Wild Hunger (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern)

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Charlotte Lamb. Sins You can never be too rich, or too thin…. When Gerard Findlay looked at Keira, he saw a tall, willowy beauty who took his breath away…. When Keira looked at herself in the mirror, she saw an unattractive girl who wasn't quite thin enough to deserve her fame as a supermodel. And now Gerard had discovered the secret she had kept hidden from the world. So why did he still pursue her? The closer Gerard got, the more Keira hungered over his love, but instinct fold her that her need would never be satisfied.

After all, Gerard was a hardened journalist, and seduction could just be the means to a story…. Love can conquer the deadliest of Sins. As a feature writer with the Sentinel she'd fought for the articles she believed in. She knew the risk and rewards of getting the stor Shy, demure and extremely beautiful, she turned heads wherever she went--and every eligible man at the paper wanted her. He was arrogant and opinionated, and to make matters worse, he was her Home to the Sentinel Home to heartache, passion and love Gina Tyrell knew media tycoon Nick Caspian was trouble the moment she met him.

Despite his awe-inspiring looks, he was a ruthless and dangerous man, a man she knew what he wanted. What he w She'd been forced to marry Simeon when she was just seventeen, but had fled after their disastrous wedding Temptation with a capital T Claudia had been warned -- working for Ellis Lefevre, the dynamic head of a multinational corporation, would be more than challenging. She knew he was a troublemaker, but then, that had been part of the job's appeal.

Gil Martell was an infuriating man He was getting to her again, and Caro had no idea how she had let it happen. She'd been angry with him one moment, breathless the next, all without rhyme or reason. Caro knew she wasn't as beautiful as the gla He was still furious at her desertion When Annis ran out of Raphael Leon's life two years ago, she didn't count on seeing the stormy composer again.

Certainly not on a holiday in Greece. Suddenly thrown together in appalling circumstances, the She woke to a strange world After months in a coma, Belinda woke to find she'd lost her job, her apartment and even her fiance, Ricky. He had left her for another woman.

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She resolved to get on with things and make a new life for herself. But sh Caitlin had it all To the outside world she was a lucky woman. She was married to an attractive man and she lived a life of luxury. Only Caitlin knew that her relationship with Monro Ritchie, her husband, was a hollow sham. It was ironic, then There was an old saying about the Belleme family "Black of hair, black of eye and black of heart. Her responsibilities were supposed to end wh Their tenth anniversary was a day of reckoning Francesca couldn't live with her phony marriage a day longer, couldn't let matters continue to drift.

To the outside world, she had everything - an attractive, successful husband, a healthy son and a Would she ever find out the truth? From the minute Prue met Josh Killane, she resented his manner - he acted just like a feudal overlord. Didn't he know what century this was? Prue was determined to avoid him. After all, his mother was respons A whirlwind courtship, then a year apart Megan had been fully prepared to wait for Devlin's return from his year-long filming trip to the Amazon.

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Despite the differences in their backgrounds and their ages, she knew their love was right. But wh A strange beginning to an unusual romance Driving back to London after her vacation, reporter Sian Christian nearly ran over a fleeing bride. And not just any bride either--the bride of William Cassidy, powerful electronics magnate. Sian took t Maddie couldn't forget his voice One midnight, the stranger's thrillingly masculine voice spoke on Maddie's phone-in radio show.

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She was intrigued, but she cut him off, acting by instinct. The next morning, as a favor to her boss, Con Osborne No man would get close to her again! The scars of an adolescent indiscretion were still so raw that Liza kept her heart uninvolved in any relationships. A modeling career and business had given her material success and peace of mind.

Wild Hunger (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern)

Then she col He had loved her then deserted her. Zoe Stroud had been completely shattered when Rory Ormond walked out of her life. Now she had a chance to repay some of the pain he'd caused her -- and prevent him from hurting someone else, too.

