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She assisted Prof. William John Dakin with research for his final book, Australian Seashores , regarded by many as "the definitive guide on the inter-tidal zone, and a recommended source of information to divers". Front Page Issue : Pittwater! Wahu Surfer Groms Comp. As one Australian doctor recently stated, among many advocates: 'Regular exercise has been demonstrated to not only hasten recovery from breast cancer treatment, but it may also reduce the risk of recurrence. Participating women also have the opportunity to form lifelong connections with other breast cancer survivors, and promote awareness of breast cancer through the community.

In Australia there are 34 teams. TANKS are swimming with fresh ideas for your small business. Trial one in November and set yourself up with peer support for Lime cordial, for instance, was based on sailors avoiding scurvy when at sea on long voyages. Mignon's work is not limited to one style, rather a unique and diverse ride through many different styles and techniques. Her love of flowers and the figure are reflected in the work she presents. Mignon works in a diverse range of media such as watercolour, acrylic, oil, rust oxidisation, patinas and encaustic.

Inspired by nature her passion is colour and texture and her work continues to evolve and engage the viewer with new images. An Elanora Heights resident for decades, her work is infused with a connection to the bush surrounding her home. Mignon also shares her experience, offering classes in what she has learned and even expanding and encouraging the imagination of those who attend in one latest offering, as just one example, Notebook Our Artist of the Month for November!


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Front Page Issue :. A company with a lot of local connections in David Boekemann, who we met at the recent Sydney Wildlife Mobile Clinic fundraiser, and again on the beach at the opening Surf Boat Carnival for the Season at Bilgola, brings in our passion for food, great Australian food, and how to access this. Founded in , J. Lennard is a family owned, Australian company which imports and distributes a range of products from world renowned manufacturers in Europe, America and Japan.

Avalon Market Day Sharon Martin, a mum of two, has come up with a great idea for parents and children, or grandparents and grandchildren for that matter, to exercise together. This week we share a small insight into a great idea that includes all the family. Front Page Issue : Bayview. What Do We Want? Mistletoebird At Bayview. He's passionate about his family, passionate about producing a product worth having, stating 'if I wouldn't sell it to my mother we shouldn't be selling it in our stores', knows you must 'do something' when it comes to looking after the sea and all in it, and that goes for all on the land and in the air too and he's passionate about surf boats and ensuring this exciting surf sport is kept accessible to all and how great this is, as fun, as being part of a team, as building up physical and mental fitness, is extended to the next generation of surf boat rowers,'boaties'.

Alan Turner-Morris. A small record and tribute! It is swimming and getting in the water that has been his lifelong passion though, that and being on the beach. A small celebration and reprise of a wonderful lady this week. She has been exhibiting for over 25 years and her work is included in both local and overseas collections. Front Page Issue : Issue ! When not in the great blue outdoors he is trying to extend the great green outdoors for people through Landscape Design. A great love of ocean swimming, given to him through joining Avalon Beach SLSC, has inspired him to give and continue giving back to is community this same experience of the saltwater world and raise funds to support saving lives on Avalon Beach.

This week he shares a small insight into where this love of all things aquatic and community focused began. Rob Stokes, Member for Pittwater. The Boardriding club is not just about learning how to compete though - these are places where everyone in the community can meet, from the young to mature, and share the wave, share the stoke, and look out for each other in the water.

Let's Go Fly A Kite! Another change in uniform is that of surf lifesavers A gentleman who has a deep and abiding love of the sea and countryside, he was among those young Australians who took to surfing in the 's and saw surfing evolve into the worldwide phenomenon it remains today. He is among those who surfed Palm Beach as part of the 'Beachcombers' crew and surfboard riding club. Ron has also seen the changes that have occurred in newspapers with almost five decades of experience in rural and metropolitan print media on the advertising side of these.

He was in the first year of Avalon Beach Public school when that opened, and in the first intake of Narrabeen Boys High School when that opened. A motto he has lived his life by is from his short time at Manly Boys High School when there that educational font in our community was still 'just for boys'. In keeping with that, Mr. Turton shares some of what he has received and learned along the way.

Audrey Jackson. This year the Ludlites are proudly supporting the work of the Arrow Foundation, in keeping with the theme of Utopia - creating a better world.

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All profits from the opening event on May 7th will be donated to the foundation. Anzac Day He survived Changi, he survived Burma, he survived being in the open ocean prior to being picked up again and sent to Japan for a year of hard work and being the focus of anger when the bombing of Japan began. There is also a Seaton Glacier named for the gentleman himself.

