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We need to move away from a check-the-box, compliance-based view of engagement and toward authentic parent and family engagement, and the ESSA state plans present a signi cant opportunity to take an important step in that direction. Importantly, to be truly authentic, these efforts must be decoupled from SEA and third-party advocacy efforts designed to mobilize the public around a specifc education reform agenda. Authentic parent and family engagement requires time and effort. This more thoughtful approach will also help generate fresh ideas and policy perspectives from those who know students best, lead to greater support for the work of teachers and school leaders, and result in improved student outcomes.

Authentic Parents Retreat

And the next time a reform e ort faces obstacles when the going gets tough, you will have compelling new voices speaking out in support. While there is no single approach to proper parent and family engagement, here are some general guidelines to follow that will lead to stronger state plans and far greater buy-in:. Perhaps the most difficult part of authentic parent and family engagement is enlisting participants from all backgrounds and perspectives—especially from traditionally hard-to-reach parents and family members whose children have the highest stake in its outcome.

Reaching out to civil rights organizations and other established community partners who work regularly with underrepresented families can help in identifying and recruiting a more ethnically diverse array of participants.

Creating the time and space for authentic parent engagement in the design process | TrueSchool

Prior to your first formal meetings, be sure to communicate that:. Parent and family engagement activities around developing state plans can potentially take many forms, but at least one element should be a hearing carried out in-person in their community on a day and time that makes it easy for them to participate. When structuring the actual discussion or planning meeting:. Authentic engagement cannot be mastered without multiple encounters over time. We build trust when we show up the second and third time, not the first time.

Establish the vehicle—more face-to-face meetings; reliable, transparent, predictable email communications—by which you will stay engaged with participants through nalization, dissemination and implementation of the plan. Let them know that there will be regular updates and in-person check-ins so that you can get their feedback and make improvements. This continuing engagement will not only create a useful feedback loop for the purposes of implementing the plan.

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In the simple words, it is all about winning the heart of your child forever, as a parent. This itself is enough to keep all hatred and abhorrence away. I got to learn from this from the following source that is supportive to this post:. Stephen Joseph, Ph. Stories of change, reconciliation and posttraumatic growth.

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Home Journals: An Authentic Writing Activity that Involves Parents

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Authentic Parent Engagement: Drawing a Line in the Sand

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Authentic Parents Authentic Parents
Authentic Parents Authentic Parents
Authentic Parents Authentic Parents
Authentic Parents Authentic Parents
Authentic Parents Authentic Parents
Authentic Parents Authentic Parents

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