Fettleibigkeit (German Edition)

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Support LEO: Make a donation. Zur mobilen Version wechseln. Bauchfettleibigk… 4 Replies obesity clinic Last post 31 Mar 07, I regretted suggesting a visit to an obesity clinic almost as soon as the words had left my … 4 Replies childhood obesity Last post 24 Sep 07, Experts claim that television accounts for the increasing levels of childhood obesity.

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The association between body-mass index and patient outcome in septic shock: a retrospective cohort study. Original article. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

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World Health Organization: Physical status: the use and interpretation of anthropometry: report of a WHO expert committee. Nationality of the children was used as an estimate of ethnic background. Children were measured in respect to the body weight and height and examined according to the Bavarian requirements for children at school entry by the same team of investigators consisting from a medical doctor and two assistants over the whole period. For body weight measurement a standard scale was used, which was controlled for accuracy according to requirements of the responsible institution after the examinations in , and We used the age and sex specific cut-off-points for overweight and obesity according to Cole et al.

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The body mass index BMI was calculated as body weight divided by squared body height in meters. The classification of overweight and obesity was based on the exact age of the children that was rounded to the nearest half year. BMI of Age was used as a continuous variable for adjustment in multiple variable analyses and was classified into three groups 4.

We used simple tabulation for the crude unadjusted analysis of mean values of body weight and BMI during the study period Figure 1 [ Fig. In two separate models weight and BMI were the dependent variables and year of examination, age, gender, and nationality acted as independent continuous or categorical variables.

In a second step we analyzed impact of covariates on overweight and obesity applying models of multiple logistic regressions. The binary variables overweight and obesity were defined according to the age and sex specific cut-off-points by Cole et al. To estimate the effects of the year of examination we compared each single year with the reference year , which had the lowest prevalence of overweight or obesity.

Additional adjustment was performed for the following categorical or continuous covariates: age, gender, and nationality. Overall, there were 6, children, about 1, for each year of investigation, with a mean age of 6.

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The proportion of boys and girls was nearly equal Mean body weight was On average boys had a higher body weight A small proportion of the children 6. The Bavarian general population of the investigated district Dingolfing-Landau is characterized by a stable socioeconomic status.

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The general population increased by 1. The employment rate increased between the years and from There was a strong shift in timing of examinations during the study period with later rounds starting earlier i. Potentially, a seasonal variation in body weight could confound the changes between different years of examination. However, after adjusting for age and height at examination there was no variation in weight between different months in the studied interval. Overall, there was a decrease of BMI of 0. Crude difference in mean body weight between most extreme years was as large as 2 kg; however, after adjustment for age, gender and height the difference was strongly reduced for and remained large only for and Figure 2 [ Fig.

As a next step we analyzed effects of the independent variables year of examination, age, gender and nationality on weight and BMI applying analysis of covariance. Table 2 [ Tab. According to the international cut-off points defined by Cole et al. The overall trend between and showed a decrease for overweight by 3.

Fettleibigkeit (German Edition) Fettleibigkeit (German Edition)
Fettleibigkeit (German Edition) Fettleibigkeit (German Edition)
Fettleibigkeit (German Edition) Fettleibigkeit (German Edition)
Fettleibigkeit (German Edition) Fettleibigkeit (German Edition)
Fettleibigkeit (German Edition) Fettleibigkeit (German Edition)
Fettleibigkeit (German Edition) Fettleibigkeit (German Edition)
Fettleibigkeit (German Edition) Fettleibigkeit (German Edition)
Fettleibigkeit (German Edition) Fettleibigkeit (German Edition)

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