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Rob Stokes MP for Pittwater. Protect Pittwater Community Forum : 7 P. How will development approvals be carried out? How can we recover our local Pittwater Council? New mental health services a boost for Northern Beaches residents : Local Member Jason Falinski announced six new Australian Government-funded mental health and suicide prevention services at the Community Care Northern Beaches in Mona Vale this week.

Visitors can engage with the artists, see how they work and what inspires them, buy beautiful, original artworks or perhaps enrol in one of the courses offered by a number of artists on the Trail. Later on she supported younger surfers coming up - Pearl is still keeping an eye on what's going, and loves surfing, still.

Beyond This Moment Timber Ridge Reflections, Book 2

Guringai Festival Pittwater and Surrounds Events. He's playing still as part of 'Broadfoot' - who feature as our June Artists of the Month and are releasing their brand new double album. World Environment Day - June 5th and World Oceans Day - June 8th : including activities for youngsters, a free online book and resources from The Octonauts as well as how you can Connect with Nature or Turn the Tide On Plastics in our aquatic environment or get involved in local bushcare, community gardens and environment groups.

Gonski 2. Living Ocean are currently seeking a Sponsor for this research for the season, or would like to hear from those who have great fundraising ideas to keep this vital program going. This data has become particularly more relevant due to the fact that one company is currently seeking to run 2D Seismic tests within the zones the Living Ocean Team patrol each Whale Migration Season during the third quarter of this year - July to September Rob Stokes, MP for Pittwater.

Pam shares the Prologue and Chapter 1 of this new work to whet your appetite. A witness to the changes at Palm Beach, since her parents lived there during the 's, this lady has seen what has changed and what remains the same. Herminie's Profile was the 4th one ever run - a small reprise now since the sites shift to permanently accessible pages, and for those who missed it. Some company History will help you find your choice! Front Page Issue : heaps! Others will have seen his great photographic skills featured here as one of our regular contributors.

A brilliant photographer who likes the shots that capture 'energy, fire and life' or those beautiful 'quiet reflections' of this place, we've finally convinced him to share some of his favourites and own up to being an Artist too when exercising his capacity to capture the essence of here - or anything he turns his eye to for that matter. He married a Manly born girl who had a passion for the waves and surfing on a board in Nora Front Page Issue : Quite a bit What Makes Echidnas So Unique? All residents welcome.

Vietnam Veterans Day is commemorated on 18 August every year. On that day, Australian and New Zealand soldiers fought a pitched battle against over 2, North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops in a rubber plantation not far from the small village of Long Tan. Each year a small insight into one of our community members who served in this conflict reminds us of the rich life many around us have led in their determination to 'get on with it' after they have served in our defence forces. Vietnam was the last conflict Australians could be conscripted into prior to the age when they were able to vote - the age for voting being lowered from 21 to 18 in Prior to this men aged 20 had to perform National Service and could be sent overseas.

There is so much this gentleman has done for our community and continues to do, and he keeps it so quiet, that many don't realise this humble man is that bloke behind a lot of great things that have happened here - not that he's scared to tell you off if he thinks you're acting up!

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Boats: No. Their Mission: Share a community spirit through the joy of our children engaging in baseball. Known as the best woman surfer in the state, then the Champion of Woman surfers in Australia, this lady organised numerous events to fund Palm Beach SLSC - so much so that they honoured her works. The resultant exhibition of both photographs and painting explores connection to country highlighting a unique Saltwater lifestyle.

The initial collaborations were at the time of the proposed gas hub at James Price point. The exhibition was first shown at Manly Regional Gallery and Museum in as part of the Local Guringai Festival and has recently been acquired by the State Library of Western Australia for their permanent collection with a publishing contract through Fremantle Press. As are where you can get your hands on this book. This week an insight into where these ladies came from and where they're going to through this great work. Sally Mayman has been a photographer since the s, working professionally in London and Australia.

Sally has specialised in photographing people and landscapes, with many clients from corporate, editorial and government organisations. Dale Kentwell has been a practising artist since the s and works across different media. She has studied bush regeneration and bush land management and continues to work in this field.

This book will appeal to people interested in art and photography and to those wanting to learn more about Aboriginal cultures and communities. And oh boy, do they make cakes! By Lisa Ratcliff. The season runs until Tuesday 29th April, Surf Life Saving is the largest volunteer-based, grassroots community movement in the country. Last year there were more than 6. Lifeguards and volunteer lifesavers performed over 5, rescues, 26, first aid treatments and , preventative actions.