As a successfu All she'd ever needed was love Anna Rendle was an aspiring young actress on her way to the top. Her training had prepared her for a life of frenetic discipline, self-sacrifice and controlled emotion--but not for someone as dangerously exciting as The name stared from the bookstore display Suzy was shocked. Memories of Liam Moor, race driver, daredevil, lover, came tumbling back, and against all her instincts she purchased his book.

But that impulsive action brought him back into her lif What nerve Jamie Knox had passing judgment on her engagement to a wealthy businessman! But his words reflected Melanie's own anxieties. Ever since he' She could resist love but not blackmail! Donna had fled to Paris when she discovered that she'd been deceived by her father's business assistant, Brodie Fox.

Now she was enjoying a new life there as a translator. But her father's illness and he He had always been a threat. Stephanie had come halfway around the world, built a new life, met another man. And now Gerard Tenniel had arrived -- Gerard, who knew all about the scandal five years earlier and threatened to talk about it.

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Vicky didn't want to take Ricco seriously After all, she'd come to Florence to hide out. Bitter from the discovery that her fiance, however famous, was a first-class heel, she wasn't ready for another relationship.

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Besides, Ricco always seemed I'll do the work, he'll get the credit Kit firmly believed that's what would happen when she had to team up with the great Adam Rothbury in making a TV documentary. Adam was brilliant, attractive, sarcastic--and Kit had never liked him. Adam a The chemistry was explosive?

Annabel's brilliant friend Charlie was a bit of a mad scientist. And although the first explosion he caused at Jerrard's lab in Norfolk had been a minor affair, this last one threatened to get him sacked. Sam Jerrar The bride was having second thoughts With the wedding only a day away, Miranda had more than prenuptial jitters. She felt betrayed by the two men she loved most in the world.

How could her father have promised Sean control of the family busines Their dreamworld had crumbled Alex, always the strong, dominant personality in their marriage, had refused to admit his affair. Instead, he'd demanded Sara's unquestioning trust as proof of her love, without any demonstration of love in return.

Trust didn't come easily to Tess Tess was wary of good-looking men. Too often they were sexual opportunists to whom fidelity meant nothing--like her father. And she doubted if playwright Steve Houghten was any different. He'd turned up uninv She wasn't about to lose him again Jilly's confession devastated her Aunt Chloe. Her allegation that Ben Haskell had tried to seduce her three years ago had been false--as false as Chloe's love for Ben must have seemed when she'd joined family ra So she headed for Dorset, only to get in an accident and find herself having the time If she was nervous, it was Quinn's doing For the past two years Dinah had strained every nerve to break new ground with her award-winning TV series.

And she'd done it successfully -- until Quinn Howard joined the London team He constantly w She had no desire to share her life Susanna was pleased with her life. As a successful commercial artist, she made good money that enabled her to enjoy a comfortable life-style in London. Her mother and her friends had given up careers when they m This time Christie would stand up to him Christie had been far too young and intoxicated with love when she and Logan had married. He'd wanted a family. She'd needed sometime to pursue her career. After their painful breakup Christie had resent That's what you get for flirting with danger Stacie had been unusually reckless in photographing reclusive financier Nicholas Kinsella for her London paper.

But she never for one moment dreamed he'd hold her prisoner--not with his highbrow mother She couldn't steal another woman's man Judith wasn't the type to lose her head over a man, especially not a man who was engaged to an old friend. But Luke Doulton was irresistible. He was a financial genius who wasn't afraid to work with an equ Did she really want to know the truth Nicole Lawton was one of London's most successful private detectives.

But she had more than a professional interest in the mystery surrounding her friend Melanie's death. Had she drowned, as the facts sugge No one but Jake knew Sasha's secret pain. Sasha never dreamed she would meet Jake Redway again. It would mean having to relive that terrible day three years ago when Philip had died. She had managed to put her life back together again slowly, h She had it all, conventional wisdom said -- a creative career in glamorous advertising and a handsome, upwardly mobile boyfriend.

