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We manage the gardens in a natural way to create a varied habitat for wildlife in this unspoilt corner of the Wye valley.

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We host many species from the otters and fish that live in the river to the birds that nest in the gardens. Our riverside garden is a wildlife haven year round. The abundance and variety of flora and fauna encourages wildlife, big and small, to make a home here. We manage the gardens in a nature friendly way avoiding the use of chemicals and pesticides to assure bees and butterflies have a safe place to live.

Many species of moth and butterfly have been recorded at The Weir Garden including the Hummingbird hawk moth. Parts of the garden are kept as wild areas.

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We have recorded over sixty species of birds here and this means they always have a spot to feed come rain or shine. Why not visit us and see what you can spot here? There are many species of fish in the river and the garden boasts one of the biggest ever caught on the Wye at over 8ft long.

In James Postans, a local labourer wrestled with a giant royal sturgeon which he finally managed to land.

It was exhibited in the local shop and even made the papers. Our larger visitors include a pair of otters who use our boathouse to feed in.

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It won rallies galore, and hearts the world over. And was voted the best product of all time for good measure. We quote: "Taking inspiration from the Lincoln Continental — acknowledged to be the most beautiful car of its day — to design a car that will be the most distinguished car in the world. Who can forget when the DeLorean was first unveiled?

Jaws dropped at its gull wing doors and stainless steel finish. The car remains to this day a veritable vision of innovative flair.

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The leather from Bridge of Weir was ground breaking too. It was the first time an automotive finish had been applied to a full chrome furniture leather. E-mail: sales bowleather.

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Inspired by Heritage. Driven by Design.

Grey Weir Grey Weir
Grey Weir Grey Weir
Grey Weir Grey Weir
Grey Weir Grey Weir
Grey Weir Grey Weir
Grey Weir Grey Weir
Grey Weir Grey Weir
Grey Weir Grey Weir

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