Pets - No. Lara is also a dynamo — intelligent, intent on continuing self development with a lifelong learning ethos, and yes, also a really lovely young woman who is grateful for any opportunity to help others. Adriane is currently working on the "Aether" series which brings together my passion for photography and my passion for the natural world. Using an in-camera technique I aim to capture the "spirit" of the 4 elements Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

Two images of this series have recently been selected to be part of an art exhibition organised by the Northern Beaches Council this coming November. For the last 16 years I have studied photography in all its aspects - technological, historical and philosophical. I have participated in various contests and exhibitions, such as "Gardens in Focus" at the Royal Botanical Garden in Sydney, when I was selected as a finalist. Transport for NSW is holding drop in sessions so you may ask questions and provide feedback - dates, times and places in page.

A few insights into an earlier Warriewood and Manly - and surfing's turning point!! Also nominated is Lisa Ratcliff — a wonderful sailing Journo whose reports run just about every week. Lisa, a Pittwater resident, will run as our Profile of the Week for Issue , published December 17, for several very good reasons! Nestled behind the trees at the bottom of Newport hill is Newport Bowling Club. With a Men's and Women's and Barefoot Bowling on Friday afternoons and Sunday mornings, this green oasis offers a peaceful place to enjoy a great sport amid sea breezes.

Billy, as it is affectionately known throughout the Northern Beaches, has been hosting the season opener for decades. Surf Lifesaving Sydney Northern Beaches branch is the largest and most competitive surfboat racing community across Australia, in fact SNB has more competition crews than all of Queensland combined and always at the top end of that competition is Bilgola. Evans in Jervis and Bridget are well known for their commitment to the heritage, historical and environmental concerns of the community, especially the Barrenjoey headland.

They completely self-financed and restored their cottage from a gutted ruin to a comfortable last century residence, still without electricity, and as volunteers with the NPWS Chase Alive program they guided tours on the headland and shared their cottage with visitors. Mick is holding his first public exhibition of his extraordinary panoramic drawings and paintings of the sandstone plateaus, caves and beaches of Pittwater.

Mick brings the landscape to life in a way that few other artists have done. We are committed to protecting your interests — to keeping guard over our natural and built environment throughout the Avalon area. All APA asks from you is the opportunity and means to look after the attractions of the area in which we live. We need both. Join APA now. Over the falls, and over to the Profile of the Week page you go! This week he has completed a 30 k hike in 2 days. We pleaded with Geoff to share some photos on his return and not only has he done justice to the beauty of this place, he also, ever the mindful and passionate Historian, captured some images of what was seen along the way that has a local connection in one particular instance.

A sports dynamo with a more than healthy approach to life, Jen is one who invests large in others and in community with her time, her energy through communicating the best to bring out the best. Lisa Ratcliff is industry recognised and has been awarded for her work covering most of the major Australian regattas and races including the Rolex Sydney Hobart yacht race, Hamilton Island Race Week and World Sailing Series, as well as covering three world championships in different classes.

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  8. This week, that lady who brings you your sailing news every week takes the final turn for as a Pittwater Online News Profile of the Week. The reader is drawn into the suspense because the author makes us care about the characters, despite their flaws. Sanderson, the hard-drinking detective, loses his best friend and colleague and blames himself. Be Brave Artspace was an idea that grew out of a love of all things creative. The gallery opened it's doors on December 1st On street level a light, spacious gallery is set to deliver dynamic exhibitions of local and Sydney based artists.

    Downstairs there is a workshop and studio for creators to be bold and fearless, a space where artists can exhibit, create, connect and be inspired. Tina Berkeley is the lady who has opened the Be Brave Artspace.

    We caught up with her this week to find out more. They will then get to sail her to Tassie. Apply to join the program! In we ran a small insight into the rise of boat races and regattas in Sydney which new readers may not have had an opportunity to enjoy. With the long weekend coming up, a reprise may inspire finding an estuary side seat to enjoy the action and fun happening next weekend.

    So, if you have friends interested let them know. Youngsters from 8 and 14 years are welcome. Over the three days the course their Australia Sailing qualified coaches will introduce the sport of Sailing, regulations and safety, with lots of educational activities for the kids to learn in a safe environment. Protect Pittwater January Update. You can work from a kit that assembles all the components for you or choose something you just have to have and adapt it. With so many beautiful fountains and water features available you can choose something that suits your taste and your garden or verandah area.

    Our guest is a bit of a foodie and has eaten in the best places available Australia wide, so we were keen for his appraisal and to treat him to a night out in the old town. This is modern Australian cuisine featuring fresh ingredients on a superb Lunch, Dinner and Street food menu. The Society aims to promote and encourage artists to exhibit their paintings through several art exhibitions held during the year.

    There is also a program of demonstrations and workshops held at the end of each month and En Plein mornings twice a month during seasons that suit this. We welcome traditional and contemporary artists and non-exhibiting art lovers. Willi has spent decades researching and refining his technique for glaze-on-glaze decoration and, gas reduction firing, with resounding success.

