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by Alberto Bertelli

Nothing at any rate could improve these four words thus left rugged and abrupt Page. And yet, did he understand her? The utter dissimilarity of their characters is an integral part of the tragedy Austin.

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Iuppiter, Iovis, m. Priam, son of Laomedon, king of Troy, 1.

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A Trojan youth, son of Polites and grandson of King Priam, 5. The citadel or walls of Troy, 3.

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  • The Trojan citadel of Helenus in Epirus, 3. Lycius, a, um: adj.

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    Lycia , Lycian, 6. Phoenissus, a, um: adj. Libycus, a, um: adj. Ausonius, a, um: adj. Auson , Ausonian; Italian, 4. To provide readers of Greek and Latin with high interest texts equipped with media, vocabulary, and grammatical, historical, and stylistic notes. Jump to Navigation. BBCode Helper Close.

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    Login Close. Username or email:. Ptolemy Arrian, Anab. VI, 11, 7, apparently followed by Curtius Rufus IX, 5, 9 wrote that Alexander suffered only one wound, whereas other sources affirm that he received two or several injuries. So far we have seen that the text of C is sound, and that it is perfectly normal for Aristobulus' testimony to the effect that Alexander was fighting on to diverge from that of the other sources who say that the King was fighting on foot.

    Abruzzese Mastiff (Mastino Abruzzese)

    We shall now go further, namely we shall account for Aristobulus' evidence, and we shall explain how it fits within Plutarch's narration. First of all, we shall account for Aristobulus' version. VI, 10, We must now note that there is another version, preserved in Curtius Rufus IX, 5, 19 cf. Oxford Latin Diet. Usually, in ancient warfare first the walls of the beleaguered town were breached by means of the dolabrae, and then the army cavalry, etc.

    Instead, the dolabrae should have been used by the Macedonian army in order to breach the walls of the Mallian town at the outset, so as to subsequently enable Alexander and his generals to ride through the breaches and attack the enemy. The abnormality in the version recounted by Curtius Rufus IX, 5, 19 is eliminated in the version attested in Aristobulus : Aristobulus'? I might as well sum up. If one accepts, as Bosworth does, that the text of C as explained by me is not faulty either in grammar or in sense, it would be methodologically erroneous to alter the said text solely because Aristobulus'?

    How does Aristobulus' version fit within Plutarch' narration?

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    At D D and B, Plutarch follows the version according to which Alexander scaled the walls, whereas at C he reports Aristobulus' testimony to the effect that Alexander advanced on horse-back. Plutarch's Arbeitsweise is too well known to the critics for me to have to dilate upon it now : suffice it to say here that it enables us to answer the question I have just asked. On the one hand, it could be that Plutarch only wanted to show to his readers that he knew Aristobulus' version, whose veracity he did not accept : to this aim he, in order to report Aristobulus' testimony at C, has it related at second hand by personified?

    The phrase?? On the other hand, it could well be that Plutarch, in his notorious insouciance for self-contradiction, cited Aristobulus' version at C without being concerned that it conflicted with the version he followed at ? The second passage mentioned by Bosworth is A The participle pe???????

    Now, Plutarch uses the very same participle with reference to those who dwelled at the base of the very same mountain in Pomp. The exact parallelism between? By using pe??????? The crucial point is that such rhetorical hyperboles are, as I have shown, typical of Plutarch's style. His objection is groundless : the exact linguistic and conceptual parallel has been written by Plutarch, not invented by me :?

    In terms of Textkritik, as Bosworth does not understand, a discussion on the appropriateness of the phrase? Perhaps he believes that the said parallelism was brought into being by spontaneous generation, and not by the usus auctoris as illustrated by me : such a belief could only be the product of patent asinity. The participle? This type of participle is common in the????? I have further explained that? The towns founded in Asia by Alexander are, precisely by reason of their large size and their consequent power, the metaphorical strong chains which fettered Asia.

    Finally, the gravest and most ridiculous error : Bosworth affirms that?

    Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition) Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition)
    Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition) Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition)
    Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition) Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition)
    Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition) Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition)
    Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition) Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition)
    Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition) Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition)
    Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition) Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition)
    Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition) Aut Aut 343 (Italian Edition)

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