevator malfunctions and she is stuck with Trigger 17, a soldier from the Defense Bureau. While stranded, she experiences emotions—something that could be considered genetic flaws. Dahlia is physically attracted to Trigger 17 and she thinks of him constantly. During a second encounter, they are caught kissing in a shed. She is captured and if it is determined that she has a genetic flaw, all 5, Dahlias will be eliminated.

Secrets are discovered as they realize their existence actually serves a far different purpose than they believed. The beginning of the novel captivates the reader with the intriguing concept of the Lakeview community. The initial attraction between Dahlia and Trigger leaves the reader wondering how their relationship will develop, given the rules against fraternization. New characters introduced at the end show promise for exciting revelations and a sequel.

In the realm of Eurona, there are magical Lashed people and non-magical humans. Princess Aerity will do everything in her power to protect the kingdom of Lochlanach from the evil Lashed Rozaria Rocato and her dangerous army. Rozaria demands that the laws be overturned or deadly force will occur. Aerity disagrees with her father and believes compromising with the Lashed people in a peaceful manner will avoid war. In addition to that turmoil, Aerity is dealing with her conflicting emotions about being betrothed to Lord Alvi while her feelings for the Lashed hunter, Paxton Seabolt, continue to grow.

When unforeseen circumstances occur, she becomes the acting queen and does everything in her power to prevent war. Further complications ensue and restoring peace to the kingdom will not be easy. New readers will easily understand the storyline. Aspects of war are creatively written so that readers are exposed to a classic good-versus-evil tale with elements of leadership, courage, sacrifice, and acceptance. Strategic planning on both sides leads to deception and intrigue.

Secondary characters are skillfully portrayed and will not easily be forgotten. Aerity is a strong, admirable character who is passionate, loyal, and willing to sacrifice her heart for her kingdom. A strong leading cast, the ongoing suspense of battle, and the pursuit of love combine to create an enchanting fantasy read which will have widespread appeal. Erin has moved with her family for a fresh start. She loves her new bedroom, even when she sees Joe, the former occupant who is now a ghost. Once she begins talking to Joe, they discover they both share a love of poetry and feel a strong connection.

Joe's older brother, Olly, attends the same school as Erin. Olly used to be popular and ruled the school until Joe died. After his brother's death, his grief and guilt consumed him. After a chance meeting with Erin, the two strike up a friendship. Erin is torn between the two brothers, one living, one dead. Erin is in love with Joe but he is a ghost. She is attracted to Olly, but he is Joe's brother. Erin wrestles with her decision as she tries to overcome her past.

Each chapter is told from a different point of view, allowing the reader to experience the depth of each characters' feelings. Kessler develops the plot at a pace which holds the reader's attention until Erin makes her final choice. Throughout the story, Joe does not remember how he died but he knows he blames Olly.

Once the story of Joe's death is revealed, it is both emotional and cathartic, while bringing closure to both brothers. Erin's past and the reason the family moved is slowly revealed throughout the story. Bullying and suicide are addressed in this novel that is about choices, and whether Erin will choose life or death. Fans of ghostly romance will appreciate this novel. Emma seems content sitting on the sidelines of her year older sister Henri short for Henrietta who is the popular diva that rules the senior class.

The sisters have always been best friends until an act of betrayal destroys their relationship. Henri begins acting out by partying and sleeping around. They accompany their mother on a business trip to Puerto Rico and the sisters land themselves marooned on a deserted island after a boating accident with two boys. One of the boys die and the other boy named Alex has a questionable reputation and secrets of his own. The trio struggle to survive and be rescued as Emma grows apart from Henri and closer to Alex.

As days turn into weeks, it becomes clear that Henri does not want to leave the island and even sabotages some of their efforts. Taylor skillfully depicts a tale of survival as the trio battle starvation, the weather and the desperate need for drinkable weather. Chapters alternate between the present and the weeks leading up to Puerto Rico so readers are immediately immersed in the drama as it slowly unfolds. Topics addressed involve family dynamics, divorce, betrayal, friendship and survival. The novel concludes with a satisfying ending that answers all of the readers questions.