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    Over the years he has developed his own unique style, often creating generously sized pieces, with immediately identifiable sculptural forms. Club representatives will be there to answer all your questions and to assist you on how to register on-line. Boots, Balls, Shin pads, bags, shorts and club clothing will also be available to be purchased. The Club Shop will also be open all day for all your kit needs.

    Vissla Great Lakes Pro : spectacular surfing this week from local and O. Wildlife Wins! Council tackling significant pollution incident at Beacon Hill : anyone with information is asked to contact Council on Any young person interested should contact us regardless of the timeline.

    Donations, including boat products sought. Around people live here, some as weekenders, others as permanent residents. Accessed by water only, the island is a refuge for natural forests, bushland reserves and native animals. Visitors love the shimmering water and gentle pace. Residents love the sense of community and adventure. SIRA is an association of Scotland Island residents, and is collectively the voice of the Scotland Island community and a key provider of services to families living on the island.

    The SIRA committee advocates for residents in addressing issues relating to off-shore sustainability and community well-being. SIRA was established in at a meeting at Bangalla and since then has become a vital part of island life. Information about other ways to join can be found there too. He began in Wollongong decades ago being taught by renowned Australian Artists Ivan and Patricia Englund in and has recently been honoured by Wollongong Council for his contribution to that city.

    The Vissla Sydney Surf Pro will also host a number of off-beach activations and festivities that will be centralised around the Corso area for the whole family. When you're out and about on Pittwater this week - have a look around and think about what occurred here years ago this week! George Lamont, Pittwater. JULY, George Mills , Bathurst-street. To have just one of these works should be the aim of everyone who lives here - there is something inherently sacred in this ladies' works that communicates the fundamental beauty of the area we're living in and allows you to have something at once filled with blazing light and also a sense of peace.

    These are celebrations that focus on the miniature as well as the larger scope of big open skies meeting glorious bush. How did she get to be so good at making these works? See some of the quilts that were on display! Over 1, of the state's finest Masters and over 2, Opens athletes have been having a great time being great athletes. Not shy about taking on a challenge, and with a momentum that is definitely building, Natasha Bryant and Annie Wilmot have excelled in their sport for years.

    They have the passion, the determination and resilience to go the distance in whichever direction they choose, and what's more they love what they do.

    Beyond this Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections, Book #2)

    This week a small insight into two of Australia's great young women sailors. Since then a few other on estuary places have been forwarded with requests to showcase that blue and green heart of Pittwater and highlight all the compass points. Everything from immersion in oil baths to meditation for the exterior and a focus on what we put into our bodies reinstating and creating a rush for organic fruits, vegetables and meats or rediscovering and using ancient grains and seeds has produced results for people that have meant what is old is new again and back to stay.

    Imagine if you could find and access all these in one place. Free native plants are on offer to local residents. Participants are welcome to help out with planting and weeding on the day, supporting the restoration works by the Mona Vale Basin Bushcare volunteers. A recent request for 'where is that page? Front Page Issue : lots of lovely smiling young faces. Emotional Health Forum At Barrenjoey High School Launches Wellbeing Spaces : Three organisations have come together with one thing in mind: the emotional health of youth on the northern beaches.

    Lara Duncan has grown up performing on stage dancing, singing and acting. This year, she is planning to pursue her passion for country music as she realised how much she loves the story telling aspect to music and the way you can transport, not only people, but yourself to another world when you sing. Attracting these birds back into your garden will provide not only a residence for tick eaters but also the delightful moments watching these tiny birds provides. Ichi Ban No. The announcement this week that the Greater Bilby shall be the forerunner of four other endangered species to be reintroduced into the Pilliga is great news - catch up on where and when the SoS Program began and what other wonderful animals may be living back on the Pilliga again soon.

    With a focus towards fresh, locally-sourced seafood and organic wines from our local community, ALMA is inspired by the dishes of coastal Mexico, and the rich heritage of our local community. If you love really fresh, zesty and authentic Mexican style beach food then Alma restaurant is for you. Front Page Issue : Lots! Addresses and pictures. HaroldWebb 1. Showing comments 1 through 10 of 3. Author Links.

    Tamera's blog. Upcoming Events. Tamera Alexander Author Profile. Author Rank: View Top Latest NRTeam Fans. NRTeam Author Comments 3. Tamera Posted July 05, Tamera's right now taking a shot at her eighth novel, A Lasting Impression, the primary book in another three-book authentic arrangement that discharges in November

    Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2) Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2)
    Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2) Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2)
    Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2) Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2)
    Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2) Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2)
    Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2) Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2)
    Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2) Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2)
    Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2) Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2)
    Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2) Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections Book #2)

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