Weaving Prayer Into the Tapestry of Life

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Bittersweet, yet needful. And I was left reflecting on them long after the last syllable was spoken and the car had pulled back into the driveway. Just what I needed to hear.


Tapestry of Life | Die 2 Live

It can be so hard to wrap your mind around the realities of providence and omnipotence, but somehow seeing God as the skillful artist and our lives as his tapestry helps to make sense of the insensible. In it, one of the characters explains how she dealt with the death of her husband.

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Because giving up is only trading a small problem for a larger one. We have an inkling that this is not how the story was meant to play out, and yet if we are able to have the faith to trust the author of the story, we may yet see that there is an end coming which will make sense of it all.

My life is but a weaving Between my God and me. I cannot choose the colors He weaveth steadily.

The Tapestry Poem

It was a very difficult time in my life when I had a lot of grief to deal with. As a result, I was attending a support group for the grief-stricken. In that group was a woman named Flo and it was she who told me about Interweave and that I should attend a program. I did attend a number of programs at that point having to do with prayer, meditation, the spiritual journey and the Bible and also other religious traditions. Eventually I drifted away. About five years later, when I was in graduate school an Episcopal priest friend of mine, Barry, sat in on a class in which I was a student.

Are you in spiritual direction? Since then, Interweave has become a place where I find support, community, love, and a place to do deep searching. This is not always easy or sweet but sometimes challenging and always transformational. I have been a member of the Interweave Board for a number of years now. I continue to teach for Interweave and am also the Chair of the Program Committee. Even more important, I still regularly attend programs, some of which, surely for the past two years have been truly life changing.

Without Interweave and the Interweave Community, my life would not be as rich, meaningful or filled with as much love and friendship as it is. I am truly grateful to be part of the wonderful experiment and experience that is Interweave. Bumping Into Wonder Susan Maitner. And though always a seeker of spiritual wisdom, I began my journey in earnest.

Friends were kind, but the realities of our daily lives and concerns no longer matched. Prayer, art, and literature became my lifelines. In solitude and study I gathered knowledge. Feeling diminished and small inside, I drew strength from the example of Lucy Pevensie, the courageous young protagonist of C. Then, in a remarkable gesture of generosity, a friend of a friend surprised me with an invitation to attend an Interweave-sponsored event: Carol Pearson was coming to Interweave! Later on, my benefactor followed up by sending me an Interweave gift membership.

Colossians 2:2-12

Lo and behold, I had found my tribe! I will never forget the beauty, hospitality and generosity of the people who comprise this remarkable organization. Through Interweave I have discovered a portal of sorts, a place of conviviality and oftentimes the wondrous and unexpected.

Each of us follows the winding path of pilgrimage in some form or another. Each of us comes from a different place, with different perspectives and priorities governing our lives. But it can be so much fun to travel in groups and experience wonder among one another! For many seasons, I pored over the Interweave course catalog: seminars on religion—East and West, spiritual practice, prayer, awareness. All kinds of things missing from my Catholic education.

So much to learn, so little time. Then one dreary February afternoon, I stole an hour and dropped in on a session about Kabbala. What a powerful message about the eternal cycle of rebirth in nature and in ourselves. So, that was the moment for me. Interweave opened up a wider spirituality than I had ever known and kindled a new craving for more.

Thank you, Interweave, for lighting my journey! Spiritual Dynamics Geri Livengood. The essentials of that experience have stayed with me for the 10 years since—10 years of study, listening, community and meaningful work. What I have also found is a group of extraordinary people committed to spiritual exploration and practice.

Inspired by the leadership of Bob and Suzanne Morris, Interweavers connect with classic spiritual wisdom and contemporary cultural and environmental issues, while we share ideas, work and meals. Thus, I have found spiritual sustenance in classes, Board service and fundraising projects. Woven again and again through grace, the tapestry presents a vision of wholeness. I have experienced Interweave as a community of seekers who have sustained our organization for more than 30 years and who have transformed themselves and the world in the process of making our dynamic spiritual journeys, individually and together.

Finally, I applaud Interweave for its countercultural nature — in a contentious and angry world, Interweave provides serious and respectful consideration of issues; in an anxious and polarized world, Interweave practices deep listening; in a noisy world, Interweave invites silence. For all that I have learned and experienced with Interweave, I am filled with gratitude.

When my wife, Asha, and I first moved to New Jersey over 25 years ago, we knew very few people who shared our interests of exploring diverse spiritual paths, personal wellness and social action. Then to our pleasant surprise we encountered Interweave.

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Our connection with the Interweave family grew, with both of us serving terms on the Interweave Board, as well as helping to create and lead programs at Interweave. I am grateful for the role Interweave has played in my life. My ties to the other members of Interweave has grown and deepened over the years.

About 15 years ago, Interweave supported the formation of a regular meeting for the Dances of Universal Peace. Even in the beginning when the circle was small, Interweave maintained its openness and support. Today that circle is going strong. I see this work very closely aligned with my own views on spirituality — one truth, many paths. Through creative programming, I have been exposed to a broad range of ideas and people that have enriched my life and my connectedness with others and the world. Establishing Ties Lorri Lizza. Later, Andre and I led a half-day offering on Speaking from the Heart, combining the Dances with how to open our minds, listen deeply and speak from the heart.

I felt very welcomed, like finding a home-away-from-home. I attended many Interweave workshops, joined the Board and began to facilitate programs that remain very dear to me: our semi-monthly study group on A Course In Miracles, the Women in Leadership Programs of and , and the monthly Threads of Consciousness writing circle. Today, it still reflects what Interweave means to me: the experience of wonderment and connection. The sun streams in through high church windows My fellow writers sit a fair distance apart Heads bowed — hands moving over paper, Touched this morning by a little prince Who learns from a fox The proper way of establishing ties and how We are responsible forever for those we love.

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The circle reconvenes Stories swirl Love lost — love found Love waiting for us still The one that got away. We stand, stretch and prepare to leave Shaking our heads in appreciation Eyes smiling — hearts too Lingering over holiday good-byes Marveling in connection We move toward the parking lot And the circle holds. The Essential Interweave Betty Adams.

Weaving Prayer Into the Tapestry of Life Weaving Prayer Into the Tapestry of Life
Weaving Prayer Into the Tapestry of Life Weaving Prayer Into the Tapestry of Life
Weaving Prayer Into the Tapestry of Life Weaving Prayer Into the Tapestry of Life
Weaving Prayer Into the Tapestry of Life Weaving Prayer Into the Tapestry of Life
Weaving Prayer Into the Tapestry of Life Weaving Prayer Into the Tapestry of Life
Weaving Prayer Into the Tapestry of Life Weaving Prayer Into the Tapestry of Life

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