Brief Encounters of the Imagination

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As a result design development team members are working 'at distance' in virtual cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional teams, interacting through the use of ICTs, such as Web 2. Three structured workshops were held at three separate locations to discuss these challenges and find possible ways forward in re designing design practice through new technologies. One of its aims was to start exploring ways in which technologies can improve interdisciplinary design processes over distance. The workshop was structured into two sessions.

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After an overview of the workshop programme from the organizers and brief introductions from all participants, the first session aimed to capture details of creative conversations that the participants had been part of within the last four to six weeks. Introduction cards on the left and working with a participant at distance on the right In order to keep the workshop participants engaged, the University of Lancaster team incorporated entertaining elements in the workshop activities and as a result, produced a series of creative conversation prompts that would generate interesting stories.

These prompts were developed into a comic strip theme that would encourage the participants to describe their creative conversations by drawing or writing in blank comic strip cells.

Brief encounters: Crafts Council Collect

The introduction to the second session was provided by presentations from academic and industrial participants. Short talks focused on the use of communication technologies in both professional and educational environments and aimed at boosting discussions among the workshop participants on these topics. The final result of the second session was a set of roadmaps, identifying how and when technologies need to be adapted to aid the design processes. Each group of participants briefly presented their ideas.

Furthermore, areas to be explored in the Workshop 3 were informed by the groups. Ian Thompson, a senior designer at Kohler, said that: …our design practice and global working methods are evolving and the problems we face to stay at the peak of productivity and innovation change constantly.

Vol 1, No 1 (2017)

Sessions like these bring real world context to academic research and combined will develop deeper understanding of the current and future landscape and provide a roadmap to the future of technologically assisted design practice. Andy Polaine Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts said that: It was interesting for me to take part via Skype and the other technologies involved.

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  5. Facetime inexplicably didn't work on the iPad in the location, Skype was okay, but displayed all the usual delays and drop-outs of Skype, and suddenly there are three or four ways of sending files to people. The spectrum of too much technology makes for a stressful scenario. Often it's better to simply have a couple of channels and, more important, to adhere to some agreed conventions files go on Dropbox, Skype is for chatting live with some kind of text chat back-channel.

    The other thing that was interesting to me was how we are still socially not very competent at including "virtual" or remote parties in group conversations. Often the laptop camera was facing away from the table, so I could hear, but I could not see what was going on. We need to develop the social skills to have someone taking the remote person by the hand, as it were, and being their shepherd to include them actively in the face to face processes. It's all new territory.

    Emma Rice: The Collective Imagination – Gate Theatre

    Similar to the first Brief Encounters workshop in London, the participants were asked to outline one of the creative conversations they had in the past months. The participants of this workshop identified similar challenges as the participants of the workshop held in London. The four challenges they identified and worked on solving them in the second part of the workshop were: Cultures to support distributed collaboration; Intimacies; Trust; Use of artefacts and Visualisation in distributed design teams.

    The main objective of the workshop was to determine common research topics that the participants want to pursue within the field of re designing design practice through emerging technologies. In the first part the participants from industry led the discussion on challenges identified in earlier workshops. The first session was structured group work where each work group was given a task to explore a specific question.

    The participants were allocated into 5 groups and each group included members participating from other geographic locations such as China, Denmark, Japan and Netherlands.

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    This led to the formation of small groups that individually discussed their research interests after the workshop closure. Brief Encounters can provide additional ideas and information to help staff:. Brief Encounters recognises that the two people in a caring conversation have very different current experiences and needs.

    The ferocious demands on staff time and energy, including emotional energy, can make it feel impossible or even inappropriate to spend time chatting with patients. At Disney there are 4 areas to focus on — these have an order of priority and when faced with conflicting demands you can use these to help you decide what is your priority.

    If it works for Disney it can work for the NHS. For example, do staff look like NHS professionals should look to inspire confidence and trust? How informative, welcoming and reassuring is signage? Throughout Brief Encounters these are your priorities — we create patient safety by having a relationship with them, however brief, by knowing and connecting with our patients.

    This covers every aspect of care from safe drug administration to listening to their fears, hopes and anxieties.

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    There is considerable research showing how expressing themselves and being heard in a particular way enables patients to access thoughts, feelings and experiences and to gain new perspectives on these — even when stuck in a general hospital. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Kathryn Newman is a native of New York. She grew up in Brooklyn and later moved to New York City. Kathryn likes to use humor for her expression and opinions on all events, current or past.

    Brief Encounters of the Imagination Brief Encounters of the Imagination
    Brief Encounters of the Imagination Brief Encounters of the Imagination
    Brief Encounters of the Imagination Brief Encounters of the Imagination
    Brief Encounters of the Imagination Brief Encounters of the Imagination
    Brief Encounters of the Imagination Brief Encounters of the Imagination
    Brief Encounters of the Imagination Brief Encounters of the Imagination

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