Esther Solar believes her family is cursed ever since her Grandfather met Death. Solar family members are cursed to die by their greatest fear. A chance encounter with an old classmate Jonah leads down a path of self-discovery. Every Sunday during senior year, Jonah helps Esther confront one fear at a time while videotaping her experiences as she overcomes each obstacle. Esther and Jonah are likable characters and readers will admire Esther as she confronts one fear after another.

Jonah has problems at home with his father involving domestic violence and alcoholism. Esther has issues at home as her mother gambles their money away, an absentee father and a brother with suicidal thoughts. In addition to his slightly dubious night job, Charlie writes crime novels during the day. After a spot of trouble in Las Vegas he moves to Venice, Italy, to get inspiration for his next book. Together with his literary agent, Victoria, he gets so much more inspiration than he ever bargained for with corpses being thrown in his way and into the canals , bombs blowing up way too near for comfort and then there is the mysterious Graziella who tends to appear at his bedside at the most inopportune moments.

Charlie Howard is such a likeable character who does not take himself too seriously. Annalee Ahlberg is a sleepwalker. She does not return home one night after getting up from her bed leaving her family bereft and with a lot of questions. What happened when Annalee's husband left town for a conference and Annelee disappeared?

And what interest does Detective Rikert have sticking around the Ahlberg's long after Annalee's body has been found. Chris Bohjalian delivered another breathtaking mystery in the fashion of "The Guestroom" and "Secrets of Eden". Meticulously researched and thrillingly narrated the author feeds his reader just enough information in each chapter that the urge to read faster and faster almost becomes unbearable. And of course the bombshell explodes on the very last page. You won't be able to put it down.

Title: The Execution of Noa P. Noa P. Singleton has been an inmate on Death Row for the past 10 years awaiting her execution for murder. She is visited by Marlene Dixon,mother of her victim, who has had a change of heart and is advocating now for clemency. What is Noa hiding and are Marlene Dixon's motives as honest as she claims them to be? This book left me emotionally drained trying to figure out if Noa was truly guilty or not.

In the course of the narration the author unravels Noa's story so masterfully that it leaves the reader breathless. The lyrical use of language and words made me feel as if I watched the book instead of reading it. This is one of those books that will stay with you for a long time after you finished reading it. Forty-niner or forty-whiner? Young is best known for his days with the San Francisco 49ers. He was a backup for many years playing in the shadows of the great Joe Montana, a four time Superbowl champion. The majority of his time is dedicated to his frustrations playing back up quarterback to Joe Montana.

Joe was constantly getting hurt and Steve would step in when needed. His ultimate goal was to be the starting quarterback despite Joe's greatness. I have mixed emotions about this book. Steve does a great job reliving all the great games and I forgot about a lot of the players who were on the team back then. It was fun to relive those memories and remember players from years past. My biggest disappointment was finding out Steve wasn't really the man who was portrayed in the media. Many college players enter the draft grateful for the opportunity to play in the NFL.

They don't care what team they play for, they just want the opportunity to play. Steve was a gifted athlete, but he spends a lot of time in the book complaining to his agent to get him on another team, to get him traded out of Tampa, to find him a position as a starting quarterback. He appears arrogant, a whiner, and disrespectful to Joe Montana, a living legend. One of the worst covers of a book belongs to one of the most disturbing, thought provoking and chilling teen books I've read in quite a while. Alex Craft knows how to kill someone.

When she killed her sister's rapist and murderer, she carefully planned the attack. When she killed him, she didn't even feel bad. Alex has always been identified in her small town as the sister of the girl who was murdered. She is a loner. She knows she can't be trusted around others because she has inherited her father's dark side. She blends in, the forgotten girl. Alex begins an internship at an animal shelter and befriends Peekay, or P.

An unlikely friendship forms and then she starts dating Jack, the popular jock who has eyes only for her. As their senior year unfolds, Alex begins to emerge from the shadows and believes that life can be different. Then she hears about another child molestor and she can't stop herself. Will Alex be able to live a normal life or will circumstances force her to seek vengenance? The book is told in alternating chapters from the points of view of Alex, Jack and Peekay.