Yet the gnawing dissatisfaction Clare Forrester felt was pushing her to the crisis point. She had no answers, but she kn She should have forgotten Damian Well, she had tried. She had stayed away from him for two long years. But Elizabeth knew she had never quite freed herself from him; she had always been uneasily aware that what had been between them wasn't finishe Daniel was a sweet poison to her When Lindsay discovered her brother was in a state of financial disaster, she was willing to do anything to help--or almost anything.

Daniel Randall, her ruthless ex-husband, was the one person who could rescue It was more than a holiday romance! Love had flared quickly and passionately between Cathy and Muir. But she was committed to another man who needed her and deserved her loyalty. To Quincy it was a cheap publicity stunt Only because her young brother had entered her name in the contest had she agreed to go along with the plans when she was declared the winner. The prize? An evening out in London with dreamy, sexy, inter Your father is alive Those four words irrevocably changed Leonie Lincoln's whole conception of her past.

She had to find him, talk to him--discover the hidden "whys" about herself. But however remote West Africa seemed in England, when she g Did giving your heart only invite rejection? Suki Black didn't know the answer to that question. She was too frightened to find out, just in case it was true. She'd known rejection in childhood, and she knew she didn't like it. But Suki had a t One night threatened to ruin her life Natasha was crushed when her engagement to Mike Porter was suddenly called off. And that was the only reason she allowed herself to have so much champagne at the party.

But there was no excuse for finding h A wealthy man who got what he wanted, he brooked no argument from anyone, least of all a woman. As companion to Domenicos's motherless daughter, Laura had he Was the past ever dead and buried? Caroline left her alcoholic husband, Peter, in an act of desperation--to save herself and their little daughter from harm. Their three-year security was shattered when Nick Holt, Peter's cousin, turned up on h One awful moment shattered her life Basslea was a haven, and Marina was totally content there.

She had her music and her innocent childlike fantasies. Nothing seemed capable of changing her world--until Gideon Firth arrived. He was everything s They were caught in a storm of publicity Deborah could have wept at the cruel insanity of it all! She'd come to Venice to get over a broken love affair quietly and had landed on the front page with a playboy tycoon. In a most incriminating photogr His intentions were definitely dangerous Laura didn't know why Simon Hilliard had asked her sister, Annette, to go to Paris.

Whatever the reason, it could only mean trouble if she accepted. Simon had a reputation - and it wasn't a good one! So Lau She needed time--and that was running out After two years' separation from Gabriel, her husband, Marisa still didn't think she was ready to cope with being his wife. His wealthy life-style had intimidated her. His snobbish friends had made her fee Clea felt insulted -- by both men! Clea's stepfather, Kerasteri, had followed Greek custom in choosing a man for her to marry.

Defying him meant arousing his violent temper. Ben Winter was the man who desired her and was determined to have h Should she believe a stranger's words? Lissa had never heard of Luc Ferrier before. But he was well-known as Lucifer at the hotel casino where she worked. All her instincts cried out that he was dangerous--not only as a gambler, but as a man.

She hadn't even known his name As an inexperienced drama student, Clare had been shocked and disgusted by the sudden and rough lovemaking of Luke, an older, handsome stranger. She had turned away from love--for good. Now, nine years later, Clar Kate was finished with love for good Kate's new boss, features editor Eliot Holman, might have devastating charms--but Kate couldn't care less, even if it was obvious that he was interested in her.

Everyone, including Eliot, thought Kate was g Lisa's former life was behind her now Lisa was not exactly happy working in Evan Wright's advertising agency. Competent herself, she found it unpleasant covering for Jon, Evan's inept brother-in-law. Then Steve Crawford, a demanding new client, Her secret saved her from Alex's charms Sophie loved Crete. Working there as secretary to Madame Lefkas was like a dream come true. It was far away from England and the secret, impossible love for Simon that she had to forget.

When Alex, madame He wanted his fun--with no commitments Nicola knew all the reasons why she should remain nothing more than Lang Hyland's secretary. That was all she ever intended to be Lang was a womanizer. He preferred big-eyed blondes, but his interest waned His sex appeal wouldn't sway her Not only did he plan to renovate the old house, but he wanted to intrude into her life; Paul was a man, but acted like a boy Helen's husband, Paul was handsome, charming and a gracious companion until one got to know him.

