Promise Me Texas (A Whispering Mountain Novel)

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The land is so vast and everything is so big It was a wonderful state to visit, I only wish that I could have stayed longer.

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I was only in Texas once many years ago for a conference, but only saw the airport and the hotel - wished I could visit - I love to read books set there. I have been to Texas many times and lived there as a child. IT is vast and varied. I visited Texas years ago when my son was stationed there. There is s much history there. But I couldn't tolerate the heat, at all. Carol L Lucky at aol dot com.

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I love to live in Texas all the wide open spaces and all the farms I love reading books on cowboys too. I've only been to Texas once, but I loved the food. Marcy Shuler bmndshuler at hotmail dot com. Hood for six months. That's all I know about Texas, so I don't know what's to love or not. I know I've always loved western romances and cowboy TV shows and western movies. I was raised on a Southern Calif.


But it was a great life. The Texas sky and cowboys in wranglers, and there's nothing better than a Jodi Thomas historical. Love her work. I have never been either, but love reading about those sexy cowboys with their drawls and tight jeans. I'm a native Texan, born and raised, 62 years old. I've traveled the entire state and still haven't seen it all! Best of everything in Texas. I drive threw Texas in my way to Vegas on a road trip. I loved it! What's not to like, anything that has cowboys I love! Thanks for having a fabulous author like Jodi! I love her books.

I love one of my best friends who lives in Texas! Need to get out to visit her in Austin someday soon. It sounds like an exciting city. I've lived in Texas since December of I love the friendliness of most of the people. Worst advice: "Give em hell" from a financial wizard on how to handle a tax claim from the Inland Revenue You must decide which one. But don't overthink it".

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What cracks us up is that the girl appeared to be only about We would love to hear what she has to say in another 13 years! Thanks for sharing! My mother always told me to finish what I start and if a job is worth doing always do it right. I have always stuck to these things to. She was so right. Good advice: Stop, look and listen. This can pertain to any part of your life. I try not to listen to bad advice. I trust my own decisions. This book sounds like a whole lot of fun.

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  • I especially liked how every time Andrew woke up his 'family' had changed and he wondered what his grandkids would look like next. LOL Marcy Shuler bmndshuler at hotmail dot com. This sounds like a wild ride of a story. I love it already. Beth is a bit more impulsive than I am, but It is a bit frightening that I can see myself getting into the same position.

    I usually think things through, but know how things can spiral out of control and you end up very far from what you planned. Best advice: Do the best you can with whatever you try. Worse advice: a "great" investment recommended by a financial advisor. Almost 30 years later my IRA is worth less than the original investment. It sounds like a fun read. Congratulations on your new release, Jodi!

    The book sounds like a lot of fun and I am looking forward to reading it. The best advice I have ever gotten was to never go to bed angry and to never say anything bad about anyone. The worse advice: Choose your fiance or me. Needless to say, I chose my fiance and was never sorry that I did. Some, like my Beth McMurray, are tired of waiting and decide to make change happen, while others watch. She plans to surprise him.

    Within hours, she realizes her mistake. When a train wreck happens, she has only a moment to stand by the bum, or turn to a stranger and claim him as hers.

    ISBN 13: 9781624909573

    As always, Beth jumps. Second time, Beth claims they are married. Third time, he sees two kids in the pictures. Confused, he doses off wondering what the grandkids will look like when he wakes again. Readers often ask me where my characters come from.

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    That is a hard question to answer. For the most part I just open my mind and let them walk in. Beth had been a baby in another book. Andrew was lost, trying to find his reason for life. I think the hardest thing in life is finding what direction to head. Real people as well as those in my head sometimes have trouble finding the road to take.

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    Maybe the important thing is to simply keep walking. I had a great deal of fun writing about a writer trying to live in reality and a beautiful, spoiled woman trying to make up her life as she went along. Everyone, even the outlaw leader, tries to give them advice, but somehow they find a crazy kind of love.

    Promise Me Texas (A Whispering Mountain Novel) Promise Me Texas (A Whispering Mountain Novel)
    Promise Me Texas (A Whispering Mountain Novel) Promise Me Texas (A Whispering Mountain Novel)
    Promise Me Texas (A Whispering Mountain Novel) Promise Me Texas (A Whispering Mountain Novel)
    Promise Me Texas (A Whispering Mountain Novel) Promise Me Texas (A Whispering Mountain Novel)
    Promise Me Texas (A Whispering Mountain Novel) Promise Me Texas (A Whispering Mountain Novel)

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