Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES

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The Burden of Mental Disorders in the Region of the Americas, 2018

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Finding Iris Chang: Friendship, Ambition and the Loss of an Extraordinary Mind

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    Home | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

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    Rare Disease Database

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    Sick: A Documentary

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    Sodomy and Other

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    Clin Psychol Psychother. See here and here. Imagine, for a moment, that you are facing a very difficult decision about which of two job offers to accept. One position offers good pay and job security, but is pretty mundane, whereas the other job is really interesting and offers reasonable pay, but has questionable job security. Clearly you can go about resolving this dilemma in many ways. Few people, however, would say that your decision should be affected or influenced by whether or not you resisted the urge to eat cookies prior to contemplating the job offers. A decade of psychology research suggests otherwise.

    Unrelated activities that tax the executive function have important lingering effects, and may disrupt your ability to make such an important decision. In other words, you might choose the wrong job because you didn't eat a cookie. Taxing Tasks But what types of actions exhaust executive function and affect subsequent decision-making? Until recently, researchers focused on activities that involved the exertion of self-control or the regulation of attention. For instance, it's long been recognized that strenuous cognitive tasks—such as taking the SAT—can make it harder to focus later on.

    But recent results suggests that these taxing mental activities may be much broader in scope-and may even involve the very common activity of making choices itself. In a series of experiments and field studies, University of Minnesota psychologist Kathleen Vohs and colleagues repeatedly demonstrate that the mere act of making a selection may deplete executive resources. For example, in one study the researchers found that participants who made more choices in a mall were less likely to persist and do well in solving simple algebra problems.

    In another task in the same study, students who had to mark preferences about the courses they would take to satisfy their degree requirements were much more likely to procrastinate on preparing for an important test. Instead of studying, these "tired" minds engaged in distracting leisure activities.

    Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES
    Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES
    Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES
    Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES
    Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES
    Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES
    Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES
    Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES
    Americas No. 1 Mental Disorder: IRES

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