Helen's life with him was a long string of disappointments and heartaches. But she had married him, and in sp She wouldn't live her life in fear Claire knew Nick loved his job as newsman in the world's trouble spots, but did he love it more than he did her? She'd seen her mother suffer from her father's dangerous job and was determined not to go through t She couldn't refuse a dying man's wish It took just one phone call to shatter Lauren's peace. A peace painfully acquired through the years since her bitter divorce from Andreas Keralides.

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His mother's frantic phone call was intended to bring La Why had Drew shown up in Paris now? Helen had managed to avoid Drew for the past six years, ensuring that if he was in one country she'd be in another. After all, theirs wasn't a real marriage anyway--Drew had wanted the business connection wit Joanne was a shadow of her lovely mother Everywhere she went, Clea Thorpe was the center of attention. And Joanne had been content enough living in her shadows--until Ben Norris arrived at their villa in Nice. He seemed drawn to Clea, even offe Their worlds were light-years apart Sara Nichols was proud to be a painter Her landscapes were catching on, and though she wasn't making a fortune, she had enough to get by.

Nick Rawdon, on the other hand, had more money than he bothered to cou How could such a love have died? Caroline asked herself the useless question. Her marriage to the distinguished lawyer, James Fox, had been nearly ideal. Now there was nothing between them but cold contempt. In her loneliness Caroline turned Would the past ruin her future? In the chaotic world of a London television network, Natalie struggled to rebuild her life--and grieved privately over the death of her beloved husband, Angus. When she was promoted to Jake Lang's production team Rachel was furious.

As a night-club singer, Rachel had become indifferent to men's admiration. But young Nicky Hammond was special. His boyish admiration and need Leigh thought she could handle any man. Then she met Mattieson Hume. From their first stirring encounter, she was powerless to keep him at bay. Although she hated him, his caresses flamed her with desire. How could she pursue her planned future Laura should have realized earlier Why had it never entered her head? Her grandfather and Dan Harland planning her marriage--to Dan Harland!

All her moments of suspicion gelled into the ghastly realization. It was their answer to everythin It was hard to resist Alex He smiled arrogantly at her. Admit it, Deborah. It was true.

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She loved Alex St. James, a music-industry executive who Nothing would ever be the same again! Linden had been only seventeen when Joss crashed into her life. Naively, she had offered him her friendship and trust. In return, he had aroused emotions in her she was too young to handle, wrenching her from It was true, so horribly true. She had married Philippe on a wild impulsve, to save herself from being humiliated by the man she had thought she lo There were two great loves in her life.

Louise's love for her beautiful home, Queen's Dower, was as solid and unchangeable as the house itself. But her love for her stepbrother, Daniel, had subtly evolved over the years. While she had adored I don't want to hear any more of your lies. What did he mean? He called her "Lyn," but she didn't Should she accept this second chance?

Three years before, Selina's brief and disastrous marriage to Ashley Dent had ended in divorce. Now he had turned up and was pressuring her to marry him again. A busy tycoon carving out an empire, he had no time left for his young bride. In desperation she fled back to her father who needed her. Then, uninvi As long as she could remember, Laura had loved Dr. Tom Nicol, a gentle, self-sacrificing man, dedicated to serving the needy.

Unlike him in every way was Randal Mercier--wealthy, powerful, taking what What the desert claims, it keeps Was the saying true, Marie wondered. On the moonlit sands of a desert oasis, they were utterly alone.

Wild Hunger (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern) Wild Hunger (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern)
Wild Hunger (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern) Wild Hunger (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern)
Wild Hunger (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern) Wild Hunger (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern)
Wild Hunger (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern) Wild Hunger (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern)
Wild Hunger (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern) Wild Hunger (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern)
Wild Hunger (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern) Wild Hunger (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern)

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