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Oppressed nationalities: Italian responses to the Polish Uprising of January 1863

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Opera : Tesoretto, Tesoro, Rettorica. Program Notes, Theatre Productions 8. Officium Peregrinorum. Easter Monday, , , , Visitatio Sepulchri. Easter, Filius Getronis. Eve of St Nicholas, Resuscitatio Lazari. Lent, , St Benedict's Eve, Florence in Sepia. Radio, Television Programs Dublin, On James Joyce. With Leslie Fiedler. Dublin, Irish Radio. Quincy, On Book of Kells. Quincy, Television. Second Shepherds' Play. In Middle English. Quincy College Radio. Boulder, Reading James Joyce. With Edward Nolan. KGNU Radio. On Gandhi. Won Art of Peace Prize.

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Florence An Island in the City. Video, Andrea Sorani. RAI 1, English Cemetery: Guided Tours with Apps:. Dante vivo : Collaborative Projects. Library Directorship :. Websites :. Godfriends Discussion List apply to holloway. He is dedicating the rest of his life to reciting and recording Dante. We collect translations of the Sonnets from the Portuguese in our library, now having these in Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, as well as Portuguese.

Preface , 2. Casa Guidi Windows , 3. E-Book on Umilta and Florin Websites:. London: Grant and Cutler , Handbound Limited Editions, set in William Morris typeface 6. Programs Directed : Initiated, Coordinated. References :. Professor Emeritus John V. Julian of Norwich: Text and Context. Holmhurst St Mary, Julian Library Portfolio 30 booklets, type-set by author in Nota Bene. Julian on Prayer. News from Nowhere: William Morris e l'arte tipografica. Romany Vocabulary. Florence, , Florence: Editrice "Aureo Anello", Despite the efforts produced by the emulators of the German school, one cannot say that in the nineteenth century a true school of Jewish historiography was born in Italy.

Certainly, one can note an important growth of contributions on the level of documentary and archaeological research, but it must certainly be pointed out that the most important studies on the history of Jews in Italy came from the research of German Jewish scholars, whose works were ignored by the Italian public for many years and were only translated from the s on. In nineteenth-century Italy, no scholar emerged with the ambition and methodological capabilities for historical research on the level of Heinrich Graetz in Germany; no one among the scholars or among the cultivators for historical research attempted to complete a comprehensive work on the Italian peninsula.

For this reason one had to wait for the first synthesis by Cecil Roth, which appeared in Nevertheless, there was a vast proliferation of individual studies that doubtless made up a new element in the wide Jewish cultural perspective, so much so that Graetz consulted these for the parts of his Geschichte der Juden dedicated to Italy — truthfully speaking a rather modest section.

In the s Simon Dubnow had to do likewise. It is difficult to even assemble in a schematic order the works and their authors; and before attempting to it needs to be emphasized that for a long time in Italy the concept of the historian as a professional figure was lacking. There were, however, a few considerable exceptions. It is clear that the weak and assimilated Italian Jewish world was not capable of producing professional historians that in their fields of study dealt with the reconstruction of historical events tied to the presence of Jews in Italy and, more generally, a systematic Jewish history.

The notable on a quantatative level research work carried out by rabbis, teachers or professionals interested in history on an amateur level, could not fill the vacuum of authentic historiographical production, even if they produced a number of texts that provide us even today with precious information on a documentary level. As a result, the same Jewish journals were often forced to resort to the translation of non-Italian texts. Given these productions in the Jewish field, a somewhat consistent volume of archaeological research was developed on the Jewish catacombs of Rome and Venosa, Neapolitan epigraphs and the history of the southern Italian communities, Sicily in particular, carried out by non-Jews.

What slowed the beginning of serious historical research in the Jewish field was an attitude that, starting from the unification of Italy, characterized in a growing measure the written expression of Italian Judaism. At the end of the century — with the emergence of a new anti-Judaism and with the Dreyfus affair — there was a partial failure of the liberal emancipatory project; alongside the assimilated upper-middle-class Italian Jews there remained a vast group that was still far from complete integration.


In addition, Judaism, with its cultural and religious specificity, knew how to reorganize itself, without being cancelled out of the new social order. This achievement provoked reactions that were more or less explicit rejections in Italian society, a society which, in the last two decades of the s, saw the rise of racist theories that gave life to a vigorous, modern anti-Semitism. Given this declaration, it cannot be considered shocking if — save rare exceptions — the historical research on Italian Jews followed a route, from that point on and for several decades, of historiographical fiction that brought meagre results; a production in which the mirage of assimilation at any cost took the place of the desire for research that, even in Italy, had animated the beginnings of a Jewish historiography.

Castelli, Gli Ebrei. Sunto di storia politica e letteraria Florence ; about Castelli see also F. Croce, Storia della storiografia italiana nel secolo decimonono Bari , in which he write about the Storia degli ebrei by A. Luzzatto and D.

WHKMLA : History of Italy

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Articles Cinema of Italy , from Wikipedia. Standard Works of Reference. Web Compilations, General. Specialized Compilations. Lists of Statesmen. Schulz, illustrated. List of Ambassadors. Statistical Data. Responsible Institution. National Institute of Statistics. Population Figures. Exchange Rates. Inflation Rates. Election Results. Historical Newspapers. Official Gazettes. Selected Articles. Modern Newspapers. Online Yearbooks - Italy Entries. Statesman's Year-Book, Entry : Italy vol.

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Archivio Audiovideo di Radio Radicale. Propaganda Films. George C. Image Databanks. Systematic Collections General. Enelikon , l'archivio fotografico, audiovisivo e storico dell'ENEL. Systematic Collections Specialist. Accidental Collections. Wikimedia Commons : Italy. Universal Collections Items on Italy. Archival Deposits. Constitutions, Laws.

General Treaty Collections. Bilateral Treaty Collections. Consular Reports.

La società libera (Biblioteca austriaca. Documenti) (Italian Edition) La società libera (Biblioteca austriaca. Documenti) (Italian Edition)
La società libera (Biblioteca austriaca. Documenti) (Italian Edition) La società libera (Biblioteca austriaca. Documenti) (Italian Edition)
La società libera (Biblioteca austriaca. Documenti) (Italian Edition) La società libera (Biblioteca austriaca. Documenti) (Italian Edition)
La società libera (Biblioteca austriaca. Documenti) (Italian Edition) La società libera (Biblioteca austriaca. Documenti) (Italian Edition)
La società libera (Biblioteca austriaca. Documenti) (Italian Edition) La società libera (Biblioteca austriaca. Documenti) (Italian Edition)

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