Alex is a strong female character who is fiercely protective of those she loves and not ashamed for punishing those who hurt others. Dingoes at Dinnertime. Dinosaurs Before Dark. Dog that Stole Football Plays, the. Dolphins at Daybreak. Double Play at Short.

De Soto Goes to Africa. Jekyll, Orthodontist. Drinking Gourd, The. Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mole. Elephants: Trunks and Tusks. Eliza the Hypnotizer. Elmer and the Dragon.

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Letting Swift River Go. Lily and Miss Liberty. Little House Birthday, A. Little House Farm Daya. Little House Friends. Little Red hen makes a Pizza. Alcott, Louisa May: Bullseye. Littles and the… The series. Littles Take a Trip. Locked in the Library. Lucky Baseball Bat, the. Manners on the Telephone. Marvin and the Mean Words. Marvin Redpost…. Mary Marony , Mummy Girl. Mary Marony and and the Chocolate Surprise.

Mary Marony and the Snake. Mary Marony Hides Out. Maybe Yes, Maybe No. Maybe Maybe. Midnight on the Moon. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. Miracle on the Plate. Monster Rabbit Runs Amuck. Mummies in the Morning. My Son the Time Traveler. Mystery in the Night Woods. Mystery of the Dark Old House. Mystery of the Missing Dog. Mystery of the Stolen Bike.

Mystery of the Talking Tail, The. Neil Armstrong. Streissguth, Thomas. Never Trust a Cat who Wears Earrings. Nibble, Nibble, Jenny Archer. Night of the Ninjas. Nine True Dolphin Stories. No Arm in Left Field. Old Man and the Bear, the. Old Rocking Chair, the. Old Tom and the Rogue. One Bad Thing about Father. One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo, the. Over the Green Hills. Paint Brush Kid, the. Patchwork Quilt, The. Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln, the. Picture Book of Amelia Earhart, the. Picture Book of Anne Frank, the. Picture Book of Benjamin Franklin, the. Picture Book of Christopher Columbus, the.

Picture Book of Davy Crockett, the. Picture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt, the. Picture Book of Florence Nightingale, the. Picture Book of Frederick Douglas, the. Picture Book of George W. Carver, the. Picture Book of George Washington, the. Picture Book of Harriet Tubman, the. Picture Book of Helen Keller, the. Picture Book of Jackie Robinson, the. Picture Book of Louis Braille, the. Picture Book of Patrick Henry, the. Picture Book of Paul Revere, the. Picture Book of Rosa Parks, the. Picture Book of Sacagaweca, the.

Picture Book of Sitting Bull, the. Picture Book of Sojourner, the. Picture Book of Thomas Edison the.

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Rinaldo, the Sly fox. Rip Roaring Russell. Rose in My Garden, The. Brown, Margaret Wise. Russell Rides Again. School Bus Driver from the Black Lagoon. School Nurse from the Black Lagoon. Second Grade Friends. Second Grade Friends Again. Secret at the Polk Street School. Seven Treasure Hunts, the. Shortstop From Tokyo.

Showtime at the Polk Street School. Sophie in the Saddle. Space Stations. Spectaular Stone Soup. Speed Skating. Spooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock, the. Spy in the Attic, The. Spy on third Base, The. The Statue of Liberty. Hurd, Edith Thacher. Story of Ferdinand, The. Sun, Wind, and the Rain, The. Sunset of the Sabertooth.

Supercharged Infield. Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. Tallyho, Pinkerton! Teacher from the Black Lagoon. Through the Medicine Cabinet. Tonight on the Titanic. Touchdown for Tommy. Trixie and the Cyber Pet. True Stories about Abraham Lincoln. Truth about the Moon, the. Tyler Toad and Thunder. Vacation under the Volcano. Vikings Ships at Sunrise. Village of Round and Square Houses, The. Were Dinosaurs Good? What Is a Dinosaur? When I Was Young in the Mountains. Wise Woman and Her Secret. Write up a Storm with the Polk Street School.

Year Mom Won the Penant, the. Eisenberg, Phyllis Rose. George Washington Carver: Scientist and Teacher. George Washington: First President of the U. Lemurs, Lorises, and Other Lower Primates. Ludwig van Beethoven: Musical Pioneer. Roberto Clemente: Baseball Superstar. Something Queer ….. Thomas Jefferson: Author, Inventor, President. Titantic, the Lost.. Volleyball by Christin Ditchfield. Walking the Road to Freedom. Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Musical Genius. Adventures in Alaska.

Adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein. Aldo Ice Cream. Aldo Peanut Butter. Alexander and the … Very Bad Day. Alexander Who… Rich Last Sunday. Ali Baba Bernstein, Lost and Found. Allen Jay and the Underground Railroad. Almost Starring Skinnybones. Amos Binder, Secret Agent. Angel for Solomon Singer, An. Angel Park Hoopstars: Nothing by Net. Angel Park Soccer Stars: Defense! Angel Park Soccer Stars: Psyched. Baby Animal Zoo. Baby Sitters Club Mystery series. Back Yard Angel. Baseball Challenge and Other Cases, the. Baseball Fever.

Baseball Megastars. Baseball Saved Us. Bugs, the Goats, and the Little Pink Pig. Can You Imagine? Case of the Dirty Bird, the. Case of the Missing Ruby and Other Stories. Case of the Stolen Code Book. Chameleon the Spy and the Terrible. Chick Challenge. Cinderella Bigfoot. Class President. Comeback Dog,the. Courage of Sarah Noble,the. Cowpokes and Desperadoes. Creature from Beneath the Ice and Other Cases,the. Cross Country Cat. Crowded Dock and Other Cases, the. Crying Rocks and other Cases, the.

Enormous Potato, the. Flossie and the Fox. Ghost of Sifty Sifty Sam. Gigantic Ants and Other Cases, The. Give Me Back My Pony. Godzilla Ate my Homework. Good Grief, Third Grade. Gorgonzola Zombies In The Park. Grace The Pirate. Grizzly Mistakes and Other Cases, The. Hello Mrs. Henry aand the Paper Route. Henry and Beezus. Henry and Ribsy. Henry and the Clubhouse. Henry Huggins. Hundred Dresses. Hurary For Ali Baba Bernstein. Hurricane Machine and Other Cases, the. Hypnotized Frog and Other Cases, the. I am Rosa Parks. I Love you the Purplest.

I Want a Pony. Incredible Shrinking Machine and Other Cases, the. John F. Key to the Playhouse. Kid in the Red Jacket, the. Kristy and the Walking Disaster. Langston Hughes: Young Black Poet. Laura Ingall Wilder. Legend of Scarface, The. Legend of the Bluebonnet, The. Legend of the Indian Paintbrush, The. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire. Little Miss Stonybrook and Dawn. Little Pear and his Friend. Llama in the Family, A. Look Out Washington D.

Lost Continent and Other Cases, the. Lost Hikers and Other Cases, the. Louhi Witch of North Farm. Louisa May Alcott: Young Novelist. Ma Pa and Dracula. Magic Spectacles. Make a Wish, Molly. Mark Twain: Young Writer. Martin Luther KingJr. Mary McLeod Bethune. Mary Todd Lincoln: Girl of the Bluegrass.

Maxie, Rosie, and Earl-Partners in Grime. Meet George Washington. Melting Snow Sculptures and Other Cases, the. Memory Coat, the. Mieko and the Fifth Treasure. Mitch and Amy. Molly Pitcher: Young Patriot. Moonwalk: The First Trip to the Moon. Most Beautiful Place in the World, The. Most Wonderful Doll in the World. Mouse and the Motorcycle, The. Much Ado About Aldo. Muggie Maggie. My Mother Got Married and other Disasters. Mysterious Green Swimmer and Other Cases, the. Mysterious Tracks and Other Cases, the.

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Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2) Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2)
Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2) Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2)
Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2) Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2)
Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2) Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2)
Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2) Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2)
Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2) Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2)
Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2) Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2)
Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2) Tree House Zoo (Patty and Maddy Book 2)

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